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on October 18, 2015
I saw this film when it was released in 1980 and have never been able to forget the impact it had on me. It has stayed with me all these years and finally was able to get the dvd and, man, am I one happy old man!.

The acting is amazing; the score is wonderful; and it is one of the most life-affirming films I have ever seen.

Now - 2 things (POSSIBLY MINOR SPOILERS): This has one of the most incredible, touching, warm and just beautiful endings I have ever seen in a film. Edna Mae's final "Thank you" is so simple and yet so powerful in defining her character.

And finally, one question (and this may be something someone who hasn't seen the film may want to skip): Did it occur to anyone else that maybe, just maybe, Esco Brown passes this gift onto Edna Mae when he puts his hand on her head just as they about to leave his "Last Chance" gas station? I know it's mostly attributed to her near death experience, but that gesture has always stuck with me and as many times as I've watched this film, I can't seem to make up my mind one way or the other. Ultimately it's not that important, but it is just one example of how this film can raise more questions than it answers. And that's a good thing in my opinion.

Put a box of tissues next to you, and please watch this film. It's amazing.
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on August 5, 2016
I first saw this movie years ago in a theatre. I fell in love with it, and taped it off TV when it was shown. When I moved to DVDs, I searched for it and couldn't find it,while being thoroughly disgusted with Lifetime's truly,truly *awful* "remake". Finally this year,I searched again on Amazon, and found the original, now out on DVD! I was ecstatic.

This is a wonderful, low-key movie with tremendous acting from everyone. The plot involves a woman who has a near-death experience, and finds that she has developed healing abilities. She first heals herself, and then others in her community. When she saves the life of, then becomes involved with, the son of a Bible-thumping conservative preacher, things take a turn toward the dark. But don't worry -- there's a lovely, unexpected, and perfect ending.

This is a sweet, gentle, very human movie about the power of love and healing. I'd recommend it to everyone but the most hardened cynics and most right-wing Christians.
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on March 18, 2018
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen; deeply inspiring. Ellen Burstyn's portrayal of a woman who awakens after an auto accident and gradually realizes she has the power to heal is an Oscar worthy performance. She doesn't know why or how this has happened but does her best to help others. The reactions of the people she tries to help, the scientific community, her friends and family are fabulously interesting, dramatic and heart rending; especially the end. I highly recommend this movie. It's the antidote to the awful stuff coming out of the current film industry.
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on August 16, 2014
This movie blew me away when it first came out; I saw it many times, then was lucky to discover it was available at Amazon. The intensely emotional themes pull you in, enhanced by the use of the glass harmonica at appropriate moments. Burstyn's character transitions through death, discovering she can heal by touch; she feels unworthy of claiming to be doing God's work, so the primitives around her, including her boyfriend, reject her as the Devil's sneaking agent. Ugg, something odd, Zork, let's kill it. Her Bible-quoting boyfriend tries to shotgun her into Satan's embrace, but ends up doing a motorcycle-plowing face plant into the field, which is a pleasure to watch. Could just be, Burstyn's doing God's work after all, get's Holy Credit for not claiming to be anything more than His servant, and it's Shepard who gets the God smackdown. I found the portrayal of the transition into death very powerful; when she uses her death experience as the portal to guide her embittered father into the light, as she reassures him not to be afraid, and his tortured face turns to reverence and awe, I am driven by the hope and prayer that the deaths of my family and my own death will be so. Certainly those I've known who seemed to handle death of their loved ones with the most grace have been those with the strongest faith.
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on October 19, 2010
At last Ellen Burstyn's Resurrection is available on dvd; too bad it is a bare bones burned-to order disk, with no remastering so that the color is not true and Maurice Jarre's award winning score is loud and at times unpleasantly shrill. And of course no subtitles or commentary. But despite its shortcomings, this dvd is better than nothing; and I was happy to get it.

I suggest fans of this film join me in contacting The Criterion Collection (there's a place on their website to email suggestions for new titles) and request that they do a proper remastered dvd of this fine movie. They could ask Ellen Burstyn for the commentary, since the director Daniel Petrie is dead. Ms Burstyn included some information on the making of Resurrection in her autobigraphy: on working with the legendary Eva Le Galienne (Grandma),who at first acted too broadly for film, though in a style well-suited to the stage. And fascinating stuff about the scene where Edna Mae flicks a fly off her toe and realizes she can move her paralyzed legs. They employed a fly wrangler, who brought in I think it was 40 frozen flies; and they were down to the last one or two before they were able to get the shot they wanted.

Hopefully if Criterion gets enough requests, they will consider it. Thanks
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on February 20, 2014
I saw this film at the theatre when it first came out and have been waiting and checking its release on DVD in what seems like forever. Finally, it's available! This movie changed my life. That sounds so dramatic and cliche, but it's true. It spoke to me so clearly. While the physical quality of the film seems a bit grainy, I think that only adds to the realism. Ellen Burstyn is so understated and real. I saw her on a talk show promoting the film before it was released, talking of the real woman the story is based on - one who returned from a death experience and could then heal. Even for skeptics, this is a good film to see. And as my work is in the metaphysical arts, I can easily recommend this as an excellent primer for understanding both Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and how true healers heal.
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on April 22, 2018
even though it stars the great actress Ellen Burstyn .. this movie was a low budget film. But having said that i have always loved this movie. it is about a woman that has an ability to heal people of sickness and disease. She is held apart from everyone in the beginning of the discovery - she ran from her 'powers' for many years and finally settled in the Arizona desert = this is where she performs her greatest miracle. I will not tell you what happens but if you love special performances and illuminating subject please get this movie.
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on April 15, 2017
I don't usually buy movies, but I saw this one and had to buy it for my collection. A powerful movie. I was raised in a pentecostal "healing" church, but it was cheap thrills compared to what the gift really is about. It makes you think a lot. Similar to "The Green Mile" in my opinion.
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on October 3, 2017
Love the gentleness and earthiness of Ellen Burstyn's character. It readily shows that religion is more dangerous than the things it fears. An excellent movie.
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on January 6, 2016
This edition is one of the best transfers to DVD I've yet seen, and the closed captioning was definitely the best ever.

Ellyn Burstyn was stunning in this movie. I watched the DVD last night with someone who'd never seen the film, and they were equally impressed. Too bad Hollywood seldom makes films of this quality anymore.
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