Customer Reviews: Risky Business (25th Anniversary Edition)
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on March 10, 2003
I think most people who buy/rent this DVD have already seen the movie and know what they're getting. There are a lot of good reviews on this movie here at but I only saw one that mentioned the quality of the DVD. It is absolutely horrible. The companies who produce these dark, grainy DVDs need to know that the consumers aren't going to accept this type of low-quality transfer. I'd gladly pay a bit more money for a DVD that's viewable. We know how good movies can look on DVD. So why release a disc that looks as poor as this one? As consumers we need to demand better! Just as VHS movies recorded in SLP or EP were unacceptable, so are DVDs that look as bad as this Risky Business disc.
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on December 28, 2003
Rarely will you find a video store without RISKY BUSINESS. Not only is it a contemporary classic, but it was also Tom Cruise's breakthrough film and a major hit. While reputed to be a very good movie, upon watching it, I found it to be something else. It's an excellent movie.
Tom Cruise plays Joel Goodson, a high-school kid who is just that - a good son. He's responsible, careful, and trusted. But when his parents leave town for the week, Joel decides to loosen up - but after he nervously invites call girl Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) into his house, everyone goes horridly wrong. With only a few days left to go, Joel must raise his grades, make $8,000, get back stolen furniture, and escape from the clutches of Guino (Joe Pontoliano), the killer pimp. Work is hell. And Joel knows it.
This movie is great. It wildly exceeded by expectations, and is much better than it's said to be. Cruise is great - the fact that RISKY BUSINESS is Cruise's first major film is enough to make it worth the watch, anyway; De Mornay is also very good. Paul Brickman's direction has a sort of artistic feeling to it (he also scripted); he has a unique way of creating a film that's funny, erotic, and occasionally suspenseful.
Another wonderful aspect of the film is its terrific soundtrack. It features rockin' songs from such popular artists as The Police, Bob Seger, Talking Heads, Muddy Waters, Phil Collins, and Prince. It also features new music by the hit-making band Tangerine Dream, whose techno, futuristic-sounding score gives the movie an occasionally nightmarish, occasionally unpleasant mood to it - and, of course, the film is about every teenager's nightmares come true.
All in all, RISKY BUSINESS is essential viewing from the 1980's, and it works just as well now as it did then. Tom Cruise's first hit, a terrific soundtrack, and a cult classic - this is RISKY BUSINESS.
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on October 14, 2009
FYI - disc comes with a digital copy, but the confirmation/serial code expired in Sept. of 2009.

Otherwise, the movie looks great on BD; clearly much money was saved on the production budget by not buying any bras for Rebecca DeMornay.
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This 1983 film that launched the career of Tom Cruise proves its relative timelessness by entertaining audiences even today. Mediocre student and always-obedient son Joel (Cruise) is left alone in his upscale suburban house when his parents take a vacation. It's Joel's senior year in high school and it appears that the only highlight is going to be a boring project for the Young Enterpriser Club contest. When his friend Miles (Curtis Armstong) forces his hand to take a chance, Joel is thrown into an out-of-control scenario involving the charming prostitute Lana (Rebecca de Mornay), her enterprising friends, an irate pimp named Guido (Joe Pantoliano), and a high school full of unfilled but hormonally charged teenage boys. Throw in Joel's father's Porsche, an application to Princeton, and the all-important midterms that Joel is in danger of failing - and you've got a fast-paced, hilarious flick of adolescence out of control.
Unlike today's teen movies, "Risky Business" is not preoccupied with sophomoric humor and gratuitous foul language. It's too smart a screenplay for that. Instead, it focuses on the humor of a good boy gone temporarily bad, and how one small act of rebellion changes everything. At times, the film tries to be artsy with its gimmicky camera shots, direction, and editing, thus dating the film more than the costumes and screenplay do, but overall it succeeds. The music is great, particularly for those who remember the times.
Dust off your memories and revisit this fun flick. If you've never seen it, you should, if for no other reason than for seeing why Tom Cruise and Rebecca de Mornay rocketed to fame following its release.
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on April 27, 2005
I may be looking too deeply into a movie but....

I saw Risky Business when I was 13 and thought that although some parts were funny, it was filmed beautifully and the music was dreamlike to me. The film became more of a personal introspective when high school hit and I began to see the parallels between my life and this Joel character. I used to live in an upper middle-class suburban neighborhood while growing up; big yards, lots of trees, and yardwork that always needed to be done. While the folks were out of town on vacation and my brother was away on weekend with friends; was left at home to rake leaves, mow the grass, and do homework (or play tennis) on Friday and Saturday nights instead of dating, partying, and getting into trouble. Maybe you can identify.. My G-d though! Where was Rebecca De Mornay when I needed her back then??

I strongly believe that to call this movie just a mere comedy is a total disservice to the film's artistic elements. The way the camera focuses on the leaves blowing around in the yard as we see Joel looking around at all this d-mn work that needs to be done. The slow motion on the hose as he waters the plants, the love-making scene on the train, the train at night, and the instrumental music by TD. In my opinion, the term "Comedy" refers to films like Animal House or Caddyshack. Risky Business would be better compared to Solaris than it would either of those two.

The soundtrack will never be outdated as the "Love On A Real Train" main theme is still the best instrumental track I've ever heard (If you're a dreamer, then try listening to the soundtrack while you're doing your own yardwork and you might begin to look forward to those precious times of isolation and reflection).

If you like Risky Business, then check out Three O'Clock High as well. Different struggle, similar character, set to the serious background music of Tangerine Dream. Also dubbed as a comedy, but in my opinion, there are many undertones of drama interlaced.
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on December 25, 2000
On paper,a movie about an entrepreneurial high school senior turning his parents' suburban Chicago home into a brothel while they're out of town sounds rather broad,but this early Tom Cruise vehicle pushes beyond the typical Teen Virgin Comedy by cleverly tapping into the "greed is good" zeitgeist of the ultra-yuppiefied 80's."Risky Business" also presages films like "The Ice Storm" and "American Beauty" with its similar "Sodom in Suburbia" setting. The film benefits from an intelligent(and frequently hilarious) script and skillful visual style that separates it from the(brat)pack of John Hughes films that seem to hog most of the "80's movie" spotlight. While the oft-shown "underwear karaoke" is quite amusing, the most memorable moment occurs between Cruise and co-star Rebecca DeMornay during a late night subway ride that remains, to this day, one of the most artfully erotic love scenes in modern cinema (and no one takes thier clothes off!!)"Risky Business" was also one of the first MTV-influenced movies,and makes excellent use of its soundtrack music. A gross of $6,000 would make any boy happy, except when he has to give it all away to Guido the killer pimp.
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on December 10, 2006
A subversive, quintessential 1980s-style coming-of-age story, disguised as an 80s teen sex romp, set in the Chicago suburbs. It recasts the elements of William Faulkner's coming-of-age story, The Reivers--the young man (Joel), the old man's car (the Porsche), the corrupting influence (Curtis Armstrong), and Miss Reba's house (his parents' North Shore home), twisting them into a sort of Reagan-era fable where it's OK, even admirable, to be a pimp for a weekend. The moral: take responsibility for your own mess, get rid of the evidence, and exploit the corruptibility of your Princeton admissions rep.
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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2008
Risky Business is a fantastic movie, much more complex than the standard teen fare at the time. Great music by Tangerine Dream (written especially for the movie) and strong performances from its young cast, most notably a nineteen year old Tom Cruise and twenty four year old Rebecca De Mornay. (Small side note: Cruise and De Mornay lived together for over two years after making the movie, so the chemistry on-screen must have been pretty real!)

The original end of the movie was much darker than the happy, everything turns out okay version that was released. Both versions were filmed and shown to a test audience, which preferred the happier, lighter version. The original has (to my knowledge) never been released in any form, and I was concerned that it had been lost.

I'm very happy to report that this 25th anniversary release is planned to include a new making-of documentary along with the alternate ending and commentary by Tom Cruise, director Paul Brickman, and producer Jon Avnet.

So, it appears that this is what Risky Business fans have been waiting since 1983 to see! The DVD is scheduled for release on September 16th, so we'll have to wait just a little longer. Keep in mind also that while the press information is normally correct, all of it is subject to change prior to release. But, it certainly looks very promising.

Sean P. Logue, 2008
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on April 14, 2016
A sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating film that manages to mix a Hollywood teen sex comedy and retrograde male fantasy (the gorgeous, happy, smart hooker who really does want you), with a pretty edgy satire about the American idea of success. The original script was even darker, with more thought provoking satire, and less flat out comedy. And indeed, the original ending included as an extra on the blu-ray subtly casts a whole different, more complex and interesting light on the film. But whatever it’s failures to live up to possible greatness, it’s still got amazing music, cool photography, fun performances, and some real ideas in its head to go with the glossy, sexy sex and wacky comedy.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2016
A classic comedy. I can't imagine there is anyone that hasn't see this (well, over a certain age--I think the movie was made in 1983), but it's totally worth re-watching every few years. I bought it on dvd and then found it for free on Amazon Prime (love Prime!). Tom Cruise is so young! What a hoot. Great movie.
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