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on June 5, 2017
This is literally the worst Resident Evil game I've ever played in my life. The controls suck and the game is frustrating!

The controls: ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC! Muddled and confusing, ESPECIALLY the crappy cover system, the super-stiff and inaccurate melee combat, and piss poor stealth mechanics.

The story: confusing. There pretty much is no story here.

The use interface and lack of HELPFUL in-game tips: terrible. Oh and you cannot ever pause the game at all sometimes.

The gameplay: terrible. This is one game that actually could've benefited from regenerating health, but it lacks it! Melee attacks are slow and don't lock onto their targets. And headshots are non-existent in this game; they do NOTHING to enemies! It's literally more efficient to use your knife than it is to use the basic handguns because they're so terribly weak and zombies absorb damage like sponges! Also zombies always attack you through cutscenes and quick time events and are often cheap about it. They can attack you while in the middle of melee'ing them with a kick or right before you shoot one dead, so their QTE and cutscene attacks are always given priority to any damage you do to them. This is obviously extremely annoying!

The voice acting: terrible. Stiff. Wooden. Emotionless.

This game is actually frustrating to play in how bad it is! You need the game's permission to do simple things like drop off a ledge and you often have to wait for the prompts to come up to do anything! This game is pure garbage and it's actually makes you angry trying to play it! I wish I could give this game Zero Stars!
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on October 25, 2014
I’ve been a fan the Resident Evil series ever since the first one, and have had a chance to see it evolve with each new game. RE 4 was an amazing game, and I even enjoyed RE 5. But by the time I bought RE 6 for the low, low price of $9 new, I had already heard all the critiques about it being too far of a departure from the things that made the series great. So it was hard not to jump into it without some major bias. Here’s what I found from my experience with the game:


-Looks pretty good on the Xbox360, a last gen system.

-A wide variety of characters to play, with multiple missions for each.

-Player models are detailed and interesting.

-For the most part, weapon controls are tight and responsive.

-Nice execution of the standard arrangement of weapons and inventory items.

-Some of the sequences are challenging in an exciting way.

-While most of the chapters are action oriented, a few lean more towards the survival-horror we love.

-A decent, cohesive story consistent with the crazy stuff that goes on in the RE universe.

-The total game length is decent.


-Your characters, the highly trained operatives that they are, will spend a lot of time during cutscenes standing around with their thumbs up their tailpipes watching really bad things happen to their friends and allies. Seriously, they stand frozen, gnashing their teeth melodramatically when we all know they could whip out a gun and place a shot between the bad guy’s eyes faster than we can hit the “skip cutscene” button. Now I know this is done intentionally as part of the story so things can unfold the way the designers imagined, but in my opinion it is really weak storytelling and an extremely frustrating way to eject the player from their immersion in the story.

-While part of the series “charm” has been the over-the-top acting, I personally have never cared for it much…especially given the very adult themes at play. While RE6 isn’t the worst offender in the series, there’s plenty of it on display here. The Last of Us is a far better example of how all of these genres and tropes can be brought together in a way that doesn’t feel like it was written by a 14 year-old.

-I really hope that Quick Time Events die in a horrible, flaming death. Likewise, whoever invented them should have to write “I’m sorry I invented QTEs” on the chalkboard a million times. Seriously, developers need to band together and pledge that they will never ever put QTEs in their games again.

-Progressing through the upgrade system is slow and will require multiple playthroughs to unlock. Considering it was a chore just to play through the game even once, it’s unlikely I’ll ever pursue unlocking them all.

I hate to say it, but by the end of RE6, I didn’t even feel that the game was a good way to spend my time. Granted, I felt compelled to finish it since I actually paid for it, but that’s a bad reason to do something. And it’s not that the game was absolutely horrible. It’s just that everything good was brutally cancelled out by something equally frustrating. It became a slog very early on and before long all I was focused on was finishing the game rather than enjoying it.

I really hope that the RE series loops around and returns to some of the things that made it interesting in the first place. RE: Revelations was a much more enjoyable game, played much more like RE 4, and signals that it is possible for the developers to do so.

So while others may have enjoyed RE6, I simply can’t recommend it. It’s better to spend your time playing a “decent” game like RE: Revelations or one of the recent Silent Hill entries if you’re looking for something in the survival-horror genre. Cheers!
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on December 31, 2012
I'm a very big fan of RE and have been excited about this game for years. I wanted to like it, even when I felt the temptation to turn it off after an hour I kept going. I did warm up to it a little but my final conclusion is that it's just ok. While it is playable, it gets VERY boring after a while. All of the environments look the same (it's very easy to get lost or turned around if you're in a hurry or running from something), green herbs are scarce, and they've done away with purchasing upgrades using money. You now have these stupid little things called skill points. Each skill thingie you pick up in the game (instead of money) is probably worth about two points each, which is ridiculous because you can't get hardly anything once you finally rack up enough points to purchase something. All of the skills you really want cost about 12000 points, so you have to beat the game and play again before you'll have enough points for something decent, or you'll have to skip out on the crappy semi-helpful skills you need in order to save up for something big. You also don't get to find treasures like you did in 4 and 5. I thought that was great fun and definitely made the game replayable because you could always find something you hadn't found before.

Remember how easy it was to point and shoot in RE5? Say bye bye to that. I'm not exactly sure what they've done with the lasers on the guns, but it makes it absolutely impossible to see what you're shooting from faraway. I'm not a hardcore gamer or an expert but I've heard people compare game play to Modern Warfare blah blah blah a bunch of other games I've never played. So maybe it's just me that has that issue, either way it's ANNOYING!!!!

I know everyone has some reservations about new games when they come out, they're expecting the old formula that they liked with a bunch of new stuff thrown in, so if you're reading this review. I get that, I totally do. I'll end this by saying, it's worth a play, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not a game I would want to play over and over again like 0-5. It feels like an unfinished RE game, with all of the things that made it fun removed.
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on January 23, 2013
Apparently, they do not include a players manual with the box anymore, so figuring out the controls is kind of trial and error. They do offer some in-game control tips, but most of them are on the loading screens so by the time they tell you, you are already a good way through the game. When the game starts off, you can choose 3 campaigns (and a 4th unlock-able) but in order to understand the story, you have to play them in order. (I was confused and thought I was just picking characters but they are actually 3 story lines that coincide and overlap). I also do not understand how, considering it is 2013 and hundreds of first person shooters have influenced game-play for years, yet Resident Evil still doesn't allow you to duck and shoot at the same time?! It is nice that they are trying to introduce a lot more action than the previous games, but for a game that is trying to mix this sort of gameplay into the survival horror play, you would think they would have some better controls to dodge, duck and shoot. Lastly, this reaction/timing-"hit this button combination at the right time to dodge a boss or die instantly" thing is just getting old. I want to shoot things, not play Simon!
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on October 21, 2013
The Best Thing about this game is that there is 4 different characters with 4 different Story lines and all have a different ending. after the credits another cut-scene will play. all campaigns stories intersect with the other characters so you can understand whats going on. The Controls takes a little getting use to but I find it better than resident evil 5 because now you No longer are restricted to standing still while aiming, this is a plus. you can also throw yourself back and avoid being hit. This allows you to better survive and has made the game more enjoyable. The new added combat system does not make the game easier because its only one button and you have stamina which depletes fast so its best to use a combination of both.

This Game is not scary at all. They made this game more of an action game like the Resident Evil Movies. Therefore if you enjoy the movie you will like this game. It Took me 20 Hours to Complete all 4 Campaigns so its worth it.

Graphics 8/10
Controls 7/10
Sound 9/10
Story 9/10
Gameplay 8/10
Replay Value 7/10
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on September 29, 2013
Resident Evil is a game that I do enjoy playing, especially with my friends and how our enjoyment for taking down zombies is fun. Resident Evil 6 is a game that has a big cast of characters you can pick from; original characters like Leon and Chris, along with new characters Helena an agent that is assigned to protect the president and Piers a soldier that is Chris's partner in spec op group to take down any chemical warfare by Umbrella, along with others that have huge surprises. I enjoy the fact that the zombies are back, but unfortunately they're only in Leon's walkthrough the rest of the game is those parasites creatures. The game is fun, especially with friends and single player is alright, but it can be frustrating depending on the difficulty. They did made a few changes to the items and tools you use too survive, which is alright but sometimes keeping your original material is good too.

Overall it's a fun game, but I highly suggest to play this game with a friend.
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on May 11, 2014
I was not disappointed with this game. It was very different from any other title in the series, but that was to its advantage. I played through the whole game on co-op, but I can imagine it might not be as fun to play alone.

At first I was skeptical of the new controls, but then I saw how they made for a faster-paced and more fluid movement of the characters. The new aiming is great, as is the ability to melee opponents without having to stun them first. This entry feels more like an action title rather than survival horror. Although there are some great co-op moments, there isn't much of a scare factor in this game. That being said it is a blast to play through. There are some clever co-op moments other than the old "cover your partner with a sniper rifle" one. Most of the creatures, zombies and the new J'avo are fun to kill. Although sometimes the J'avo's transformations can seem quite ridiculous, like the chicken men or bone chainsaws...

I loved the return of the mercenaries mode, but I was a little disappointed that there were only three stages. I guess the number of characters kind of made up for this though. I will look into buying the expansion as well.

To sum it up this is a great game, it may not be as great as some of its predecessors, but I still loved it.
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on July 17, 2014
First off, not a die-hard "Resident Evil fan boy". Played & enjoyed most of them. I personally like RE:6 as more of a combat (Gears of War) 3rd person shooter. Granted "Gears" is by far a more refined 3rd person shooter. But the cinamatics, and cutscenes are great, story is good. Most of the puzzles are gone (which suits me fine). As for those complaining "It's not scary", did RE 1,2,3,4,5 actually scare you dude? How old were you 7? Bottom line, it's a dang good game with a lot of content. I would highly recommend giving it a try.
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on March 21, 2014
Despite the low ratings, I liked this game. I have yet to beat it but thought it was neat how other players could join in the quest as the co-player. I liked that the ambiance of the game is geared towards the original series whereas past titles have gone towards a more sci-fi direction. I guess the creators finally realized their original ideas were better? The zombies are more zombie like and they are pretty dang scary too. The only complaint is the easy mode. It's a bit too easy. I couldn't be killed (easily) and it felt like the enemies were too easy to beat. Nonetheless, it raised my pulse and that is the only thing i'm looking for in a RE game.
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on February 3, 2014
Such as walking and shooting at the same time! (This helps a lot, they should continue making the new games like that, in my opinion). Also, I like how you can walk/short jog and then have a choice to sprint, also slide, and kick your enemies as well. The story was good, however, I did expect a bit more out of it in general I guess, but I loved all the characters (new and old) as well as their individual stories/challenges and how they mixed in with the others. Capcom and Resident Evil designers for the next game should incorporate more classic survival horror, stick to the main goal of their games, as well as more options for multiple partners fighting against the living dead, I liked that element. It was a pretty good game overall :).
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