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on January 27, 2017
In this episode, Mike and the bots tackle the 1961 black-and-white Japanese "classic", INVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN. A group of precocious young boys and their hero, Space Chief battle the forces of bullet-headed morons from Neptune, who are intent on conquering the Earth. The movie starts out pretty well, but quickly devolves into a lot of running, walking, driving, flying and staring at screens. Mike and crew valiantly held their own throughout this monstrosity with brilliant riffing, until the interminable aerial battle near the end, when they were reduced to tears. It got so bad that at one point, Mike and Crow walked out of the theater and left poor Servo alone to fend for himself.

Host segments: While Pearl, Bobo and Brain Guy are stuck in ancient Rome, Crow and Servo try to put on a Kabuki play, Servo comes down with Roji-panty complex (don't ask) and the crew has a surprise visit from Krankor of PRINCE OF SPACE. These were some of my favorite segments.

Overall, the movie was horrible, the riffing was great and the streaming of this episode had no problems. I definitely recommend this for a rental.
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Hamlet? You mean the standard issue 16th century revenge tragedy that Shakespeare transformed into a psychological drama about a man at war with his own consciousness, revising it into the foundational text of modern literature?

Yeah, you're gonna have to go elsewhere for that story. What we got here is a dismal 1961 attempt at Hamlet for German television, trimmed from 152 minutes to a little over half that length, and still managing to feel like an eternity. Ricardo Montalban and John Banner are among the uncredited, dubbed voices (Maximillian Schell dubs his own voice, in English); the action seems to have been filmed in a dimly-lit prison block, and the hair, costumes, and college-production acting are all fair targets for ridicule. The riffing is really quite good in this episode; it takes chutzpah to riff Shakespeare and get away with it, but Mike, Kevin, and Bill rise to the occasion.

(You say you want to watch a better version of Hamlet on film? Well, there's always Olivier's pop-Freudian version of 1948; Kurosawa's 1960 free translation of the story into a tale of Japanese corporate corruption; and Kenneth Branagh's four-and-a-half hour all-star version from 1996.)
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on February 27, 2016
I loved this movie as a child. Planet of the Dinosaurs has great stop motion animation, and the dinosaurs look pretty good. The rex always goes for the head when he attacks, just like other large predators, so someone did their homework. The cast is another matter, but I was forgiving back then. Watch them shoot dinosaurs with arrows and throw spears at them, because their laser gun apparently can't even cut through butter. Watch the crew bicker like school children at recess. Watch them make one boneheaded decision after another, like handing a deadly weapon to a panicky secretary. And that's before the riffing.

As with the other RiffTrax movies, this one is both hilarious and surprisingly cheap. The jokes had me laughing out loud plenty of times. Watching this made me wish there was something this good on TV.
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2011
...this is the one that does it.

I've watched quite a few Rifftrax DVDs and, on the whole, I'm rather entertained by them. They're always funny, Mike and Co. always do a good job, but its just not quite the same as MST3k. I don't know what it is exactly, but they always fall just the littlest, tiniest bit short of being as great as MST3k was.

I figured at some point I'd get the DVD that finally brings it up a notch, and this one is it. "Planet Of Dinosaurs" is incredible, and ranks right up there with my favorite MST3k episodes.

The movie is about a marooned spaceship crew that wanders around, fights, complains, wanders around some more, has several rest periods, and occasionally comes up against some dinosaurs. Its prime MST3k material, and Mike, Kevin and Bill just knock it out of the park. It really does measure up with the best of the Sci-Fi years. Rapid fire, super funny, its the best RiffTrax I've seen to date.

If you're mourning the loss of MST still but haven't checked out RiffTrax yet, start here. Its the finest offering thusfar.
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on November 6, 2016
I'm a huge fan of any version of MST, but this one was simply not that funny. I hardly laughed at all, and the movie was worse than a turkey. It was more of a turkey's carcass. The boys have done much, much better. Probably just me, and it gets two stars for them making it through this boring, boring offering, and it's delightful to see/hear them on my TV again. But other than that, it's a pass for me. Will probably never watch it again; unusual for a good Rifftrax production.
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on September 16, 2017
these guys have always been funny - and this recent offering lives up to their reputation! If you've ever seen them and liked them on TV from a few years ago -- they are back! It's almost worth subscribing to Netflix for (I think they have a regular series on Netflix now) ! But I found this episode on Amazon's film offerings -- we laughed so much -- the quips are relentlessly funny and spot on! Much needed relief from the troubles in today's headlines.
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Top Contributor: Animeon February 12, 2015
A lot of folks seem to have fond memories of 1978's "Planet of Dinosaurs," but only the RiffTrax team could get me to sit through the story of a band of shipwrecked idiots wandering aimlessly through a nonexistent plot while waiting to be picked off by stop-motion dinosaurs.

The acting? Bad. The synthesizer music? Worse. The cast's appearance? Like a bunch of '70s porn film performers in the ugliest school band uniforms ever. The riffing? Brilliant from start to finish. In other words, it's comedy gold.
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on February 19, 2010
How Mystery Science Theater 3000 missed skewering this movie is a mystery to me. The Rifftrax trio of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett do an outstanding job of tearing this movie apart, much the same way that the stop-motion dinosaurs tear their victims apart. One pointless shot of the sun in the sky elicited this memorable comment. "Hi. This is God. Watch me mess with these chuckleheads!" The only way anyone can sit through this movie of space shipwrecked survivors wandering around aimlessly, periodically stopping for rest periods, and occasionally getting killed, is by enjoying the riffs of the Rifftrax trio.
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on November 24, 2014
Another great one by the RT crew. The movie is actually kind of typical of low budget 70's stuff, so it is not uniquely bad. That they kill off the hottest chick in a bikini and leave some muscle guy shirtless for the entire movie (despite his shirt being right there), only highlights the moments the RT guys can make fun of, oh, everything in it. Not quite on the level of say, Guy From Harlem or House on Haunted Hill, but still definitely worth adding to your collection.
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on February 28, 2010
"Halt, who plods there?" Oh I know, a bunch of hairy people from late 70s public television... all to the wonderful sounds of painfully awful synthesizer music. If you like watching people walk around while not really doing anything, then it's the greatest movie you've ever seen. On the other hand, it's much more fun hearing the gang give it their all they've got. I was very impressed with the job they did this time on the commentary because there is A LOT of downtime in the movie for them to cover and they pull it off wonderfully, even slipping in a callback or two to MST3K episodes. Basically, it's another quality Rifftrax episode that's worth every penny if you like the commentaries they produce.
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