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on August 26, 2013
This AT-AT Walker is a really nice kit for the price range. It could be a little cheaper, but that didn't stop me from purchasing this kit. The kit still needs a hobby knife, and sprue cutter to get a little closer, and cleaner to the edge of your model. The model is dyed into a fairly nice gray color. It could be touched up to have a weather, and more realistic look. Straight out of the box, and right after the build. It looks nice with out any modifications. You will need glue though as some of the pieces do not snap as tight as they should. The pieces all line up correctly, but the legs could be a little tighter. Below the knee of the legs you must put the two halves of the bottom leg together. A quick dab of glue will keep them from gaping. There are two joints on the legs. One being the upper part of the leg near the under belly, and the other being the knee. It is just a snap holding it together, and it is really tight. So movement after that will take some elbow grease. Or you can just pop the snap out, and snap it back in once the leg is positioned where you like it. The two guns positioned on each side of the AT-AT cockpit/head have a small amount of articulation. Each gun shares one pipe that goes through the head. So the guns go up, and down. The guns at the bottom of the cockpit/chin are not mobile. After all said, and done. This handsome model stands straight at 12 3/4'', and the length at 15''. If you can pick this model up for $40.00 or below. Do not hesitate. He's worth it.
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on January 8, 2013
I build this model more than 25 years ago and was my favorite piece . I caried it around with me were ever I moved . When my son was about 2 y/o he always wanted to play with it , but I never let him get close. One day I found him holding it , I got angry , yelled at him , and made him cry . Seeing him cry made me feel like the worst father in the world , I hugged him apologized and gave him the model to play . Within 10 minutes the model was in pieces .... My son is now 8 and a big Star wars fan . One day while watching one of SW movies he asked me what my favorite vehicle was . I told him it was this one , and told him the story of how he broke it when he was 2 .... he looked at me funny and said .... what were you thinking ! how do you give something that cool to a 2 y/o ! ... and then I felt like the dumbest father in the world ..... I got him this model for xmas and and build it together with him , the quality if the model is far superior to the one I build 25 years before , and we had a great time building it .... as far as my son , he has already said his little brother is not getting near it regardless how much he cries .
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on January 29, 2014
Kit is very simple to build. Looks good when displayed. Even has some basic weathering painted right on. Bought for use with "Star Wars Miniatures" game, as it's in close enough scale that no one really cares, and is much cheaper than chasing one of the "official" AT-AT miniatures on the after market.
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on August 23, 2012
I just purchased this item and received it 2 days after buying it which was awesome. I put it together as soon as I opened it and it was fairly easy since it was snap together parts but there were (only) 2 reasons I did not give this a 5 star rating. The 1st reason is because the head only rotates in a circular motion like as if your twisting a bottle cap off or on and not side to side or up and down, in other words if you look right at the head while it's standing you can twist the head as in a clock wise or counter clock wise motion kind of like as if a confused dog looks at you when your making all those fun noises to it, although I would assume the reason for this is over time the head would sag and not stay in the same position but it would of still been cool for that to happen. The 2nd is, there are these little pieces that connect the bottom part of the leg to the feet, there little plastic rods and one of the four kept popping out so I just said screw it and I glued that one piece and it fixed that issue. So other than that I think it looks good as a MODEL which is supposed to sit on a shelf or a desk or whatever and this brings me to another topic I need to say something about. It amazes me that so many people bought this and other MODELS as toys, this is under the TOYS section because it is a HOBBY which is still listed under the toy section but the descriptions are very clear and people buy this and other MODELS and complain that they are flimsy and they break and there young child broke it. Read the descriptions and you won't waste your money or time so you can make a better purchase that lasts for you kids or yourself if you plan on playing with the items you purchase like this MODEL here.
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on November 8, 2014
The model is easy to construct and looks awesome. It is a model and not a toy which I wouldn't recommend to anyone planning to frequently move and it can be fragile. Cool piece to have up for decoration and great if you want to customize with paint and set up scenes.
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on August 17, 2013
I bought this to use as a model display for my room. Product is exactly as shown on the box, I decided to paint it a little though, but it looks good left alone too. Tip: Be really careful snapping the pieces out, I accidentally broke a blaster. Some of the pieces are a bit difficult to snap in too. Overall I'm satisfied.
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on August 26, 2015
Nice large model that looks great. Much more cost effective for the size say against expensive lego version. A must for SW fans
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on August 21, 2013
My son got this as a Birthday gift. He loves it.he finished it in one day and was able to make the entire model without assistance (10 yrs. old.)

The model is quite large, and very detailed. A great gift for any young Star Wars fan.
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on April 4, 2014
This toy is ok for kids who want to collect and not play. It was challenging to put together and then falls apart easily . He likes it but I hate having to put pieces back on after he plays.
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on May 31, 2013
Extraordinary! It is big enough to stand out in any collection and at the same time without taking up much space. Highly detailed, easy to assemble and able to adopt different positions. Of course, not a toy.
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