Customer Reviews: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Xbox 360
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Before I begin, if you are expecting this game to be a traditional Resident Evil game focusing on survival horror, forget it. It is nothing like it. Granted that it was pushed more as an action third person shooter (which it is), I can see how people got confused due to "Resident Evil" being in the title.

Gameplay: Average
Hit detection is terrible in this game. Even shooting in short, controlled bursts makes your aim fly around. Also, zombies are fairly easy to take out if you aim for the head (unless you get swarmed) but enemy Spec Ops soldiers apparently have cement heads because 4-5 bullets to the face isn't enough to kill them.

Single-Player Campaign: Horrible
If you want to play this game on your own, don't bother. It is short, only 6 missions, each about 1 hour long (depending on difficulty). Teammate AI is a bust. They will walk directly in front of you, into trip mines and even into fire. You're basically on your own, which isn't great when faced with a zombie horde accompanied by Hunters, Lickers and Tyrants.

Multiplayer: Only Redeeming Quality
>The game supports full campaign co-op so you can play the campaign with up to 3 other friends (4 total including yourself). This makes for a much more rewarding experience, especially when you try to beat the game on harder difficulties such as Veteran and Professional. Also, there's an element where your teammate can get infected and turn into a zombie, in which case you have to put them down or spray them with an anti-viral spray before they turn.

>Versus mode also adds some unique competitive multiplayer modes like Heroes and Survivor. Heroes is where you play your favorite RE character such as Leon or Claire. They have massive amounts of health and the point is to kill all the heroes on one team to win. If you die, you come back as a regular soldier (and significantly weaker than the Heroes). Survivor pits 8 players for a fight for only 4 seats on an evac chopper. The ones left behind are pretty much screwed. Keep in mind that all modes have zombies, lickers, hunters and tyrants. So you're not just fighting the other team, but these CPU-controlled enemies as well.

Graphics: Average
The graphics are not terrible, but there's also nothing special about them. Some levels are too bland and boring. There are some recreations of your favorite scenes of Resident Evil 2 (such as the car crash at the beginning of the RE2 or the train from the ending). It doesn't too polished though, giving it a quite jagged look. The cutscenes are much better, but are too few to actually enjoy.

Sound: Good
The sound is probably one of the better physical aspects of the game. The guns in particularly sound powerful and devastating.

Overall: 6 out of 10
In the end, it's not worth $60. If you can get it for $20-30 bucks, then you should consider it. Also, make sure you have friends to play with because it's not worth it if you're going to play solo.
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on May 19, 2012
Bought this to play through the campaign with a buddy - and honestly, I'm pretty disappointed. But first, the positives.

The concept itself is pretty interesting - setting you up as an opposing force for the bad guys in a historically big videogame event - the fall of Raccoon City. The playable characters look unique, the voice acting is fairly decent, and a couple of the mechanics - infection and bleeding, are nice touches.

On to the cons. The biggest con for me was the AI, both of the enemy, but more particularly of your AI teammates. They don't employ their specials in a timely fashion, they won't heal you (with the exception of the medic, and even then, with little rhyme or reason), walk into fire, and won't play with a modicum of intelligence. Several of the levels involve mines with laser tripwires - AI Teammates run into them, and having been blown up, they then proceed to charge into the second row, and then possibly the third. And these aren't hidden tripwires. In one area, there are walls of flame. They will stand in the fire and slowly roast. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen NPC AI this bad - at least not since the PS1 generation, and even then, no truly worse example comes to mind.

I played through as the stealth character - Vector - which had some interesting mechanics - cloaking ability, motion detection, silent movement, etc, all of which would have been interesting, had the game allowed me to use them. But, the level design wasn't very conductive to it. When it was possible, the AI teammates just charged ahead anyway, triggering every encounter possible. So I pretty much was just another generic shooter guy, except when I could use the stealth ability to revive downed team mates, and occasionally try and outflank or get behind a group of Spec Ops (which often seemed to trigger successive encounters, or pull more into the firefight).

Speaking of level design, it's very straightforward. Point A to Point B, which isn't itself bad. Nothing wrong with it. But they aren't conductive to using the various skill sets provided to the team - few opportunities to snipe (which really makes me wonder what the Sniper, Spectre, is for, given the mobs and zombies appearing out of nowhere), minimal chance to employ stealth, and not particularly conductive to the use of teamwork. The general formula is to overcome waves and waves of more or less identical zombies, generic Special Forces, and the occasional Lictor or other BioWeapon. Enemy AI is simple in the extreme - they charge. That's it, with the exception of Spec Ops, which shoots and ducks.

Graphically, it's a bit unimpressive. Pretty generic, pretty choppy character animation, and fairly forgettable - aside from some of the special effects and the sync kills for hand to hand, it reminds me more of an end of last generation title. Zombies also crawl out of solid walls, solid floors, and various other solid objects. Compared to some of the other recent games - including the rather disappointing Dead Island - ORC just doesn't hold its own graphically.

Story wise, there really isn't one. You interact with a few of the mainline RE characters, very, very briefly - a couple of sentences here and there. And the gullibility of your team in its dealings with Umbrella borders on ludicrous, serving only to move you from one section to the next.

Overall, ORC showed a lot of initial promise - great premise, interesting character types and abilities, big name behind it. I wanted to love it, but I can't. It failed horribly in the execution, poor attention to detail, and monumentally bad AI.

If I could do it again, I'd Wait for it to hit $20.
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on April 18, 2012
My star rating speaks for itself for the most part, so I'll just attempt to justify it.

The game has bugs in the very first level, in what should be one of the most polished and epic parts (where you see Birkin)

The cover system at times is unresponsive, or I can't take cover behind things I should really be able to cover behind.

Many reviews label enemies in this game as "bullet sponges". They're right. In a level you have to fight 3 Mr. X's. Their only weak spot seems to be the head, and I can probably mathematically prove that I put enough bullets into one of their heads to easily fill its volume and more. There's suspension of disbelief, and then there's, "Ok I've been shooting at this thing for about 3 minutes, why won't it die?" This was only on Normal difficulty by the way.

The game is designed around co-op, given how the team mates specialize to help make a "squad", but local co-op isn't in the game. WHAT? The AI is terrible. They'll give you first aid... some times... when they feel like it. They'll never revive you. They get themselves into stupid situations and get themselves killed, but you'll need to revive them if, for no other reason, than you need them as a diversion so the big baddies won't take turns knocking you to the ground in an inescapable chain of death. Yeah I'm bitter.

There are no vehicles, no interesting objectives in missions, what should be epic zombie battles can quickly get annoying if you get infected with a virus several times in succession, since this means you will turn into a zombie and die because you probably ran out of antivirus, and the computer is too dumb to pick some up and heal you.

Little things like this make the game feel grindy and chorish. The weapon unlock system takes FOREVER given how short the campaign is. This is exacerbated by the fact that the levels aren't interesting to replay given how long each individual level is. I tried to farm points but all I could think at the level select screen was "Oh god this level again?!" with every level I highlighted.

The enemies have a glazed look over them which is... odd, but it isn't game breaking. What's worse is the only resident evil characters I remember seeing in the game are: Mr. X, Hunk, Birkin, Nemesis, Leon, Claire, Sherry Birkin. On the outset this sounds like a lot... except for you interact with them in extremely boring ways. Hunk is just kind of "there" in your first mission, Birkin is buggy as hell. What should be an epic first encounter feels like, "Oh god not this again!" Nemesis is a "boss fight" where you sit behind cover and pump like 20 clips of ammo into his head until he "gives up" so you can put something in his head. You run from or kill Mr. X, and well anyone who followed the game knew about Leon. I'm very let down by the way they handled that. It's outbreak, Raccoon City! There should be carnage in the streets, Tyrants mowing down zombies, Nemesis fighting Mr. X, Leon popping out with a rocket launcher to say hi, the U.S. military doing whatever they can just to get a foothold through the carnage but being easily overwhelmed.

Mayhem, objective based combat, and lots of interesting zombie moments should have littered this game, but what we got were perfect boxes withing boxes which describe our levels. Sometimes infinite enemies will pour in, sometimes you have to kill your way though (with little help from the game), sometimes you peek around the corner and the zombies and military are playing drinking games just waiting for you to show up so they can double team you for god knows what reason.

If I haven't made my case, I don't know what will.

So let's do a quick recap. The weak cover system, bullet sponge enemies, and lack of interesting objectives make this a terrible third person shooter. The lack of real horror moments, cheap mechanics, and no interesting use of RE characters make this a terrible game in the RE series, not even deserving to be called a "spin off" game. No local co-op despite the game's design around it, and a terrible AI ensure this game fails at basically whatever genre it was trying to be. They should have payed me to play this game.
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on March 24, 2012
Upon receiving this game, I had no idea what to expect. Once I popped the game in, I knew right away that this was going to be a mediocre game. Graphics are OK, enemy AI does its job, friendly AI is the worst you could possibly imagine, and there is a major gap between its difficulty settings. If it's not set on professional, the game is too easy; set it on professional, the game is very difficult. AI isn't smarter, it just takes more bullets to put 'em down to the point where you'll blow half, if not all your ammunition. Anyway, positives: The game creates a very interesting dynamic where, if you force enemy combatants to bleed, ALL the zombies will attack that NPC. Just know, that perk works both ways. If you bleed, you're more susceptible to infection which if left untreated, will change you into an uncontrollable zombie. There are several classes, each with their own perks (medic,scientist,etc) and melee options with their own melee kill sequences. The story is OK (approx. 6hrs - 7 hrs) and the fan-service is solid, but what makes the game is teamwork. This is obviously not the best game in the series, but probably the most enjoyable spin-off they've come up with. I must emphasize, DON'T BUY THIS GAME IF YOU DON'T HAVE THREE OTHER PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH. The game is not enjoyable solo because friendly AI is awful and make the game more difficult then it needs to be. I would recommend this buy for four friends at $30 or less.
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on December 31, 2012
The game is very short and is good for only online play. Some characters are better than others but you can not select the same character every time because two people can not be the same person at the same time. Over all i think the shortness of the game was my main disappointment. As a reference, I am a gamer that doesn't like call of duty games.
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on March 13, 2016
This actually is a very fun game. If you bought it expecting it to be survival horror like most other Resident Evil games, then you will be disappointed. If you expect it to have great online multiplayer, especially long after release, then you will be disappointed again.

However, the game is great if you give it a chance to be it's own game in the Resident Evil universe. Great gameplay, music, atmosphere, variety of characters with different abilities, and a superb leveling-up system (very deep and varied). Great replay value, like most Resident Evil games. I played through the game 3 times, and nowadays I rarely re-play games. It also has online co-op, and I played it online with a friend years after release, that online aspect worked just fine. Though playing it solo offline was also great.

Though half the game is locked away behind DLC, the main campaign without buying DLC is actually as lengthy as most AAA games, and the DLC to buy the other half of the game is not that expensive, and it also makes it like a 30 to 40 hour game (especially if you are hunting for the collectibles).

My only gripe with it is that it is a bit more difficult than most games today, even on the Easy setting. So expect a little more challenge than you might want, but it's not too much challenge. There's also not a whole lot of story, though going in I knew this was a squad-shooter, so I didn't expect an epic story.

Overall, this is not a game to pass up, especially now that it is so cheap.
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on November 27, 2012
I bought this not expecting a great game based on others reviews but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. I only made it through the first level but that is enough for me to realize the bad AI, stiff controls, and dreadful hit detection to wish I didn't waste my money on this. It's like Capcom was watching the Resident Evil movies and went "Ha, you think those were bad."
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on November 19, 2012
For those of you who don't know, this game was not created by the same developers behind the Resident Evil classics we all know and love. This game was handed to a new group of developers that had no idea what the hell they were doing. I rented this game from blockbuster when it came out and WOW! I was surprised how shitty the game actually was! I was excited thinking this was going to be another great RE experience no just...ITS BAD! The whole game feels outdated! The graphics are crappy, bad controls, zombies and HUMANS yes HUMANS that take a whole clip from an assault rifle to kill! There's no location damage on the zombies so a headshot is useless. One of the characters has an ability to turn invisible and you can literally use this ability to run past everything and beat the level. -__- The ending? HAHAHA What a joke! It's literally like 2 lines of dialogue and then....that's it. No satisfaction of the long horrible game you played. Just don't do it! THIS GAME IS GARBAGE!!! I feel sorry for anyone who actually pays for this heap of trash! I wouldn't even buy this if it was in a bargain bin for 99 cents! JUST STAY AWAY FROM IT DAMMIT!
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on May 5, 2012
This review is from: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Video Game)

Level 1: Begins with cover based shooting. Glad to see Capcom is blazing new trails in the 3rd person shooter genre. Also you can't "vault" over cover. I mean it only took them how ever many years to give you the ability to run AND shoot. Maybe in 3 more games they'll include this option.

Cover based shooting takes forever. Your guns are inaccurate, head shots don't drop enemies, frag grenades do pitiful damage, enemies take entire clips to the chest (on normal difficulty), and the only thing more inaccurate that you with guns is your NPC squad with guns.

Encounter Birkin boss fight. Birkin nails me with pipe and locks me in perma-stun until death. 2nd encounter knocks me down. This time analog prompt appears (rotate analog stick to dodge) to allow me to roll out of the way. Why it didn't appear in the first encounter I have no idea.

Birkin kills squad member, move to revive...die
New strategy: Use squad as meat shield, sprint like crazy while hearing their cries of anguish fade into the distance...pass level.

Level 2: Unlock stealth for Vector. Encounter military types in City hall. Stealth and sneak up behind enemy when I realize I have no stealth kill...on a STEALTH character. Sigh, in perfect position to set up cross fire. Execute..enemy begins melee combo attack while I'm pouring a clip into his chest. Locked into perma-stun until death.

Crossfire attempt 2: Watch my team flail about as if they're trying to target everyone at once and some enemies that don't exist. Use all stun grenades. Team refuses to acknowledge my assistance by actually killing a single soldier. Survive encounter with 1 bar of health. Remaining squad memebers...KIA. Developing hatred toward moron in charge of AI.

Get to archive room to burn evidence. Can't see a thing. Turn up gamma no effect. Wander around library beginning to wonder if my purchase was worth it.

Get to ending with multiple Lickers. Watch as animators were too lazy to give the Lickers an actual "death" animation. Licker stays in attack pose after 2 clips or more until finally disintegrates; was dead the entire time. Other Licker models merely go "limp" and fall from the ceiling. Very lazy on Capcom's part.

Level 3: Exploding zombies...this is getting stupid. Am becoming bored, and really wishing I'd read the reviews.

Hospital catches fire. Hunter mini boss fight occurs.
Use team as meat shield. Hunter kills "Lupo" and "Beltway" but I'm alive and that's what's important.
Revive Lupo. Revive Beltway. Beltway then runs directly into a fire and stands there until he dies. Revive Beltway. Move to next room. Lupo suicides on trip mines that were guarding an aid spray. She can't even pick them up! Why is she going for an aid spray!?

Turn game off in disgust.

Update: Continued to play and got to one of the end levels where I had to re-enter Birkin's Lab.
On the elevator and attacked by lickers. Killed lickers but one glitches and gets stuck in the freaking wall. My cracker-jack team decides the best thing to do is to just shoot the wall...forever. After the Licker has disappeared through the wall. I am not kidding. They all lined up and proceed to shoot at NOTHING. And because you can't issue team commands, the only way to make them stop is proceed to another check point.

This is one the biggest things that I am hating about the game industry. EVERYTHING MUST have multi-player.
I know that a ton of people who disagree with me will say "Play on Xbox Live DURRR"
The thing is that I shouldn't have to. That's an excuse and bull**** one at that.
I understand that there are some games that have a single player campaign added as an after thought. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a perfect example. I didn't get that impression from "RE: ORC." I thought it was going to be a mixture of Dead Space, and Gears of War. A solid single player experience with a strong multi-player element. And Capcom was more than happy to make people believe that. Instead they give me an amalgamation of Gears of War, Jericho and Vampire Rain.

THIS GAME SUCKS. DO NOT BUY! Seriously. Spend your money on ANYTHING else. Burn it if you have to. You will get infinitely more enjoyment from the outcome of torching your hard earned cash than spending it on this travesty of a "game."
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on August 5, 2013
Resident Evil: Raccoon City was mainly a game thrown out to barking Resident Evil fans as a filler until the release of Resident Evil 6. With a quickly made game comes very disappointing results. I couldn't play the game for long, as it became a chore to want to continue.
The main campaign: in all honesty, I couldn't get past the second level. Not because it was too difficult, but because I was so unwilling and un-satisfied with the story line and gameplay, I found absolutely no fun in it. It felt as though all they had to do to make a campaign was spam the hell out of zombies and enemies with guns, and BOOM your campaign is complete. I was in the slight hope that maybe if I had my friends join me, it would be more playable but that was impossible because co-op play is only available through online play.
Competitive Multiplayer: This was a little easier to deal with solely because fighting against enemy players and zombies at the same time did take a bit of strategy. In reality, my competitive spirit alone kept me interested in the 4v4 play, and in a way reminded me of certain RTS games. However the controls felt difficult to use at times, and would render your ultimate strategy useless if you weren't careful.
After I had made my verdict of the game, I traded it for Red Dead (which I played for about a week and forgot about). The only chances of me getting Raccoon City again are if I happen to find it at a garage sale for about five bucks, in which case I'll play a few online games, remember why I got rid of it in the first place, and move on to bigger and better things.
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