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on May 28, 2016
I've been an active musician all my life, but I've only been playing the fiddle (violin?!) for a short time. I've had a couple of Chinese violins by a company that starts with a "C", and on the ultra cheap end of what that particular company offers (mind you). This violin is hands down better tone wise, but as another reviewer mentioned there are some quirks. So, straight to the point:

- Beautiful satin-like finish. Striking. Honestly - it's gorgeous.
- Even if it's been sitting in an Amazon warehouse for who knows how long, it felt very well set up right away. The tuning pegs were almost perfectly flush with the peg box. You just don't see that on most Chinese factory violins. It required tuning but... yeah if you're not expecting that then you're expectations need some retooling.
- Most people aren't too concerned with the accessories but the clip-on tuner is great, and the shoulder rest... oh the shoulder rest. I had a cheap plastic shoulder rest for my other violins and this one is leaps and bounds better. No comparison. Frankly I'm surprised they include it in this outfit.
- The case. The typical violin shaped case doesn't have any space for your shoulder rest or your sheet music. This one does. I appreciate that.
- Someone had an off day when they carved out my right f-hole (see picture). It's a mess. What makes it worse is knowing someone at Kennedy Violins saw this (can't miss it) and went "eh... whatever". It doesn't affect the tone but man is it disappointing. My el-cheapo "C" violin at 1/4 the price is nearly flawless by comparison.
- Another reviewer posted a picture of a chin rest that dug into the violin and left a big dent. I haven't taken mine off, but it's blatantly obvious that the very same blemish exists on mine just by looking at how it's mounted and where the chin rest meets the body. Kennedy Violins says something to the effect of "they put the chin rest on before the varnish fully dries at this price point but hey it's ok, it won't affect the tone!". Right. It still looks bad and saying "our product is damaged/sometimes poorly made but it sounds great!" at this price-point is a cop out'ish way of justifying a factory blemish.

If you order a Kennedy Violins violin from Amazon without being able to visually inspect the instrument first, you're (evidently) rolling dice. All things considered a 4 star rating on Amazon is an "I like it" rating - and I do. It's warmer and "livelier" than my other two Chinese violins. Suppose I'll chalk the blemishes up as "character"? Blemishes aside, the instrument looks and sounds great.
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on September 25, 2014
This is an excellent violin for students. The action is not too high, so they don't have to press so hard. The sound is nice. It's not a strad, but for the money ($300 as of this review) there are very few options of this quality. Add in the nice case and it's a great value. Plus it looks nice! It's not that orange-looking fake varnish like you see on many value instruments. I am a violin teacher of 15 years and I highly recommend this violin for my students who are looking to advance beyond their beginner instruments.
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on February 17, 2016
My daughter wanted a full sized violin so I bought the Ricard Bunnel G2 after I returned a crappy MV500.

Everything is great on the G2 and worth every penny when compared to the MV500.

The case is very nice and has ample space inside for chin rest and other paraphernalia.

To my ears, it has a richer tone than the MV500, the worksmanship is also a lot better.

To those looking at the MV500, my advice is if you can push spending a little more, go for the G2 and you wont be sorry.

However, the bow that came with it was crooked and the winding is loose but Kennedy Violin is sending me a replacement.

My daughter asked me to swap the chinrest from her old violin as the chinrest on the G2 is too high for her... and I was shocked to see that the chinrest has marred the finish if the violin. I am thinking of replacing it now. Please see pictures.
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on October 18, 2015
I played the violin as a kid but gave up after a year and a half as I could no longer handle the increasing homework load at the music school I attended and the regular school. After 16 years I decided to learn to play the violin again.
The first violin I ordered was one of those cheaper types - for around $60. It served the purpose and did help me get started with playing the instrument; however, after two months I felt I needed a better quality violin as the horrible squeaky sounds produced by my first instrument made my practice sessions almost unbearable.
After doing some research and reading numerous positive reviews of Kennedy violins, I ordered their Ricard Bunnel G2. As others have mentioned in their reviews. when I received the violin, I could immediately see the difference between my old instrument and the new one. It had a beautiful dark brown finish, pegs that actually stayed in place and a nice set of strings. I was already impressed but when I started to play the violin, I fell totally in love with it as the sounds it makes were magnificent.
The outfit itself was remarkably good, too. Besides a well-made light bow and a spacious case, It also included an extra set of strings, a wooden shoulder rest with a beautiful velvet bag for storing it, a tuner, a good-quality large rosin, a cloth for wiping the violin and an introductory book for beginning violinists.
I am extremely happy with the purchase and I enjoy every minute of playing my new beautiful violin.
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on September 10, 2015
with this amazon deal, it's really a steal,
buying this helped make my violin dreams real.
came with rosin that had fallen apart,
but customer service won back my heart.
i've played piano since i was four.
violin for 6 years, but in high-school, no more.
now i'm back to read that violin score,
buy this kit for you, you won't be sore.
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on October 9, 2015
Bought it for my niece. She loves it. It is very high quality and comes with a lot of goodies (shoulder rest, extra strings, rosin, tuner, books)... The case shows the humidity within the case, so you know whether you need to relocate the violin to a dryer or more moist location. It has a real oil-rubbed finish. The smell inside the case upon first opening is intoxicating. She loves it, so I give it a 5 star rating. Kennedy Violins should be the only brand you look into if you want an affordable piece of professional craftsmanship. Obviously there are better violins out there, but this is the best one in this price range. It is a real violin! It is not a VSO!

If you are looking for a higher end violin than this one, Kennedy Violins does have quite a lineup of high end violins available.
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on August 26, 2016
Just received this Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin 3/4 for my 11 year old daughter. Very happy with our purchase so far. She had 1/2 size Sandner for the past two years of school orchestra. It was time to upgrade in size, however none of the music shops in the area had much to offer. After reviewing Amazon and Musicians Friend, we found the reviews of this setup to be very positive, and was in that middle of the road price range. We also watched some of the Demo's on Kennedy's website, and felt like we were getting a decent product, that would be backed by the manufacturer if needed in the future.

My daughter loves the additional storage of the case, and all of the accessories included are great. Violin came a little out of tune, but she loves the (Snark like) tuner, and had it tuned up in no-time. The violin has a very nice full sound, and the look is great. The smell is of it is like a freshly varnished piece of furniture, very mellow but nice and tells of the character. The case seems sturdy enough, and for those concerned about the size being a little bigger, it is not that much physically bigger than a traditional case, and worth the extra space. The only hangup we had with the entire setup was the threads for the shoulder rest were difficult to tap into on one of the eyelets, but we managed to make it work. Overall very happy with this violin. My daughter starts 6th grade Orchestra next week, and she cant wait to show her music teacher.
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on March 8, 2016
To be quite honest, I am not an expert violinist. I bought this violin to self-learn on, so I might not have the most advanced feedback.
I believe that this violin is of great quality, and I believe also that Kennedy Violins takes the time to put passion and love into every one of their violins to make sure that it is perfect for the customer from this experience. When I first played the violin, it had to be tuned which is totally normal and fine. After the tuning, I played a few notes, and it has a high quality sound to it. The ebony fingerboard was beautiful, and the staining on the violin did not rub or fade. It makes it look glossy and new. The strings are on the violin when it came already and came with an extra pack of strings just in case one of the strings breaks or multiple break. The bridge came intact and stood in the right position. The pegs also fit into the holes really well. This package also comes with a nice cloth to wipe the violin down and clean it (and even instructions on how to clean your violin).
It is a clip on tuner, but I find it more useful just to hold it up next to the violin (that is my style of tuning). It is alright in its accuracy. It helped me tune my violin before I learned to tune by ear which is quite helpful. It comes with a battery and is easily to manipulate. There are also different settings on the tuner so you might have to turn to the violin setting when you first use it.
It is high quality horsehair, and does not look stringy in the least. It was smooth and the wood is nicely made with no sharp edges. With rosin, the bow moved smoothly along the strings and did not "stutter."
Shoulder rest:
It works perfectly, it might not be comfortable for some shoulders because everyone is different, but it helps me rest the violin without hurting my shoulder.
Like I said before, I am definitely not an expert in this, but it did not make the bow or strings dirty or sticky/slimy. It helped the bow move along the strings nicely and not "stutter" as I said before.
Intro to Violin Book:
It actually helped me a lot to read this book because I just started and I did not know the basics of fingering or holding the actual bow correctly. It even has beginner and some intermediate songs that you can play inside. It also shows the basics of notation (which I already knew). It is a very helpful guide even for tuning.
It is a nice and hard case so the violin will not get smashed or ruined. There is one compartment to put rosin and other things inside, a spot for the violin which also includes a velcro hold in place latch. It also includes a bow holder on the top which is nice because it gently holds the bow. The case also has a built in moisture gauge which is nice to look at and see if you need to lessen the moisture inside. It also includes straps so that you can turn the case into a backpack.

All in all, I would recommend this to anyone starting out on the violin!
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on March 23, 2017
Disclaimer: I am not a musician, have never played an instrument and don't have an ounce of rhythm in my body.
Got it for my middle school age daughter. I wasn't really expecting it to sound very good just based on the price. I had gone to music shops and found that buying even a used one I'd have to spend at least 2.5x more.My daughter says the teacher said it is decent quality though it does have to be re-tuned a bit more frequently than the rentals some other kids have. I can't tell a difference.
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on January 25, 2017
I originally tried to get a violin through the classifieds, had a hell-ish experience, and ended up with a $300 violin that was not worth $300 and I wasn't able to return. In frustration my husband said, "Why don't you just get one from Amazon!?!"
I was hesitant to purchase online because you aren't able to play the violin before you buy it. I looked at so many reviews and testimonials and tried to figure out the best one to get. I've been playing for a year, but am an adult so I'm a little more discerning than your average adult buying for their kid. I LOVED that Kennedy was so over-informative with everything. You can go to their website and hear a specific brand of violin being played. They also had returns and seemed to stand behind their product. The violin that I got is absolutely beautiful! When you first get it, the strings are a little "tin-ny" sounding, but not nearly as bad as others I've tried. You can play it right out of the box. As it's been a couple months since I've purchased it, the violin has only gotten deeper and more rich sounding. I am absolutely in love with it!!!
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