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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel
Color Name: Satin Nickel|Change
Price:$136.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 17, 2015
First off, the Ring is very cool. I really like it and many people that come to my front door (salespeople) know what it is immediately and don't bother me. There are three problems however, one very serious (in my opinion).
1 - The motion function engages when people are walking away, not when they walk up. MANY of my videos are of people's backsides. I don't know if this is a software issue or what. Tried increasing the sensitivity to the point where I was grabbing cars driving down the street but still only got people leaving my front door. Weird.
2 - This kind of goes along with #2. You cannot access the doorbell with security software like Blue Iris, Now, I get that they want to sell you their Cloud service and I'm ok with $30 / year to have an off-site backup. But if you could link the doorbell into your security system you would have an actual video of everything in your possession and you could access it from any computer in the world. That would be REALLY handy for police investigations and any legal hassles that may come your way.
3 - If you do not answer the alert fast enough, you are locked out-- even though someone is standing at your front door. You cannot "turn on" the camera from your phone or tablet. If someone is there and you do not have an "ACCEPT" button on the screen, there is just no way to see or talk to them. This is obviously a software flaw. You should always be able to "wake" a camera remotely and talk to a person at your front door. Or maybe you just want to see the view outside your front door. You should be able to access the camera / microphone and enjoy your front yard.

Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the future.

Update 1/24/16 - I have found a fantastic use for the Ring Doorbell and Chime. My mother-in-law, now in her 90s, lives by herself. She has become hard-of-hearing and often does not hear the doorbell. By installing the Ring on her door, she now is bothered much less (solicitors tend to recognize it and don't seem to like it) and when someone rings the bell, the Chime, placed by her favorite chair, gives her a better chance of hearing someone at the door.
I think the Chime would be MUCH improved if it had an ultra-brite LED on top (that you could turn on or off) that would flash when the bell rings. In addition, I REALLY like that I now know when people come to her door and I can talk to them before she answers the door. It gives me a much stronger sense of security for her.

Update 3/24/16 - Ring has added “Live View” to their feature set. It allows you to access your Ring Doorbell any time you wish. This solves the problem with #3 as long as you are not on battery power. Obviously, it also lets you “dial in” any time you wish to check out your front or back yard (where ever your doorbell is). This is a feature that I like as every once in a while I just like to see if its raining or foggy at the house.
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on November 13, 2016
So this Ring Video Doorbell worked for about 4 months. I came home one day and the door bell button was stuck in the down position and the unit burned out. I contacted Ring and customer service was receptive and sent me a replacement unit. Unfortunately the replacement unit had trouble connecting to my solid wi-fi and I was directed to reboot the unit by holding down the orange button for 20 seconds. After the unit was rebooted it connected to wi-fi but would not charge or ring my mechanical door chime. My unit was hardwired to my doorbell using a 16 volt transformer and mechanical door bell and the first unit worked fine until it burned out. I spent some time on chat with customer service going through all the troubleshooting when they eventually agreed to send another replacement unit.

Fast forward a week and I received the replacement unit and it was DOA (Dead On Arrival). No sign of life. I even stuck it on a wall charger for a couple of hours as instructed and nothing.

$200 for the unit and $30 for the Video Storage and access and nothing to show for it. I had high hopes for this device but have lost confidence in it. At this point I would say steer clear of this product or look at alternatives.

Amazon will not let me return the item as it is after their refund period so now I am at the mercy of Ring to see what will happen. I emailed Ring customer service and advised them of the recent failure and will update this review when/if I get a response.
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on June 23, 2015
Update 6/6/2017
Someone pried the button off my doorbell and I had to interact with Ring customer service for the first time. I'm upgrading them back to 5 stars because I was so impressed with my interaction (unlike Skybell). I went on chat to see about buying a replacement button. Zach told me they didn't offer replacement buttons, but would be happy to replace the whole unit for me. A few minutes later, I had an order confirmation and a new unit on the way. I'm impressed by how easy it was to contact them, and how responsive they were. On top of that, I'm pretty sure a break-in to my neighbour's house was averted when a suspicious person came to look through her windows last night and she confront him through her Ring.

Update 6/1/2016
Finally got live view on my own Ring now. Other members of my household got it a few weeks earlier than I did so they don't seem to roll it out by household but rather by individual account.

Update 3/31/206
Although my Ring has the latest firmware update (1.6.76), I still don't seem to have live view on my app. According to the Ring support site this feature is being steadily rolled out and users will receive an email when their device has been enabled. My neighbour's Ring has already been activated so I added a screenshot of what your Ring should look like with live view as an option. Note : According to the support page on Live View, you will only have this feature on the regular Ring if you are connected to doorbell wiring for power.

Update 3/23/2016
You might want to wait to get the new Ring Pro depending on your needs. They just announced that they are accepting preorders for availability within the next couple of months (not available to preorder on Amazon yet.) The new Pro version requires wired doorbell power while this current version allows battery. The Pro version is 1080P instead of 720P and supposedly has better options around motion detection and night vision. I'm curious to see if the Pro version will resolve some of the issues I've seen (and some of the criticisms other reviewers have) of the delay between a motion alert or doorbell ring and getting the alert on your phone.

In my previous update 3/19/2016 I erroneously stated that only Ring Pro will have live view. As Joe pointed out in the comments, Live View should be available as a firmware update for existing Ring devices. My device did not yet update so I cannot test this feature, but once mine does I will check it out and update this review again!

I bought the Skybell first because I hadn’t heard of Ring. Due to a manufacturing issue where I started seeing the video feed of SOMEONE ELSE’S front door instead of mine, I got a Ring instead. I'm actually glad it happened because I prefer the Ring so much more to Skybell, despite some of the limitations.

Having had a chance to install both on my door, here are my impressions:

Skybell comes with the bell, a mounting plate, and some instructions. Screws were standard and installation was relatively straightforward. Getting the doorbell to connect to our network was a PAIN. It wasn’t able to connect via a 5G network plus it didn’t have strong enough signal strength so we had to get a second router for and set up a whole separate network for Skybell.

Ring’s package impressed the heck out of me. You get a little tool pouch with all the tools you need to set up the Ring, including a screw driver, drill bit, self level and more. If you are screwing into stucco (as I was), I don’t recommend you use the included drill bit. The hole it drilled was a little large and I had to silicone caulk the hole afterwards to give the screws enough grip. Ring connected to our network pretty seamlessly and didn’t need to have a separate network nor require the 2nd router.

Ring is MUCH larger than Skybell. I wish it was thinner but I understand there’s a lot to cram in. The Ring does stick out quite a bit visually on my wall, but worth it for what I get. See attached photo to see the size difference.

Skybell: 2.15cm / 0.8in thick, 7.1cm / 2.8in diameter
Ring : 0.87in thick, 4.98 tall by x 2.43 inches wide

***Battery / Power to the device***
Skybell is fairly low powered, so there is no battery attached to it. It runs off the power from your doorbell so it cannot be mounted anywhere you do not have direct power.

Ring is battery powered. I charged it to about 60% via a USB cord first before I plugged it into the wall. You can get some trickle power from the doorbell, but depending on the weather and use, you may find you drain the battery faster than it charges. An hour after the bell has been plugged and with one test video call in I was at 57% battery. Three days later it charged to 77%. This might get annoying, but it does mean Ring can be mounted anywhere, not just where you have direct power.

***Mobile App***
Skybell only lets you have one user at a time. If you want more than one person to have access to the video stream you have to share accounts. I do like that you can see your doorbell on demand. I like being able to check in on my door. I understand that Ring is working on this but it’s not yet available.

Ring lets you have multiple users. The first installed user just has to send email invites to the other users. Ring shows you recent activity, but you need to pay a $3 a month subscription to see your videos on cloud. I wish that wasn’t the case but $3 isn’t that bad. I imagine I will upgrade for the cloud storage long term.

In terms of use of app, the Ring interface was relatively straightforward to use and understand. I like being able to set the active zones for tracking motion so that you don't get too many false alarms.

***Video on demand**
Skybell : yes, but I saw another person's front door too.
Ring : not yet, coming soon

***Motion detection:***
Skybell : Yes
Ring: Yes

***Video quality***
I couldn’t find the specs on the Skybell. Ring seemed to have slightly higher video quality in the day and slightly higher audio quality but this may be subjective.

Please note : If you are expecting the quality that you get on your web cam or Facetime on an iPhone the quality will NOT be comparable. This is still early technology so the voice quality and video quality will be a bit crude. I suspect the design team had to make some trade-offs between video quality and ability to power the unit via battery / trickle charge from the doorbell electrical wire. That said, I am able to identify the voices and recognize people in the camera so that for me is sufficient though of course I hope that future generations will continue to improve in this respect. Ring's cloud recording page gives you a pretty accurate idea of what your videos would look like.

***Lag / Delay between door bell ring and phone notification***
Seems to be about the same on both. There is a bit of a delay, but for me that’s acceptable compared to the alternative of just missing the door altogether.

***Customer Service***
Haven't had to interact with Ring's customer service, but Skybell's was so horrid I'm still upset about the interaction. Skybell wanted me to ship my defective Skybell to them at my expense when it was broadcasting someone else's video stream instead of mine right from the start. I get that it's expensive for them, but it's NOT a way to win a customer.

UPDATE : I actually did have to interact with Ring customer service and they impressed me greatly. My doorbell button was probably tampered with and they issued an exchange, no questions asked within minutes of contact.

Overall, between Skybell and Ring, Ring wins for me hands down.
review imagereview image
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on February 13, 2015
As an engineer, I go nuts over techie toys like this but am not easily pleased by marketing hooplah and fancy packaging alone. So far, I'm pleased to report that the Ring doorbell's performance has exceeded my expectations of what a Smart doorbell should be. I'm satisfied with the lag (~1 to 4 secs in my testing) from pressing the doorbell to getting a phone notification message. Daytime/nighttime (has 2 IR emitters) video quality is better than expected. 720p resolution is very good. Viewing angle is very good. 2 way audio quality and volume is reasonable for most outdoor applications (making this in App adjustable would be great feature though!). It's faults are already well known: motion sensing feature not currently enabled, no ability to remotely activate the viewer in the current App, no settings to turn off the in-unit fake doorbell sound, no setting to temporarily disable interior doorbell sound (unlike Skybell). I do have a high speed internet connection and strong Wifi coverage to support the HD quality video feed. Your results might differ if you don't have these by your front door location.

I do hope the Ring App designers release an update soon to fix some of the limited capabilities, but I am quite satisfied with even the current functionality of the device. I've never used the Doorbot (the predecessor to Ring) and based on its horrid reviews I was scared to even give Ring a try. Well, I generally think this is a better looking and higher performing product than Skybell and I'm glad I took the gamble to try it out.

3/11/15 Edit: Motion Detection feature is now enabled and worked pretty reliably for the few days that I tested it. I disabled it again since I don't like generating an alert every time I enter and exit through the front door. I played a little bit with my wifi router placement and noticed that the Ring doorbell really needs a strong signal for reliable performance. When I moved my router further, my video recordings would get choppy and my notification lags would range from 2-10 seconds. Sometimes, it simply could not connect meaning you would get no video recordings and no notification of a visitor other than the hardwired existing doorbell chime. I contacted Ring support and they remotely decreased the resolution of the video to better cope with a low bandwidth/poor wifi situation but that didn't help enough. I would suggest that if you have performance issues with this doorbell that you increase your wifi signal by better router placement or install a signal extender and see if that corrects your problems. Overall, I'm still happy with this product.
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on April 29, 2017
I have had my Ring Doorbell since November 2016. I have written very few reviews on Amazon and actually wasn't going to write one for this even though I am pretty disappointed with it. In the beginning I could have written about the horrendous customer service; the fact my original questions had to be asked several times before they decided to actually answer the questions posed to customer service and not the questions they thought I had asked. That I let slide. The amazing amount of effort it took to simply switch the doorbell from one network to another, that was a fun few hours of spinning lights and patience. It does work, I have videos and alerts and the picture quality is good for what the device is. All of the minor frustrations I was o.k with, it was a burgeoning technology and there were bound to be hiccups. However from the beginning the sensors for motion have always been a little off, cars traveling on the street would trigger it but not me or my girlfriend coming in and out of the house. I adjust the sensitivity/range and the same issue. Car 40 feet away? Video! Me on the porch with the dogs? Nothing! Again, not worth writing a review. Then the "Welcome to Our Neighborhood" sign was stolen. From our front yard, in plain view of the doorbell, maybe 15 feet away with the range maxed out. Woke up to no sign, however the doorbell had several fantastic night vision videos of several cars that had passed between 2000 hours the night before and 0700 when I looked outside. Fantastic.
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on June 13, 2016
So got my doorbell and had it hardwired...good to go right? Well, a few months later the motion sensor and the live view
stopped working. So I called Tech Support and found out that even with hard-wiring, the battery will run out of gas and need to be recharged. This requires removing the unit and jacking in the battery with a USB cord.

Nowhere on the APP is there a indicator that shows that the battery is getting low! So we could be traveling in vacation and all of a sudden without any warning the ring doesn't work!! Imagine that?

Checked the box and couldn't find any mention of this important safety non-feature of the doorbell. I like the product but am extremely disappointed in the fact that it can stop working at anytime without pre-warning.
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on May 14, 2017
 Writing this review the morning after it took someone about 20 seconds to disable and steal our Ring Doorbell. Camera triggered too late to get a look at the person stealing it, speaker feature hung up and didn't activate (like usual) and it was gone from my house in a shockingly short amount of time.

Prior to today,I've always been a bit disappointed at the delay in the motion sensor in triggering the camera. I get quite a few packages weekly, and 90% of the time the camera doesn't activate until someone is walking away from the door. Sure enough, last night, it did not activate until the moment someone was putting their hand over the camera. When my husband tried to speak over it the app, as usual, it delayed and did not activate when it should have. Within 20 seconds the camera went dead. Doorbell gone, hole in my wall as well as feelings of security. When put to the test, it failed at every measure. Camera did not trigger in time to get any view of the person at my door, ability to speak through it didn't work (on an iPhone 7 - current phone, updated), and it was gone from my house in less than a minute. So basically my Ring Doorbell let's me know when a car drives down the street, but when I need it to do what I bought it to do, it fails.
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on November 21, 2015
 I finally decided to order a Ring device, specially after being victim of a couple package thefts. Mainly because most of the mail carriers absolutely refuse (even after asking them several times, and using the online tools for delivery instructions) to ring the bell when delivering a package, so packages are left outside unattended until I notice them (I work from home).

I love the idea of this device, and so far I have been able to talk to a couple of mail carriers (when they ring the bell!) and ask them to place packages elsewhere or go out and retrieve them when I’m notified that motion is detected.

The biggest drawback is the motion detection that seems to take about a second to react and start recording and send out a notification (even when set at the most sensitive setting). It is sensitive enough to detect cars down the road but when someone approaches the door/porch area, it only triggers the detection/recording when the person is already leaving, so if you want to use it for face recognition this won’t work for you. I'm pretty sure if a thief comes and steals a package, I would only be able to see/record him as he's leaving.

Check out my video review with actual detected footage.

A couple of things I want from a future firmware update:
- Ability to reboot the device remotely from the app or web UI (the only way to do it currently is to remove the device from the baseplate and push the setup button).
- Ability to change motion settings remotely without having to push the ring button for them to take effect.
- Ability to add time/date information to the recorded footage.
- Better and more accurate motion detection.
- Ability to record 24/7 for those times when the motion detection fails. You're paying a monthly/yearly premium for recoding, so why not make it available at all times?

12/10/2015 Update: Ring has stopped detecting motion just 3 days shy of the 30-day trial, definitely not a good sign. I have contacted tech support and they sent out a new unit. One star knocked down - more updates to come...

01/09/2016 Update: Ring customer care just doesn't seem to care. I was sent a total of 3 replacement units and the first two I had to send back because they sent the wrong color. The third unit I received was the correct color, but it looked used and completely beat up.... I'm sending that one back as well, ugh!

1/19/2016 Update: Finally received the correct color replacement unit. The camera still won't detect a human being as it approaches the door, the delay for the motion detection to react is unacceptable (no matter how 'sensitive' the motion detection is set, it only detects people as they walk away). At this point, I've lost hope until a MAJOR firmware update is pushed out to fix all these annoying issues.

3/16/2016 Update: Of course Ring decided to come up with the "Video Doorbell Pro" now, which addresses all the motion detection issues mentioned by so many. Instead of fixing the issues on the first generation, you now have to spend another $249 for the "advanced motion detection" which does exactly what the first generation one promised to do.

4/7/2016 Update: After MONTHS for complaining and going back and forth with tech support (which caused me to miss Amazon's return window due to empty promises from tech support), I was finally put in contact with a senior supervisor who stated that the device's PIR sensors are only designed to work on a flat linear plane and therefore since there are 2 steps to get to my front door, there is no way for the unit to detect the motion correctly. The solution offered was to angle the device downward 20-30 degrees to try to resolve the motion detection issues. Of course this would look absolutely hideous!
I can only recommend for anyone looking to get a Ring just to wait for the Ring Pro to come out (late April 2016), unless you really need to depend on the battery power.
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on June 1, 2017
Update Jan 2018:

I'm giving up on these. I had two of them (this and a Ring 2) and they both miserably fail to do their job properly. Frequent disconnects from the network (when I know the network is fine), several minute delay of relaying a ring to the chime and phones, not announcing that batteries are about to go (so they don't work for days until someone knocks and I know the doorbell is no longer online because of the battery), and I can't use them at all to detect motion due to its inferior motion detection system, abysmal interface and total lack of options for mounting and software knobs to achieve a somewhat sane surveillance mode, so it's just an expensive doorbell, nothing else. Doesn't even work half of the time. Two different models! I have to say that customer service, once I escalated the original issue, was superb in that they tried replacing the original one and then were nice enough to send me a Ring 2 without charge. Sadly, the product is not on par with this. I can't wait for the Blink version to come out to try that, but for now I'll go back to my simple, dumb 20 bucks doorbell set. This one never failed me, once: SadoTech Model CX Wireless Doorbell with 1 Receiver Plugin and 2 Remote Buttons Operating at over 500-feet Range with Over 50 Chimes, No Batteries Required for Receiver, (White), Fixed Code C Series

June 2017:

When I first installed the door bell it worked somewhat great, with all the motion detection bells and whistles turned on. I also have a Chime so I can hear if someone rings the doorbell without having to rely on my phone all the time, and added the 30 bucks a year subscription to save motion/ring events in the cloud.

After a few months the nightmare of constant noise/notifications from motion alerts started. Nothing had changed. Neither the position of the device, the settings, or frequency of traffic. I emailed support, which was an utterly disappointing experience.

They first tried to get me to change the settings to make it less chatty. When I questioned that, they tried to explain how the motion detection works and that the range control doesn't actually control the range but size of heat signatures picked up by the motion sensor. Say what? Fine. Don't care, just tell me how to fix it. They recommended pointing it down a bit more (by buying one of their wedge kits), which I did. No change. Change settings again, no change. I recommended to add a still image behind the range settings screen at some point so I don't have to keep printing out screenshots of the range settings view and a live view screen to overlay them (which apparently, since the range doesn't do what it says on the tin, is utterly useless anyway) - ignored (this is of course reserved for the more premium model).

Multiple back and forth emails later and I still can't use motion detection (which now also seems to eat up all the battery every 2-3 weeks - because for whatever reason motion detection and silent reporting still happens even if it's "turned off"). They continuously fail to address my concern that nothing has changed on my end and it has to be a camera/doorbell issue. When I cancelled my subscription and asked if I can get a partial refund, they stopped responding altogether.

I'm about to ditch this thing, go back to my cheap wireless doorbell and add a SmartThings integrated camera to watch over the front porch. This product is utterly useless for this purpose, and I don't need a brick as a doorbell that needs to be charged every three weeks.

For a device that costs 200 bucks (I include the cost for the video storage subscription here) I expect more - it should work, I shouldn't have to learn or understand the inner workings of the motion detection mechanism, the UX should be intuitive, I expect decent battery life, proper and working functionality, and customer service should be stellar. None of that applies, unfortunately.

Update from June 2017: After I could not find any setting to quiet down the motion notifications, customer service kindly sent a replacement and I returned the original. Unfortunately the same issues are still happening.

I just can't seem to find any setting that's not going to make the doorbell go after every car going by even with the motion detection turned off. I have it set to the least sensitive settings, purchased a wedge kit to point it downward to avoid the street, and changed motion zones to all conceivable options, all to no avail. All points to software faults at this point (and perhaps systemic hardware design issues as well).

The device is therefore useless for me for the following points:
* I can not turn off the motion detection completely, even if I turn it off on the app it still triggers. It's ridiculous that turning it off doesn't work or is just per app suppression of notifications!
* My partner's phone app which I have shared the door bell with also has the motion detection turned off but still gets the notifications.
* The constant reacting to motion drains the battery - I don't have a regular doorbell outlet and am not willing to invest in custom wiring to feed it with power. That's the whole reason I've bought this device so I can be independent of a power supply!

I am extremely unhappy with this.
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on December 3, 2017
Sorry about the length of this review, but I had a lot to say. It was not an easy install and required Ring technical support to make it work, but they were great technicians and provided a lot of help to get it done. I have a lot of videos that only started after the subject was walking away or never triggered a video even though the subject was crossing the path, entering a vehicle, and driving away and the same after returning. I have motion detection videos that were completely black and the following one was all white. After installing Pro Chime, the signal was better, but the video still starts late even after extending the range, such as mail delivered, but the mailman was not videoed until leaving. At least it is working better now and I will continue to experiment to get it to give me more security at my front door and may need more technical advice to eliminate or understand why I get those non-triggered motions. I do like the concept and ability to see, check and talk to the person at the door using my phone while away from home or my pc when home and that is what I bought it for. Installing a bright motion detection light above the Ring also helps at night.
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