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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2013
NOTE: You might want to add this to your order also (if still available): RICHARD SIMMONS SLIMAWAY EVERYDAY FOODMOVER JOURNAL BINDER **BRAND NEW** BONUS: 12 FREE RECIPE CARDS WITH PURCHASE!! The binder makes a wonderful addition.

After seeing Richard Simmons' newest infomercial, Project HOPE, a couple weeks ago, I came to Amazon to see if I could purchase it here instead (no you can't, at least not yet!). Project HOPE is $60 for the basic kit and $100 for the kit with the dumbbells, plus shipping of almost $13 for either.

For less than $12, this is a bargain. Of course, these aren't the same DVD's you'd receive with Project HOPE, but there's nothing wrong with these older DVDs.

One of the DVDs, Straight from the Heart, is not a workout. It's a 25 minute long motivational DVD.

The Tonin' to the Oldies DVD (from 2009) is to be used with the included toning cords. It's 34 minutes long and has these songs:

1. Twist and Shout
2. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. Stop in the Name of Love
5. Moon River

The Sweatin' to the Oldies 5 DVD is 55 minutes long, also from 2009. It has these songs:

1. Soul Man
2. I Want You Back
3. Ain't Too Proud to Beg
4. Think
5. Downtown
6. Where The Boys Are
7. Hit the Road Jack
8. These Boots are Made for Walkin'
9. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
10. What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love

I read another review that the doors don't stay up on the Food Mover. You have to click them into place at the uppermost point. They stay up after you give it an extra-hard push to CLICK them.

I checked the stats to see if there was a difference in the electronic Food Mover which comes in Project HOPE, and the older Food Mover sold in this package. The food stats are identical, Richard never changed them over the years. (I ended up returning Project HOPE).

The toning cords are so-so. They have padded handles on one end, straps to put your feet into on the other. That funny latex rubber smell that makes me cough.

You can make fun of Richard and his circa-1980's shorts all you want, but his method of weight loss is tried and true: portion control and exercise that's fun. He never hawked whatever the latest fad diet was, throughout all these years.
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on August 1, 2013
This very inexpensive kit is simply amazing! I was a Richard Simmons fan as a teenager when he had his TV show in the 80's, but had forgotten about him over the years and never thought I would need his help with fitness or weight loss, since I was a die-hard Tae Bo fan. These workouts REALLY make me sweat----and i mean sweat like I haven't since I was about 20!!! I have been eating a Gluten Free diet for my Celiac disease for about 7 years, and have been struggling with eating healthy and weight gain too. The Foodmover has cleared up so much for me regarding portion sizes and a balanced diet---resulting in 10 lbs of weight lost in just over 2 weeks! I LOVE Richard's energy and encouragement in the workout videos and in the Foodmover guide booklets. This simple little kit is causing amazing changes in my health and my husband's too. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the Richard Simmons workout DVDs sitting in my cart, as I have actually been able to workout 6 days a week without feeling exhausted and the workout are SO fun, an hour goes by much too fast! I have bought, used and then ditched pretty much ALL the workout programs out there---Power 90, Tae Bo, P90X to name a few----mainly because they are too hard, too boring or just not inspiring enough to use more than a week, and additionally the programs never really TEACH healthy diet and portions. Richard Simmons does----I am easting the same food I usually do, just in proper portions and I look forward to my daily workout, whether I'm Tonin' to the Oldies or Sweatin' to the Oldies. And for less than $15.00, you can NOT go wrong just giving it a try for a couple of weeks. In fact, I highly suggest getting the Slimaway Everyday binder for $5 here at Amazon, as it gives complete daily meal plans for 30 days and a complete workout schedule.
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on April 17, 2013
Have always been a huge Richard Simmons fan therefore I was so happy to find this set of DVDs! Love them and the exercise bands are an added bonus! I have one knee that has been replaced and another scheduled for replacement but I can do this video! The songs and Richards coaching really motivate me. I recommend this set especially because I know Richard understands me and my struggles with eating and exercising and the videos make me feel like he is right along side me. Awesome videos!!!
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on April 19, 2016
My ex-wife has the first three STTOs on VHS tape and I always liked Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 the best. After trying DDP yoga for 3 months and not losing a single pound, I decided to get this before getting a treadmill. So far, in the three weeks I've been exercising to Sweatin' to the Oldies 3, I've already lost almost 4 pounds! Each week, my pants fit just wee bit better and better. Only one of the exercise routines is a bit girly but you can modify the dance moves to make it more manly haha.

All in all, I love this workout and I'm looking forward to losing enough waitto actually be comfortable with myself. Richard Simmons is awesome!
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on January 29, 2018
Richard is Fabulous! Love the live band and the oldies on #3! Have been working out with Richard's DVDs for about 2 months and lost 10 pounds so far. He is so inspiring and fun to workout with! Its like going to a party and dancing all night....just plain fun! I have #3, Disco Sweat, #4, #5, Boogie down the Pounds, Blast & Tone. Will probably buy the rest of them too.
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on July 26, 2014
I tried P90x but found as an older woman with lots of weight to loose it was not for me. I was so happy to find Sweatin for life on Amazon! I had done this years ago and loved it. I have been using it for a week now and its so much fun. I love the music and richards upbeat personality it makes the time go by really fast. The routines are fast and easy to follow. The toning bands are easy to use and the exercises really great. I am really happy with this product.
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on January 23, 2014
The price for the set was great. Prior to buying this, I had several of his DVDs/VCR tapes and his Food Mover Plan and bought each one for the price I paid for this set. While I backslide from time to time, with Richard Simmons I feel like he understands what it's like to gain weight, fight to lose it, and try to exercise with encouragement instead of beratement. Never met him but I feel comfortable letting him into my home through his products. Plus, he's fun and understands that it's better to smile than be dour.
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on April 26, 2014
The Sweatin' 5 disc was far easier to learn than the first four. He does a much better job of explaining the moves this time. I'm still uncoordinated, and it takes me longer than the average person to learn, but at least I can't blame Richard in this case!! I LOVE the toning video. I use it after my aerobic workout three times a week, so I appreciated that the aerobic component isn't grueling, since I've already completed one of his other "punishing" workouts already...I have all of the Sweatin' series and alternate them daily, so I'm having lots of fun and FINALLY seeing some success (of course, I found out last year that my thyroid was shot and that in all likelihood played a part in my unsuccessful weight loss saga--and possibly the weight gain in the first place!!--but that's another story)...
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on October 25, 2017
Love these videos! Love that there are all different sizes of people throughout the video so you feel like if they can do it so can you! And Richard is all kinds of positive and energetic! I bought 3!!
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on July 27, 2013
I am 52 and have struggled with weight for 25 years. I have tried all kinds of things and all types of programs...like the wii and the elliptical. " Tonin to the Oldies" with the bands is easy to do, convenient, and I don't have to stare at a bunch of people who never struggled with the weight in their entire life. I have not looked at the other video yet but I am sure I'm gonna love it. Richard Simmons understands being over weight and how to get you motivated. The video is achievable...so many of them I could never keep up with and never could learn all the moves...I can do this program before I get ready for work.
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