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on August 2, 2016
I have just this year, 2016, discovered this absolute treasure, in a sea of unwatchable Television !!! I have fallen in love with the all of the characters , who create the most entertaining combination of drama, comedy, mystery and family ! I have best friends, and I so can relate to the trust and support that is portrayed so perfectly between Jane and is a joy to watch them care so unconditionally for each other, and make it so believable and so real that it makes me miss my friends !!! Realizing that I have found this truly first rate tv show in its final season is disheartening. ......I thought there was still hope for quality television. Great story lines, great writing, exceptional acting, that just lets you get lost in the story....great, clean, true entertainment at its best !!!! So now I am watching all of the earlier episodes to find this show has been top notch from the beginning. If anyone out there is listening........DONT TAKE RIZZOLI AND ISLES OFF OF THE AIR !!!!!!! Last month it was the second highest rated show on cable......REALLY!!! Can we look forward to another zombie, apocolypse, or reality show from TNT????!!!!! 
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on May 10, 2015
i ordered this dvd after watching a few more episodes last season. while waiting for it to be shipped i started watching season 1. had a hard time sitting through the episodes, the writing, interaction between characters was lousy at best , omg what did i do by getting season 2. well im happy to say a lot improved for the next season, charaters blended better, writing greatly improved, things seemed more comfortable and the comedy was actually funny. i guess the writers and actors hit their stride, good story lines that holds your interest, and is entertaining. you need season 1 to get to know the characters basic story lines and premise of the show itself, season 2 gets you intereted in what the show is really about solving crime now waiting for season 3 to arrive.
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on January 23, 2016
I found this show late , so I am going back and watching the earlier seasons. I am so loving this show. In may shows they now have the "strong" woman, but this show sets itself apart by having MANY strong women without turning this into a chick show. Men are liking this show as there is plenty of cops and robber action. I cant wait to see season 3 and 4 now ! I hope that this show goes past the 5 year mark that many of these cable shows have, it is very rare for any of these other stations to carry out a show past 5 years...... this one has made it to 6 i'd like to see this hang in like NCIS and others past the 10 yr mark !
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on June 14, 2012
This is a really good show.

The interaction between Jane and Maura is great to watch. They understand each other, care deeply and enjoy a tremendous friendship whilst respecting each other professionally. They are super role models.

The writers have done well to produce a show with serious intent and story lines but with some great humour and pathos that makes it extremely watchable. This season we've seen the addition of an ongoing long distance love interest for Jane which has allowed us to see an extra dimension of her character.

The final episode was a dousy, particularly the last scene. It will be fascinating to see how the writers manage the conflict in Season 3. I wish I didn't have to wait until later this year to watch it.

If you haven't watched this show, do so. It's a delightful surprise.
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on May 25, 2013
I bought the first two seasons of this beloved TV series I introduced my grand daughter to for her 22nd birthday. She was thrilled to receive them. The show stars Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, two very strong role models for young women. Angie plays A homicide detective, Rizzoli, and Sasha plays an medical examiner (M.E.){Isles} and they are show-cased in some very difficult yet humorous story lines from week to week. Rizzolli is a very pragmatic 'by the book' detective who also 'uses her gut instincts' to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of the week; whereas Isiles is a brilliant 'factual' thinker and doesn't understand the 'by the gut instinct' that R. has. They work together and somehow are able to solve the mystery and 'nab their miscreant' week after week. A very pleasant way to spend an hour.
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on July 17, 2016
A quick read. Interesting. I think like Billing, therefore, I didn't find any "aha"s. I don't really agree with the word he used for one chapter, masculinity. The trait I I agreed with, the title just didn't set right with me. Whatever that trait is I think our women in the military definitely exhibit it and I don't think they would like it defined as such. Then again maybe I should read it again. It's been a while since I read it.
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on January 13, 2015
Bought Seasons 1-3.

This show manages to blend the dark side of life with positive counter balance. It takes me back to kind of TV I enjoy.

It is great to see a show about supportive friendship/family, with its ups & downs, in a way that I can relate to from my experiences with my own friends/life.

At times the writers seem to fall back on the standard formula for police drama, but more often than not, the show keeps a realistic balance of positive and negative. Most of the story lines are well written; but I always wonder why it is necessary to always throw in a psychotic killer who keeps making appearances.

If less was shown about crazy, psychotic behavior, maybe there might be less of it in real life. Life has many, many stories that can be told without the vicious, vindictive, crazy, characters being the main focus.

With all that said, Rizzoli & Isles is positively different enough from many of today's TV shows for me to really enjoy watching. it.
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we start this season with Jane receiving an award for heroism. her mom Angela as to now deal with a divorce. Frank Jr. still tries to make detective. there little brother Tommy has eyes on Maura. while Maura deals with her relationship with her adopted mother Constance. Maura also discover the connection between Constance and her biological father Patty. Jane also runs in to an old flame. not to say during the season finale Jane shouts Patty that puts her and Maura's relationship on the rocks.
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on December 22, 2013
Bought this series for my 15 year old. I love the show and have been watching it since the beginning. He saw a few episodes and became hooked and wanted to see the earlier seasons. If you do not know the show, it is about a female homicide detective (Rizzoli) and the county coroner (Isles) who are also best friends. Rizzoli is a down and tough cop and Isles is a brilliant sophisticated woman (can you see personality clashes yet). That makes for fun and lighthearted episodes as they solve the episodes murder.
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on September 20, 2012
I absolutely adore Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander so to have them starring in the same TV Series naturally I'm a HUGE fan! I purchased Season 1 and couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase Season 2 and when Season 3 becomes available I'll purchased that as well!

I appreciate what the Creator of this Series (Janet Tamaro) has done to bring Tess's books to life! Though Janet's interpretation differs slightly from the books I like that the Ladies have so much depth to them! They've developed and continue to develop each season! Season 3 in my opinion has been the best season by far (with a few more episodes to air in November).

If you're looking for a TV Series that makes you cry, laugh, smile and frown and by the end of the 43 mins you're looking for more...this is a Series worth adding to your TV on DVD collection!
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