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on March 26, 2015
Was purchased Dec 16, 2014 and my girlfriend uses it everyday.
The other day she showed it to me and it has melting marks on the cone near the base.
This appears to be a fire hazard in my opinion.
I would have given this 1 star but she said it makes her hair less frizzy but other than that I won't buy this again.
The housing should be made better to resist melting like I've seen.

I talked to her today after letting her know I purchased a new hairdryer for her and she informed me that after using the Revlon hairdryer for the last time she wanted to see how soft the melted area was and her comb poked right through the casing, pics to come.
Revlon should issue a recall on this dryer, it's a fire hazard !
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on August 25, 2015
This product is a safety hazard... Fire hazard. Like many other recen reviews, this hair sparked during use this morning and could have caught on fire. Terrified me. Regular use for about 16 months with no trouble until now. I highly suggest a different hair dryer. Sparks at top of wire/base of hair dryer.
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on August 17, 2015
This is an update for anyone considering buying this hair dryer. I purchased it in 2011 and after about 18 months of use I started to experience problems with the cord at the juncture with the appliance, which caused sparking and smoking as stated in some of the previous reviews. Up until this point the performance had been awesome, and it was by far the best hair dryer that I had ever owned. I contacted Revlon about the issue and they referred me to Helen of Troy, the company that manufactures this particular item for them. Helen of Troy immediately sent me a replacement, and I was thrilled to see that the new appliance has been redesigned and the problem corrected. If you are having any reservations about buying this item due to some of the previous negative reviews, please be assured that the issue has been addressed and the problem resolved.
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on May 1, 2014
I bought two of these (I have 3 females with long hair in the house) on October 4, 2013. Neither made it 6 months, On one the motor started running slow after 3 months. I sent an email to Revlon only to be told I needed to contact another company (Helen of Troy [...]) for any issues. The second one just failed 5/1/2014, It started cutting on and off. After inspection, one of cables in the power cord had started to separate (not a short, actually starting to break) near the handle. This pretty much tell me that they used too small of a gauge wire to support the load. The built in GFCI will not protect anyone from this. If your hand is one the cord and it breaks (burns through) get ready to electrocuted. And for those who don't understand, yes that can kill you, 1875W/120V=15.625A plenty enough to blow your heart to shreds if the circuit is completed across your body. If you don't mind accidental death then this is the product for you.

I bought these based on reviews, but from my point of view they should be recalled and the customer should be refunded.
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on May 15, 2015
Great value. Feels like a professional dryer. Lightweight and easy to store. Super powerful.
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on July 13, 2015
Do not purchase this! A quick look at the other 1-star and 2-star reviews should tell you what you need to know, as this thing has apparently caused TONS of sparking and even flaming incidents. (I searched the reviews for the word "fire" and got 84 results, some dating back to 2011.) Mine was in use for about a year and a half before it became temperamental. In the middle of drying my hair, it would shut off for a second, but changing angles or adjusting the cord where it meets the unit solved the problem temporarily, so I kept using it while starting to think about a replacement. In retrospect, I should have stopped using it immediately at the first sign of a problem. After a week or so of this temperamental behavior, the thing suddenly popped really loud and made a HUGE spark, causing me to drop it and jump back, thinking I was about to be burned and/or electrocuted. I have GFCI protected outlets plus the similar protection on the unit, but it didn't matter. I return here and see a ton of people reporting similar issues (again, 84 results for the word "fire" in these reviews, and well over a hundred results for "spark"!). This thing should be pulled immediately; it's absurd that this many people have been reporting problems for this long and yet they're still being sold. I reported it to, Amazon, and Revlon. Others who've had issues should do the same. Amazon assured me they'd stop selling while they investigated, but they never did. It's appalling that the many reports already here are apparently not yet enough to motivate anyone to take responsible action to prevent injuries. If you insist on purchasing one, all I can say is take some screenshots of all these reports for your lawsuit.
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on April 14, 2016
This dryer was great the first time I owned it. It gives great results and it's a good price, but after awhile it gave out, let off sparks, and then started smoking. The joint between the dryer itself and the cord had broken down. I figured I'd been rough with it and that every dryer has to die out eventually. I purchased a different, more expensive dryer and only used it for a few weeks, as it didn't produce as good results. I went back and bought this dryer again. I've been using it for a year, taking extra care to use it gently and not stress the cord too much. Today it basically exploded in my hand. It sent off sparks from the joint and started smoking, and the wire became exposed through the rubber. I've learned my lesson. Will never buy this one again.
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on September 18, 2016
PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE ALL THE 1 STAR REVIEWS SAYING THIS THING BLEW UP OR CAUGHT ON FIRE. I was like you and bought it because it had 4000+ reviews and 4 stars and I just assumed it was great/fine based on its popularity. DO NOT BUY THIS HAIR DRYER.

I purchased this item 11 months ago. I had been extremely happy with its performance up until last week when it unexpectedly began sparking and smoking and within a fraction of a second burst into flames in close proximity to my skull. Like other reviewers, the burning area was at the base where the cord meets the dryer. I would estimate I used it about 4 times a week since I purchased it, for roughly 5-10 minutes each time as I let my hair mostly air dry but hit my bangs and various cowlicks with a bit of hot air in an attempt to look presentable. This event happened in my home bathroom, so the power source was nothing unusual / different than what I had used for nearly the past year. I've used cheapo drugstore hairdryers my entire adult life, so I've definitely had my share of $12 dryers sputter out and die on me but nothing involving flame like this.

HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED that this product could not even last a year. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED that my head almost got torched off. Look, I get it, it's 2016, everything is poor quality these days and I should know better than to expect a $25 hairdryer to become a family heirloom, but c'mon Revlon. Get your act together and take this piece off the market.

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on October 13, 2015
This dryer worked great for a few months, but then it started making a rattling sound and vibrating when using. I got a little worried when the smoke detector went off after smoke started coming out the back end. Turned it on a few minutes later and it started violently shaking and shut off. Smoke poured out of the back and I unplugged then shook the dryer and a metal fragment that was burnt off inside the hair dryer came out. It was sharp and could have seriously hurt someone if it had shot out while on. Fire and safety hazard. Do not buy!!
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on October 24, 2015
This is the best blow dryer I have ever used. I have very thick hair, and HATE blow drying it because it normally takes me 20mins to get it dry. This blow dry cut my drying time by half and left my hair feeling silky smooth, I love this blow dryer!
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