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on April 1, 2017
This book really brings back memories! I enjoyed going on vacations to Wisconsin with my family the the 1950's and 1960's, especially in the Hayward area. I actually spent alot of time near, Spider Lake where "Moody camp" was located. I would have loved to stay at a resort like that, where there was such closeness between the owners and guests. I can also relate to all of the excitement that goes with the vacations, from the planning of the trip to the actual loading the car and driving to the findal destination. I really enjoyoyed this book, and I highly recommend it.
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on March 12, 2013
this book took place during my pre-teenage and teenage years and it just took me right along for the ride.
We didn't have a cabin in the northwoods, but we visited Lake Geneva often and camped out.
It was a much safer and simpler time.

As I read the book, I found a paragraph that made me sit and stop and re-read -
"If I were to have my choice of chairs in heaven, the dock is where you'd find me. In fact, when I
sit on the dock and watch the sun rise, or follow the sweep of cloud patterns across a blue sky or catch
sight of stars shooting through the milky way, I feel like I am already there."

When you are able to slow down and enjoy nature and what it has to offer, there's nothing else like it
and we've become so desensitized to the bird's calling and fish splashing and clouds and rain and stars....
all thanks to the technological age that has us all wrapped up and away from all that the outside world still has to offer.
Thanks to the author for sharing her wonderful story with us all.
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on September 4, 2012
My parents were from Hayward, but I only lived there during my father's one-year "tours" in Vietnam and a summer during college. I had never stayed in a cabin until last year when two of my sisters and I decided it was time to go back, five years after our father's funeral (both parents are buried in Greenwood Cemetary).

Our vacation in the northwoods wilderness was magical and so relaxing, even though our cabin did have television and other modern conveniences (we had to go into town to get internet access, but it didn't seem urgent).

I could really relate to the paragraphs about shopping on Main Street. We didn't mind the long walk into town, and we could spend hours wandering through the stores.

So reading this book made me want to get in a time machine and go back in time. Last year was such a revelation about having a strong connection with nature and not being so "wired" all the time. My dream would be to live in the northwoods in the summer and some place warm in the winter. Thank you, Mrs. Mamminga, for this beautifully written memoir.
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on June 24, 2016
Trips to the tiny town of Princeton, Wisconsin started my love of Wisconsin get-aways, but since I was a newlywed, many long years ago, trips to the North Woods captured my heart from the get-go. While my experience was very different from Marnie Mamminga's, there are many parallels. She deftly drew the car trips, fishing and other adventures, community that flourished for so many years, outside the cabin door. The close connection of generations within her family. Well paced, but this memoir had a dreamy feel as it took readers on a journey to the author's past. Everyone I knew with a summer home in their experience absolutely related and, like me, loved this book. Touched by the vivid recollections and imagery. Thanks. Loved the photos, simply lovely.
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on May 12, 2015
I noticed this book for sale at a local northern Wisconsin bookstore a couple years ago. I finally purchase and read it in 3 days. I was drawn to the subject matter because my own family has come up from the Chicago area to Northern Wisconsin since the 1920s themselves. While I am too young to have lived the golden area of resorts, reading this gave me a great peak back into history, as life was up there in the summers my grandfather and my mothers were up there in their modest family cabin with no electricity or plumbing. The beauty the author carefully described reminds me to savor the sunrises and sunsets and family was I make my trek up there with my own family once again this upcoming summer. I promise to avoid the tv more at night as well as my phone and sit on the dock to enjoy the wonderful blessing it is to be in the clean air surrounded by quiet waters and amazing skies.
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on August 27, 2012
I LOVED this book! I had just finished "The Big House" (also available through Amazon) which I also LOVED. I had such nostalgic feelings from my childhood of spending time in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan when I was reading "The Big House" even though it takes place on Cape Cod. I was listening to NPR and Marnie was on talking about her book called "Return to Wake Robin" about a cabin in Northern Wisconsin! I new this was a sign for me to read it so, I instantly ordered it and WOW I felt like I was back at age 10 fishing with my grandpa, or age 12 swimming in the inner tubes with my grandma over to a neighbors dock on the lake. It was wonderful to go back in time and feel that again. I am 51 years old now and I too shed a tear when Marnie said goodbye to the cabin for one more year because I know the feeling. Sadly my grandparents cottage is no longer standing. What a wonderful book to bring back special memories :)
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on May 12, 2013
For three reasons this book is special to me:
1. For several summers in my early growing up, my grandfather took us to Rutger's Bay Lake Lodge in MN. It might as well have been Moody's twin...tho we played Bingo instead of Square Dancing.
2. It brought back memories of a simpler time of families sharing special times...Marnie describes them perfectly.
3. But, most honestly, I truly enjoyed this because, I grew up with the Oatmans in Aurora, IL. Nancy, Marnie's husband David, and friend Jackie and I were the same age, went to the same church, and schools. Her Mom, Woody, was one of my most cherished Girl Scout leaders and I could truly relate to this beautiful tribute. I am grateful to Marnie for providing this intimate memoir growing up in the 50s and 60s.
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on November 28, 2016
My father rented a little log cabin with fireplace in 1965 on Lake Geneva Wi. He bought a different one in '69. So many of the things her family did to while away the summer days at a lake were very similar to my own memories. I loved a rainy afternoon & the scent of rain and the lake. Our cottage is like vintage 70's, parents long gone and when I'm there memories flow out of the knotty pine walls.
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on July 2, 2016
For anyone who has ever enjoyed Wisconsin's north woods, slept in a cabin, gone to a fish fry, slept under the stars, this book is a wonderful piece of nostalgia. The style is so descriptive, you can almost smell the pines, feel the sunburn, and pull in that fish. A great gift book for a Wisconsinite who remembers the resorts, lodges, and cabins, learning to swim, and family vacations up north.
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on July 27, 2014
This is purely one of the most wonderful and enjoyable trips down memory lane I've taken in a very long time! Having spent many summers in Northern Wisconsin with my family, this book takes the reader back to a simpler time, when life was easy, relaxing, and full of adventure. It is written extremely well, and speaks to the importance of family, tradition, and the need to stay connected to the things that matter. This is a magnificent read. You will not be disappointed!
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