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on January 2, 2013
I bought the Rikomagic MK802 to use it HD movie player, and for general web surfing activities.

The product was pretty easy to set up - just plug into HDMI port on the back of the TV - connect to a power source and the unit boots up right away. The box came with an extended HDMI cable and a mini USB dongle (for powering the Rikomagic). The instruction manual is pretty light - I suppose the company which makes this probably assumes that if you buy this device then you probably already know a thing or two about Android operating system.

The dual core processor (same as you would find in the Galaxy S2) is more than adequate for the task at hand. There was no issues with HD movie playbacks at all. Sound comes out as it should on my TV and there was no need to tinker with the setup to get that to work, which is nice. I have not played games on it yet but from what I heard, it holds up pretty well for some of the older titles like GTA 3.

Note that the Rikomagic only has one USB port (excluding the mini USB slot for the power adapter), so you will need to get one of those USB port hubs. I bought a cheap 1-4 hub and used one port for connecting my wireless mouse and keyboard receiver unit (surprisingly enough, I have not found a single wireless mouse and keyboard that has not worked yet), one for my joypad and the third and fourth port for portable HDD/USB sticks (where I download my HD movies and music files). Some people connect their webcam as well so I suppose that could be another use for the fourth port.

Loading movies is fairly simple. I basically use the explorer to access files in the portable HDD (I have a 500GB Goflex). The unit comes with two different movie viewer but you can download more from their app stores. Have not found a movie file that is incompatible yet. However, when navigating the portable HDD directory structure sometimes it struggles to scan for files if there are a lot of files in a directory. Not sure why this is the case but it's not a big deal.

As for web surfing - not sure why some people said that they have problems connecting to Wifi when using wireless mouse and keyboard but I had no problems at all - the RikoMagic connects right away and never lost internet connection. May be certain brand of wireless mouse/keyboard causes interference?

I can't say much about the operating system... it's Android 4.1 - the same stuff that you get on your android based cell phone. So if you're already used to it then navigating or doing things on it (like installing apps, customizing) should be a breeze. If you figure out how to root this thing then you can probably do a ton more stuff on this than playing movies and surfing the web.

Now - the bad - I know this thing only costs a little under 70 bucks and therefore we shouldn't expect too much from this device in terms of accessories but it would have been nice if the company included some sort of proper power adapter. I suppose it's not an issue if your TV already have a USB port so you can hook it up to it, but if your TV does not (like mine), then trying to figure out how to power this device becomes a tricky exercise. I tried several different phone chargers but so far the Rikomagic constantly reboots due to inadequate power supply... I also heard that USB ports on older TV's does not have adequate current to support it either - supposedly anything north of 500mA is required to run it properly. The company could have saved consumers a lot of hassle by including a USB wall adapter and may be charge a little bit more. Note that I currently power it via my laptop USB as this is the only way to keep it powered properly. The second bad - though so far this has not caused problems - is that the device seems to heat up after prolonged use. However, I have used it for well over an hour surfing the web and watching HD movies, and other than the unit getting moderately hot it has not crashed or burst into flame so so far so good.

Final verdict - for what it's worth the RikoMagic III does its job well enough for the price. Shame about the power issue.


After tinkering with various power adapters - turned out that you really need to have 2000mA to ensure that the unit works with all sorts of USB accessories attached. Luckily, I have an IPAD adapter - which has enough juice for the task. Note that I initially tried 1000mA wall adapter but it kept having problems when playing back movies or loading files from my portable HD...
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on December 7, 2012
Pros: I can stream Netflix, play Star Wars Angry Birds and run all the apps I want from Google Play. I like the interface just fine, it is running Jelly Bean which is the latest android OS as of right now 12/7/12.

Cons: The wifi is functional but has an internal antenna and appears to have trouble picking up the signal. I have read that others are finding that the bluetooth dongle/adapter you may put in it to have a wireless keyboard and mouse fights with the wifi signal and that you should use a usb extension cable to get some distance between the mk802 III and the keyboard/mouse usb adapter.

Overall, it made my "dumb tv", smart and fun to use.

I rooted it so that I could install Droidmote server which allows me to use my android phone as a remote control, to control the mouse on the tv. Due to wifi interference, the droidmote client on my android phone is very laggy as in not useful. Droidmote to laptop works great.

For rooting, see TrailRiderKen's review at [...] and for upgrading to the latest firmare: [...]
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on October 14, 2016
might as well by a jelly bean phone, I returned it and bought a kangaroo pc box, lasted 1 month , and returned it now , I decide to let another company handle the security issues of the software, because I'm a dummy, so Google has converted me. Google Chromebit is your best bet if you are in to pc sticks and I wouldn't settle for anything less than 2ghz on the processing side and 2 ghz of memory which this end of year should be released , I think now its less than 2 ghz , 1.8 or less if I'm not mistaken. Chrome OS is the best if you don't have the time to keep your security issues up to date and want to protect your privacy. This is from purchasing experience and experience in general with computers since 95 , I can't wait till Chrome apps are removed from Mac and microsoft phones.
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on December 15, 2012
As stated in the product description, this device requires a USB plugin for power. There is no wall plug/transformer provided for AC power. The provided USB cable, for power connection to a USB port on the TV, and the HDMI cable are not long enough to reach my TV USB and HDMI without having the Mini PC device just hanging in the air. I had to plug the Mini PC into an HDMI switch, taking up two plug positions because it is rather wide, and then still get a longer USB cable.

As expected, when I power off my TV, the USB power to the Mini PC goes away. I think this is a good thing since other Mini PC devices are constantly powered on. The downside is that it takes a little while for the Mini PC to boot up.

I had a problem getting my wireless keyboard to work. I had to switch to a Logitech wireless keyboard even though the first one I installed (not a Logitech) had worked with a different Android device. I have not had the same WiFi and wireless keyboard interference problem that another reviewer mentioned.

The device seems to work as well. It seems to be slightly more snappy than other, single core processor, Android Mini PC devices I have used. The cursor is an odd looking pizza pie slice triangle that takes some getting used to.

The delivery was much faster than stated on the Amazon listing.

Overall this seems to be a nice device that provides the Android experience quite well on my TV. I would like to have had a hard wired ethernet port available. Since I have had it installed for only two hours, I will know more in the next few days.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants an dual core Android TV interface as long as they understand the power connection issue.
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on December 2, 2013
I bought two pieces for my brother and he was so much excited in the beginning. However, he asked me to rate this product and write a review, so others may find it useful. He says that real price of this device is two times higher than it should cost. One of them got ‘dead’ while he tried to set it up, but the other is still alive. The problem with the first one was lack of information that device consumes 5V and 2A. He started having problems while plugging it into Sony Bravia TV. Device suddenly reloaded. After several trials to set it up he found out in google that in order for this device to work stable it should be connected through external power supply with power no less than 2A. After he realized that, he bought an external power supply but it was too late – the device was ‘bricked’. All my attempts to get it back to life were failed – specialist said to him that NAND was crushed. The second device is still alive (he connected it through external power supply at the beginning) and works perfectly. Wireless mouse and web-camera were connected with no problems and easily used while working with Skype or reading his mail and news. However, sometimes Skype crushes and you have to reload device to let it works. WiFi works well too, so he can watch movies from his home DLNA.
He gives one star because only one device out of two paid works. It is worth to have more detailed specification supplied with devices for not paying double price.
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on January 24, 2013
When I go on vacation I like to bring my movies with me and since most hotels/resorts already upgraded to flat panel TVs with HDMI port this device works perfectly for travel. This unit is compact and I won't be upset if it's lost or stolen. It's not restrictive in formats it plays up to 1080p resolution. Just bring a hard drive and you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

Unfortunately, it's not going to replace my main HTPC media streaming solution (Mac Mini w/ Windows 7) at home, but if I had secondary tv that needed streaming capabilities I would probably use this.
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on July 12, 2013
Coming from the MK802 II you see instant improvements with the faster CPU and better GPU. Things no longer crawl and that dreaded application is not responding message no longer populates... as much...

Video streaming works fine and everything functions rather smoothly. The only exception is if you have tons of applications installed on the device and the application auto update is enabled. If that is enabled, then everything starts to come to a crawl again until everything is updated... Not the network, but rather the device itself. Not sure why that is.

Also have noticed intermittent WiFi issues where the device may hose my router. Happens pretty rarely but it happens, and once I turn off the device my network comes back up. May have to run WireShark sometime in the near future to investigate on the matter. Will update review then!
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on February 9, 2013
First off, the English in the in the manual was esl ( English is a second language) but it was still understandable. The start up is cheesy. This is the only start up I've seen a unprofessional looking start up animation. Like others the wifi range is the shortest out of all the devices I own and it is even more limited with the use of a Bluetooth device ( can be solved with a USB extension cord). How ever if you play around with your wireless router antenna you can get better reception. All in all it makes up for the draw backs in performance. While it is only dual core at 1.6 ghz it performs almost as fast as my wicked awsome acer iconia tab a510 which has a 1.3ghz quad core processor and kicks ass. Web browsing is fast especially when using my 4g phone as a router and flash web games work better on it then my tab. Netflix works great. You can turn it off without unplugging it if your keyboard has a built in power button and you press and hold it. My only complaint is the inability to change the pointer. I like the one that comes stock with my acer better than this one but that's a minor detail. I don't know how we'll the other 35 dollar equally as fast mini pcs preform it's safe to say get this rather then risking the possibility of getting a dud with the cheaper ones. Will update if anything happens.
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on January 2, 2013
been using this for a couple weeks and overall i'm very happy. i use this with a logitech K400 keyboard/touch pad. after setting the video output to 1080P the picture looks very good. have to adjust the brightness of my TV way down when in use. all apps installed have been very responsive. web surfing works great and playing games on my 55" lcd is awesome. was glad to see no chinese "junk" was preinstalled. very little is preinstalled as a matter of fact. was worried about wifi sinve my condo has concrete walls but haven't had any connection problems.

two biggest gripes are no power down feature is bulit in, more of an android thing. also compatibility is good but could be better. a few games i like to play (card games?) aren't compatible. but worked on my old nexus s with 4.1.

for the price nothing major to complain about. was thinking of getting one for my mom. i think it would be easier for her to use this as apposed to a regular tablet.
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on February 3, 2013
if you have a android tablet and know you do with that and the limitations that comes along with android os, then consider buying it. If you are thinking like having a pc connected to your TV then you will be disappointed.
Unlike Google TV devices, you can do lot more but still limited. If you are interested in watching movies on the internet, sites that use microsoft silverlight won't work.
For playing movies, I haven't come across single player that will let you rewind or Fast forward. The buttons that look like FF or rewind, takes you to the next file.
If you use separate source to power other than your TV, you have to unplug to power off or leave it running. Using your phone as a remote, you can power off but you can't power it on. bummer.
I don't know about other android mini PC but Rikomagic has an android app that you can use as a remote from your phone. It has most of the features you want but using it as a mouse is little painful. Use the phone for keypad and use another wireless mouse. That is more convenient. If you are not connected through wireless but through Ethernet, phone remote app won't work. I found that annoying.
Playing movies from a PC in the same network is faster when compared to devices like WD TV live.
If you are in the market for internet enabled device to play netflix, etc, this is a nice replacement and much more.
It has lot of limitations but for $65, nice toy to play around with.
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