Customer Reviews: Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band Live 2006
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on July 23, 2008
Once again, Mr. Starkey has proven that he can take from 4 to 7 musicians from any genre and turn them into a tight-as-a-tick band. God bless you, Ringo. But still: WHEN are you going the release the absolute GREATEST "Ringo's All Starr Band" configuration, that of Peter Frampton, Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, and Simon Kirke on DVD? PLEASE?
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on August 8, 2008
I have been waiting for Ringo to release a DVD with his all staar band. On this DVD he delivers the goods.
His allstaars are Richard Marx, Rod Argent (Zombies),Sheila E. (Prince), Billy Squire, Edgar Winter and
Hamish Stuart. The DVD contains 27 songs. You get great music, outstanding production, awesome
sound and video quality. If you like Ringo, you will really like his allstaar band. The song selection could
not be better, hits ranging from It Don't Come Easy to Free Ride, Time of the Season, to Yellow Submarine.
It is a great DVD. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
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With twenty-six songs in surround sound, the sound is perfect for displaying the oldies live like you've never heard them before. Rod Argent plays his very oldie, `She's Not There" with a near perfect rendition. Of course, he also supplies the seventies monster hit, "Hold Your Head Up", a completely different style of music. Sheila E. gets her kicks in frequently as a super-percussionist, teaming up with and sometimes replacing Ringo Starr on drums. Her, "The Glamorous Life" is a nice powerful performance with a great finale. Billy Squire who has never really been a huge hit, performs very, very well with his signature songs, "Everybody Wants You" and "Rock Me Tonight", obviously relishing every piece he shares intimately wit the audience. My favorite has to be the wild and weird Edgar Winter who does a great job on, `Free Ride", but brings the house down with his wild rendition of, "Frankenstein, playing both keyboards, saxophone and a duel percussion with Sheila E. To watch this giant guy recreate that classic song with all the special effects and synthesizes is worth the DVD alone. Sheila E. does a great powerhouse job on the drum solo as well as playing duel percussion with Winter. Multi-talented Richard Marx and Hamish Stuart round out the band playing on nearly every song. Of course, Ringo Starr gets his famous songs in, like, `Photograph", "Yellow Submarine" and A little Help From My Friends" and more. The only drawback is the frequent interruptions with interviews from each of the musicians and Ringo Starr, but the music makes up for that minor inconvenience.
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on August 25, 2008
I must admit, I'm not one of those people who complains about having too many Ringo Starr All-Starr Band recordings. Having been to at least one show from each tour, I'm personally glad that each and every one of the nine tours prior to this year's is represented in some way. And I look forward to this year's being released soon, too.

In fact, I'd become a bit concerned there for a while that the 2006 tour would not be released, what with two years having already elapsed. But thankfully, it's finally out. I say thankfully because in my opinion, it was his best tour to date, with such a wealth of talent joining him. I actually considered this Ringo's best "supergroup" of All-Starrs.

Sheila E, as usual, was in fine form. No other drummer on any of Ringo's tours compares to her. She's just a "supercussionist." Edgar Winter brought the house down with "Free Ride" and "Frankenstein." Those performances alone were worth the price of admission. And Rod Argent gave amazing renditions of three of his own well-known compositions.

The only drawback to any of the '06 shows was the feeling that artists like Billy Squier, Richard Marx, and Hamish Stuart couldn't perform more from their great repertoires. In fact, Stuart merely appeared as a session player for this tour. (Mercifully, he was highlighted more this year with two songs, and Squier, also rejoining the band in '08, was able to perform a couple of songs he didn't do in '06.) Not enough can be said about either Squier nor Marx. As I say, these talents both have such lengthy lists of hits that either can perform whole shows of their own (and they do, on occasion, thank goodness).

As for the product itself, I do have some misgivings. Of note, the album of music is severely abridged. While still worthy, if one must choose between the DVD or the CD, I suggest the DVD.

At the same time, however, while the DVD is the unabridged performance from the Mohecan Sun in Connecticut, I feel that a better show could've been selected for the release. For instance, the finale show at Radio City would've been a perfect release. It's probable that there were legal reasons for it not being chosen, but still, I attended two other shows from this tour that I felt were superior to the one on this release. But I'm not complaining. Something is most assuredly better than nothing.

My only complaint about this video release is that, although every performance from the concert is represented, each and every performance is, for whatever reason, talked up with interviews before and after. Watching the concert on DVD makes one wonder why the interviews were not given their own separate tracking, for the concert becomes a stop-and-go list of performances, in their correct sequence yet not the fluid concert from beginning to end. That would be my primary complaint about this production (hence the 4-starr rating, instead of five).

Still, all in all, I'm glad it's been released, and anyone who is considering their first purchase of a Ringo Starr concert should go with this one. As great as they were, all other releases pale by comparison.
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on August 25, 2008
I own and have watched all the Ringo Starr All Starr Band DVDs but this one is just about the best. Sheila E. again is present as the companion drummer and she does "Glamorous Life" again but that doesn't get old or commonplace. She is dynamic and can play with the best of them - as Edgar Winter found out. He is the one who stole the show. His ballad, "Dying to Live" is sung to pull heartstrings while he solos at the keyboard. Later in the program he staps on the keyboard for "Frankenstein" then plays sax, timbales then back to the keyboard for the finish; drumming courtesy of Sheila E. The in-between spots with all the performers add humor and insight to the tour and to the people involved. Ringo freely admits "see you later, peace and love!" when it came to drumming the monster...
Rog Argent delivers also with "Hold Your Head Up" and two Zombies classics that are reworked with help from the other headliners.
Billy Squire is the lead guitarist this time around and he handles all that is performed with taste and style.
Richard Marx is the star(r) struck one of the bunch but his voice has matured with the years and after so many years of not hearing his songs I was surprised at how good they sound and have held up.
This is a very excellent DVD for not only post Beatle fans, Ringo fans - but music fans. Because of the company he keeps Ringo can present a traveling show of respected musicians and record them sonically and visually for the rest of us.
Speaking of sonic, this is and has been Ringo's time to shine as a drummer of merit. As a Beatle, the sound equipment just was not there. Since he has been an All-Starr the technology has finally caught up to him.
Peace and Love!
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on February 21, 2015
Fans crying out "Paul!"George!"John!" is a faded memory now and finally Richard Starkey gets to hear his name shouted out from his own Fans. "I love you Ringo" I caught myself shouting when Ringo ask "What's my name"! I was really into it. The pace of the Live music was broken up with Behind-the-Seens commontary but I appreciatete the insites. When THEE Edger Wenter says that they are gonna "Let the Monster out" I got soo excited: I love FRANKENSTEIN!
I enjoy watching it over again as I share the film with different friends.
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on July 10, 2008
This DVD is amazing. I was there the night that it was filmed and it is just as wonderful as I remember it being. Each member of the band is an incredible musician and the solo spots are great. The interviews, although I anticipated that they would be distracting and possibly even annoying, are very entertaining and add a lot.
This is a must have for any Beatle fan.
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on November 2, 2014
Ringo Starr could tour with a backing band of no-name musicians and sell tickets. Between his well-known Beatles lead vocals and solo career hits, he has enough crowd-pleasers under his belt for a 60- to 90-minute stage show. But starting with his first post-Beatles concerts in 1989, Starr has always toured with other top-bill artists as the All-Starr Band, where everyone gets to be up front for no fewer than two or three songs.

Do you realize Ringo Starr is the only musician to be personally recruited by John Lennon and Paul McCartney? John and Paul didn't send Brian Epstein to see Ringo or call him on the phone to invite him to join their band. They paid the respect of asking him in person to drum for the Beatles. By founding the All-Starr Band tours, Ringo has paid it forward, inviting some of music's top talents to perform live with him. Maybe each bandmate we see in the fine documentary RINGO STARR AND HIS ALL-STARR BAND LIVE, TWO-THOUSAND SIX, could put a back-up group together and draw a crowd on his or her own. But with all due respect to Billy Squier, Sheila E., and Edgar Winter, to name three who perform with Starr in this film, it would not attract as big an audience and certainly wouldn't be the event that an All-Starr tour represents.

I caught four All-Starr tours between 1989 and 2003, each time appreciating the exposure to the musicians performing with Starr that I'd probably never see were it not for Ringo inviting them to play. As I write this in 2014, it's hard to believe I haven't seen one of these shows in more than ten years so I'm grateful for this D.V.D. of the 2006 All-Starr show at a Connecticut casino, where talents such as Rod Argent and the aforementioned Edgar Winter remind me why they are successful.

Starr takes the risk of letting some of the All-Starrs perform a few non-hits as a mid-show change of pace. While no one's come to hear Billy Squier sing Robert Johnson's "Ramblin' On My Mind," enjoy it nonetheless and appreciate that he puts it out there. (And, don't worry, Squier and the rest of the All-Starrs perform plenty of their hits.) While the nice payday and chance to reach a greater audience can't hurt, in between-song interviews All-Starr Band members muse about leaving with a greater appreciation for one another. Were it just an oldies tour with Rod Argent and his backing band, Sheila E. and her backing band, and Richard Marx and his backing band, would it be the same?

Yes, John Lennon and Paul McCartney knew a fellow innovator when they saw one.
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on July 9, 2008
This is how a concert should look on dvd. Unlike Sir Paul's concert dvd's, they only change the camera angles every 30 seconds, as opposed to every .03 seconds. Though it was lacking all the nice breast shots that are on Macca's. Only minor gripe is that there is a brief interview segment between every song. On the plus side, it looks like they included the entire show, 26 songs worth, even including the solo spots. Was also impressed at how good a guitarist Billy Squire is. A must have.
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on September 21, 2008
I've been waiting to get a Ringo live DVD for some time now. I was excited and watched the whole thing the minute it arrived. The performances are all great. Everyone on this All Starr band are great musicians. The interviews between songs are kind of dull. Some of the interviews are ok but most of them are just repetitive. I do believe that this is the first time Ringo performed "What Goes On" live and now you can see it on DVD over and over again.
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