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on February 17, 2016
I've known for years about this book, but for some reason I never read it - Probably because I lumped Breitbart in with the Tea Party, to which he was closely associated. I lean conservative naturally, but I'm turned off by extremism - which I view the Tea Party as being. I even found the subtitle a bit egotistical, if I'm being honest.

That all changed recently when I was looking for a book on the liberal media and the methods liberals use to tear everyone who's not with them down. Years ago I'd read Juan Williams's Muzzled - the Assault on Honest Debate. He framed a good argument after being victimized by the liberal machine, but there was virtually nothing in the way of execution. D'Souza never quite met the need - he focused more on Obama's motivations. There were a couple on my list regarding spin and media bias, but both were expensive. That's when I read the description for this book.

Long story short - this was the book I've been looking for. Part biography, part history, part story, and part strategy, Righteous Indignation really nails the tactics used by what Breitbart terms the DMC - Democratic Media Complex. Rooted in Alinskyan Rules for Radicals strategy, the DMC doesn't attempt to push back on facts, it seeks to immediately attack the veracity and integrity of whomever is providing information it doesn't like without being concerned about such pesky things such as truth or integrity itself. Example after example, Breitbart demonstrates how he learned not only what was happening, but how to fight back. While certainly no angel, there's no denying that Breitbart knows and describes how to fight back while maintaining integrity.

As always, your political leanings will determine how you feel about Breitbart and the book. But as someone upon whom Michael Moore's Farenheit 911 had the exact opposite of the intended effect - I enjoyed this book thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't believe there's bias in the media.
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on September 16, 2017
If you are a left-leaning “progressive”, then you should read this book. It will expose the lies and agenda of the “Complex” (see below) which you are supporting, and may cause you to have second thoughts, and hopefully provide you with the same revelation that caused the author (Andrew Breitbart) to switch from being essentially a socialist to a conservative.

Further, if you are a conservative, and are asking yourself, “how can I get in the game, and take on the left-biased ‘Complex’ [Breitbart’s own term] of politicos and mainstream-media who are promoting the ‘progressive’ agenda?”, then this is the book for you!

In 1971 Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals”, which has become the playbook for so-called “Progressives” (including so-called “community organizers”) to take-over the American dialogue in favor of their “government-knows-best” agenda. In “Righteous Indignation” Andrew Breitbart provides what might be accurately described as “rules for conservatives”. At least 50% of this book is directed towards recommended “rules” (see esp. pages 147-160) and case-histories which demonstrate how conservatives can overcome the “Complex”, and thus expose to the public how the "Complex" is manipulating their minds in order to advance the "progressive" agenda. Beyond that, it is also a call to action for conservatives.

What makes this book credible is that the author (Breitbart) does not resort to name-calling or other disparaging tactics regarding his view of the “Complex” – he merely calls them out for their obvious complicity in: (i) advancing the “progressive” agenda; (ii) promulgating lies; (iii) ignoring inconvenient truths; and (iv) waging character-assassinations (and truth-assassinations) when the truth (which goes against their agenda) is exposed. Breitbart does not argue policy – he argues for exposure of the “Complex”, along with their agenda to corrupt the truth (and the American system) for their own aggrandizement. Basically, Breitbart argues that the mainstream media ("MSM") does not provide a level playing field in which all opinions can be freely expressed (and the public can thus make their own decisions), but rather that MSM has an agenda, and will do everything within its power to suppress contrary views.

Unfortunately, Mr. Breitbart died about 1 year after the publication of this book, and was thus unable to advance his agenda any further. More unfortunately, the successors to his empire (esp., “Breitbart News”) have not taken up his mantle, and have instead rather settled on a “profit-by-advertising-supervenes-fundamental-message” business model. Where is your worthy successor, Andrew Breitbart? Jesus had St. Paul to carry-on the message, but Breitbart does not seem to have any similar acolyte. Is there anyone (within the remaining Breitbart ”new-media” empire) who is willing to step up and take on the mission? Where is Andrew Breitbart’s “St. Paul”?
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on September 20, 2017
He was a brilliant man who died too young.
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on September 22, 2017
Such an amazing story! Couldn't put it down!
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on September 23, 2017
Great book!
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on October 28, 2016
A must read for conservatives!
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on January 26, 2013
Andrew Breitbart makes a strong case for boycotting the main stream media and embracing the new media. The author describes the incestuous relationship between the institutional left and the "Democrat-Media Complex". While helping launch the Huffington Post, and being the founder of Big Government, Big Hollywood and, he makes his case for embracing independent new media on both sides of the political spectrum, similar to the UK's media model where neither the left or right media outlets masquerade as unbiased and objective when they clearly are not.

The author makes a prediction that the main stream media outlets will eventually marginalize themselves as a direct result of disregarding ethics and journalistic integrity and replacing those virtues with the the Alinsky-esque philosophy that the ends outweigh the means in pushing the institutional left's progressive agenda. A revelation that is slowly becoming a reality with massive layoffs and direct cash infusions required in various elements of the "Democrat-Media Complex" which will no doubt be subsidized by the public coffers under the guise of objective journalism, due to the public's loss of confidence in these outlets (defies logic, I know).

The author takes the reader to the Breitbart war room explaining how he forced the main stream media to cover the Acorn and "Weinergate" scandals, two of many feathers in Andrew Breitbart's cap. He also explained in detail how Matt Drudge forced the main stream media to cover the Lewinsky scandal when they, taking queue from the white house's John Podesta, were doing everything they could to stifle the story and discredit the messenger. The main point I took away from this book is that these types of controversies are newsworthy and necessary if we are to have an informed republic and that if the main stream media is going to continue to refuse to cover these types of stories until their hand is forced to do so, then I will consume my news feeds from alternative news aggregation sources that aren't adhering to a pre-shaped narrative, regardless of real world events.

It was George Orwell who stated that "In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act" - The late Andrew Breitbart was truly a revolutionary in his time, even if he wasn't the most eloquent writer.
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on June 15, 2011
Andrew Breitbart writes the same way he talks which makes this book a fast read and a fun one. It is like having a friend tell you an interesting story with pretty shocking revelations about his past, but one that builds through a series of discoveries he's made along the way about his original world view (more like a world assumption) into a mature viewpoint. At 55 I've seen much of the history discussed in the book, lived part of it, and read about some of it, but after reading his perspective (some of it from the inside of the event) in context, I can now view the political and media landscape with much greater clarity. Regardless which side of the political spectrum you call sanity, this is a good read and should provoke discussion and thought stripped of mirages, taboos, and facades we've been taught as facts over the years.
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on May 1, 2017
Got this for my Husband, he loved it, Informative, truth. Great buy, great read.
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on December 20, 2016
Love reading the book, remembering him talk about most of the things written in this book
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