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on June 8, 2014
I bought the camera a month ago and am still learning all the features. It takes practice to take good photographs. I purchased the camera because I liked the close up features, specifically the light emitting diodes around the lens. This is only camera I know that has lights around the lense. A great idea. They work as advertised. I take a lot of close ups of aluminum parts. Unfortunately taking pictures of aluminum is like taking a picture of a mirror. The lights really stand out. Normally I can shoot from the side and try and get a reflection of a white sheet of paper. When taking close ups you typically do not have much depth of field. I am taking close up photographs of fractured surfaces. I think this camera really excels at taking pictures of flat objects like coins and stamps.

At work our parts are leak tested under water. I used the camera under water to photographs the bubbles. It takes practice but it worked.

The altitude works. I am still working on the GPS.

The worst feature is that you have to plug in the camera to charge the battery. The camera only comes with a 925 mAh battery. You can buy 1500 mAh batteries (Halcyon) from Amazon. You get 50% more run time! Amazon sells three 1500 mAh batteries with a charger and some stuff for only $20.

For the price I think a memory should be included. They are pretty cheap. The camera does have some internal memory so you can take a few pictures with out memory card.

It comes with a clip to attach the camera to your belt, purse, or what ever. The camera does not have a cover for the lense. The camera is rated as being drop proof. Having a camera swing on your belt or back pack seems like an opportunity to always smak the camera into things. Good pictures need a clean lense. While I do not clean my camera lenses very often I do try and keep dirt and finger prints off them. I got a bag to keep my camera in.

I like the camera and I am enjoying it.

UPDATE: Camera does not seem to need a lense cover. The lense stays clean!. I bought the camera because of the light emitting diodes around the lense for close ups. There are other cameras that have image stacking for close ups. The camera takes multiple images varying the focus. Then combines the sharpest features. WOW. I wish Ricoh had included image stacking.
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on February 22, 2015
I bought the WG-2 when it came out and spent a lot of money on it. The features were nice, but it got dropped in the snow at a ski resort and stopped working. Ricoh sent me a replacement and I promptly sold it. I did not plan to buy another WG camera.

I am a professional photographer, and I found that some of the features of the camera were not available in the other "tough" cameras on the market. I considered an Olympus but they were too expensive. I revisited the WG line reading reviews and feedback from many different sources before buying the camera. I got the WG-4 GPS for about half of what I had paid for the WG-2 when it was new. I never use the GPS, so unless you need to chart every picture get the non-GPS model.

Battery life is not great on this camera, especially when using for video, or macro shots with the macro lights burning. I bought a bundle of third party batteries with a charger on Amazon for $23 and now have 5 batteries and that is good.

This camera does several things very well:
1. Interval shooting-the lowest interval is 10 seconds.
2. Macro shooting
3. Extreme macro shooting
4. Video

Not so great:
The "Scene modes."
The flash seems to be over powered and washes everything out. Adjust the EV compensation down a stop if you plan on using the built in flash.

I never use digital zoom. I only use optical. You can disable digital zoom in the camera menu.
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on May 11, 2015
I took this on a week-long snorkeling trip to the Caribbean. It performed well and never got a water leak or anything. It also took some significant hits from rocks (but under and out of water). Actually, this is the camera my wife carried. I carried the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5, which is the same as the TS5. I can therefore compare the two cameras.

* This camera looks and feels bulkier, but also tougher. Neither had any problems with water leakage or anything else, but this one felt the part. It was grippy and heavy. I also thought it was a little on the large side. The panasonic was more easily pocketed.

* I kind of liked how this had a symbol letting you know whether it had acquired the GPS signal or not. The Panasonic didn't seem to give me any clues.

* I like the button placement on this better than on the panaonic. On the panasonic, the video and picture buttons are right next to each other and I kept taking pictures when I meant to get a video and vice versa. It's hard to read these screens and remember to use the right buttons while you are in the water.

* This camera tended to take more blue pictures and videos underwater than the Panasonic. However, overall it was better. The panasonic had white balance problems all over the place, especially under water--some were very blue, others were white or yellow. The white balance in the Ricoh was much more reliable and consistent. I appreciate that. The overall quality was similar with maybe an edge to the panasonic when it got it right, but there were way too many failed pictures and videos with the panasonic.

* The mechanism that locked the battery compartments was more reliable (higher friction) here than on the panasonic. Though neither leaked, the panasonic sometimes came unlocked with casual use.

* Both cameras had pretty poor battery life. You are lucky to get a full day in. The Ricoh always had more juice and lasted longer than the panasonic, but my wife also took fewer pictures, so I don't know which wins here.

If I could only have one of the two cameras I'd take the Ricoh for the consistency and reliability.

Anyway I did a lot of diving and swimming with this, as well as trekking across the country. It performed admirably. Good camera and, at least at the time I bought it, a good price.
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on September 9, 2015
This camera failed on its first usage. It leaked and corroded so bad within 30 minutes of snorkling that all pictures were lost. I contacted Precision Camera who does warranty work for Pentax (owner of Ricoh) and was told it was beyond economical repair and was returned to me (BTW, I had to pay for the shipping to Precision). Now I am arguing with Pentax. All I want is an underwater camera that worked while snorkling. Do NOT buy this POS.
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on March 17, 2015
AMAZING! but.... pain in the butt to charge. Because it takes FOREVER! We use it for work, and when it dies, we need it charged 5 minutes ago. Most cameras can fully charge in a half hour. Not this one. A couple hours at least. And there isn't an external battery charger with it, where it allows you to purchase another batter and always have one charging and keep switching between the two. You have to actually plug the camera in... and wait. But as far as fuctionality it is the best we have ever used. We take thousands of photos a day and it is tough and user friendly. And we can work later into the night because of this camera. Used to be we had to quit at dark, but now with this camera it lights up the outside after dark like it was the middle of the day! Without even turning the flash on!!!! Turn the flash on and its even better. Very good quality camera.
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on November 24, 2015
This camera took nice pictures when it worked. However, I bought it to take on my cruise. Took nice pictures at the first stop where I was just snorkeling, but the camera would not focus when underwater at 30 feet. So I have no pictures from my scuba dives. Now (above water) it is taking nice pictures again. I do not recommend this camera for scuba diving. 😩
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on May 19, 2015
First the description of the camera implies that the GPS data and compass heading and the alt or pressure reading is imbedded in the image. this is not true it is only in the meta date file in the image file header. It can be put the image with the proper program.

Second the cable to transfer the data out is a Ricoh cable not a standard micro usb end even though it looks like one. it does not have wifi capability unless an eye-fi card is used.

Next the menu structure is excessively complicated. most of which is unnecessary.

It takes decent quality photos and has a few interesting features most of which I have not used yet. The super microscope mode works well.
the interval shooting movie mode has not worked yet. I have not tried the high speed slow motion movie mode yet. The regular movie mode works fine. regular photo mode works fine. Photo editing in a camera is unnecessary it i normally done in a computer anyway.

The GPS mode once turned on stays on even when the camera is turned off. this fine if you are doing GPS log but not if you are just tagging photos. You have to go back through the menus to Turn it off.
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on July 15, 2016
I would give this camera 0 stars if I could. I bought this camera falling for claims of toughness and waterproof to 45 feet. Took it for first time on vacation and hoped to scuba dive and snorkel with it. It leaked and screen went dead in less than 1 foot of water. It never even made it to ocean. I was annoyed at loss of vacation camera but became more annoyed when Pentax/Ricoh did not stand by product and instead said it was my fault for not having seal checked prior to trip. Where would I go for that? Repair place that I have to pay for postage both ways is no guarantee and in CT - it is not close.

Worse - I now see all of these reviews after my purchase telling basically same story. This product is not waterproof. It is seems sturdy and water resistant at best. I just wish they had been honest or refund my money of you are not.
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on February 7, 2015
Don't buy and don't waste your money. This is as good a paper weight. Water leakage is very easy, I did not even submerge the camera and water damage was so extensive to the point it would not turn on. Also, Ricoh did not even honor its warranty. I did like the earlier versions under the different brand name, but this is a complete piece of s***.
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on February 17, 2015
The camera is great in certain conditions - in sandy environments it remains dust free. It does take slightly longer than my previous 'point and shoot' to focus before taking the picture, but overall it was fine.... until.... the first time we took this is water (1-2m only for snorkelling) it shorted. The screen went blank and it no longer functions. I can only assume my product was faulty as we had only had it 2 months and I have read multiple good reviews on this site.

Disappointing though as I also bought the case and accessories and they are now useless as I would not purchase this camera again.
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