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on June 4, 2014
I will miss this show. And don't let three stars lead you to think it wasn't good. Revolution is good, but what should have been a complete story was reduced to rubble by NBC's decision to cancel the show. Season 2, like Season 1, stumbled on occasion. There were episodes that reminded me of the era of Lost where Jack is getting beaten up on a beach because his tattoo is insulting. There were times when I thought they were dragging the story out to stretch it to a 6th or 7th Season. The thing is you can't do that in Season 2. Anyway, I have a theory. Nobody watches TV shows when they are on, especially on network TV. A lot of people DVR episodes but it is hard to get to everything and some shows get lost in the shuffle. On a long rainy weekend it is a lot easier to start a DVR binge with a show that has ten episodes rather than 20 +. At some point, though, people will start binge watching the show, probably when it hits Netflix. They will tell other friends, and so on, and in about three years people will be mumbling to themselves why did NBC cancel this gem. This show is the Jericho of our times, and people will love it when they find it. What NBC did to this show is exactly why I am on Amazon. Make more room for moronic reality based trash, less for well thought out, well written gold like Revolution.
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on August 24, 2014
Very good series, though pretty violent All the characters treat killing as an every day occurrence. I like the development of the characters, and the complicated relationships they are in. (Lifelong friends who become enemies then have to depend on each other for survival, teenagers who become so hardened their solution to every problem is to kill first, a father who is so driven by ambition that he is willing to do whatever it takes including sacrificing his son.) The concept of the nanos able to become sentient is very interesting. I would like to have seen that developed . I got hooked on it and now find it's has not been picked up for third season. Very disappointing. There is so little good sci-fi out there, it's a shame to lose it.
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on December 10, 2017
If you have Season 1 then you need Season 2. If you don't have either, buy both. Good series - 15 years after the lights go out. Yes, you can pick on some of the details, but just sit back and enjoy the show. Too bad they were cancelled.
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on April 14, 2014
This post semi-apocalyptic drama has more plot twists than I can remember in a t.v. program in a long time. If you haven't been following this from the beginning it is worth your time to watch every episode from the very beginning of the series. It is somewhat reminiscent of the real life drama that is unfolding today with the stories of NSA spying and government scandals and corruption, only on a smaller scale and in a low-tech society. It pits tyrannical leaders who believe they are keeping the peace against revolutionaries who are searching for a way to restore civilization to it's former state while opposing the many leaders of the new societies that have formed out of necessity. It is a story of determination and self reliance, as well as a story of friendships, rivalries, and associations founded on needs and the strains of reliance on others to aid in survival at a time where betrayal is as commonplace as true friendship. Characters are shrouded in a shade of gray, sometimes portrayed as good and at other times revealing a dark inner self that rises up in times of despair. It is a variation on the novel "Lord of the Flies" with adults playing the starring roles rather than children, and involving more plot twists and greater flexibility in settings and situations. Even if you haven't followed this show from the start, you can be entertained by the action that is found in nearly every episode, though you will find the story line a bit confusing, especially with the flashbacks of the characters and looks at their personal histories and what events shaped them to survive in the new world.
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on March 9, 2014
I might have already been asked by Amazon to give a review on this series, but if not, I'd just like to be safe and mention a few words here. I really love the show and the cast, but there's just one thing getting a bit old for me: the violence and the sword fighting. Some episodes are genuinely interesting, like the wowie zowie cliffhanger of season 1. Very interesting, revealing, in a word, I loved it very much. But so many episodes just have a general plot that doesn't matter episode to episode, with a lot of sword fighting throughout. It's getting hard for me to remember now what's going on except that they are moving towards one destination or another, fighting their way through it with swords, bows, and arrows, without much mattering, in the end. That's just what is in my memory. The series Grim was getting this way for me, too, but then suddenly, they started to at least change a little bit each ep, making it interesting, doing things a little out of step. Revolution just needs a little kick start, with more brainy stuff for the audience to think about and chew on, a little bit more intelligence infused into the series, rather than just watch the same old sword and crossbow fighting. I sincerely hope that we can see a little bit more, which is actually interesting to the minds of the viewers. But I really believe it does have a lot of potential. I believe that we will see this borne out or not, if the writers, producers, directors, or whoever can get more creative and interesting in their writing.
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on May 22, 2014
Besides Walking Dead, Revolution is by far, my favorite. If you enjoy Sy-Fi, I'm sure this will also become your favorite. I just read in a few of the reviews, that Revolution has been cancelled!! That was like a knife too my heart, and along with other reviewers, where does NBC gather their data, to warrant the cancellation. Let's just hope someone else, with brains, if possible, continues to produce Revolution for us. Currently Grieving for our soon, loss too be.
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on June 24, 2014
Revolution is among the very few superior series ever aired. It is full of action, brief hysterical quips, compelling plot, brilliant twists and turns and great acting. There is some very powerful writing and intriguing ideas. Perhaps that is why it has been cancelled. What a shame to lose such a fantastic series. The actors are perfect in their roles and it comes alive every time they appear on the screen. I felt for sure that it would continue for many, many seasons. Not one show was a letdown, as in many other series. Every single episode was like a movie with a start, a middle and a great conclusion and it left you eager for the next episode. There was so much more to come and we couldn't wait for Season 3. What a waste of great talent! This is truly an embarrassment to the networks for dropping the best of the best. I hope cable picks it up. To anyone who hasn't seen Revolution yet, I highly recommend it, as even though it has been cancelled, Seasons 1 and 2 are well worth watching. Enjoy!!!
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on March 1, 2014
I love this show. I enjoyed the first season and was looking forward to see what Season 2 would bring. Season 2 is even better!

I am delighted to see that Miles and Monroe are no longer fighting against each other but together against the patriots. There are fantastic together. David Lyons is wonderful as 'Sebastian 'Bass' Monroe' as well as Billy Burke as 'Miles Matheson'. I think they did a wonderful job casting the role of Monroe's son Connor - Mat Vairo. Monroe and Connor have the same cadence in their speech and share some of the same facial expressions. The dynamics between Charlie and Monroe and Connor is great and so fun to watch.

Visually the show is beautiful to watch. The score is also wonderful. I like the mix of classic rock that's heard every once in a while. The Brett Michaels cameo in this season was genius. The same with the Zeppelin song 'Kashmir' in Season 1. This is classic Eric Kripke. If you've seen Supernatural, and like that show, you'll see or hear some of the same emotion, action, drama, with touches of humor, in this show.

Season 2 has been action packed and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season has to bring. I hope there are many more seasons of this show to come.

Amazon - Is there a Blu-ray version of Season 2 that can be pre ordered?
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on November 16, 2015
I ended up missing half of this show, during the second season, because NBC moved it to Wednesday nights and gave it a new timeslot, so this show was kind of off my radar for awhile. After recently ordering and watching the first season, I decided to order the second one as well. And it is better than the ever and in fact it is a vast improvement over season 1, especially, the latter half of season 1 and is a well-acted and well-written program. Plenty of action and suspense. NBC shouldn't have been so quick to end this series. It's been fun playing the catch-up game. I love it!!
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on February 21, 2014
I am cheap. I like to get a good deal and only purchase things that I need. I rarely buy things "just because", that being said, after watching the first full season I could not wait to see Season #2 so I purchased 8 of the episodes on Amazon.com so I could get caught up with the current season on television. At $1.99/episode it was worth it. Love this series and I hope that it gets renewed for a third season - and beyond.
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