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Size: 16 GB|Item Shape: Wi-Fi|Color: Black|Change
Price:$321.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on June 7, 2014
Hi Guys

I had a very bad experience with purchasing an Apple iPad with Retina Display MD514LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, White) 4th Gen. from Amazon (Seller -->Word Wide distributor).

I had complained on second day of the item received date .I used device for few hours and it started hanging and i need to restart device 2-3 times.So i decided to return this defective product however i got below response from seller and denied to accept return of device which is disgusting and not acceptable :(

"this seller's returns policy states: Drones, Computers, Video Cameras, Camera, MP3 Players, iPods, iPads, Tablets, Ear phones, Headphones, PC Hardware, Navigation, Point Cards, Software & Projectors- We will not accept any returns if the unit has been open and the factory seal is broken."

How any one can check the product whether it is working fine or not before open the item from box.I would suggest others to BUY electronic items from bestbuy or any other well known electronic shops so that buyer's money is safe and they do not need to regret on the purchase that i had.
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on November 26, 2013
I was skeptical that I'd use this all that much, but I'm hardly ever without it now. I use it to check stocks, weather, and news while I'm working, and to watch videos, play games, and read Twitter when I'm not. It's a big large and a bit heavy, so the mini or the new iPad Air might be recommended now for frequent travelers like myself. A good case that doubles as a stand is a must, but you don't have to overspend; I've found a couple I like a lot for $10, and at that price you can abuse them and discard them.

What I thought I'd use it for was showing off my photos on the fabulous Retina display, but I actually mostly use it for the fantastic apps, like the one I use to download TV eps from YouTube to watch on the plane and another I use to download podcasts.

It is NOT great for Web browsing (altho it's certainly capable) or ANY productivity applications. I do VERY little typing on it, and I wouldn't bother even trying to mess with business documents like spreadsheets and presentations. I'm sure there are those who swear by some presentation app or something, but I'm happy to do work on a laptop and keep the iPad for secondary distractions.
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on August 7, 2013
I am a hobby writer and a Chaplain Assistant for the US Army, as such I have to take notes, have access to AR's, FM's TC's and the like most of which are 200+ pages long. When its time to hurry up and wait I can use this to fill in the time. The wireless is average and so is the G4 but that could just be because of the area I am in so take it with a grain of salt. Ipad has a wide variety of Apps but not as many as I would like in the area of office like software, that is actually good quality. However if you do some searching you can find good apps that will do what you need them to do. This acts as my kindle, laptop, notebook, scheduler, and email service all in one.

It's not perfect, trying to transfer documents and such is a little cumbersom and requres you get the right apps, but with a little bit of tweaking you can customize it to your needs. Be awair that unlike your Ipod, or a USB drive this will not show up on your my Computer (if you have Windows) and you have to go through Itunes (not a real problem) to transfer most files. As with anything do your homework first, as this may not suit what you are trying to do but if you decide that it does I must say I am very happy with this device and hope that Apple will keep up the good work in memory and spirit of it's founder.
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on January 4, 2014
If all computers worked as flawlessly as iPads, many more people would be computer literate. I gave one to my hubby for his birthday last year and for the first time in his life, he can do the things he wants like email, web browsing, and Facebook. In all the years I've been using iPads, I've never had issues as I've had with Windows devices. I like the expanded memory in this version and it was the principle reason I purchased it over the other new features introduced since the iPad2. I have my entire music collection loaded and I like that. It is the first time I've been able to carry it all with me on any mobile device. In fact, with the new product integration Apple has introduced, I purchased a MacAir. Now I have reliability of performance and convenience I've never before had in computing platforms. I use this iPad with a matching Logitech keyboard/cover and carry it in an iPad purse. Now I can edit my documents wherever I go. As a writer, I love it. FWIW, I've worked in the computing industry all my life and have experience with multiple operating systems and networking.
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on February 26, 2014
I chose this tablet because I wanted something I could take with me when I leave the house but not have to worry about searching for a hotspot. I have an iPad Wifi 16gb that I adore but was not very practical outside. The speed of the data service, the crisp screen and the capacity is what's making me love this device.

It is not without its faults. Some apps do force close (fixed by deleting the app, turning off iPad for 60 seconds then downloading from the App Store again). This certainly isn't a light tablet. I started off with the mini and that was my first experience with Apple products. The mini is really light but when I picked this up it was a blatant difference in weight.

The good outweighs the bad in this and minus the two possible issues with it I really dig this and it's amazing for those of us who don't want Android. I highly recommend this tablet!
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on May 30, 2015
After years of resisting the tablet craze, I finally picked up an iPad 4 (black, 16GB). I bought it as more of a toy than anything else, but I've found myself using it more and more as a tool for word processing and research. As a biologist, I do my best to stay on top of academic research, and I have found a few apps that streamline the storage and organization of academic PDFs. It's great to be able to read journal articles in full color and HD, zoom in on figures, and annotate while on the move. I still tend to prefer hard copies, but my goodness, it's much easier to carry around 500 10-page articles when they're digital. The built-in Newstand app is where my Science and Nature subscriptions appear, and sadly in that environment your options for interacting with content are more limited. I am also a photographer, but while I appreciate having another device on which to view my photos I much prefer to work with them on my Macbook in Lightroom or a similar program. There are some surprisingly powerful and useful apps for photographers on the app store but none of them are going to hold up to a good photo editing suite on a laptop.

As for the nuts and bolts, if you like Apple products than you know what to expect. Very streamlined build quality, excellent battery life as long as you aren't watching endless Netflix episodes or similar, and an easy, pleasing user experience all the way around. This model doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of newer versions (touch ID) but the retina display is excellent and responsive. The speakers are surprisingly good for such a compact device. I do recommend a good screen protector and case.

One criticism I have (mentioned by some other reviewers) is that stylus use on Apple products, including this iPad, is severely limited. You can buy styluses but they all have enormously thick, bulbous and squishy heads. The iPad simply will not register any object that touches the screen if it has a diameter of less than 2mm (I believe that's the number), which means that the sturdy, precision-tipped styluses you might find for a Samsung product or Wacom will not work on Apple devices. I've been told that Steve Jobs thoroughly disapproved of styluses and wanted the user to interact directly with Apple products instead of through a tool. Personally, I'd rather he left us the choice, and I hope this issue will be addressed somewhere down the line. If you're an artist or a graphic designer like my father, it's frustrating not to have a more precise tool with which to interact with the tablet, and it limits the kinds of projects you can undertake. App developers have tried to compensate for this, so far without much success.
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on April 21, 2016
This is a review of the quality of the item purchased from Amazon, not on the iPad itself (iPad is great). I was shipped a refurbished iPad 4, which is what I wanted. The screen wasn't all the away sealed and was lifting a bit near the home button so I had to seal it myself with some Krazy Glue. Because of this, the home button wasn't level (rocks back and forth a bit). Even after I sealed it myself the home button is still not all the way flush to the screen. It's a small annoyance, but it works so I can't complain that much. Dust was found underneath the glass screen, not a lot, but it is noticeable when browsing the web. Overall quality is 3.5-4/5. It's 100% functional. Everything works. Fair quality device for the price paid, but definitely not great.
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on February 5, 2016
I turned on the unit. It told me an upgrade was available to OS9. I started the process. The ipad became non functional. Will not reboot. Tried all of the suggestions on support on how to reset to factory settings, none worked. Then found out that this has been an issue with upgrading ipads for the last 2-3 years. Apple has done nothing about it. Don't waste your money. And on top of it this seller does not accept returns. This was a very expensive mistake.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 23, 2013
I picked up a slightly dented Retina iPad for a great price and wasn't sold on the idea that it would be worthwhile to upgrade from my original iPad, since I don't use FaceTime and don't really see myself holding a giant thing up in the air to take a fake polaroid picture, either. But...

The difference in speed is amazing. I took this with me to visit my extended family and was able to do everything I needed to do without bringing my laptop. If an app wasn't working for me, I could use a real browser (on the old iPad, safari worked, sort of, very slowly and did very little. This is a completely different tablet experience. I handed the old one down to my son, because he doesn't have to pay bills online or respond to emails that have attachments.

As for whether it would be worth it to upgrade from an iPad2? Maybe. I've played with my friend's iPad2, though, and it seems just fine. This one is noticeably faster, but you'd probably do better to wait a generation for a bigger bump. However, now that the price has dropped following the release of the iPad Air, the bang for the buck is worth considering.
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on March 10, 2014
My iPad uses wireless which means that it can only connect when I am in an area with wireless. Nevertheless, because I have access to wireless at home and at work, this little device has taken the place of my smartphone and an additional laptop I used at work.

Why? The functionality of the iPad 4 on wireless only is absolutely sufficient for my use. If I need to use the iPad outside of a wireless network I have sufficient storage to save up to 64G of music, videos or audiobooks for that use. When I am online, this device works perfectly for email and internet surfing.

I use it at work for email that I cannot access on my work computer and at home for reading, audiobooks, and games when I am away from my home computer. The display is all it is advertised as being - crisp, high definition - and the apps available to me are more sufficient.

At home, with its wireless connection I can "read in bed," play games, catch up on emails, use the device as an alarm clock... if I think of something I need to look up in the middle of the night I can look it up on this device ... so it is a VERY handy tool and entertainment vehicle.

I am pretty sure that other tablets can provide similar uses... and possibly at lesser cost That said, the retina display and the Apple reputation (I am admittedly an Apple user at home and a Windows system user at work) are impressive, and worth the cost as far as I am concerned.
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