Customer Reviews: Rio
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on November 5, 2011
My ratings are based mainly on the QUALITY OF THE 3D, not the video content.

GET THIS; There are about 145 out of screen effects that extend about 10% of the way, from the screen to the viewer and another 36 ranging from 15% to 25%.

The quality of the 3D, in screen and out is exceptional and the movie had my wife and I in stitches many times. This is defiantly a homerun by 20th Century Fox. For animated films, this ranks right at the top along with Open Season and Ice Age.

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MY 3D RATING = EXCELLENT (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent)

Note: As far as the percentages go, everyone's eyes are different. What I see at 25% you may see at 15% or 35%. To fully realize how far something is out of the screen for you, pause on an effect and direct a partner with an extended finger to the tip of what you are seeing. You may be surprised.

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on April 16, 2011
A rare bird is kidnapped from his adoring owner, who must try to retrieve him. Along the way, the bird encounters various delightful, and some not so delightful, characters. Top notch animation, colorful visuals, and prudent voice selections highlight this animated delight. The storyline and the humor will appeal to adults and children alike, as I found myself getting a few laughs out of this one. The 3D effect is outstanding, and this is a movie for which you will want to lay out the extra expense for the 3D glasses. You don't need a babysitter tonight, as the whole family will enjoy this one.
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on April 16, 2011
I must say that Rio made me kick my chair on the theatre and made me wanna dance with it's songs,
The wonderful way a graphic work would show Rio de janiro was pretty stunning and the fact that many secrets hidden in the movie about green world and pet freedom gives it a 5/5 stars
So it wasn't a movie about a flying bird,
It was a movie about family, love, friends and Rio.

Compared to other movies this one has a very complicated movement design on it and for those who appritiate a good graphic designer work this is a must see
Mostly recommended

And for my last words
don't judge before you see it
cheers !
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on August 14, 2011
Minus 1 star for BluRay playback problems!

Thanks Sony. A wonderful movie that we enjoyed in the theaters and a somehow you have found a way to spoil the enjoyment at home (or at least take the luster off the shine).

The DVD playback is great if you don't need the HD version, but Sony's own BluRay format playing on a new and SW updated Sony PS3 Slim (the ideal combination right?) has playback problems! I've read other players have playback problems too, so check the Internet if you haven't checked your system first to see.

On the PS3 it hangs and stutters at random times on the video playback. Audio is always fine and uninterrupted. A query on Google shows me that many others are having the same problem. Luckily there seems to be some solutions. If you have this issue, you need to delete the Rio data (Under Video>BD Data Utility menu on PS3) *and* disable the internet for playback, very convenient (not!). I hope Sony will figure out why their own stuff is broken.

This doesn't seem limited to a certain batch of discs, the bluray .com forum seems to believe it's player specific, so some folks will enjoy the movie in HD without having to bother, most likely if you're not using a Sony player.

This review reflects the problems I've experienced on 8/14 as we watched it together as a family on BluRay. This is for the 3 pack (BluRay,DVD and Digital copy). Save your money and get this on DVD or wait for it streaming.
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on April 18, 2011
When I first heard of Rio my expectations were not high, never the less I wanted to watch it, mainly because of the Studio them self i loved Ice age so i though i would give Rio a chance.

How ever my mind was blown with in the first few moments of the movie actually starting, it was a stunning and vibrant welcoming in to the movie with a exhilarating song to go with it.

Now from the moment i fount out that Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) was the last of his kind and had to mate with Jewl (Anne Hathaway) I had figured out the story but that did not stop me from watching on, and thank god it didn't, though the story was predictable it was told in a magnificent way so much to make want to watch it again.

Moving on to the cast it self, it was not until I looked at the cast list did I see what great performers were playing in the movie, this was down to that i was so took in with the characters it totally slipped my mind to think who there voice actor was, and i was even more surprised when i saw that Jesse Eisenberg played Blue, he was great in the Social network so I was shocked I didn't pick up on him while watching the movie.

Before I conclude this review I would just like to say that the music in this movie was breath taking through out, and at no point did I feel the movie was out of place or was too in your face.

Overall this is a great movie, great for the entire family and if you are on the fence on if to watch this or not then let this be the final push to convince you to watch this as i promise you will not be let down.
review image review image review image review image review image
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The best single word I can use to describe the film Rio is 'vibrant' as it's the colors that really hit you. One can see why, when you're doing a story about birds, setting it in Brazil with its dazzling variety of brilliantly multicolored avian species is a truly inspired choice.

The story begins when a baby blue macaw in the Brazilian rain forest falls (literally) into the hands of exotic animal poachers and ends up being shipped to the US where, by a fortunate accident, he ends up being adopted by a young girl named Linda in a small town in, of all places, wintry Minnesota. A quick flash forward shows girl and bird, which she names Blu, growing up together, to fifteen years later where Linda is now an adult who owns her own bookstore. The thing is though, Blu, raised as a house-bird, never learned how to fly.

The plot really begins when a Brazilian ornithologist named Tulio comes to Linda's store, having learned from her web-site that she's the owner of Blu, who apparently is one of the last male blue macaws in the world. Despite getting off on the wrong foot with Linda, he eventually persuades her to come with him to Brazil so that they can mate Blu with a female blue macaw named Jewel that they've managed to capture. Once there, however, the mating plan hits a snag as Jewel wants only to escape back to her jungle and has nothing but disdain for Blu, who only wants to get back with his human. Further complications set in when both birds are stolen by exotic animal black-marketeers who intend to sell them to the highest bidder. The two birds, though chained together, manage to escape, but it's rough going, particularly when Jewel discovers that Blu can't fly and she can't fly away while she's chained to him, and the bird thieves are hot on their trail, right in the middle of Brazil's biggest and most flamboyant of all festivals, Carnival.

Director/writer Carlos Saldanha goes the distance in bringing some authentic Brazilian touches to the film. I particularly liked the way in which he brought out how everyone in Brazil is soccer-crazy, with good guys and bad constantly being distracted whenever a game is on.

The themes are familiar ones - characters are thrust out of their familiar environments into ones they find strange and challenging, characters who don't get along but are stuck together learn to appreciate each other, danger threatens, help comes from unexpected quarters, fears are overcome, and so on - but the characters in Rio are engaging and the story-telling is well done so you just lean back and enjoy the show. And Rio is a true visual pleasure to watch just for the sheer vibrancy of its colors and for the exotic setting of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

The voice actors for the most part do a creditable job bringing their characters to life. The stand-outs are clearly Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) as Blu and Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) as Jewel, who succeed in not only bringing out the individual personalities of the two macaws but also make you believe in the way the two birds gradually begin to accept and relate to each other. But Leslie Mann and Rodrigo Santoro are also exceptional as the humans Linda and Tulio, Mann for bringing out Linda's mix of independence and introvert and Santoro for Tulio's engagingly manic if clumsy extrovert. Comedic actor Tracy Morgan has fun voicing Luiz, a Carnival-loving bulldog whose bark may be worse than his bite but whose drool trumps both. And Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) adds a deliciously nasty touch as the villainous cockatoo, Nigel.

(Note: I was wondering why a Brazilian cockatoo was talking with what sounded like an Australian accent, but I later found out that cockatoos are in fact of Australasian origin. So chalk up another point for Rio for being educational as well as entertaining.)

The songs are enjoyable if largely forgettable but nicely add to the Brazilian atmosphere. The stand-out exception is the song Nigel sings (as near as I can tell, it's simply called "Nigel's Song") where he explains why he is "not a pretty bird". There seems to be some kind of rule, in recent years anyway, that in any animated musical film, the bad guys always get the best songs.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys beautifully colored animation, engaging characters and good basic storytelling.
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on June 29, 2011
Rio is bright, colorful, lively, and full of music--exactly what one imagines when they think of Rio, Brazil, Carnival Capital of the World.

Sure, some of the other (more critical) reviews you'll read on Amazon will gripe about forced themes and whatnot, but, really, all this movie comes down to is fun and finding love (for both the avian and human characters).

Remember, folks, these animated movies, although certainly entertaining for (and meant to include) adults, are really targeted for children.

My kids give it 5 Stars and can't wait to have their own copy. They loved all of the characters--even mean, old Nigel--as their personalities are just as colorful and varied as what is viewed on-screen.

The animation is beautiful and the storyline understandable--a plausible explanation for how Blu got to Minnesota, why he's afraid to fly, and why he needs to go to Rio.

A great movie for little and big people alike!
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on July 4, 2012
When this movie was initially released in theaters I must have been asleep for 6 months as I don't recall previewing or hearing anything about it in print or TV ads. When my wife and I acquired a 3-d TV/DVD player the search was on for the latest videos. Honestly, I purchased this movie based entirely on customer reviews. Just about everything submitted by other consumers was very positive, so I made the purchase and all I can say is that the reviews were dead on. RIO is one of our top 5 for many reasons: Great 3-d effects, glorious colors, a story that kept us entertained to the end, a great soundtrack, on and on. This was definitely money well spent and showed me that if I'm on the fence about a future dvd purchase with no knowledge of the content, video quality, or quality of the 3-d effects, customer feedback can indeed be a useful tool.
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on April 15, 2012
This movie has it all from beautiful graphics, funny characters, lots of action and adventure, some great musical numbers, and it also featured many famous people supplying the voices such as Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Jamie Foxx...and Jemaine Clement as the evil Cockatoo, Nigel, was very good as well. A fun time was had by all watching this movie, and the 3D looked amazing. I've watched it a few times now and am still amazed at how stunning the animation looks. I give it two wings up!
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on April 8, 2013
Thought this was going to be a cute rated G movie to watch with my 6 year old. The main theme of the movie is that scientists want the last two blue macaws to mate, which leads to tons of sexual innuendo. Lots of music and sexy club dancing, verbal hints on how to woo a girl with your moves and attitude. it also takes place in rio durning carnival (think Mardi gras) where the main character dons a blue bikini and wings and is told to shake her booty on a parade float. At this point my daughter asks "mommy why is that lady going out in her underwear?" The other underlying theme is the bird being unable to fly, something he needs to learn to do by using his heart and not his head. Good point, but that concept was way over the head of the little kids. On a positive note, the animation was cool and the kids enjoyed the variety of tropical birds, the soundtrack would have been awesome if it wasn't accompanied by all the club style dancing.
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