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on December 5, 2009
When I first started drinking wine a decade ago, I thought it'd be kind of cool to buy a bunch of different wine glasses. You know the drill: smallish ones for white wines, bigger ones for reds, humongous ones for Bordeaux, insanely large fishbowl-esque ones for Burgundy, and so on and so forth. Although it's nice to whip out the big fancy ones for a special occasion, I find myself returning to the Riedel Overture Magnum glasses again and again and again. Why? For one, they're big enough to allow for some mighty swirling without splashing wine all over yourself (which is embarrassing). They're also durable enough to stand up to (ahem) drunken handling during boisterous dinner parties and/or hungover washing up the morning after. They've survived the dishwasher a couple of dozen times and still look good; they seem to do just fine with any kind of wine (except for dessert wines - if you start pouring half bottles into these things, you run out too quickly). In short, these are the glasses you'll wind up using nearly every time you drink wine. Don't worry about those ridiculous "Nebbiolo only" or whatever glasses that cost the earth and are more fragile than Kanye West's ego - just grab a set of these and get down to drinking. You won't regret it.
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on March 3, 2015
Through attrition, and clumsiness, all the wine glasses I have left were 14 to 16 oz. Why do you need a 16 oz. glass, when the nominal serving of wine is 4 or 5 oz.? For high-end wines, it gives the wine plenty of room for the bouquet to develop.That is important. But what if you can't or won't buy much high-end wine? 95% of the wine I buy is $7 to $15.( There are amazingly good wines in that range if you look hard.) These glasses seem very well made, with cut and well polished rims,(not sharp, like some of the higher end glasses). They weigh 2 oz. less than my good 16 oz. glasses, and are 2" shorter. Much less cumbersome. If you want to smell the bouquet,, pour only an ounce or two, and swirl. The rim diameter is
2 1/8". I have what I consider a "generous" nose, and with the rim at my lips, my nose does fit inside as far as I want. A 5 oz. serving comes up slightly above the halfway point in the glass, giving you a good feel for an appropriate serving. I will buy more of these.
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on May 10, 2013
The 3 styles of glasses that come with this set (4 larger magnums for red wine; 4 smaller glasses for red or white; and 4 champagne glasses) are all beautiful, feel very nice in your hand and look to be of high quality. For $80 you get 12 glasses, that's less than $7 per glass- cannot beat the price. They don't look cheap at all. To the contrary they look beautiful, the glass is thin but sturdy and we agree that wines taste better in these glasses than they did in our other (cheaper) glasses. Pricing is such that you can feel comfortable using them as your 'every-day' glasses, and they can easily be used for nicer occasions. Also if a glass breaks, your heart won't break because it was only (less than) $7 / glass.

A few notes: the magnum has a very short stem, lending itself to cupping the vessel vs. holding the stem- which is a better way to drink a red wine. The magnum has a large opening so you can easily get your nose in there, dramatically enhancing the aroma. If you insist on holding the stem, you may not like this magnum due to the short stem making it a bit challenging to get a grip on it. Red / white wine glass- to me looks like more of a white wine glass but it could definitely double for a red glass (particularly for a lighter, less full-bodied red). Champagne glasses: I love with the larger vessel. It's bold and beautiful. If you prefer a smaller / more dainty vessel, you may not care for these champagne glasses. We bought 1 'pay 8 get 12' box to see if we liked them, and we do. In fact we just bought 2 more boxes.

We're glad we bought this non-varietal specific set. We enjoy drinking wine but we're not connoisseurs, and we drink many different varietals. So this was perfect for us. We also entertain a fair bit, so having a full set of 12 glasses that can accommodate all of our wine / champagne needs made more sense than having several smaller sets of the varietal-specific glasses. With that said, some of the varietal-specific sets from Riedel look amazing, so at some point we may by pairs of a few of them for special occasions.

The packaging is amazing. We won't be keeping it as we store our glasses in cupboards, but if don't have space to do that or you just like to keep your glassware in boxes, the packaging on this set is really nice. All 12 glasses fit into one box with a small handle on top, and each of the 3 different glass styles comes in their own fold-open 'crate' that you can easily pull out of the box, pull the # of glasses you need, etc. Packaging is designed so that it's quick and easy to take out and replace glasses into the packaging- i.e. no wrap paper, etc.
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on June 12, 2016
These glasses were amazing! And I bought them at a great deal, can't beat $79.80 for 12 glasses! Some reviewers said that the stems were a bit short and I do agree, but I actually like that because I've broken so many glasses in the past from the stems being too long and too thin. These were much sturdier and they hold up well during washes.
review image
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on June 18, 2016
Love these glasses. We used them as our everday drinking glasses and they work well for both reds and whites. The bowl is a great size for swirling, and the glasses really have a great feel to them. I like the fact that the stem isn't too long. I find that lots of restaurants and such have gone with really long stems, and for some reason, I just don't like them, so the stems on these are great.

Haven't used the decanter that much yet, however I know when we have more friends over, the decanter will be nice to have. When we have used it, it was fine. We went with this because we got the decanter and six glasses which will suit our needs most often. If we want to extend our set, we can simply buy a pair for cheaper than the decanter would have been.

Solid quality, delivered well. Not much more to ask for here
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on August 2, 2015
Having used basic Libby "party glass" for years, we felt it was time to upgrade. This Riedel set offers good value for the money. The lip is polished, not ground, but it feels elegant and remarkably different without the rolled edge of cheaper pieces. And, so far, even without the sturdier rolled lip, the glasses have held up well to daily use without chipping thus far. The only disappointment is in the stem. In our opinion, both the red and white wine glasses would look better if the stems were just slightly longer; these are a bit squat. Riedel does an extraordinary job of packing these glasses. They are held in rows of sturdy corrugated cardboard with foam that supports the lip and base, and keeps the glasses from any contact with its neighbor. Amazon then ships them in a second corrugated box, and they arrive perfectly. In summary, we are simply amazed at what a difference the feel of fine glassware can make in the enjoyment of our favorite wines.
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on December 11, 2013
Very nice glasses for the value. Bought these for my brother in law who is very picky about his wine glasses (he is French) most of the time. The problem is that he has gone through a slew of nice wine glasses and he is down to drinking out of mason jars (kidding). He really has broken so many it does not make sense to buy expensive ones. While I have not drunken out of these yet, I examined them and they are very decent glasses for the price. Now for many, this price might be a lot so let's put this in context. I do like nice wine. I don't go overboard but I will enjoy a well priced Ribera del Duero or a nice Zin from Dry Creek. My friends call me "Bougie" because I am picky about serving wine out of a nice glass (and other things). I can't stand drinking wine out of glasses that are so thick that it just ruins the wine drinking experience. These glasses are fit to carry my wine. So I guess what I am trying to say is that if you enjoy your wine and also enjoy the feeling of the wine glass on your lips and can sense the difference, these glasses might be up your alley. If you want the best of the best, probably not for you but you are not paying premium prices for the best wine glasses. For me the price was perfect and the glasses are perfect for the price. Best of both worlds.
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on March 31, 2014
Stems not long enough and have molding ridges on it. Not near the quality as the Vinum. If I had held and seen them, I probabaly would not have purchased this series.
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on May 3, 2015
Very nice Riedel glasses. We have used Riedel glasses for years and are never disappointed in their quality, beauty and endurance. While we own several expensive Riedel varietal glasses, the Ouverture series is a wonderful option for picnics, parties, tasting groups. The price offering ($59.99 for 8) is terrific in 'risky' situations. I would also recommend this set for occasional wine drinkers and/or new wine drinkers (perfect wedding gift). The Ouverture set is common in tasting rooms throughout our area (Sonoma/Napa). The stems are about 2 inches (glass is 8 1/4 inches overall), compared to the 4-5 inch stem of varietal glasses. Additionally, Riedel does not disappoint with superior packaging. We belong to a wine taster's group and transport these glasses to various functions using the box/packaging. Wonderful product!
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on June 23, 2016
The glass quality is excellent. My issue is that these glasses are tiny. I bought them to use as general wine glasses, you know generic red, white, champagne. They are a great price, so ordered a couple boxes. I did not like how small they were so I sent them back. The red glass honestly looks like a small water glass, the stem is very short, very. The white wine glass is actually perfect, best glass in the set for sure. The glass i intended for champagne is not like a tall thin traditional glass at all, and I know that was not its intention, but just wanted to point it out, its just like a slightly more narrow white wine glass. It would be exceptional for something like a mimosa where you sometimes want something a bit more wide. Just know what you are getting, these are not what I would consider traditional looking wine glasses at all. I ended up upgrading to the higher level Riedel wine glasses that you have to but in pairs verses large sets and I'm very very happy with those. If know what you are getting with these and want small short stem glasses, this set is of very nice quality and the packaging was very good as well.
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