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on July 14, 2012
** About the abrupt end to the video: The file size was just a bit too large, so I had to crop the end off. Nothing was really missed, I was just showing how the actual bulbs themselves can be turned or tilted in order to light up different areas. They're like swivel lights. Very cool. I think this light is much better than I could have hoped for at that price. I like it so much that I almost bought another one, even though we have only one umbrella in the yard. Just this week, we had to replace some of the water pipes in our home, and I actually had this light attached to a small wooden spindle pole so I could see what I was doing- hands free. I love this thing. Great buy, very pleased.
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on August 17, 2010
It took me a while to decide which umbrella light to order. I saw this one and it looked good, but the price seemed almost half of some of the others available on Amazon and I took that to mean fewer features or lower quality. I was also torn as to whether I wanted one that had light pointing up as well as down. This key feature (for me) was not indicated very clearly, even on other product web sites, but upon closer scrutiny of the zoomed images, it looked like there were LEDs on the top of the light as well, so I decided to take a chance, plus it was still one of the cheaper models. It turns out my gamble paid off, there are 8 bright, white LEDs on the top of the light that can turned off independently from the downward facing LEDs. Unfortunately, there is no setting to have just the upward facing lights on. They are either off, or on at the same time as the other white LEDs. You cannot have them on when the amber LEDs are being used, so it isn't perfect but I'm pretty happy with it overall. If I really want upward lighting only, I'll flip it upside down.

The dimmer feature is great. After you turn the lights on, you press on the ON switch again and hold, and the light will begin to dim. Release to set the dimming. Next time you turn the light on it will be back to full brightness.

The pole size adjustment was different than I thought, but it works ok. In the pictures you see 4 knurled, rubber grips in the center of the light. To adjust for a larger pole, you keep removing rubber grips until it fits. the piece that the grips slide onto is also rubber, so it will still grip to the pole, but will make the light slightly off-center.

Overall, it seems very well constructed and solid for it's price, however, the plastic used for the main body is very hard and seems like the type that would crack easily if dropped. For an outdoor item, I think it would be better off with a softer plastic that bounce rather than chip or crack. Lastly, I'd recommend getting some rechargeable AA batteries for it. It will last quite a while on 6 new batteries, but if you use it a lot, or accidentally leave it on overnight (doh) you will be putting quite a few batteries in the landfill, plus the cost of the batteries.

I'm very pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone needing some extra outdoor light. I'm tempted to get another one and just attach it to a pole next to the grill.
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on October 18, 2012
Reading through the reviews, I don't think I can add much except to sum up. I don't understand people who say this isn't weather-resistant. Used as intended, it's UNDER AN UMBRELLA! Rain falls down where I live, not up! ;-) For $22.00, you're not going to do much better than this. Even with my "Cons" listed below, I would buy it again.


* Light is easy to attach securely and centers nicely on the pole.
* The white lights give MORE than adequate lighting over our 36" x 72" patio table, and are dimmable.
* The yellow lights give a nice ambient light for chilling-out under, but aren't bright enough to "do" anything under.
* The white up-lights are a nice touch, but I don't use them much. (see "Cons")
* I've used this on full-bright white for about 10 hours (a couple hours at a time) now with no noticeable loss in brightness, so it seems to be pretty efficient on a set of standard Duracell's.


* The power switch has been sketchy since day one. It always turns on at first touch, but sometimes takes 2-3 pushes to turn light off. I don't know if this is due to the same switch being used for the dimmer, or if the switch is bad.
* I wish the up-lighting was selectable with the yellow lights, or by themselves.
* It's made out of a hard plastic that probably wouldn't survive being dropped. I'd like to see it made from a better grade of plastic. However, if this is a deal-killer for you, then you probably shouldn't be changing standard light bulbs or drinking from anything made of glass! ;-)
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on July 11, 2014
I ordered two of these. First of all, I didn't receive two of the same kind. They were both supposed to be dimmable, have amber light, etc. One did, but the amber light didn't work, and the second only had one light function and I mean only one. I turned it on and I can't turn it off. Unfortunately, I waited a month to open the second light and missed the return window. I think when something is defective, as both of these are, I should be able to exchange them. Well, I called Amazon and they were very very accommodating. They no longer carry these items... hmmm, think I know why. At any rate, I decided to keep the semi-functioning unit and return the second. I am receiving a 10% discount on the first and full refund on the second. Thank you, Amazon.
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on May 7, 2015
This product does not perform as advertised! When you first put in the batteries, it operates through the cycles of all lights. Then it selectively turns on lights in random order, and will not stay on more than one minute before turning itself off! It's a great party light if your guests can get hammered in 30 seconds or less, and leave in under 60 seconds! Other than that, if partying in the dark is your thing, it is good for that, but then why spend the money in the first place? I thought perhaps it might be the batteries, and changed them with fresh ones twice, same result. Could be a defective switch I suppose, I don't know for sure. I guess I am old fashioned, but I expect at least a close proximity of performance based on what I bought. On the bright side, Summer is almost here and it will be light out until 9:00pm, so I guess I'll just have to start my parties earlier while the sun still works.
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on July 19, 2014
This was my second Rite Lite umbrella light experience and it was as unfavorable as the first. At under $20 you're assuming disposable status, but this shouldn't be after 1 use. It definitely is bright and the ability to move the lights around is a plus. Durability or quality is the issue. My first one died less than 5 uses, and this one only after 1. If they can improve the overall quality of the product, this would definitely become a 5 star rating, but until then, I'm stuck with a single star.
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on April 24, 2015
First one failed the day I needed to use it. After testing momentarily upon receipt, it appeared to work okay... I was excited for my evening dinner. Then on the next use when I really needed it, leaving the lights turned on for just a few minutes, they began to cycle themselves through colors and went off. I could not keep lights on after that. Bad circuitry and I certainly didn't drop it. Appears to be poorly made. I am currently awaiting a replacement, but I don't hold out much hope. I was also very disappointed in the gripping fingers inability to grab onto the pole as it would slide down and did not stay secured as the adjustable clamp continually retracted itself on one side. I will update rating if the replacement turns out any better.
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on May 15, 2012
If, like me, you enjoy having dinner outside in the evening you really need to try this light out. I have plenty of lighting around my patio area, but lighting up my table itself never worked out very well. Then I found this umbrella light. It has a very sturdy construction, and easily grips onto any umbrella pole with the spring-loaded grips inside the unit. All that being said, the actual lights on the thing are outstanding. The four LED "pods" provide a good deal of lighting, and they swivel (to a certain extent) to allow you to get that light exactly where you want and need it. I haven't really used the amber lights on it other than during testing, but I'm sure there's something to be said about that feature too. The top LED lights aren't terribly bright, but I can't really imagine why you'd need to light up the underside of your umbrella anyway. Rite Lite has a definite winner here.
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on March 16, 2015
I was really excited about this light, because when it arrived, it did exactly what it was supposed to do in the middle of the day when I didn't really need it. I then stored it for a few weeks, and the next time I pulled it out to actually use it at night, nothing worked right. At first, it wouldn't cycle to the Amber light. Then, after pressing the button multiple times (and nearly blinding myself in the process), it finally started to work on the Amber setting. Then I couldn't get it off that setting. Now, it's Amber or nothing. I specifically got it for the Amber setting, but I want to be able to use it with the brighter white light if I need to. It has pretty good reviews, so I can only assume that mine just has a defect. I'm returning it, and not planning to get the same as a replacement. I'll try a different brand.
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on May 15, 2015
Bought this item 2 weeks ago. Put batteries in and tested it.worked fine for the few min. I. tested it. Then I tried to attach to my umbrella. That's when both clamps on each side broke. I figured out a way to jury rig it so it would clamp on to umbrella. A week later when I had guests over, I turned it on and got a strobe light effect that would not go off no mater how many times I tried to push the switch. Finally it just went off and would not light anymore. My friends got a few laughs at my expense..Don't waste your money on this piece of crap!!!
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