Customer Reviews: Resident Evil: Revelations - Xbox 360
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on May 22, 2013
When I played Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS last year, I was surprised how good it was. For money reasons, I had to sell my 3DS and part ways with Resident Evil Revelations. So here I am jumping up and down for joy with the long awaited console port. How does it compare with the original game? Perfect... with enhancements added. How is it compare to the classic Resident Evil games? Well, its my third favorite in the entire franchise (Resident Evil 2 then Resident Evil Gamecube remake come before). Here is why: The biggest thing is that it's atmosphere fires on all cylinders when the time is right. The enemies are challenging and creepy, the way they move is unsettling. A couple of the best bosses in Resident Evil history can be found here; and they are absolutely terrifying (I think there is a little bit of Fatal Frame inspiration on one of them). But, is it a perfect Resident Evil-survival horror game? Sadly no. When your playing the side missions, it breaks up the tension. But, at least it outshines Resident Evil 5 and 6 in the action and enjoyment department. So, I will break it down for you...


-Metroidvania style cruise ship (Capcom hasn't designed a layout like this since Resident Evil 2)

-The mobility is perfect (Resident Evil 4 and 5 with the needed hold your aim and move)

-The long awaited atmosphere returns with the Spencer Mansion like tight corridors on a cruise ship

-How you upgrade your weapons is addicting

-Disturbing enemies and fantastic bosses

-Item boxes return! remember those?

-The dodge mechanic from Resident Evil 3 returns and is fun once you master it

-Raid mode is addicting


-Cleedus and Twitch (whatever those two clowns are named)are annoying

-70% of the game you have a co op partner, but its not a deal breaker

-The game absolutely SHINES when Jill is alone

So there it is... Resident Evil Revelations in a nutshell. Let's all hope that this is the turning point for Capcom. And, I really hope that Capcom is feeling the pressure from Shinji Mikami's new game... The Evil Within.


Hey there Resident Evil fans! I just finished the single player campaign on the normal difficulty mode. It was challenging! Once completed, the game rewards you with a New game plus (even though that future is pretty standard in most games these days), new weapons (also depending on what achievements your aiming for through out your adventure) and some raid mode extras. But, what now has got me hooked... is Infernal mode. Yes, it does give you that option from the beginning. Infernal mode is recommended after you complete the game, with the arsenal you possess from your previous game. And let me tell you... you need to make every bullet count. Or, just avoid confrontation if possible. It's brutal! Enemies are rearranged and they kick your a**. So, any way, I hope my review was helpful for people who were debating if this game was worth it or not. Anyway, check out my Resident Evil 2 review for those that haven't played it!
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on June 1, 2013
I was very happy when I heard that they have made a version of this game for PS3/360 as some people claim that it is even better than Resident Evil 6. Therefore I got this game the day it came out. After finishing the story on the normal mode and doing a few raid missions here is how I feel.


- Survival horror + action gameplay: I would say Resident Evil 6 is about 20% survival horror and rest action but this game is about 70% survival horror and rest action. I am really happy that Capcom decided to make a survival horror in this day and age after moving pretty much completely away from it. As for me, since I like both survival horror and action gameplays, I loved this game.

-Awesome bosses and decent enemies: This is what I liked the most about this game. When I finished this game about 50%, I was worried because I didn't encounter many bosses but afterwards most of the chapters rewarded me with pretty awesome bosses. I especially liked last two boss fights and a boss in the middle of the game (don't want to ruin the surprise). The enemy quality in this game was decent, but personally I like RE6 enemies much better.

- Creepy resident evil 1 like setting: This game takes place (for the most part) on an abandoned ship. I loved how they have designed the ship. A good mixture of dark, creepy, isolated and yet elegant and authentic. It is supposed to be a luxury ship so the parts of the ship are great looking. Had fun exploring each and every corner of the ship. Bravo to the level designers and the art team.

-The story and story length: Considering this game first came out on 3DS, the quality of the story and the length of the campaign are quite impressive. Since I explored each and every corner of every level, it took me about 15 hr to finish this game. I was wondering if this game was worth the release day price, but now after experiencing the story and campaign, I don't regret spending that money.

-Improved graphics: I am happy that this game came out on PS3/360. The fact that you can play it on a handheld (3DS) is great but the 3DS graphics don't do justice to this game. Now this game still doesn't look as great as say Resident Evil 5 or 6, but still looks pretty decent now that it is remastered in HD.

-Upgradable/hidden weapons/items: You will have to find/unlock weapons. If you just try to rush through the campaign you will miss out on many of them. Also you can find the upgrades for the weapons and upgrade them. This adds exploration and experimentation aspect to the game. Liked it.

-Raid mode and online competition: Some extra missions you can do once you are done with the campaign. Good to pass some time and adds longevity to the experience. Better have it than not.


- Backtracking: This is somewhat annoying aspect of the game. You will be backtracking quite a bit in the game. 60% of the time something will be different when you backtrack (finding new weapons/items) but 40%, a lot of things will be the same. They could have definitely included some novel enemies (or better like Dark Souls some hidden bosses).

-melee attacks: Some people hated RE6 for its melee attacks. I loved RE6 for its melee. This game is the opposite. There are melee attacks but they are not as easy to pull as RE4, 5 and 6. Definitely like RE6 better.


RE6 or RE: Revelations? Well I loved both games. If you want more survival horror type of experience play Revelations, if you want more action and Zombie brain bashing play Resident Evil 6. In short, I thought this game was well worth the money I spent, especially considering I didn't played the 3DS version. A must buy for those who miss old Resident Evil games.
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on July 2, 2013
I thought this game would be a little boring since it was originally a made for the 3DS. It turns out this game is better than RE6 and it's definitely has more thrills then RE5. So if your a fan of RE4 or the old resident evil games I highly recommend this game for you :)
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on June 27, 2013
Originally debuting for the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012, Resident Evil: Revelations makes its long awaited appearance in full HD for the consoles.


Story: The events of Resident Evil: Revelations are actually set in 2005, between the events of Resident Evil 4 in autumn 2004, and the main events of Resident Evil 5 in March 2009 (and also before RE5's DLC episode "Lost in Nightmares", which took place in 2006). It is around the time when former S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine first helped co-found the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) to curb the appearance of bioweaponry in illegal markets.

From Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, you might know the BSAA as that elite, quick-response military group that is sent in to neutralize bioterror outbreaks all over the world. But here in Revelations, the BSAA are still a younger organization with only a few select members under private advisory status. The game chronicles the early organization's investigation that spans various areas of the Mediterranean basin to uncover the truth behind the destruction of a floating city, and to track down a mysterious new terrorist group called "Veltro", who once planned to contaminate 1/5th of the world's waters using their newly created T-Abyss Virus.

Revelations' story is divided into mostly sequential episodes, making you feel like you're watching a television series, which is an interesting new take for an RE narrative. (It reminded me, by the way, of another episodic horror game I've recently played, Alan Wake.) Some episodes also have different subsections, where you play as a different character in another location, or you're playing through earlier events in a brief flashback. It might be a tad disorienting at first to be playing as a certain character, and then suddenly to be playing as someone else or in a different location, but it should all still tie in together by the episode's end.


Gameplay: Revelations uses an over-the-shoulder camera perspective that has been a staple in the series since Resident Evil 4. Movement is also more similar to the controls of RE4 and RE5 as opposed to the 360 degree controls of RE6. Melee attack prompts also only appear for stunned enemies, likening it again to 4 and 5 and differentiating it from 6's free melee. Caution is still suggested however when trying to get close to melee your enemies, as not always will a melee prompt seem to appear even when an enemy looks stunned. It seemed easier to pull of melee combos even in 4 and 5 than Revelations.

I liked that they re-included the ability to move while shooting and reloading, but I must note that it is different from RE6's. Revelations' is more like strafing. Here in Revelations, you have to hold the left trigger while you're aiming in order to move your character, but they still cannot change the direction of their aim while doing so. At least in 6, you can change your aiming direction (up, down, left, right, etc.) all while walking and not having to press another button, so I did like 6's gunplay more.

There is also a dodge feature, but it's more like RE3's dodge mechanic where you can only perform it when an enemy is just about to attack you. It can be tricky to learn, and I'm still trying to get better at it. But I also still preferred RE6's dodge system, where you can dive out of the way more on command instead of having to wait for your enemy to attack you.

(By the way, Revelations does have its own Public Demo, which I used to learn its controls, but please note that Revelations' XB 360 demo is only available on Xbox Live to those who have a Gold membership. I only had Silver, so I unfortunately had to use my one month trial even just to download it. I wonder if this was another one of Microsoft's cheap ways to try to promote Gold memberships. :/ )

The most common enemies found in Revelations are called the Ooze, which have been infected by what is known as the T-Abyss virus. The T-Abyss is a mostly aquatic virus, so it turns most of its victims into B.O.W.s that are somewhat amphibious in nature. Their flexible bodies allows them to slip in and out of tight areas such as ventilation ducts that the player cannot go through, which somewhat adds to their creepiness whenever they make some of their sudden appearances. In addition to the Ooze and their variations, the T-Abyss virus has also created other aquatic-based enemies and bosses. Particularly, there is even one new type of enemy that was made for Revelations' console versions that wasn't present in the original 3DS version.

Perhaps the most notable new gameplay element in Revelations is a new item known as the Genesis Scanner. This handy little device can detect items that cannot be normally found with the naked eye. The Genesis can also scan the remains of the enemies you defeat, and whenever you reach 100% scan data on the Genesis, it'll reward you with a healing herb. Don't forget to scan regularly with the Genesis; it might just help you out when you're looking for that last bit of ammo or healing item, especially on Infernal difficulty, which can be really challenging. It is also mindful to remember that enemies in Revelations no longer drop ammo as in RE4, 5, and 6, so already this game requires a slightly different approach when handling enemies.

You can find various customization kits which contain parts you can use to upgrade your weapons in the ways you choose. The upgrades are actually not permanent, as you could always choose which parts to add on or remove, and place them on different weapons. There are also item boxes located in some parts of the ship that you can use to store items you don't need and switch them with items you want/have to use. (I thought it would've been an even better nod to the earlier REs if they somehow reincorporated typewriters and ink ribbons of some kind, but the reinclusion of some sort of storage box was interesting enough.)

Raid Mode is the new mini game featured in Revelations. One to two players can fight their way in various maps based from locations in the main game that now have new enemy layouts. Completing various objectives in Raid Mode can unlock new costumes for certain characters in the mode. Raid also has a leveling system, where the higher your level is, the stronger your firearm power and character defenses will be, as well as the more new weapons in Raid you will have access to once your level matches that weapon's level.


Graphics and Sound: Although the Nintendo 3DS is pretty powerful for a handheld system, of course it's still not in the same league as the home consoles. As such, Revelations looks much better for the main systems. What used to be blurry or fuzzy textures in the 3DS version now appears much sharper and clearer in HD. Revelations' music is also hauntingly beautiful, especially in the more elegantly decorated rooms, and every piece brings out that area of the ship more to life.


Cons and Pros:

My personal cons:

-I found a few of the controls to sometimes have been a bit uncooperative. You can tell that this used to be a 3DS game. I also wished that they reincluded having the option of using a laser pointer for your weapons and not just a crosshair/targeting reticule. And once again, I did prefer RE6's gunplay, dodge, and melee system more than Revelations', and going from 6's controls to Revelations' controls felt like a slight downgrade.

-Your character, it seems, cannot run that fast in this game, making it a little annoying if you're trying to evade your enemies to conserve ammo. Even in RE1, 2, and 3 it seemed that your character could run faster than in Revelations. Especially with Jill, it looks more like she's only walking fast rather than truly running. But then again, there would be little room to "run" in these narrow hallways of the ship, so I guess that sort of makes sense.

-A little short. I was able to complete the main game in about 8 hours. Then there's Raid mode, but after that and the main story, there's not that much other things left to do. This game didn't have quite as much replay value as I initially hoped, but it's still a good game and I would still go back to it from time to time. Luckily, I was able to borrow a copy from my local library first since I was unsure about buying it at full launch price.

-Slightly lacking in enemy diversity/variety. Revelations only has about a dozen different common enemies. In fact, there is even one type of Ooze (the Chunk Ooze) that looks and functions almost identically to one of the J'avo mutations (Telo-Explozija) in Resident Evil 6.

-In the main campaign, you are followed and assisted by a CPU controlled partner, but they cannot be controlled by a second player, and there is no co-op option for the main game. (Some might disagree with this being a con.)

-It might get tedious and time consuming to feel like you have to scan every side and corner of every room. It was also a little funny how some items are at first invisible, but you cannot see them or pick them up until after you scan them.

-I usually don't mind backtracking that much to search for a key/important item, etc., but I thought the game could've provided just slightly better hints as to where they were. The lengths and times you had to go when searching for said item could've also been a little tightened.

-No infinite ammo options for most of the weapons in the game. The only infinite ammo weapon is the infinite rocket launcher, which can be unlocked when the game is completed in Infernal difficulty, but that's it.

-No chapter select. You can't go back and replay specific parts of the main game that you want to. You have to replay the whole story sequentially right from the very beginning.

-No option in the main menu to be able to watch the cutscenes separately.

-(Not really a true con, but it seems like there might be more who think it is, so I'll just place it here for now.) Revelations overall still feels like an adventure game, as it has its own action-like scenes closer to the ending. And as with many stories in video games, it also has a big turning point. There's still more ammo to be found lying around compared to RE1, 2, and 3. You will also still be doing a fair amount of shooting and combat in this game, so just know that these will be there. But many of RE's boss fights have been rather faster-paced and action-like anyway, and RE has always had rather big, dramatic endings. Plus, I never saw the RE series as just pure horror alone, so I was personally okay with all of this.

My personal pros:

+The slower-paced, more mysterious horror returns. Although Revelations has its own share of action-like scenes as you get closer to the game's turning point and ending, much of the earlier parts of the game really try to recapture those atmospheric settings set by the earlier RE titles.

+The graphics are much sharper and clearer compared to the original 3DS version.

+Very unique setting of exploring an abandoned cruise ship.

+More puzzles, and they're just about right. I didn't find them too simple or too challenging.

+Even though Revelations only has about a dozen different common enemies, which is likely less than what most other RE games have had, the enemies it does have are more aquatic, as opposed to the mostly land-based B.O.W.s in many of the other RE games, making Revelations' enemies still somewhat more unique.

+Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat make worthy partners in this game for Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield respectively, with Parker being my favorite new character in Revelations.

+It feels like you're watching a television series since the story is episodic. Plus, there were many surprising and shocking plot twists.

+RE: Revelations makes many references to Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, one of the greatest ever pieces of western literature.

+The weapons customization system seems a little more integrated.

+Infernal mode is really challenging, as it changes item placement, and some rooms/areas that may have been empty of enemies in lower modes could now be full of them. You'll be relying on the Genesis Scanner even more, and you'd have to choose more carefully which weapons are right for your next situation as well as which upgrades would seem best for which weapons.

+Like Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil: Revelations HD is supported by resident, a completely free web-based service designed to enhance your experiences with the game. Participate in various online events to earn RE points, which can then be used to buy items from the site that you can send to your game.


Overall: I admit that having just come from Resident Evil 6, it did feel a little weird going back to a single main campaign. But bioterrorism hadn't exactly gone global just yet in this title, so for this story, I didn't mind exploring one general area. And when I first learned several months ago that Revelations was coming to the consoles, I was also a tad apprehensive at first that its events take place many years ago, but we're just learning about them now. And because of that, it felt like it was an archived side story that was for some reason kept secret for so long.

But what I still have to commend Revelations most for is its reattempting of more of those dark and atmospheric settings that were most prevalent in the earlier REs. Of the modern, main series RE games, Revelations perhaps has the closest to the slower-paced horror of the classic RE titles, at least definitely in much of the earlier parts of the game. I also thought exploring an abandoned ocean liner made for quite an interesting and unique new setting. I personally actually didn't find Revelations to be that scary. I guess fighting B.O.W.s comes easy to most of us by now, compared to the early history of RE, and B.O.W.s are getting more commonplace even at this point in the main RE timeline. But more of those creepy-looking settings in this game were still a really nice touch and throwback.

If you're still on the fence about it, see if you can first borrow a copy from your local game store or library. Especially if you don't have a 3DS and weren't able to get it during its first release, I still recommend it however. It's not a completely perfect port over, but it's still a pretty good game for its scope. Revelations for the consoles is possibly the best version of it you can find.


In retrospect: Somehow, I've come to appreciate all the other main REs more than ever before now that I've played through Revelations. I recently also decided to replay RE1, 2, and 3 on my PS1 emulator, and they still have their own charm even after all of these years. It was nice to take a step back and relive the earlier events of the series history, and to see how far the characters have come since their rookie days and all that they've been through, as well as how much their worlds have changed greatly since they first ever fought bioweaponry.

Now that there are so many different main series Resident Evil games, how might you ask Revelations stacks in my book? I actually still like the stories of RE1, 2, and 3 a bit more than Revelations, with 2 being my favorite of the earlier REs, but I do prefer Revelations' more modern features. I don't think I really want to go back to fixed camera positions or dated controls. But I at least found Revelations to be more enjoyable than Code Veronica.

As for the other newer REs, if I feel like I'm more in the mood for a slower, more mysterious horror, I play Revelations, maybe even 4. If I want to go on a B.O.W. extermination spree, I play 5. If I want all of them all in one game, I play 6. I think it's great that we have so many different RE games to fit our moods and tastes. It has certainly been a grand journey fighting the horrors of B.O.W.s in unique locations the world over alongside these characters for many years.
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on August 27, 2014
Best resident evil game yet. I loved 4 and 5. For some reason, I skipped 6 and then I saw this. I finished the campaign on casual mode so that I could unlock all raid mode levels. Now, I spend most of my time on the game playing raid mode with my son and it's an absolute blast. The funnest game I've played in years... Probably cuz I'm doing it with my son (who's 9 btw).

Why do I say this?? The campaign is single player while raid mode is multi player. The story line isn't too bad. Another psycho infection that u have to cleanse... What I like about the gameplay is this. It plays much like resident evil 5 but it allows u to move as u shoot. U can strafe and walk backwards or forwards.

In raid mode, I wish u could run faster when u want to and I wish that weapons had some more upgrade options. U have to either buy a new weapon or earn a weapon thru gameplay. U can't find a love and upgrade that weapon so it follows u thru the game. At least not until u unlock abyss mode.

Campaign is much the same except u have to earn Ur weapons thru gameplay. The only real upgrades in campaign are mods that u find during gameplay.

Overall though, it's still the most fun of the ones I've played. I'm still playing it cuz I've made it to abyss mode in raid and it's one Helluva challenge to get thru.

Have fun everyone. I'm having a blast. Oh, if u can believe this, I'm leaving Destiny on my shelf as I continue playing this. Like I said, I love it cuz I play it with my son.
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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2013
I've played anything related to Resident Evil since the franchise began. While Revelations isn't the worst in the series, it definitely isn't the best. You play alternately as either Chris or Jill as they explore ships where they face B.O.W's at every turn. Some of the BOW's look different than in previous games but it's all pretty much been there, done that as far as the action goes.
The graphics were okay, nothing really outstanding but not bad. I did have a couple of glitches during the game which froze the system up and required me to restart in order to get past them. It could have just been a bad disc so I'm not holding that against them.
One aspect that I thought was interesting was the underwater part of the gameplay in which you have to find your way out of the sinking ship by swimming through flooded passageways and fighting sharklike enemies.
If you're into co-op play, the Raid feature is pretty cool. You get to choose to play as different characters against hordes of the baddies.
If you're a Resident Evil fan, it's worth a play. Maybe go for a used copy or wait for the price to drop a bit.
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on August 5, 2013
I'm still early into the game(episode 3)but as a old school RE fan,this is the best RE game out there as far as current gen games go. It's more a RE game than RE 6,and for the price,it's a good deal. Aside from the creepiness & excellent music,the "previously on resident evil revelations" is priceless.
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on May 24, 2013
I have only played through the first couple of levels of this game but can tell you it has the look and feel of the original series. I played the original RE series up through RE5 over and over until I knew the maps better than I know my way home. This game has the creepy sounds and in your face jolting moments that make you scared to go through that next door. The only reason it is not getting a 5 star rating is that Capcom has strayed from the traditional Zombie format to the mutated BOW creatures and it just loses that nostalgia... Otherwise this game looks to be great.
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on December 30, 2014
This game is so nice. I played it with the lights off and the sounds are scary alone. The enemies are numerous and lethal and when you run low on ammo, it actually means something. The story is intricate and full of twists and turns. This is what Resident Evil should be.
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on May 2, 2014
First of all, I played this on Nightmare mode. unless you're under 10, you should too.

I tried dodging on nightmare but WHOA the window for that is ultra tight.
I said forget it. let me just play smart.

the key to making progress in this game is multiple saves.
If you think you're going to run & gun everything down, SORRY not going to happen.
have one to check which rooms are best to go thru & another for your good run.

especially during your first run, you will BE WEAK.
once you get past that first shield holding monster, everything else is not bad at all.
just be smart with your ammo. cause there is limited ammo.

the game's controls are tight. you will get used to the scanning quickly.
dodging on normal mode is good & very doable.

the enemies are a pain (in a good way) to shoot cause they limp & stagger to make you miss.
& in this game, AMMO is hard to find! lol

the music keeps you in the mood. eerie at the right moments.
the plot is ok. could've been better.
the characters are just ok.
what I love about this game is lots of customizations for your guns.
the final boss TOUGH!!! & epic music.

anyways, once I got the hang of things, I couldnt stop playing.
I enjoyed it til the last second.

there is also RAID MODE. playable solo or multiplayer. lots of replay there with an online friend.

if you're new or old fan of RE, get it.
at this price on Amazon, YOU MUST GET IT.

for a 3DS port coming to consoles, it was WAYYY better than I thought it would be
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