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on July 5, 2015
My son LOVES this! We've been using it about a week now. The first day it arrived, the bubbles ran out almost instantly. It uses a LOT of bubble solution to run. So we tried making our own, after using up the rest of the solutions we had around here, but it didn't work with this gun well. The lights are the part my daughter loves the most.
We stopped using it for a couple days while we waited on the new bubble solution to arrive and refilled it today. It's already on it's 2nd filling of solution. It kinda seems like after awhile of use the gun starts to overheat some and slows down the bubbles. It could just be the cheap batteries it came with though.
If your child(ren) are old enough, I would suggest buying this: but my children are 2 1/2 and 10 months old, so we got a gun instead. I assume older children would know not to knock into the bubble machine on the ground, but my kids wouldn't.
The attached pictures are from the solution it arrived with on the first day we used it. The bubbles have never shown such beautiful blue from the led lights with any other solution.

We've had this a couple weeks now. We bought 2. We only opened 1 to start with. I finally threw it out a couple days ago. It breaks EASILY! My kids drop it or knock it off the counter, it cracks. So much we were taping the battery compartment shut, but it finally wouldn't work taped shut, so we threw it out. The same day I opened the other 1, it was cracked a few hours later. Definitely not the best design for use with kids.
But, it's fairly cheap to replace and it's saving my asthma now that my kids LOVE bubbles and want them constantly.
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on July 6, 2016
This is a super fun product. I admit to being an adult who likes bubbles and the sheer volume of output this blower can do definitely beats the number of bubbles I can blow myself using the traditional human powered blowing bubbles system. I am able to both entertain myself and my cats with this handy device. My cats like to stand at a safe distance want watch the bubbles with intense fascination and wonder. They will not try to catch the bubbles because of their hesitancy to play, but they still enjoy it. My friend's cats, who are are more adventurous like to attack the bubbles. This device lights up which makes it extra fun to use in a darken area.
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on July 30, 2013
I bought this reluctantly based on reviews of similar products, but I didn't experience those same issues. I can share what I've done, and maybe this will help others.

After initial setup, if no bubbles come out when you pull the trigger, pump the trigger 5-6 times, and this helps move solution through the tubes.

When your child is done playing with it, fill the solution bottle with water and run water through it.

SAVE THE BOTTLE! I have seen other reviewers post comments that they're surprised that they can't find a bottle to fit this after they've thrown out the one that comes with it. Your best bet is to buy a big supply of solution. That way, when your child is done playing with it and you need to run water through the lines, you can pour the unused solution back into the big container so you don't waste any.

Overall I am happy with this purchase. After a couple months of play, I am a little guarded that it could stop working someday, but so far so good.
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on May 22, 2016
I HIGHLY recommend this toy, with a few warnings. If used correctly it is good for hours of fun and well worth the low price. First - toss the bubble liquid that comes with it. It stinks. Use Gazillions instead to fill the bottle. Second, take the batteries out when not in use and unscrew/cap up the bubble stuff when not in use - otherwise you'll have a sticky mess on your hands and a wrecked bubble gun. It tells you that in the instructions but most people probably just toss the instructions. And three, it takes a couple of minutes to start at first, so be patient. If it stops making bubbles, very slowly depress and release the trigger a few times and they come back.

I think if the other reviewers had tried my tricks above, their guns would have worked fine. Ours are still going strong and we bought them last June. When my kids take them to the park, all the other kids flock around and are very interested.
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on March 7, 2015
I was looking for a way to entertain my dog with bubbles without the physical effort needed for the traditional bubble blowing. If my dog could, she would chase bubbles for hours. Unfortunately, by needing to blow bubbles, I was only able to give her just 5-7 minutes of entertainment. Then I found the bubble gun. Now I can entertain her for 20 minutes and never feel like I am going to pass out. So, although my dog would probably give this bubble gun 5 stars, I give it just 3.
For starters, the gun was great when it first arrived and we started using it. There were bubbles everywhere. Nonstop. Then the little bubble container ran out and so I filled it with some generic bubbles I had on hand; that which I used prior to the bubble gun. Now, for whatever reason, the bubbles are much less. I don't know why the type of bubbles should matter, but like other reviews, it does. It still works, still shoots out bubbles, but not nearly as many and for not nearly as long. It will shoot bubbles then just turn it's gears. So you have to stop and then restart the shooting. This process gets repeated through the whole 20 minute activity. Every once in awhile, it creates a giant bubble that just tumbles down the front of the gun. This, although annoying for me, is quite fun for my dog. She will still catch the bubble ----- and gets to bite the gun at the same time. My guess is that it is just a matter of time before I will need to buy a new one. Not necessarily because of the poor bubble production, but because my dog will have broken it by trying to bite the bubble tumbling down the front of the gun.
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on July 17, 2016
Its cool. My kid, neighbors kids, and my entire family loved it... It comes with Batteries and liquid, so can play with it as soon as you open it. During night or in dark, the LED glows magnificently.
Liquid solution is great and is not causing any irritation. Kids are enjoying them to pop.
For the first time, it may take few seconds for the bubbles to come up for the liquid to come out the bottle. However I understand that's how the product is made.
Suggestion: For the first time, before giving it to the kid, press the trigger 10-15 times for the bubbles to start coming up, otherwise your kid will say its not working.

1. Although battery is provided, its a cheap battery.. I suggest to change it with a better quality one, once its discharged...
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on March 2, 2017
I have had no problems with this bubble gun. My son loves it and has gotten at least 2 hours of fun with just one bottle. I recommend this product.
Update: The gun broke, but I got a refund. I bought two more, because I felt that even 30 days of fun with this would be worth $6, but the 2 I got don't work as well and are much more finicky than the first. I will keep them unless they break within 3 days but I really wish there was a $20 gun that would last a years. We make too much garbage as it is and these guns are destined for the trash pile.
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on January 15, 2016
Our kid loves running around with this. Easy to set up for hours of enjoyment

I have updated my review from 5 to 3 stars. Sadly after some use, it started to not work correctly. Wen pulling the trigger, the pump starts, but the part that wipes across the front isn't really doing its job anymore. We have to constantly pull and let go of the trigger to create any bubbles at all. When pulling the trigger, the bubbles will come out for a second or so, and then stop. We then have to let go of the trigger, and then pull again. Sometimes three or four pulls until it would create bubbles again. When we first got the bubble gun, you would just pull the trigger, and they would continue to blow for a lot longer than a second.
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on April 19, 2014
I purchased this item because my 18 month old had seen this at his gym and LOVED the bubbles. I bought one figuring it would work as easily as the one they had at his gym and it looked very similar, but clearly wasn't the same quality. It took FOREVER to get the liquid to start moving through the gun. I was holding the button for easily 5 or 6 minutes straight, then I just gave it a rest and tried again later, and again 5-6 minutes and eventually it started working. Every time I stopped, it would take another 5 minutes to start. Eventually, 3 days later, it just stopped working completely. Piece of junk really. You get what you pay for I guess.
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on September 9, 2015
My Son (2 years old) LOVES the bubbles that come out. It is a little tedious that you have to push the trigger button quickly and for some time before the bubbles start coming out. Once the bubbles appear he runs and tries to chase after them.
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