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on November 30, 2016
Works alright for the most part but is a little glitchy and the down button hardly works.
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on October 3, 2014
I ordered the Tomee SNES controller last week and it is slightly worse than the OEM controller in my opinion. The D-Pad is kind of sharp (might damage fingers if playing long) and has a sticky unpleasing wobbly action, also not all of the directions feel the same, maybe the board is flexing under the buttons??? The ABXY buttons were the right colors and felt nice. The shoulder buttons felt OEM. The start & select buttons are plastic. There is an ugly place on the front of the controller where the manufacturer logo should be but its blank. The controller has no info about manufacturer, for all I know its counterfeit. The grey color of the controller is not the correct color compared to OEM, though this is unimportant. The plastic seems to be a lighter weight than the OEM controller making it feel cheap overall. If the D-Pad was better I would recommend this, it is passable but not great. Much better than the Retro Link line of controllers. I am a stickler for ergonomics so I tend to judge things more harshly than others.

I ended up buying the iBuffalo controller a few days later, and it is actually better than the OEM controller. The iBuffalo follows the Jap/Euro color scheme and feels OEM, except the D-Pad and Shoulder buttons actually feel better than OEM. So I would recommend spending a few more bucks on the iBuffalo.
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on August 17, 2015
Great controller, has the feel of the old SNES controller with a couple caveats. 1) controller is much lighter and some say that makes it feel cheap. I think it just feels lighter but if you need something a bit more substantial in weight user an original SNES controller with a USB adapter. 2) The buttons are a bit stiff out of the box and needed a bit of breaking in but nothing rocking some Super Off Road or Super Mario Kart won't fix. Some other notes: I've used this controller(2 of them) with a retropi iteration of the Raspbery Pi system and it works great although needs to be set up and there are some configs that need to be changed to user a player 1, player 2 format. Check the forums. This gamepad works great on a PC as well. I was able to plug in to a Windows 8.1 laptop and play with many emulators right away, no trouble. This brand is solid, good price, I recommend.
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on January 4, 2017
Extremely stiff D-pad on mine...
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on April 1, 2013
Received a "Hydra" brand USB SNES controller, which differs from the "Tomee" brand controller featured for this product. After looking through the other reviews, it looks like this isn't an uncommon problem.

It doesn't work. After plugging it in and tailing system logs (On a Mac and Linux computer), the machine doesn't recognize a new USB device having been plugged in at all. Trying this on a Windows computer was fruitless as well.

I ended up tearing the item apart to look for obvious hardware issues. Other than very shoddy soldering, what looks like mild water damage, and what could be a missing resistor, I wasn't able to find the cause.
review image
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on October 27, 2016
Got the actual Tomee branded controller from Hitgaming. First thing I did when I got the controller was to plug it into my Windows 8 machine pull up control panel and test the d-pad and buttons. All worked flawlessly, this is only my first day with it but I'm super happy with the responsiveness.I never owned a SNES as a child my house was a Sega one. So keep in mind I'm not necessarily going for a 1:1 recreation for nostalgia sake. This purchase just for something SNES like for my emulators. I have a pre-owned SNES now as a adult so I did compare both the USB knock-off and a first gen version official Nintendo pad. Before I give my opinion on the build quality of the buttons themselves I want to let everyone know that if they are planning to make a Franken controller from original and Tomee parts you are gonna need to do some serious modding. They have changed a few of the internal plastic posts in the Tomee, use different rubber pads and have plastic guides that will need to be dremeled out if you want to replace with a SNES d-pad.
Speaking of the d-pad of the Tomee controller, it did have some extra plastic on the back of it, but on mine it was very little and didn't reach any of the other directional arrows so I didn't need to sand mine down. Comparing it to the official pad it sits higher up and feels more tactile when you press in a direction. While the official pad's shorter smoother push makes 360's easier, I prefer the feedback honestly of the knockoff. The buttons themselves are definitely a cheaper plastic (well everything is cheaper plastic) they too sit higher then the official controller. They have a springier feel to them as well. Again, I like the cheapo's more pronounced buttons tbh. The trigger L&R are a different story. The Nintendo ones are better by miles. You need to press the real ones down less to actuate and feel so much nicer then Tomee's solution. The cord is cheap. I expect when this controller eventually breaks it will be the cord. Maybe some electrical tape wrapped around could extend it's life? I dunno.
Overall for under 9 dollars shipped I'm super happy with this controller it makes playing games like Megaman on my PC a joy.
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on March 18, 2017
The controller arrived on 1/29/2017 and today, 3/18/2017 it stopped working. When connected to a USB port we get an error, "the last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it." We pretty much got a month and a half of use out of it. I suppose we got what we paid for. I suggest looking elsewhere for a SNES USB controller.
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on July 10, 2017
This controller works really well. The cord is super long, and although it doesn't feel like a real native SNES controller, it still works really well as a PC controller. Think of it as an old-fashioned Gravis Gamepad. The computer picked it up just fine and I was able to configure the buttons on XPadder. The D-Pad is picked up as four individual buttons rather than a D-Pad, but for the purposes of mapping the controls that's fine.
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on May 23, 2015
I bought this last year and played with it for about a day before putting it back in the box and throwing it in the drawer. Like everyone else says, it feels light and hollow. The YXBA and LR buttons feel nice, as do the select and start buttons (which are hard plastic and not rubber), but everything falls apart when you use the D-Pad. On mine pressing up sometimes makes you go right, or diagonally right. Pressing down sometimes makes you go left or diagonally left. Left feels great and right feels okay, but up and down are very hard to press. Using the D-pad takes extra force to press certain directions and your thumb starts to get tired of this quickly.

It's all in the design of the internal rubber dome parts. The rubber dome pads don't quite buckle like they're supposed to, which is straight up and down. The ones that are hard to press buckle sideways, they kind of fall over and press into the contacts below. The reason for this is because some of the pads don't quite line up quite right with the plastic D-pad. Taking it apart and trying to reorient things, I can rotate the rubber piece, but all it really does is make UP feel really nice but now down and left are hard as a rock.

The one I got was in the Tomee branded box and looks identical to the pictures. Circuit board is labeled "FB795 2011.3.18" inside. Very frustrating to use, would have been a great controller if only the D-pad felt as good as the buttons do.
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on October 11, 2016
Great controllers for the money. I got the Tomee brand on both of them, and I'm happy I did. This probably voids my warranty, (but seeing as they work perfectly, I don't plan on having to worry about that), but i took one apart after having noticed that it registers as a 2-Axis, 11-Button USB Game pad (it should be 2-Axis, 8-Button, but it's obviously a universal processor). I was surprised at how well it was constructed internally; even the L and R buttons have their own rubber/carbon contact pads. The plastic for the housing is quite sturdy, and the only issue I have with them is the fact that the USB cable is a bit...slimmer than I remember on the originals. Despite that, the cables seem sturdy enough, and if you're worried about that, you could probably easily replace it (just tie a knot in the cable inside the housing for some strain relief, as, if I recall, the original pads didn't have external strain relief). All-in-all, a fantastic third-party controller that faithfully channels the feel of a controller I have fond childhood memories of. Keep it up, Tomee! (Just feed that cable something, will ya? :p)
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