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on June 20, 2014
Delivered fast. FedEx caused some slight damage, but not enough to worry about. Assembly is easy. BE AWARE!
Not a big deal because I was a bike mechanic and I've build hundreds of bikes and this one comes packaged like every other bike in the world.
The bike's headset is NOT threadless. It is old school, which is a good thing because it is very simple to adjust. I spend extra time unpacking and building. If you want to slap together...that's fine too. However, I wanted to have a more precise ride so more time was invested.
OK: The bike. very responsive, 700c wheels with tires that inflate to 100psi. Fast! It is light too.
Fit, I'm 5'5" and the 49cm is perfect stand over height. However, the reach with the mustache bars feels a little cramped to me. So these have been cut down 1.25". The saddle has been replaced with a Brooks Saddle and the Goofy As Heck grips have been replaced with cork grips.
All in all this as a great bike designed for casual to fast urban riding. It is a sweet looking ride that will turn heads. I'd buy it again if I was in need. I am very impressed. Hope that helps.
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on August 30, 2012
I ordered the Siddhartha from Amazon in Chrome, in large (57cm), and am pretty happy with the purchase. I am 5'10", with longish arms and legs, and it fits me pretty well. It is fun to ride, and looks very sharp in chrome.

It arrived wihtout directions, but it was mostly assembled, so you don't really need instructions to put on the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebars. It arrived in good shape, with no scratches or dings, and the wheels were pretty much in true.

I really enjoy riding it, as it is relatively light for being hi-ten, and has a nice gear ratio that permits me to ride fairly fast around town, but I am still able to handle the few small hills nhear me out of the saddle without loosing much speed.

As mentioned, it looks very nice in chrome, and the white rims and crank add a little more visual interest, as do the fake leather seat and handles. Personally, I think this is a really special bike for the price if you go with the chrome, but if you are considering it in a painted color finish, then the Windsor Essex over at bikesdirect.com is a better value IMHO, since they are similarly featured, but the Essex is Chromo instead of Hi-Ten, and only costs $229 with free shipping. However, the gearing on the Siddhartha is a little more aggressive than the Essex, which is another reason I went with the Siddhartha -- that, and the chrome finish.

The only mods I will be doing out of the gate are replacing the handgrips with better quality grips., The cheap stock grips are really spongy and the fake leather covering is pretty thin, so I think they will get thrashed pretty quickly. I may eventually change out the seat as well, and perhaps replace the stock upright bars with something more interesting and fun.

Update 9/21/13: still really enjoying this bike, and it's my go-to bike for errands, meeting up with people around town, etc. I made a couple other upgrades since my initial post: put on Orange Velo porteur bars, white handlebar tape, and a white seat. It is still fun to ride, and looks even better. I previously assumed I would be replacing this bike as soon as bikesdirect had their Kilo Stripper back in stock (chromo frame, chrome finish, more aggressive racing geometry), but now that the Stripper is available again, I've had a hard time justifying upgrading to it since this one is still serving me well.
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on October 14, 2014
If these bike manufacturers think they are going to keep selling bikes at this price, when their customers have to spend a whole week just getting the thing rideable, then they are mistaken. Also, what is with sending out bikes with useless tubes in them that pop and split after 10 minutes of riding? Maybe they could be honest, and just state up front that there will need to be new tubes, adjustments, pedals, oiling and greasing, along with re-assembly of some parts when the bike arrives– maybe even be honest about their plastic hand grips and seat? Would that be too much trouble– just to be honest? If our governments are lying about everything, I suppose the corporations think it's OK to do the same thing? I am disappointed with this bike. I could have got a $99 stamped out in China Huffy cruiser and gotten darn near the same quality. Retrospec should be embarrassed, as I sure would be if this was my company.... Can we somehow put an end to this product life cycle and please the bottom line stockholder money junkie mentality we've got going on here– it would be a step in the right direction, as I'm sure we have all figured out by now, right?
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on September 26, 2012
I am prefacing this review with, I do not know too much about bikes and I hadn't been on one in about 10 years before getting this one...

With that said, this bike is fantastic. Ships boxed up and needs assembling, but it probably took me 20 minutes total to get the thing operational. Minus pumping the tires, which I had to buy a pump for and wait an extra day. The psi recommendation on the wheels is waaaay off and I blew the first tire tube when I pumped it up and sat on the bike ( I am only 160lbs). So watch out for that. I luckily have a bike shop down the street and a couple of bucks later had a replacement tube.

The looks of the bike are great. I get compliments on it from just about every new friend who sees it. Just looks classy. I leave it outside and the leather (or faux-leather) still looks fine and I haven't noticed any rusting.

Riding it is comfortable and smooth. Overall, I like it a lot - but I'm not an avid biker, I go about twice a week. So for all you biking neophytes, this is a good bike. For you biking experts, I can't really chime in.
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on August 11, 2017
I got it today morning and assembled it right after i came back from the work.
It was pretty easy to assemble without the guide book.
All tools i need are included in the package.
It caught my fancy so i wanted to ride it immediately.
But there is the one problem.
I should pump up the tires!!!
The reason why i bought it from amazon is the bicycle shop is too far from my home.
But now, i think i should go there with my bicycle for pumping up the tires, or figure out another way - buying a pump!!.
Except it, i really like this bicycle!!!

*ps. Oh, there are some unidentified plastics and i don't know what is it.
review image review image review image
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on November 10, 2015
VERY Excited. Minimal assembly. Had a little trouble with the left peddle but customer service immediately available. Delivered 2 days before expected. Gorgeous. Am riding tomorrow Already know its all that
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on February 25, 2013
I used to be a really avid cyclist and still own a couple of very expensive bikes that were pretty good 20 years ago. I decided to get back into cycling but wanted a simpler approach to cut down on maintenance and to really get back to the basics of cycling with a coaster bike. The whole idea of less fiddling around with the bike, and spending more time riding was what drew me to this type of bike.

I started looking at cruisers but wanted something more agile. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I figured I could slowly upgrade the parts as time and money permitted. So I started looking online at bikes in the $150-$200 range but most of them came with hand brakes that I would just take off anyway. So I decided on the Retrospec Siddhartha because even though it was a little more money, it looked good, had just the type of features I was looking for, and the components seemed like they might be a little better quality and maybe I wouldn't have to start upgrading parts right away.

So the box arrives and it has a few punctures in it. The bike and parts are well wrapped and zip tied together, but then they're just left to flop around in the box. So the holes in the box were from the contents slamming against the sides in transit. Not from being impaled by something else. Remarkably, the parts were in good shape once I removed everything from the box. I bought the large frame in black, and everything looked pretty sharp. But what's up with the "leather" handgrips and seat? I wasn't really expecting real leather on a $300 bike, but why lie about it? Call it what it is, Fake simulated leather, faux leather, or leather-like. The seat didn't look too bad, but the grips look like something off of some toddlers Wild-West themed tricycle. Those gotta go. Retrospec would have been better off going with some basic rubber grips in brown or black.

I'm no bicycle mechanic, but I've repaired and rebuilt a few in my day so I know a few things about bicycle assembly and adjustment. The first thing I noticed once everything was unpacked was that this bike was going to be completely unrideable without some major adjustments. Every moving part on this thing had been overtightened from the factory. Both wheels were very rough and gritty, and the same with the forks and both pedals. So I tore all of these down, packed them with some good quality synthetic grease, (they came with almost no oil or grease) and then readjusted everything so it spun easily. The wheels were out of true, but not by much and wheels usually need adjusting again after the first 20 miles or so anyway.

It was only 20 degrees outside so I didn't have a chance to ride it much, but the ride quality was better than I expected after having to basically rebuild the whole bike. We'll see how she holds up during some real rides in the Spring. I still have a thunking noise when I stop pedaling that is annoying as heck. I called Retrospec, and to their credit they tried to be helpful and I even talked to one of their mechanics that was knowledgeable and a really nice guy. But at the end of the call, it still came down to me probably having to take the bike into a shop and have someone look at it.

So was this a good deal? Considering all the work I had to do to it, I would have felt a lot better if this was a $150-$200 bike. I really couldn't recommend this to someone unless they had some decent bike mechanic skills, and realized they would have to put some work into it. The poor guy that buys one of these and knows nothing about bikes could easily pay another $100 at a bike shop to make it rideable.

This is a Chinese made bike. I knew that when I bought it, but there are varying degrees of quality from Chinese manufacturers. The Quality Control on this is very poor, and Retrospec needs to hold their manufacturer to a much higher standard if this bike is to be taken seriously.

Eventually I'll replace the stock wheels with some Coasties.com super deep wheels, and I'm sure the ride quality will improve considerably. But those cost almost as much as the bike did. This year I'll probably just replace the grips and add a Brooks saddle. The cranks seem fine, and hopefully the stock wheels will get me by for the season.
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on July 20, 2015
Super-happy with this purchase. Arrived quickly and total set-up (I am not mechanically inclined) was less than 10 minutes. The bike is very simple - which perhaps facilitates the quick setup. A great bargain and was just the type of minimalist bike that I was looking for - very clean looking with no exterior cables and the coaster brakes work great even here in mountainous Santa Fe. This is all the bike that the majority of us need.
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on September 2, 2013
I received this bike in blue and the color looks great. It was very easy to put the bike together although during the process some of the paint chipped off. The bike is easy to ride although you must constantly pedal to maintain speed.I really wanted to place a rear rack on the bike but because of the "unique" frame, it was not made to hold one. So I had to settle for a front basket that somewhat does the job. Overall the bike is good for the price and I enjoy riding it, but they could improve it to be more practical for a daily commuter.

Also I am 5'3 and the size small frame fitted me well.
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on February 9, 2015
Product arrived in two days via Prime with all the parts in place. No damaged packaging or parts. Put together in about 10 minutes and my girlfriend was riding it that evening. She loves it. We already replaced the goofy handlebar grips with leather bar tape. I took one star off just because its a cheap bike with cheap parts and I know things will wear out fast, but I expect that for the price.
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