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Resident Evil: Revelations - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$19.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 2, 2014
First of all, I played this on Nightmare mode. unless you're under 10, you should too.

I tried dodging on nightmare but WHOA the window for that is ultra tight.
I said forget it. let me just play smart.

the key to making progress in this game is multiple saves.
If you think you're going to run & gun everything down, SORRY not going to happen.
have one to check which rooms are best to go thru & another for your good run.

especially during your first run, you will BE WEAK.
once you get past that first shield holding monster, everything else is not bad at all.
just be smart with your ammo. cause there is limited ammo.

the game's controls are tight. you will get used to the scanning quickly.
dodging on normal mode is good & very doable.

the enemies are a pain (in a good way) to shoot cause they limp & stagger to make you miss.
& in this game, AMMO is hard to find! lol

the music keeps you in the mood. eerie at the right moments.
the plot is ok. could've been better.
the characters are just ok.
what I love about this game is lots of customizations for your guns.
the final boss TOUGH!!! & epic music.

anyways, once I got the hang of things, I couldnt stop playing.
I enjoyed it til the last second.

there is also RAID MODE. playable solo or multiplayer. lots of replay there with an online friend.

if you're new or old fan of RE, get it.
at this price on Amazon, YOU MUST GET IT.

for a 3DS port coming to consoles, it was WAYYY better than I thought it would be
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on September 7, 2016
this game has some good points but gets boring quickly.
as compared to Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty which are great
and encompassing . This one isn't in that league.
I may have to give it more time.
again games are subjective .So this may be the game for you
this game takes place in the bowels of a ship, with much running and
gathering of items needed. not very spooky, just run and grab. when and if you
can find the items at one point I did think : here we go the fun scary parts.. that quickly faded into
oh boy more run and find.
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on June 1, 2013
I was quite shocked on how well the game came out. The game was originally for the Nintendo 3DS and it was quite good. The campaign is fairly long. Raid mode will add more replay value to the game once you beat the campaign. With a new mode (Infernal mode)add to the mix, I don't see why anyone will pass this up. Capcom updated the graphics and added a new creature in the game. Here's my brutal honest about the game.

The good things

- Capcom updated the atmosphere giving it an HD look to it. When your on the ship, the camera sways giving it the feel that your actually on the ship.

- The music is fantastic.

- Tight corridors are back! I had numerous experiences where i ran out of ammo and i walk backwards to a corner.

- Jill's campaign is survival horror while Chris's is more action horror.

- You can now evade (similar to RE3).

- Hold up to three weapons and store weapons you picked up in an item box (Oh yeah. They make a return).

- Upgrading weapons in campaign and raid mode is actually pretty neat.

- Raid mode is addicting (yes. Raid mode is also 2-player online. Not local).

- Controls are easy to get use to.

- Can aim and shoot. Even reload while moving.

The bad things

- Keith and Quint are by far the most annoying characters i've ever played.

- Annoying that your partner is with you somewhat of the game.

For this one, i'll let you decide whether this is a pro or a con

- In the old games, backtracking was quite common. In Revelations, it makes a return. There will be times where you have/choose to backtrack. Whether it's to advance the story or open the door that you have been waiting to open. Honestly, this is more of a pro in my opinion but others find this a con.

Overall, this game is extremely fun. I beat the campaign last night and i was pleased on how well capcom ported this game. With Infernal mode and raid mode in the game, i can see myself playing this game fairly long time. You won't be disappointed!
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on January 16, 2014
My sister has this for the 3DS and with the way my eyes are, I cannot see it so clearly on such a small screen. But I really enjoyed the gameplay and a certain character, so I bought it for the Xbox. It's very bigger, clearer, and easier to play. I like the little touches, the two extra Raid Mode characters, and extra enemy that the Xbox version received.

Raid Mode seems more difficult, with a lack of ammo and extra Scagdeads running around even on Chasm, but it's also much more fun. The addition of Rachael, with health regeneration, is great for those higher levels. I have yet to earn HUNK, so we don't know how well he plays. But HUNK is always a great bonus for Resident Evil fans.

The only thing I really wish was for more DLC. Ooze Rachael and Lady HUNK (what the crap is up with THAT one?) aren't enough. I would love a DLC scenario detailing Raymond's side of the story (most of which I can figure out, but how he got to the comms room before Parker and Jill is beyond me) and more DLC outfits (especially for Raymond, either his Veltro look or the outfit he wears at the end.)
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on January 21, 2014
This is what capcom should have done for resident evil 6. The game play, atmosphere, and story line are so much more cohesive compared to RE 6. However, I do miss the game control mechanics from RE 6 (i.e. weapon switching, dodging, and martial arts). The dodging mechanics were significantly easier on RE 6 than it was on revelations. Item switching could have been done better. But overall, this game is near perfect and is comparable to the horror aspects found in the original RE. One aspect that I missed, was the co op. I liked having split screen co op for playing with my sister or my friends. Others say RE shouldn't have co op, but I actually found RE to be a lot of fun with another partner.

-Great storyline
-Great ambience
-disturbing monsters
-return to horror
-item management and upgrades.
-controls could have been redesigned to use RE 6 controls
-dodging/strafing was difficult/ nearly impossible
-Co op would have been good.
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on February 1, 2014
Resident Evil: Revelations attempts to return to the more survival horror roots of the series and does so pretty well. The story is decent and at times cheesy much like the rest of the series. The setting is what makes this game unique and does allow for some tense gameplay. However, the game is at times just an action-oriented TPS and those parts of the game don't blend well with the rest of the game. When you are playing as Jill and alone, this game shines and although the gunplay and reticle are not on par with previous titles, the isolation and fear do set in. Overall this is a decent game and was a port from the 3DS so considering this, it is a worthy installment and seems to understand fans' concerns about the loss of the survival horror gameplay and for the most part delivers that. The same complaints I had before are still present as well though, like the over reliance on quick time events and an unreliable dodge mechanic. A good time, but not a very long game either. 4/5
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on May 9, 2017
The item arrived on time and the quality of product is good. No any problem can be found. Fantastic seller.
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on January 15, 2015
There's some missables, but thanks to an endless and enjoyable replay, this is moot. There's a lot of backtracking to make the game seem artificially long, but considering this is a DS port, they did an awesome job on the gameplay, especially the inventory sustem, making it a great title to replay even if you played the DS version, or to discover for the first time if you haven't. The item find system was helpful, but it also slowed the pace somewhat. The game would have been a little faster if items were already visible on the ground rather than having to scan everywhere for them- the only reason this is a 4-star and not a 5-star game. Looking forward to RE:R2 ^^
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on December 6, 2014
A very fun and challenging game. Capcom has been hit or miss with some recent installments of this series, however this one is a definite hit. Simply but...the price point was right, I bought it and am very happy with the game so far. If you like these types of games, grab a copy.
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on September 19, 2013
I love this game, great storyline and gameplay. I like the ability to upgrade your weapons firepower and and modifications as your find them throughout the game. The AI is pretty good to the point that I was yelling at the T.V. during some of the boss fights. The flashback scenes can be a little annoying at times but they do provide more background to the main storyline. The only downside I would give the game is the wiring puzzle consoles located on some of the chapters, to me awhile to figure them on my first play-through. I am now playing through the game for a second time to see if there is an infinite ammo for some of the nicer weapons(magnum and laddyhawk). Overall, I must say this addition brought back the survival horror element that I think had been missing from previous installments of the series.
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