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on April 29, 2013
I recently (April 2013) purchased THREE of these carry-on suitcases and really like how it's a hard-case hybrid. Hard-case carry-on's never have space for a pocket, which we desperately need since we travel internationally at least once a year and you need a handy place to keep all your travel documents. We used the suitcases only on one trip, our return trip home to Germany.
The case rolls very smoothly, expands easily, and holds A LOT of stuff (which comes in handy now that it's so expensive to check luggage).
There is, however, one problem and that was the handle. I was traveling alone with 2 small children so I often found myself rolling 2 suitcases at once (which I knew would happen and that's why I chose a spinner). The HANDLE doesn't adjust easily and it often would "stick" at some spots. This wasn't just a fluke with one of the suitcases, but it was a problem with 2 (the third we were able to check).
Also on the purple suitcase I had problems with the zipper. I sent it in and immediately received a new one (Thanks Amazon for being so quick and hastle-free), but noticed the same problem on the new one while returning to Germany. Now I'm overseas and can't really do anything about it.

Overall this is a nice suitcase, but they should improve the handle and possibly check their POCKET ZIPPERS. A suitcase is only as good as its' zipper.
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on November 21, 2012
good price for a well made suitcase that fits a lot of clothing and is a pleasure to roll through the airport. It is light and small and easily fits into the overhead bins. It has some nice pocket features and expands if you need it. I had originally bought the 28 inch version of this suitcase for my 15 yr old daughter to use on a 3 week youth trip to Europe in which she was in and out of hotels and buses almost daily. It held up very well and still looks like new. So I now own the 20, 24, and 28 inch Crystal City Spinners. Love these suitcases! And I never want to go without the awesome 360 spinner feature. Was surprised how much easier it made travelling!
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on April 27, 2013
This is one cool bag! I bought it because it was hard sided AND had a front pocket that LOOKED big enough to fit my MacBook Pro 15". When I got it I found out it didn't and I was all set to send it back but then I got to looking at it and was really very impressed with it. First and foremost the handle is long enough for me (6-4") and everything else appears very well made and put together so I decided to keep it. Now for the dumb and dumber part. Whoever at the manufacturer placed a 1.5" red round sticker on the polycarbonate which, when removed, left a very sticky residue that nothing would remove until I tried "goof off". Goof off worked right away...problem is it ate the finish off the polycarbonate. I'll leave it up to you who was dumb and who was dumber. I'm still keeping the bag but BEWARE of the little red sticker!
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on May 13, 2013
I love this suitcase because it is designed so well. It looks small but can hold everything for a 4 day trip easily.
The two compartments are almost the same size and there are plenty of organization pockets inside - so you don't have to dump everything higgledy-piggledy in the case. The front pockets on the outside are big enough to hold a tablet, tickets and other necessities.
I love the attention to details too - the handle has three height adjustments for people of varying heights. It does not wobble. The suitcase is sturdy, good quality, expandable and oh - they've included a pouch for carrying liquids too. All in all - the perfect carry on!!
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on April 9, 2013
Overall, this is a very nice piece of luggage and honestly if it wasn't for 2 things that are mentioned after this sentence, it would have gotten a higher rating. First, the front pockets - while being decent sized in nature - aren't large enough to hold a laptop over say a smaller 13" laptop. If you're a business traveler like myself who unfortunately has to carry a Dell Latitude which likely has a 14" screen and is a little bulkier, the pockets on the front are too narrow to fit the laptop and that was my prime reason for wanting this luggage (I was attracted to the combination of hardside and soft design). If you're using something smaller than a 14" inch and it's narrower (like really thin or narrow like a Macbook) then the front pocket would be fine and should make for easy retrieval when going through checkpoint security at the airport.

The second reason for a slightly lower rating is the handle. While very lightweight, it did not extend to the full length without extra effort. It seems that the handle tubing is kind of flimsy and did not rest in the case properly, which resulted in it sort of falling further in the case when it was suppose to be held solid by its housing. As a result, the little ball bearings that make the locking points for the handle would get stuck inside the case, forcing you to wiggle around the handle to get it release to its longest length. If you're shorter (like I am) this normally wouldn't be a problem since you wouldn't need to extend the handle to its longest length, but the main reason you need its longest length for this case is if you plan to attach a small carry on such as a briefcase around the handles. The locking point before its longest length is not long enough to be used for attaching carry-ons. Plus, if you're taller, this locking point might be too low for you. I'm only 5'5" and this locking point is just about perfect in terms of not having to reach and sort of sits right where my hand would be just hanging down without stretching. Therefore, I imagine anyone taller than me would have to reach for this one. If you're taller than 5'6" you'll need to extend the handle to its full length and since this did not extend properly (I might have just gotten a faulty case) I rated it lower for poor performance.

The rest of the case though is solid. Even the included 3-1-1 bag is pretty decent and you can definitely squeeze a bit of luggage in this case. I like the two halves of storage and the top half can fit a suit or more in it securely.

If you don't need to put a laptop larger than 13" in the front pockets and the handle issues I mentioned aren't a problem, this case would be rated a 4/5 by me. If the handle is just a fluke and I got a dud then I'd also rate it a 4/5. I won't know about the defect because I am exchanging it for a different product entirely.
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on April 13, 2017
The wheels will wear away within less than a year, making the suitcase very hard to pull.

Trust me. It happened three times. I bought one for myself and thought this was the most beautifully designed suitcases around. That's until one of the wheels wore out after less than a year of use. I first blamed myself, thinking it must be how I'm pulling the suitcase. Months later, when my wife needed a suitcase, I got her a brand new one just like mine (I was still lured to the beautiful exterior design, size, fabric, plastic, etc -- it is great looking and perfectly sized for carry on). After six months of use, however, the wheel on her suitcase also wore away. I eventually got my wheel fixed by a local suitcase repair service since wheels are not covered by warranty. Lo and behold, a half year later, that new wheel also wore away.

The same wheel wears out due to an apparent fault in the suitcase design. When you pull the suitcase behind you (rather than along side you), one of the wheels rubs against the side of its plastic wheel casing. This quickly shreds the wheel. It reaches the point where the wheel stops turning or it feels like you have the brakes on.

When you're walking from one airport terminal to another, having a broken wheel makes that trek harder.
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on November 17, 2014
Good, but... I'd have given it 3 1/2 stars, but don't think it's quite up to 4. Actually I like the bag. I was looking to replace my 21" Ricardo Beverly Hills 2 wheeler as I wanted the spinner. My biggest disappointment is that it's just smaller. Why they didn't make it a 21" also, I'll never know! The 4 wheels makes it smaller anyway. Their 21" fits fine in the overhead bins and while this does too, the extra inch would make a difference. Generally it's well made. The set up is good too. I would have been much happier if it replaced the 21" 2 wheeler. I'm not saying much about the inside, but that's because it's fine. I like the 2 separate sides that are both large. And I like the soft sided exterior instead of solid all around. That allows for a little extra packing in the outside pockets.
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VINE VOICEon March 20, 2014
I was in the market for a new rolling bag. My criteria was as follows: I definitely wanted a spinner. Anything OTHER THAN a spinner would not be considered. I also wanted something lightweight so that I could lift it into the overhead. I was specifically buying this bag for short, weekend-ish trips involving plane travel.

A friend of mine who works as an IT consultant and flies weekly recommended Ricardo Beverly Hills. I had seen her using a Ricardo spinner (different from this one) when we were in an airport together recently. After some research, I decided to go with this bag, and I am not disappointed!!!

First, I love the hard sides. It gives me some confidence that this bag will hold up. Secondly, the spinner function is SO FANTASTIC. I have used the expander and not used the expander and find that the bag does not tilt or fall over. In fact, it is very sturdy when it's standing up and I do not worry about it toppling over. I tried to concentrate on putting heavier items towards the bottom of the bag when packing, but ultimately that went right out the window when I had to figure out how to stuff all of my things into it.

It doesn't LOOK like a big bag when you open it up. I initially thought "Good God, how am I going to get anything in here?" Yet, with some creativity and my puzzle skills (*snort*) I was able to fit everything in for a long-weekend trip.

As to the weight of the bag, no problem. My bag was STUFFED to the brim with my things, and yet I had no difficulty whatsoever lifting it into the overhead bin. I got the usual "Do you need any help with that?" offers from several gentlemen (thank you, guys!) nearby and I happily responded "Nope!" as I lifted my Ricardo bag into the overhead with ease. Speaking of the overhead, it fits great! No problem at all. It slid right in to the overhead bins on two Delta flights while other people were pushing and shoving their bags in. The ease of use and lightweight factor are the two things I love the most about the bag, besides the spinner feature.

After roughing through several flights and numerous overhead bins, the bag still looks pristine. I also really love the different storage spaces on this bag. The inside has a mesh compartment which is perfect for smaller items, and then of course it also has the shoe compartments.

This was definitely more than worth the price I paid for it and I loved the bag so much that I went ahead and bought the large 28-inch spinner to match it! I highly recommend this bag if you're in the market for a small spinner. A+++
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on April 5, 2017
I love this suitcase. It's a great size, and I find it easy to organize my belongings so that everything is easily accessible.

However, I've only owned the suit case for 3 years, and the wheels have already worn out. It's getting very difficult to pull the suitcase. It looks like the wheels would be very easy to replace, but I can't find the right size replacement wheels anywhere. I travel approximately 4 to 5 times/yr, so perhaps a bit more than average, but I would have expected the suitcase to last for more than 15 trips...

Edited (from 3 stars to 4 stars): After skimming the warranty, I had thought the wheels wearing down would be considered normal wear and tear. However, I emailed the company to ask where I could find replacement wheels, and they sent me some new ones no questions asked. It was easy to remove the old wheels and put on the new ones with just a screw driver.
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on August 21, 2014
I bought this about a year ago and it's gone with my on perhaps two trips and did not fare well. It's VERY lightweight, so lifting it into the overhead wasn't a problem at all for a gal but the wheels aren't the best quality. I think I might just have to spend more for a really smooth rolling quality spinner. So, not bad if you rarely travel but not good if you travel with it even thrice per annum.
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