Customer Reviews: Revoltech Fraulein: Queen's Blade Cattleya Action Figure by Kaiyodo
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on September 20, 2010
Well...this will be an interesting review, as per my usual, I'll start with my warnings then go into what i like and dislike about the figure.
Well, if you haven't noticed this figure really isn't meant for kids... I shouldn't really have to explain this... definitely meant for the 18+ crowds -.- Also small parts you can choke on but...why would you give this to a baby in the 1st place. just keep out of reach of children - man-children as well.

What I like~ Well, its a rather solid figure, feels much more like an action figure than the previous figures in this Series line so far. This is #9 in the series so they've only gotten better really. She has a lot of articulation, but the shoulders and arms feel a bit hindered, she has a joint in the neck, shoulders, elbows and her torso is split into 3 (just like Menace) but feels much less pose-able. This is mainly because of her clothes. The articulation is there, its just wasted (unless you pose her nude...but bleh). Shes fully painted, her breasts and nether regions are also painted and sculpted. Her waist is however, a different color than the rest of her so it looks pretty unnatural when nude.

Her joints are much more solid as well, and shes weighs about 2x what my Menace and Alleyne figure weigh so she feels Stable and sturdy. She comes with 3 faces, a neutral face w/ a slight smile, an angry face, and a...scared face i guess. which are easy to interchange. This is the only figure i believe that comes w/ multiple hair pieces. their identical hairpieces except 1 has Glasses and the other doesn't, and the glasses look good. Theres even lenses in them. The faces were all drawn very well, and painted very well. I'll get to my gripes about the face later.
She comes w/ 6 hands, which is nice. 2 open palm hands, 2 for holding her sword, a left hand for poses where she is pushing her glasses up and a right hand not really sure what its for. I guess its for the...imaginative poses.

She has 1 Gigantic sword. Now...if you've seen Final Fantasy 7, Cloud has a giant sword. This makes his sword look like a toothpick. The sword, w/o the handle is taller than the figure itself. W/ the handle on, the sword is about 150% taller than she is. And its a pretty damn cool sword. It may not have as much detail as say, Echidna's weapons, or Menace's Scepter, but its still pretty cool. Its a hard plastic, and hollow but its sturdy enough. So the figure won't have a problem holding it. Her strong joints make it no problem to even 1 hand the sword. The stand works really well for her, shes stable enough to stand on her own, but the added stability lets her pull off some really impressive poses.
She comes w/ 2 costumes, and i hate them both. Sounds like its time to talk about things I didn't like/don't work well..

Her articulation isn't as good as some of the other figures. Primarily because of her massive chesticles. Yeah I went most of the review w/o mentioning them once but their gigantic. And they get in the way, a lot. Oh and their squishy... well not "squishy" as in made to feel like boobs, but their really big, and hollowed out somewhat so you can squeeze them, but not really well. Its a Gimmick but a poorly done 1 in my opinion. Its just pandering to the perverted fans...which are basically all the fans of queens blade. I'm not much of a fan of queen's blade, but i am a fan of Revoltech. And I'm slowly getting most of the queen's blade figures mainly because their really well made. I did however force myself to sit thru the entire 1st season of queens blade -.- when i actually got to the part where Cattleya was was already 2 late to cancel my order lol...Its still a great figure its just...ugh. I will never ever be a fan of the queens blade anime, i wanted to actually see the characters for myself so i could better review them. understand the features of some more but bleh...Cattleya has big boobs and is really powerful thats about all you need to know. shameless really but its not like i expected it to be any better.

Sadly there are a few major issues w/ the figure that need to be addressed, even though this is by far the most durable of the series, it has some pretty big flaws.For starters the costumes suck. Its not that they look bad, but their all really soft, shiny pvc. Now as i stated in my Alleyne review, the soft pvc worked really really well w/ her armor and over all look. Cattleya's does not fit well, shes a blacksmith and her clothes should all be made of leather or some sort of fabric. Not this bright obviously plastic stuff. the same goes for her boots. Now the armor on her left arm is very nice,it looks similar to the armor on Alleyne, its not so shiny and looks very good. But in contrast to her clothes it looks so dull. The left arm armor, the hands, and to some extent her collar (which i forgot to mention is removable, it hides the revoltech joint) all look dull and worn when compared to the bright shiny plastic which makes up her clothes.
Another issue w/ her clothes is that it's really hard to put on/remove. There are no instructions in the box on how to change this particular figure. And if u rush to strip her, you will probably break her clothes. To change her clothes you need to remove all of the body part. Remove the upper torso, the middle and hips. which come in 3 pieces (Similar to Menace, but much thicker) but the clothes are all 1 piece. and when putting the body w/ the different clothes on you need to really get it just right or the clothes wont stretch over her oversized breasts. and if you pull too hard you will most likely break it.

This next gripe is rather petty, but her head is so small. When compared next to the extra faces of menace and alleyne, her face is quite a bit smaller. Its mainly because they didn't proportion her right next to the other figures. Cattleya is the tallest of...all the characters i think, and when i compared w/ Alleyne and Menace, she was only a couple centimeters taller. So they shrunk her down to fit w/ the others i guess, i can dig it, but because her breasts are so large it just dwarfs her head...makes it feel smaller than it is.
And again the revoltech storage box cant fit 1/2 the things. The sword obviously cant fit nor the handle, the spare clothes cant fit which means the box can only hold the head and hands...which leaves so much room in the box but o well.

I'm going to start adding a rating system so the thickies who dont wanna read everything can scroll down and just see it :o

Overall, its not a bad figure, can pose quite nicely and looks good. Which is really what you want out of the figure, i'd give her on a scale of 1-10, 1 being crap in a box, and 10 being pure perfection (me in a box O_o;? ) overall a 7.5/10 she aint perfect, but she is a good figure. Just her gimmick gets in the way and her clothes could have been made better.

Thats all for now, Look forward to a few more reviews in the next few days =D expect to see a review for Revoltech Queen's blade Elina, and special Nanael Player 2 color variation :o ~
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on February 10, 2014
Just... WOW...

I know that's not really helpful but if you know what this series is about and buy this figure.... you will NOT be disappointed.
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on September 16, 2010
This product is great, even more so if you are a revoltech or Queens blade fan. It's a little flimsy, and not meant for play, but rather posing, as is most Revoltech figures. It's very well sculpted, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
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on July 6, 2012
Fun bags there is no way anyone could use that sword Cattle udders.
If you like giant milk wagons this is the figure for you. annoying kid not included.
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on January 1, 2015
Lovely, seductress, sensual, brave and beautiful! Queen's Blade Cattleya Action Figure is big, multiple points of articulation, comes with accessories to pose her in whatever position you should desire. Collectors and anime fans from the show should get it in a hurry!
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on May 1, 2014
Got this one because I was building up a collection of figures that use oversized swords. Package was damaged a bit but the figure was in a factory sealed box and nothing inside was damaged. The stand she came with is a bit too weak but I've used a Bandai Act 5 stand to have her clashing swords with figma Guts and the play arts cloud strife.
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on June 4, 2015
What's there to say that hasn't already been said?
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