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on September 9, 2016
I rarely write a negative review, but this controller highly disappointed. I'm ok with the fact it feels cheap as it is very light and does not feel sturdy in your hands. I get it, it is a ten dollar controller, you are getting what you pay for and it will not feel like the real controller. What is upsetting is the fact that after about four hours of game play, the directional controller on the left, flat out snapped off. Now I am not hard on my controllers and after I looked at the design I thought man, this controller has "planned obsolescence" built into it. The directional pad is a poor design that cannot take any load applied to it. Can't believe any engineer designed this, must have been some kid's school project to design this. Please save your money and towards something that is designed to last. This controller is clearly a "take-your-money-and-run" type purchase.
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on February 12, 2018
I'm gonna start off by saying this controller will fill all of your needs but it does have a few issues that are less than ideal, hence the not quite perfect score. The controller is small; not uselessly small but it's not going to fill your hands like a normal Genesis or even a Sega Saturn controller. Due to its small size, when pressing the A button and down-left diagonal sometimes I find myself pressing on the housing instead of the fully on the button, causing some missed inputs. I don't know if that's a large hands thing or if others will experience something similar. I want to make sure that I end this by saying it's still a good controller and I'd buy it again (I may actually end up buying it again if I can convince my daughter to play against me in Mortal Combat).

Edit: I changed my review from a four star to a two star on account of the controller breaking this morning. Over 30 years of thumb-twiddling and I'd never broken a controller until today. It's not garbage but it's certainly not worth what I paid for it. Would not buy again and discourage anyone else from buying it.
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on March 1, 2014
First off, the negatives. The button mapping is a little schizophrenic. The A, B and C buttons are mapped to 3, 2 and 6 respectively. The X, Y and Z buttons are mapped to 4, 1, and 5 respectively. The mode and start button are mapped to 9 and 10. The D-Pad is set as a Digital Joystick, which works fine. You'll notice that buttons 7 and 8 are not used. There is no way to use them.

Also, the D-pad is a little bit wonky, but that's more an issue with the original Mega Drive controller it's trying to mimic rather than with this reproduction. Just bear that in mind.

The good bits:
Works great. Tried it with the Sega Mega Drive Collection on Steam as well as a few different 3rd party emulators like Fusion and Gens and it works just as you'd expect. The device works just fine right out of the box with Windows 7 with Plug and Play. No setup or calibration required.

My only real complaint is it's size. It's based on the smaller model Japanese Mega Drive controller rather than the larger US one. Not really a big deal though.
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on December 11, 2016
Structurally flawed D-Pad. Once I saw how it snapped off, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I have OEM genesis controllers that are more than twenty years old and still going strong.
review image
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on March 28, 2013
After playing with my Sega Retrolink controller I would have to say "I'm not too impressed." First of all I was hoping the controller would feel similar to my old 6 button Sega game pad, which I still have to compare to. No such luck. The weight is about half of the original, and I really liked my old 6 button because I could easily slide my figure across the keys, can't really do that on this. Now when I try it I feel like I'm going to rip a button out. Not to mention the design is a bother. If I smash the A button during a 'Mortal Kombat' Fight I jab my thumb on the plastic. I looked at the reviews and saw somebody broke theirs, and it doesn't surprise me. I feel I could very easily snap this in half. And it is only similar to my 6-button controller, not exact, it is only about 90% the size of the original. That bothers me only because I'm weird and can actually notice those things just by holding it.

So why did I buy this you ask... I was looking at getting a NES and SNES controller and the Sega controller was recommended. At the moment I was debating between a Sega to USB converter or just a Sega USB controller and thought I'd give this a shoot. Considering that I used my Discover Cash back and for all intensive purposes got this for free, it is not bad for free. It will be nice for when the kids want to play my old games on the computer so they can break this and not my nice controllers. But I think for myself I'll just get a Sega to USB converter next time. The purchase was not a complete waste, I really do like my NES and SNES controllers that I got, but they were not Retrolink. Again I would suggest a Sega to USB converter before this controller.
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on February 22, 2015
I was looking forward to getting this for emulation, however this product is junk. It's made from dollar store toy grade plastic that creaks and pops just pushing buttons. Even under very little stress (I made a point to treat it like fine china) it still feels like it's going to break in half like a graham cracker. Not to mention it's smaller than the 6-button Genesis controller and the d-pad is just plain bad. I have zero confidence this would last a single session of NHL '94 or Sonic 3. Just spend the extra few dollars and get the far superior Saturn controller instead. I gave it two stars simply because it has worked long enough for me to play through a few games.
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on July 1, 2013
This product works well, while it lasts. After owning it for about 3 weeks the d-pad broke off. I put up with it, but after a little while the Y button started to stick. Then the covering that protects the wires disconnected from the pad itself, leaving wires exposed. After a few months it finally shorted out. This product has poor materials and is poor engineering. You are better off getting a gamepad from a well known manufacturer and just adapting to having a different type of controller. I won't be buying any retro controllers again unless a good company starts making them. Awesome idea, poor implementation.
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on January 15, 2018
Like others have said, the D-pad on these controllers are atrocious and will break after only a few hours of normal use. I bought two of these controllers for multiplayer use. Both d-pads snapped after less than 10 hours of overall use. I do not recommend these controllers under any circumstances.
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on February 5, 2015
Nice, Cheap little sega-like remote... Cheap and flimsy... The D-pad already fell off. Nothing a little super-glue couldn't fix. But it really shouldn't be necessary. If you are a button-masher, like most retro-gamers, you will NOT want this, as it will break right away. But if you're gentle with it, it's ok...
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on July 20, 2017
Very cheaply made controller. I broke the d-pad in one game session. It will not hold up for most games
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