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on December 28, 2010
The product came in a speedy manner, 6 protectors in total. So far I only used one. I know a lot of people complained that they got a lot of bubbles when they applied the screen protector, but I believe they just don't know how to put on screen protectors properly (no offense). I was able to get the product on my phone with 0 bubbles. Most people don't know but the key to this is regular tape and a microfiber cloth.

First wipe down the phone with the cloth, don't use napkins or paper towels because they always leave something behind. Event the microfiber cloth dosen't clean it 100%. After you think its clean, take a piece of tape and dab it all over the front of the screen, because there is debris that you can't see with your eyes which is what causes the bubbles. This should reduce the bubbles by 90-95% Now when you put the film use something flat like a credit card to slowly smooth the film down from the top -> bottom. As you do this you will notice a few bubbles on the way, don't panic! just slowly lift the film back up a bit, take another piece of tape and go over that spot on your phone AND the underside of the screen protector. Sometimes some particles stick to the film itself. The tape is stickier than the film, and should pick up the debris. Dont' be afraid to lift the screen back up. Then just continue smoothing it down with the card till you're finished.

If you happen to accidenlty let go of the film and it goes down, just take a piece of tape and touch it to a corner and that should lift it back up. Also lifting the screen protector up and down won't make it lose its stickniess since the glass is clean. These are just helpful tips and tricks I've learned from applying screen protectors on multiple phones for my family members and friends over the years. Hope this helps!

On a side note, I noticed that this screen protector is a bit more cloudy than my last one, which is why I only gave it 4 stars.
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on October 1, 2012
There is a reason that these are so cheap, why they are essentially giving them away, and that is that they don't stick to the surface well at all and it takes very little to delaminate the plastic layer, thereby contaminating and making a mess of it. This in turn creates non-uniformities in the film's re-adherence, i.e., bubbles, when you try to reattach it. (Yes, the surface was cleaned and prepared as best as possible before initially attaching the film (20+ yrs. as a surface scientist adequately armed for the job at hand). After doing so most carefully it looks well enough, yet the edge of the film snags > easily delaminates > contaminates the surface for adherence. This was applied to a iPhone 3G. I don't know if it would work any better with another model, but I suspect not.

My experience: Don't bother buying them.
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on September 9, 2013
To start, these are inexpensive screen protectors so don't expect professional results. I have given 4 stars because they are what they are and I did not expect anything more. I simply needed some extras.

The protector has a matte finish and a bit of a rough feel - some have described it similar to sandpaper, but I think that is a relative term and a slight exaggeration. It has, however, repelled fingerprints well. When you run your finger over it, it makes a faint noise similar to running your finger over a piece of paper. Some may not like this, but it doesn't bother me. You will experience some blurring around the edges of icons and such, but I consider it negligible. Touch response has not suffered in my experience.

Application is a little tricky. Read through this, but know it will make more sense in the moment.

The protector comes in three layers: two peel-off coverings labeled by pull tabs marked '1' and '2' and the third layer in the middle being the protector itself. One tab exposes the side that will be placed onto the phone screen and the other exposes the side that you will touch. The directions indicate to remove the layer that exposes the side to the phone screen, place onto the phone and smooth out, then remove the layer that exposes the "touching" side. If you aren't careful, you can pull the protector off the phone when you try to remove the layer for the "touching" side, thus exposing the screen to dust and more bubbles. Your finished result will most likely be bubbly and unusable.

I prefer to remove the layer for the touching side first, clean the phone screen, then remove the phone screen layer, apply quickly, then smooth out bubbles. Inevitably you will get some dust trapped in and have a few bubble spots, but they should be minor. Don't use a credit card or anything abrasive to remove bubbles - you will make marks on the protector. A softer piece of plastic works better (think a key ring card - cvs card, kroger plus, etc).
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on July 28, 2011
When I ordered these screen protectors, I had no idea this wasn't needed with the OtterBox since the case had a clear protective case. Because I purchased them, I went ahead and used it. I like the "anti-glare" part.

Right off, I'm going to say that I'm glad more than one arrived. The first one didn't work out well. One of the tabs tore off without the plastic coating part. Let me back up. Each protector comes with two tabs. The first one is to be peeled off and placed on the iPhone's screen. The second tab is used for the other side, to peel off the clear cover. Without those tabs, good luck in getting the protective cover off to place it on your iPhone.

There was bubbling, but I was able to press those out with my thumb. All-in-all, I'm very pleased. The price was $1.52 for six and shipping was free. I don't see how you can beat that.
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on October 24, 2013
I had purchased a non glare screen protector when I first got my iPhone 4S. But it had gotten scratched and bubbles started to appear. I am glad that I was able to order multiple screen protectors, because as one reviewer stated, it takes practice to put it on successfully. The key is to make sure there isn't a spec of lint or dust on your screen.

I found this matte screen protector to be more rugged than my last one. I scratched the last one while trying to get the bubbles out. This one didn't scratch at all when I rubbed it with my fingers. Granted, I work with my hands and they can be a bit rough. But this screen protector didn't show a scratch or mark.

I don't know why these have received so many 1 star reviews. Either people are not adept in the installation or they don't realize that the matte surface is going to soften the image ever so slightly. For me, it's not a problem. I'm glad I don't have to worry about reflections.

Time will tell if the protector stays put and doesn't peel up at the edges. So far, so good.

I am extremely happy with my purchase. Plus, I still have a few more screen protectors should I damage the one currently on my phone.
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on January 17, 2013
A nice price for a quality product. The plastic protector is durable and lives up to high expectations. When applied, each screen protector lasted me several months and I noticed no decreased sensitivity to the touch screen. The product comes with six front-screen protectors, six back-screen protectors, and a small micro fiber cloth with which to clean your phone before attaching a protector.

I have two minor problems with the protectors:

First, it is difficult to correctly align the protector with the phone screen. I have trouble centering the protector, which always seems to leave a corner of the protector protruding over a corner of the phone. During daily use, your finger is bound to catch the protruding edge of the protector and bend the protector back, which creates an irreversible bend on the protector, leaves an unsightly "bubble" under the hanging edge, and exposes that corner to even more bending and a larger bubble. As you continue to catch this corner and bend the protector, the thin plastic inevitably begins to curl, rendering that protector useless. The solution is to reapply the protector until you center it, which can take me up to five minutes.

Second, sometimes protectors leave "bubbles" sandwiched between the protector and my phone. I've tried assorted application techniques, but still have no solution besides replacing the suspect protector with a new one. Personally, I've learned to embrace bubbles.

Finally, it's worth noting that these two issues are universal to all plastic screen protectors of this form and not specific to this product, so I give the 6X Reusable Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 five stars. Recommended!
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on October 20, 2011
Replaced my invisishield with this.

Be prepared to use one of these to pick up lint before applying a second one to keep on the device. The provided cloth leaves lint behind, so it's not of much help.

The screen protector comes in three layers, two with tabs to remove and one that is the actual screen protector. Remove the bottom layer and apply to the phone. Wait a few hours before pulling off the top layer to give the screen protector time to stick to the phone. I couldn't seperate them at first, and wasn't sure there was a top layer to remove. The next morning, I tugged at the corner, and it peeled right off.

The screen protector is a lot thinner than the invisishield, and probably provides a lot less protection. It also does not sit completely flush with the edges of the screen, so those will get beaten up if you drop your phone. On the other hand, this protector won't pick up pocket lint on the edges and need to be replaced for $6 shipping every few months.

The matte screen protector also picks up a lot of finger prints, but they are not visible when the screen is on.

The screen is noticeably less clear with the screen protector on, but it isn't drastic. It's not blurry enough for me to really care, even when watching video on the phone. However, I'm also not one to care about the difference between imax and regular theater screens, so if screen clarity is important to you, you might not be happy with this.
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on February 16, 2012
i purchased this thinking it was going to be great,,since i had purchased a anti glare screen protector for my old iphone at best buy and i payed 10$ or so....so i thaught WOW 6 for less than 2 bucks...thats a steal......they came in several days later....all six were there...i open one to install it and i notice it had ZERO anti glare whatsoever....it is literraly like covering your screen with a cutout saran wrap....it actually seemed to make the screen shinier.....i purchased these because i work outside and the suns reflection on the screen is not fun at all....with my old iphone with a antig glare installed it was a charm...it created a sortoff matte finish to the screen which prevented reflection...so i decided to email the seller....they said they were so sorry and that this "never" happens at the facility.....it "mustve been a rare error" exact words........they promise to send me some more......they did....they are the same exact thing....clear plastic no anti glare what so ever...and if u ask me...very cheap quality...they dont stick really well.....i aint even gonna bother emailing them.....its nt worth it......gust giving a heads up
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on January 3, 2012
I got these through Amazon Marketplace through a seller in Hong Kong, although there was no way to know where they were located until the package got here to the U.S. I paid $1.05 for a six-pack of screen protectors, and was surprised to see the postmark when it arrived. How these people are staying in business selling these things with international shipping included is a mystery to me. It probably has to do with using very-cheap shipping services. Mine arrived in the mail approximately 5 weeks after I placed the order.

Nonetheless, I have to say they aren't too bad. In the past, I had used the screen protectors from the Apple Store, but after my old iPhone got replaced due to a warranty repair, I decided to try these out. The screen protectors from the Apple Store are substantially thicker, which suggests that they might protect the screen against more severe damage. However, those Apple Store protectors also cost $14 for 2 protectors. I figure the lower cost of these screen protectors means that I can replace the screen protector as often as I want.

Like the Apple Store-bought ones, these screen protectors do diminish the shininess and the brightness of the screen. They also make it a little harder to see the full resolution of the display. While I don't think it's an issue for day-to-day activities, anyone who wishes to watch hi-def video or look and high-quality images on their iPhone should probably opt for some other means of protecting their screen. It also feels noticeably different from the glass surface of the phone, which is no surprise, since it's a thin layer of plastic. Some people may not like that.

I would suggest, as in other reviews for other screen protectors, that you clean the iPhone screen several times using Scotch Tape. I think even with that method, it's still quite difficult to get rid of all of the dust that might cause bubbles. I settled for being able to get good adhesion on the viewable portion of the screen. There are still a few bubbles over the black portions of the phone that I think are of less importance.

On the whole, I think they'll work, and you can't beat the price, if you're not in a hurry to get them.


1 Year Update:

So I stopped using these screen protectors. After a while, they started triggering very rapid, random touches on the screen, which made the phone unusable. This can also be very dangerous if, while unlocking the phone, the screen protector causes the phone to think that someone is entering multiple incorrect security codes. There were a few occasions before I figured out what was happening, when the phone almost wiped its memory because I had the 10-wrong passcode security setting enabled. Since I stopped using the screen protectors, things have been working just fine.
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on November 29, 2015
Tempered glass screen protectors are my new best friends! I have one on my IPhone and I can’t tell you how many times they’ve saved my ass! I’m really bad about dropping my electronic devices, and these screen protectors have saved me from cracked screens, scratched screens, and worse! I recommend tempered glass screen protectors to anyone who’s as bad as me with dropping their devices. I received these at discount price in exchange for my honest review. There's nothing much you can say about a screen protector, besides that it works and saves my phone everyday.
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