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on January 7, 2009
Dominion is a deceptively simple game which encompasses endless variation. The basic game contains the following major components:

1. 25 groups of action cards, victory cards, and money cards, in total over 250 cards.
2. Card storage and organizer box designed specifically for organizing the game components.
3. The Rules.

Game Play:
A game starts with each player holding an identical 10 card deck. As the game begins a group of 10 special action cards are selected from the 25 categories in the box. The rules outline specific selections for scenario play or you can design your own lay out. There is no banker or moderator; all players start entirely equal with access to the exact same cards.
During each player's turn they may take actions and purchase new cards from the communal decks. Each player has to balance the need to buy new cards and money with the purchase of victory points (which remain in the player's deck but don't help them until points are totaled.) The decision of when to stop building one's deck and start buying victory points is one of the most critical choices the player will make. Too early, and you'll find yourself bogged down with a deck full of moderate victory cards while other players' resources have increased to the point where they blow by you. If you wait too long, all of the good cards will have been bought out and you won't have anything to spend your resources on.

I have to be honest, when I first heard about Dominion I didn't understand why my wife and several of our friends were so worked up over the thing. It sounded terribly dry, particularly to a person like myself who has played collectable card games like magic the gathering for many years. Nothing could have been farther from the truth.
Dominion has something for everyone, from the collectable card game nut, to the poker player, to the family looking for an alternative to trivial pursuit. Since everyone starts out with access to the same selection of cards and the same resources for advancement, everyone has an equal chance of victory. Because there are 10 different categories of action cards with each category having at least 10 cards in its pile, there is plenty of room for strategy as the game progresses and certain resources are bought up to the point of extinction.
The game is set up in such a way so that you can play cut throat games with lots of player-vs.-player actions or less interactive games where the victory is determined by who fields the most effective resource acquisition strategy. Those familiar with CCG drafting will feel right at home in this environment, while those with no card based gaming experience won't be at a disadvantage.

My only criticism of dominion (as has been said on several other forums) is that while the game is entirely self contained, I can easily see the cards (which are essential in exactly the numbers provided) wearing out or being lost. Because there are so many of them I recommend using card sleeves (available at most hobby stores from companies like rook and ultra pro.)

I started out one night thoroughly expecting to dislike this game and found myself 3 hours later wondering where the evening had gone. Dominion is completely addictive and doesn't loose its fun factor after the player has played multiple scenarios in one sitting.

Simply put, this is the best interactive casual game I've played in 32 years.

It's four years later and I still endorse this game without reservation. The basic set is still just as fun as when I played for the first time, while the addition of other optional sets have magnified the enjoyment.
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on August 8, 2010
I picked up a copy of Dominion hot off the presses after I played it a few times at GenCon 2008 after it was introduced. I was amazed by the uniqueness of drafting cards into your hand by the way of getting money cards and increasing the size of your deck. The fact there were so many combos available to make the 10 types of cards to buy in the box seemed to offer limitless play. But I quickly began to see the cracks in the game.

While there are a lot of cards you can use to make up the ones you can buy to make your deck, they end up being pretty similar and there will be some you use all the time and some you'll never want to use for personal tastes. There will quickly emerge strategies that if you just work to build up your money cards and skip the majority of action cards you'll win >75% of the time. This cuts down on the fun since if everyone takes this route there isn't much to the game, and if you are the only one to do this, you'll find yourself bored as people try to chain actions after more actions to find they still don't have enough money in hand to buy the top victory point cards. This is the crux of why my love for the game has faded.

I time and again find myself bored as the other players take their turn. Since there only a handful of cards that cause you to interact with other players, you essentially all play 3 or 4 solitaire games at the same table. I don't find this interesting and would rather play strategy games, even light ones, that have some level of interaction, even if it just watching where the other player moves.

I have even tried to renew my interest by trying the expansions that have followed almost every 6 or so months after the release of Dominion in 2008. Some expansions offer more to the game (Seaside is probably one of the best, avoid Alchemy) it still comes down to being bored while everyone plays their own solitaire game until the end when you tally your points.

I rated this game a 3/5 and not lower because there will be some, even many, who will not hold the same boredom with this game and will love it. This game is a great light game that plays quickly, teaches quickly, and offers a lot to casual players. For people who play a lot of board games, particularly deeper strategy or Euro games, or even like the Axis & Allies or even Risk type of player interaction, this game may wear thin faster than for others.

Even though I rated it a 3, I would recommend this as a great game for families and casual gamers. I'd also recommend Ticket to Ride (any of them, but Marklin and Europe are probably the best, USA being the first and simplest), Carcassonne, and Settlers of Catan. These games are quick to learn, easy to play, and offer a good casual experience. For people looking for a little more depth and replayability, I'd recommend Pandemic (terrific cooperative game), Stone Age, Ra, Small World (one of my favorites), and Dixit (one of the best party games out there, the artwork is hands down the best). The rabbit hole of complexity and length goes as far as you are willing, but it is up to you to determine your needs of a game. Dominion is a great start, but if you've been playing other games it may be too thin to offer something for you.
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on October 29, 2016
I really enjoy playing this with my wife. Deck building is a fun mechanic and this game has lots of interesting cards. Lots of different combinations. Only a few cards do bad things to your opponent. The rest build you up. My wife doesn't like when I play attack cards, so we prefer to play with economic cards and race to victory instead of fighting with each other. This game allows for a lot of that. If I could change one think I would make it just a little shorter and a little less setup. It's not super long or complicated, though.

Comes with lots of cards and it's all pretty high quality stuff.

Note that this is the original. These guys just came out with a replacement that removes 6 cards and adds 7. If it's a similar price or close it would make sense to get the newer version.
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on February 6, 2010
Playing Dominion is just a fun thing we do on sundays. I love to play card/board games and in dominion there's so much variety of games in one game that it's never old. You have 25sets of action cards of which only 10sets of action cards will be in play. Generally we shuffle the deck of 25 and pick 10 cards randomly. That's why we get a different game every time. The learning curve is not very steep for this game and they playing time is short that's another advantage. The only complain I have about this game is that there's a lot of shuffling involved in this game and the cards will soon be worn out. But I would be happy to buy another of this game after that. Another thing is the game has low interaction among players. So you basically cannot attack other players very often. I highly recommend every boardgame lover to give this one a try
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on October 25, 2013
A co-worker told me about the game. I went online and watched YouTube videos and still didn't understand how the game worked. I decided to buy it. I played it with my sister and GF and wow the time just flew by. It's a game that takes a little bit of playing through to understand it. It's a very fun game but it takes a while for each play through. If you're a fan of board games then definitely check it out. It's competitive but not overwhelming.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 26, 2015
This is a wonderful game. We play it as a family, began when our youngest was 10, and eventually bought most of the other sets. Its given us so many wonderful family memories. This is the basic set -- you really need this one before getting any of the others.
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on March 16, 2017
Very fun game! Because of the assortment of cards, each game played can be different.
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on March 9, 2017
Sold it immediately. Huh?
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on April 1, 2016
Love this game!!!
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on March 10, 2017
A group of 4 of us play this every weekend. Very fun and easy to learn game.
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