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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$31.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 25, 2015
A great game. Really different from the previous editions of Resident Evil. The genre has started to focus very strongly in the direction of "co-op action game," instead of a difficult, awkward-control horror game. Definitely not the same aura of terror as the older games, but it's much more playable and easier to pick up and have fun with.

The replay of the main campaign is "eh" because things become really silly once you're walking around a small village with a gatling gun... but it has another mode which kept my nephew entertained for a long time after the main story.
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on December 12, 2016
Redemption code was "not valid" or has been used before. Waste of money. I bought it specifically for the add ons. What a joke.
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on August 26, 2013
I mostly bought this item to complete my collection of Resident Evil titles I have on Xbox 360. Item arrived in new condition and on time per the shipping information provided by Amazon. As a always returning customer I thank you Amazon!

If your into the Resident Evil Series, then it's worth having in your collection at the least. Many people where not overly happy with this installment of the Series...Personally I did like it, but there where elements that could have been cleaned up a bit. Capcom did an excellent job of fixing what most gamers saw as flaws when releasing the Gold Edition, and even further making RE 6 even better...My bottom line...Either you like the Series or you don't...I do. So I would recommend this title to those collecting the games.
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on August 28, 2011
If you have Xbox 360 and can NOT, i repeat, can NOT connect to the internet on your console via Xbox Live then do NOT buy this. You must be connected to the internet to download the DLC (downloadable content) via Xbox Live. When it says DLC included on the game cover, all this means is that you receive a pre-paid code to enter, which will grant free access to downloading the DLC to your console. Xbox requires you download the DLC as if it were a patch or an update instead of the DLC coming pre-loaded on the actual game disc. I have Xbox Live and everything has worked very well for me. You will save more money buying this than if you were to buy the game and the DLC separately. Remember you MUST HAVE internet access via your console to download the extra playable content. Hope this clears up any confusion.
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on September 15, 2013
I just finished playing through, and boy was it an experience.


The story, is downright awesome. The way it seamlessly connects to the rest of the series is amazing. I found easy to follow with A LOT of twists and turns. It takes you through an emotional roller coaster, made my heart stop a few times. There's sorrow, anger, happiness, ect. It drew me in and didn't let go. I had to find out what happened next, very likable protagonists and very well done antagonists in the story. This was my favorite part of the game, I felt completely connected to the characters and story, like a game should.

A very difficult game at a few points, that is doable. I like a challenge, but I want it to be something I can do at some point. There were 4 points in the game I REALLY had to work at for awhile. Amazing bosses! You have to go beyond the normal point and shoot, almost like puzzles to find out how to defeat them. Very well done.

Wide variety of environments in the plot. I liked that while it took place in Africa, each different chapter had a very different feel to it.

The selection of weapons is awesome, and upgrading them is fun.

Lots of awesome extra goodies in the game.


I cannot think of any right now.

I HIGHLY recommend it. Probably in my top 5 favorite story play throughs. Amazing experience!
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on January 10, 2017
Another favorite game in my collection. The Gold Edition comes with all of the dl content that you had to buy separately with the original. Such a fun game that I love playing not only by myself but co-op is just as fun and not bs like other multiplayer games.
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on April 20, 2016
Out of the many Resident Evil games, this is one of the better ones. I think 6 is actually the better game, but this one is pretty good. The supporting character, Sheva, is pretty good. You can upgrade weapons. You can also replay stages you previously beat and get the weapons and treasures there once again. There aren't puzzles in this one. There's a lot of different stuff to do, and nothing too frustrating. The main character in this one is Chris, not Leon, but I found that you get used to being Chris. It's like a funner Resident Evil 4, I guess.
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on October 22, 2012
So much has been said about this game but I just wanted to add my two cents. Resident Evil 5 is NEVER monotonous - something that so few games can actually say. Capcom did a fantastic job at keeping every chapter new, and although boss battles harken back to days of yesteryear, it is refreshing to figure out how to beat them. Even for several years old, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous and you would be hard pressed to find better looking current games. It's a great installment to get into Resident Evil, or pick up if you haven't played since the original games.

On a personal level, I miss good old zombies sometimes. Something about people with infected eyes just don't illicit the 'jump' moments that regular Zeds can. And I found the black ooze/tentacle monster to be overused in this game. Not that gameplay was redundant, it just seemed like an easy way out for monster creation; just making black masses of tentacles. That said, there is nothing like the old school "You can aim, but not walk" controls out there anymore like in this game. It adds to the genuine feeling of 'creepiness' of the game.

Resident Evil 5 is truly a great game that should be judged on its own merits, not by how far it strayed from the old RE games.
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on October 2, 2013
It became immediately evident to me that this game was not going to meet my expectations when I realized that the main character was required to plant his feet to the ground while aiming at targets. This mechanic alone makes the game miserable for the hectic combat situations that it throws at you. Watching enemies walk toward you while you desperately try to shoot them before they close the distance is just ridiculous. I can't tell you how many cheap deaths I encountered simply because I couldn't backpedal while aiming or move forward while wielding my knife to go in for a stab kill. The knife is so pointless because you can't even swipe anybody with it while being forced to be absolutely stationary. I don't really care if this is how all resident evils up to the point handle, there is no excuse to not implement better controls when so much of the game involves enemies that have no problem moving and shooting at you.
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on April 11, 2012
I purchased this edition for my PS3 and it has some awesome additions to the basic RE5, which makes RE5 even more challenging, interesting, and amazing.
In this edition you get: Two more costumes for Chris R. & Sheva A. to play in the main game, another mode of 'The Mercenaries' called 'The Reunion', some more figures in the gallery, and two more playable scenarios; one of Jill V. & Chris R. in Spencer's mansion and the other of Jill V. & Josh (BSAA/Africa Delta team leader) 'The Escape'.

I totally recommend this edition for all 'Resident Evil' video game players.
If you haven't got the basic version of RE5; I recommend buying this edition instead which includes both the basic version features and the new additions of this edition.
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