Customer Reviews: GladRags Night Pad, Assorted
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on November 28, 2008
I wish I had known about these things years ago! I've always had a hateful relationship with my montly visitor, however since I discovered Gladrags (and Lunapads and the Diva cup) it has totally changed my outlook.

The first thing that kept me from making the switch was the cost. I've probably spent around $100 so far on reusable menstrual products and I still need to buy more. If you are a crafty individual (which I'm not) it is possible to make your own. I like to try to buy myself one pad every other cycle or as I can afford them. It seems expensive at first, but when you realize what you are saving it makes it well worth the investment.

The thing that made me eventually make the switch was for my health. Many women experience allergic reactions to the chemicals put into disposable pads to make them absorbant. I just couldn't stand it anymore. Its hard for me to think now that I suffered for over 10 years.

When I mention that I use reusable pads to my friends, they often ask two things, "Is it gross?" "What about when you're out in public?" When I'm out of my home I always use a Diva cup, and I recommend any type of reusable menstrual cup to women. I experience zero leaks so it doesn't require much changing when I'm out and it can stay in for up to 12 hours.
As for the gross factor...I don't find it any better or worse than regular pads. When I'm ready to change they go right into water to soak.

I've also learned that I LOVE the design of the glad rags nighttime pad. I only have one so far, but I love it. It fits perfectly and prevents accidents at night.
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on February 27, 2012
I loved the fact that these pads are 100% Organic Cotton with low impact dyes or you can get undyed pads. They are reuseable which saves a tone of money and they are safer for you, the environment and super comfortable. The hour glass shape is perfect for me because I have always used an overnite pad even during the day no matter if I was a size 2 or size 16 it just covers better and you don't have to be so paranoid about how you sit or lay at night to go to sleep. I rinsed the gladrags after use with cold water and then soaked them in cold water with a safe product called bac-out by Bio-Kleen. They cleaned well with no staines after I washed them with soapnuts. I just wish the liners where the full length of the pad and not just a booster for the middle portion of the pad. I also wished the liner went on top so that you can feel dry. Once the exterior is well used but not enough to replace you feel the dampness against you. If the extra liners where the length of the pad and went on top and stayed in place they would be perfect.
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on August 8, 2013
Not completely, but almost.

When my cousin first told me about these, I was pretty skeptical. It seemed so ... unhygienic. But after thinking about it for a while, I realized that when I had a leak during my period while I was still using disposables, I didn't throw my underwear away. I soaked them, washed them, and wore them again. This is really no different.

The next problem was how to deal with the used pads. I can't be doing laundry every three hours after all. With disposables the problem is simple (if smelly) -- wear 'em, toss 'em, forget about them, take out a mountain of trash from your bathroom when your period is done (or when the smell gets to you).

With Glad Rags, dealing with a used pad is a matter of finding a system that works for you. For me, that meant having a place that wasn't my bathroom sink to soak the pads in until it was time to do laundry. I purchased an enamel soaking pot, some BioKleen Bac-Out Stain Remover, and two mesh laundry bags (one for the GladRags in the wash and one for the next set that needed to go in), and I was ready to go.

Now that I've been using Gladrags for several months, I thought I'd report back by commenting on the claims on the GladRags box.

1) Recommended for women with sensitivities. True. Glad Rags are extremely comfortable - dare I say luxurious? - to wear throughout the entire cycle (and mine are on the longer side, so that's really saying something).

2) Environmentally sustainable. True. It feels slightly bizarre to go through an entire period without generating any trash, but now that the mountain of stinkiness is out of my life, I never want it back.

3) Discreet to use away from home. True. The Glad Rags carry bags have two parts: The outer bag and an inner liner for stashing the used rags. I typically only carry one rag at a time out in the world, but if you needed to carry multiples, you could carry both clean and used rags without getting the clean ones dirty.

4) Will it leak? They say no. My experience says yes. However... I have very heavy flows and disposables leaked on me all the time too. So I'd say no worse than disposables on this one. More experimentation is needed to come up with a perfect system, but for now I've minimized the damage by using the night rags as day rags on my heavy flow days and changing them out a lot more than I want to. (I have always needed longer disposables to catch everything, so I never bought the regular day pads from GladRags at all, but instead purchased the extra long day pads -- which I think may be only available from the GladRags site.)

5) Will they stain? For the dark rags, this is a non-issue. If they're too dark for the blood to show when you're using them, they are too dark for any stains to matter. As for the light ones, as long as you rinse them before soaking them, they don't seem to stain. But if you were to get lazy one night and just pop them in to soak, well... let's just say your light pads are not going to look as pretty the next time you wear them.

6) Won't they smell? No. They really don't. For one, that mountain of smelly trash in your bathroom will be replaced by a discreet little blue pot filled with water with--if you use Bac-Out--a pleasant lime scent. For another, the pads themselves are terry cloth and as long as you change them out regularly, don't acquire an odor while you are wearing them. While you're transitioning from disposables to Glad Rags, you'll have plenty of opportunity to notice that the smell of the disposables is MUCH worse, ALL the time.

Finally two comments on cost and size:

1) This is an expensive system to set up. No doubt about it. Some of the other reviewers have recommended buying a few at a time, maybe one or two new ones a month and ramping up. I did that, and a nice side benefit of this system was that I was able to work out over time the sizes that work best for me without spending too much extra money on the sizes that don't (for example, once I realized I needed to use the night pads on my heavy days, I stopped buying the extra long day pads and instead focused on stocking up on the night pads). Also, after six months of use, my original pads look as good as my new ones, which makes me fairly confident in saying that these babies will last for years of use.

2) Size: If you use both liners in your day pads, they will feel super bulky. However, I've found over time that by the time I've soaked through the outer liner and the first of the two inside liners, I REALLY want to change my pads (honestly, sometimes I don't even make it that long and change once the outer liner is used up). So I never use both liners on the day pads anyway. With one outer and one inner liner, the bulk is manageable. I do use both liners on the night pads, but that's because they are super short compared to the length of the pad itself (even if you swap in the liners from your extra-long day pads), so to feel like I am getting enough protection, I stagger my liners (pulling one up a bit to the top of the liner pocket and the other down a bit below it), so that instead of two relatively short liners concentrated on the middle of the pad, I have one super long inner liner. Again, this helps with both bulk and coverage.

All in all, I find using GladRags to be MUCH less disgusting than using disposables.
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on December 21, 2006
I recently bought a 3 pack of the gladrags daytime pads, and one nightpad.

I have to admit---this is lifechanging. My skin feels so much better as a result of transitioning to this non-disposable product!

If I could afford it, I'd give a starter's set to every woman I know. It's just that wonderful!
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on August 16, 2012
GladRags nighttime is the ONLY TRUE "long" "green" reuseable made, and I love them! They have EXCELLENT coverage and never, EVER shrink (reuseables, even when washed in Tap Cold water on extra gentle in the washer, still shrink - but not this one!). I swear by my GR Long's, as I am a plus-size woman who needs the coverage offered by some brands of disposables and up until I purchased this, I had not been able to find it (the only other brand close to the size is Vimse Imse). When I wanted to make the change to the green option of feminine care, I tried other brands first and the Diva Cup (which I still find uncomfortable), and I was almost discouraged to the point of going back to the environmental nightmare of disposables . . . until I purchased this! Thank you GladRags!!!
Also, please remember that when switching to reuseables, the initial purcahse of an adequate supply for your cycle will cost about the same as about 7 months of throw aways, but PLEASE REMEMBER, it is WELL WORTH IT - as it saves you a TON of money in the long run and leaves MUCH MUCH less waste in landfills!!!!!! They are super comfortable and only require a little bit of "work" in the laundering process. I am so happy I switched!
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on April 22, 2014
Wow, this pad is enormous! Lol. The liner is really long, and it comes with two pads to be inserted into this nighttime liner (same size as the Glad Rag day pads): if you use both of the day-size pads in the nighttime liner, you will definitely be protected through the night -- a normal 6- 8-hour night, with a heavy flow. I ordered two sets, got two different patterns, which I like. These are very absorbent, soft, breathable, and they stay put. Use larger underwear (good ole granny panties) because the pad/liner will stay put better and the liner won't be peaking out from your undies! If you wear normal bikini type undies, the liner will be peaking out of the front and back -- that is how large this thing is. That's a good thing, though -- for overnight, especially on heavy days/nights, you want your protection big. I use these as back up for my Diva cup -- even though my Diva cup has been working perfectly, on the weekend I tend to sleep in -- 10, 12 hours sometimes -- and my cup overflows during my 2 heavy day/nights if I sleep that long, so I really need a ginormous overnight pad. This does the trick. The price is great, especially compared to the price of other reusable cloth pads. Btw, in case you are new to this whole reusable pad/cup thing: if you are going to use reusable pads exclusively (no tampon or cup), you should have 2 or 3 nighttime pads, 4 or 5 daytime pads (about 8, if you don't want to do laundry very often), and several panty liner--sized pads, too, for the light days and the days leading up to your period when you don't know exactly when it's coming, and the days after when you're not sure if it's really gone. Not sure if Glad Rag does liner-sized pads, but if not, Charlie Banana does, and they are really inexpensive, comfortable, and dependable. For day and nighttime pads, Glad Rag brand is the least expensive brand and superior quality. Sorry to go on and on, it's just that I'm so happy to not be dealing with disposable pads and tampons anymore that I have to tell you that you really won't regret using these -- I was totally the most skeptical person about reusable cloth pads and cups, and I'm so happy I got over that -- I'm never going back to disposables. Go for it -- Glad Rag products (and Charlie Banana) are awesome (I have four sets of their cloth pads now, and I'll probably get more). If you are willing to spend just a little bit more money and take a chance outside of Amazon, Talula Bean (google it) has pretty good prices, amazing pads and patterns for the pads, and other period accessories, including "starter sets." I think those are a great deal, too. ;)
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on May 5, 2016
I love the night pad, I look forward to going to bed now (no joke). The most dreaded time of the month have been transformed. The cotton is so soft, and the product delivers. I used to wear a tampon and a pad to bed and would still wake up from bleeding through all of it.
When I switched to menstrual cups a few years ago, I did better but as soon as I got into a vertical position, the blood would burst out of the cup because it was filled to the brim. Using gladrags for heavy nights has changed my life, I can wake up and chill like I would if I wasn't on my period, until I feel like getting up. Caring for them is easy to, I rinse them immediately and then soak them in an enzyme based stain remover or laundry detergent until I'm ready to do a load in the washer. They wash beautifully, and get softer over time. Love these!
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on November 9, 2012
I've been using Glad Rags for the past year. I like them a lot, but this nighttime set was not what I expected.

1 - It's not a dark grey. It cane with a funny pattern on it, over a mostly creme background. I learned from my 1st set that it would be best to buy these in dark colors, for obvious reasons: they will eventually stain. Dark colors or patterns will be more forgiving and less embarrassing if you ever have to hang them to dry. Not the case here.

2 - The functional design of this nighttime variety is very strange and there are no special directions for what you're supposed to do with the inserts. I suggest getting the regular design to use together with this one for overnight use. The difference is that the with regular Glad Rags you insert the insert into the pad - seems logical right. This nighttime design only has a belt that you slide the insert under and though I haven't used it yet, it's obvious that the insert will slide around. Very odd.

Otherwise the size is great and I think that together with the regular one placed over this one to hold it in place, it'll work well.
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on March 2, 2016
Don't bother. Cumbersome without even being bulky enough to get the job done. Don't know how that was managed. The design is such that cleanliness is an issue if you want to use inserts. I wanted to love these, which is why I tried every workaround I could manage (for two years before writing this review). As it happens, all women are different, so is the case with personal care products. Try before you decide "no way".
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on November 29, 2015
This has several small pad inserts that are supposed to make them have adjustable absorbency. They actually make them inconvenient and rather silly. When you launder these the small pads get lost, and when you're wearing them it's rather like dealing with a stack of pancakes. And these things are huge! Way wider and longer than any panty crotch, and except for where they're "stacked," (the extra layers are very small) they're not very thick. They're thin and floppy, in fact. Seems like a poor design.
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