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on March 13, 2016
This actually is a very fun game. If you bought it expecting it to be survival horror like most other Resident Evil games, then you will be disappointed. If you expect it to have great online multiplayer, especially long after release, then you will be disappointed again.

However, the game is great if you give it a chance to be it's own game in the Resident Evil universe. Great gameplay, music, atmosphere, variety of characters with different abilities, and a superb leveling-up system (very deep and varied). Great replay value, like most Resident Evil games. I played through the game 3 times, and nowadays I rarely re-play games. It also has online co-op, and I played it online with a friend years after release, that online aspect worked just fine. Though playing it solo offline was also great.

Though half the game is locked away behind DLC, the main campaign without buying DLC is actually as lengthy as most AAA games, and the DLC to buy the other half of the game is not that expensive, and it also makes it like a 30 to 40 hour game (especially if you are hunting for the collectibles).

My only gripe with it is that it is a bit more difficult than most games today, even on the Easy setting. So expect a little more challenge than you might want, but it's not too much challenge. There's also not a whole lot of story, though going in I knew this was a squad-shooter, so I didn't expect an epic story.

Overall, this is not a game to pass up, especially now that it is so cheap.
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on January 23, 2015
Not sure if anyone will get to read this, I usually just read one and five star reviews. I'm brand new to this Res Evil game, played most of the others beat them and loved them. This one first off you can't just start kind of can I guess, it's wants you to wait for players to join or to join someone elses game. No players joined and I waited about six to seven minutes and started it, all I had was a shot gun which wound up being useless at the beginning of the game so I more or less had to wait for my team to get me through to the next part, I did help all I could with my shot gun again stating, second game I made because the shot gun was lame I picked a character with a rifle automatic or something like a gun of some sort that doesn't scatter shot and shoots fast over and over. Much Much better, actually was kicking some but and said this is more like it. Till the first monster guy came into play, he chases you (spoiler by the way) all the way back from where you came and kills you a few times if you don't flee fast enough. Till you finally have to fight him is the part I'm at right now and can't hit his weak spot for the life of me, yeah I know bet I wish I had a shot gun now. LOL No I wish my teamates would blast the hell out of him keeping him busy while I nuked his ass with hand granades and hit the weak spot with a stream of bullets. Not hitting the weakspot just stuns him for two sec or so sometimes. Now the part that is lame as hell is I can't beat him dinners ready, I want to watch my movie now but can't just shut it down because either it hasn't auto saved yet or I didn't see the icon showing it did, and I can't manually go to save game because there is no save game icon on half these high end games anymore. Which means playing stuff you already played over again just to get to where you where when you quit and that could be ten or fifteen minutes of gameplay, such ka ka. So tomorrow, maybe I will start it up and see where I am and watch the Rad Brad video again on how to beat this guy or boss or monster. Should be two stars but it's not a bad game and I love res evil, oh yeah died like six times at beginning in like the third battle area, when the reinforcments come and of course had to start all over from beginning of game, which means a half an hour wasted and still right at start point. Why have auto save and no manual save games, what about when mom says turn it off now, sorry mom I have to play till I see the little icon that means game saveing and that could be ten minutes to a half hour generally. Technology is such bull s*** sometimes, they just don't care just another way to keep you hooked, spending and going in the directions they force us to go in. Peace and Live Long and Prosper. Please no jerk comments back, thank you. ps games worth six to eight bucks I guess, surely not fifty or anything close to that.
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on August 5, 2013
Resident Evil: Raccoon City was mainly a game thrown out to barking Resident Evil fans as a filler until the release of Resident Evil 6. With a quickly made game comes very disappointing results. I couldn't play the game for long, as it became a chore to want to continue.
The main campaign: in all honesty, I couldn't get past the second level. Not because it was too difficult, but because I was so unwilling and un-satisfied with the story line and gameplay, I found absolutely no fun in it. It felt as though all they had to do to make a campaign was spam the hell out of zombies and enemies with guns, and BOOM your campaign is complete. I was in the slight hope that maybe if I had my friends join me, it would be more playable but that was impossible because co-op play is only available through online play.
Competitive Multiplayer: This was a little easier to deal with solely because fighting against enemy players and zombies at the same time did take a bit of strategy. In reality, my competitive spirit alone kept me interested in the 4v4 play, and in a way reminded me of certain RTS games. However the controls felt difficult to use at times, and would render your ultimate strategy useless if you weren't careful.
After I had made my verdict of the game, I traded it for Red Dead (which I played for about a week and forgot about). The only chances of me getting Raccoon City again are if I happen to find it at a garage sale for about five bucks, in which case I'll play a few online games, remember why I got rid of it in the first place, and move on to bigger and better things.
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on December 28, 2013
When I purchased this game I expected something similar to Resident evil 5. Needless to say that didn't have to be a bad thing but in the case of this game it was.

Graphics: Graphics are great and the player won't be dissapointed

Gameplay: First of all I would like to point out that this game had some great ideas but they weren't did right or too limited. There were multiple versions of guns but they all sort of felt the same to me, and in some cases the guns even felt underpowered to me. Then there's the fact that the player is only allowed to carry 2 guns at a time which I thought ridiculous considering that anyone whose job was to go into the chaos that was Raccoon City would go in armed with only 2 measly weapons and only be able to carry 2 at a time. Though the melee combat is very nice to execute in this game.

The in-game classes for example soldier, medic, and scientist are very interesting and great ideas but overall the abilities that come with each class are too restricted for the player to have any real fun with them. Going against B.O.W.s is always the strong suit of a resident evil game so when the series is invaded by numerous generic soldier like enemies, it dilutes the experience to feeling like just some generic shooter game, while all Resident evil games should feel like more than just a shooter. Had the human enemies only been done a few times and been executed in such as way that made the overall experience acceptable, they might have added something special to the series but sadly they didn't.

Occasionally there will be scripted chases and while some may enjoy this not all will. There are many cases where the player meets up with other characters well known in the series which could be another plus. While some of the game's enemies are too tough to die, I do think that the behavior of the B.O.W.s was done right. If you're looking to play this game in local co-op with another then you won't be able too, which hurts what could have been a fun local experience. The game only allows online co-op but at least it goes up to four players online. Also if the xbox 360 version is what you are playing then you will need to pay for xbox live before you can even use the co-op or multiplayer which is bad because when this game first came out people were paying 60 dollars for a full game only to be given half of it with co-op and multi-player locked behind a pay wall. Speaking of half a game. This game only comes with the story campaign for the umbrella hired bad guys, if the player wants to play as the good guys they will have to pay for those missions.
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on March 14, 2017
More of the shooter vs horror with OK story.not like any of the others,unrecognizable as resident evil for the most part.
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on November 8, 2012
Ive owned this game for about 2 months now. its covered in dust, and has been since about day 3. Buying this game is one of the biggest mistakes ive made in my 19 years on this planet. I love RE games. One of my favorite series. This game should be called operation raccoon city. The gameplay is the exact opposite of every RE game in the series. Please read this and dont waste your money. If you want to rent it to see how bad it is cool. It will be back in the mail in 3 days. I spent less than 5 hours on the game when i saw credits rolling down the screen. THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE GAME! This is a shooter between people chasing zombies. The only cool thing was the character abilites. Id like to see that in another RE installment. Overall this game has reminded me that other gamers who say it suck werent lying.
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on September 5, 2017
Screw all the other reviews, this game is awesome! Got the game in very good condition and I cant stop playing it
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on March 10, 2015
What an okay game. It's not the worst thing I played and not the best. It's just blah. I am a huge Resident Evil fan and have played nearly everything that Capcom has produced for this storyline. Including that terrible first-person shooter for Playstation. I didn't read any reviews for this one when it came out and not one of my friends owned it. I now know why. If you are a big fan pick it up because it has a good side story of the idiot Umbrella forces that botched up Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2. Otherwise, skip it.
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on October 3, 2013
My love for Resident Evil didn't start with Resident Evil 1 back in 1996, that first entry didn't impress me. But in 19998 Resident Evil 2 was released for the PS1 and my world was changed forever. I look forward to ever Resident Evil release as if I was still that 17 year old boy who stayed up late to play that Capcom classic. But this game fails on plenty of levels first the hit detection or lack thereof, the poor graphics wont help matters, and the disgusting A.I. with the lack of any type of support is a deal breaker. Yes the game is meant to be played with friends but should it be a chore without them? Save your money and pick up a different entry in this otherwise historic franchise.
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on July 6, 2017
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