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on January 21, 2014
The 1987 classic "Robocop" is one of my top ten favorite films of all time as well as my favorite Paul Verhoeven film to date as well. I can't say much more about this excellent film that hasn't already been said but if you are one of the very few that hasn't checked out this amazing film yet that has aged like a fine wine, then the new remastered blu-ray is the perfect way to do just that.

MGM originally released Robocop as a bare bones blu-ray all the way back in 2007 in the unrated director's cut form. There had been a previous blu-ray prepared by Sony I believe that actually got released to some DVD/blu-ray review sites but the picture quality was horrible and that led to MGM releasing their own blu-ray with better picture quality. While that 2007 blu-ray did look better than the last DVD, it was lacking in a lot of areas not the least being that it had none of the extras from any of the prior DVD special editions. They eventually released Robocop 2 & 3 in a trilogy box set along with the original film but that set also featured that original MGM blu-ray while Robocop 2 & 3 looked considerably better as they were much newer HD masters done at that point and time. A year or two ago, it was announced that a new fully restored & remastered at 4K resolution print had been prepared under direct supervision of director Paul Verhoeven and the original cinematographer. This new print of the unrated director's cut made the rounds to various major cities in which cast & crew Q&A's occured after the film was shown. It is this same restored print that made its way to this new blu-ray.

How does it compare to the older blu-ray? In a nutshell, it blows it away without even trying. I saw Robocop in theaters back in 1987 and even though my memory might not be the best it used to be, I don't remember this movie looking this amazing during its original theatrical run. It's very obvious that a lot of care and attention went into this new HD remaster and restoration of this classic film. The film retains a very nice filmic grain structure and I saw no instances of any digital noise reduction (also referred to as grain scrubbing) done to the film. The flesh tones in particular are much warmer and the colors (in particular the copius amounts of blood) have greatly improved as well. The film is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. This might upset purists a bit as director Paul Verhoeven has stated that his preferred aspect ratio for the film is 1.66:1. The old non-anamorphic Criterion DVD is the only release so far to present the film in a 1.66:1 aspect ratio. In Europe back at that time, 1.66:1 was considered the normal matted theatrical exhibition aspect ratio while in the U.S., 1.85:1 was the norm. Even though the 1.85:1 matting is just a wee bit tighter, at no point did I notice any information on the top or bottom seeming cramped or cut off. Essentially, the film looks absolutely breathtaking on this new blu-ray and I doubt that we'll ever see it look any better than it does here. One thing though that I do need to mention is that some of the additional unrated violence footage does look a bit softer and more washed out compared to the rest of the film but this has always plagued the unrated version even going back as far as the non-anamorphic Criterion DVD. I'm not sure if the original negative elements were lost for these additional shots that the MPAA forced them to trim out to avoid an X rating at the time but while the change in quality is noticeable, it isn't drastic enough to pull you out of the film and only amounts to less than a minute of footage.

I compared it to the older blu-ray (as well as the even older 2 disc special edition DVD) and in my eyes, it was like night and day. The audio is presented in multi-channel lossless HD audio too and will really shake your housing foundation if you have a great sound setup.

MGM this time saw fit to port almost every single extra from the previous DVD sets with the only exception being a photo gallery that I could notice. That means you get the commentary from the 2 disc MGM DVD special edition, all of the excellent making of documentaries and some deleted scenes. There is a great new extra that was added to this release in the form of a cast & crew Q&A from 2012 that runs a little over 42 minutes. There's a ton of great information contained in this new extra and it's great that MGM saw fit to add something of great value to this release in addition to porting over the majority of the prior extras from the DVD sets.

At the time I am writing this review, Amazon and retailers like Best Buy are selling this new blu-ray for only 7.99. That is a steal as I would have happily paid 15 bucks for it. This is easily one of the best HD restorations of a classic film done to date and is the best that Robocop has ever looked or sounded. I can't recommend it enough. I'd buy that for a dollar!
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on January 9, 2014
Robocop just got the respect it deserves in a stunning ready made 4K transfer for 1080p TVs. All the grain and detail is there. The colors look more natural, and in fact everything looks more natural. A true upgrade at a very low price. Robocop remains for me one the of the definitive films of the 20th century and the 80s in particular. Often overlooked because of its visceral violence, the film is a strange mixture of reality, sardonic humor, and straight up action.

I can't even believe it looks this good in some ways. The old transfer in comparison is complete trash. This 4K readymade also has a ton of extras to boot! I was worried about this as Sony has been releasing their 4K ready releases with absolutely nothing on disc but the film, leaving a lot of the disc space unused, despite charging full price for their product.

In short, this is EXACTLY how you do a Bluray catalogue release. Unrated edition as well. Support this release if you are interested in this film! Although it has a good moral message this film is very violent and bloody. Not for the unprepared.
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on January 30, 2014
I'm a big fan Rococop like i am with the Terminator
Robocop is one of my favourite Paul Verhoeven films i've watched it many times

i've had the 2 Disc special edition dvd for many years now which has both versions on the 1st Disc
and the special features on the 2nd Disc
when i found out that MGM were re-issuing this film on blu-ray again
called Robocop remastered edition
but with an all new 2013 HD remaster, i knew i had to buy it and i did buy it and it's definitely worth the cash for sure
the widescreen picture quality looks amazing and definitely has been upgraded for sure
the audio has been boosted to a 6.1 surround sound track which sounds excellent in my opinion
this new 2014 blu-ray only has the UNRATED version which includes about 1-2mins of extra violence
which i think is a much better version than the Theatrical release but all Robocop fans will have opinions
on which is the better version

about the special features
all the old making of Documentaries and featurettes from the previous DVD release are on this blu-ray
there are 2 brand new featurette exclusive's just for this blu-ray thou
an all new pro-shot Q & A from 2012 with some of the cast and crew from Robocop
excellent Q & A goes for about 40mins
and a Paul verhoeven Easter egg which goes for about less than a minute
it's just Paul talking about his Cameo scene in the film that's all
which is the Nightclub scene in the film. i couldn't see the point of it actually.
so there's about 2 hours of extras from the old special edition dvd release
plus a new 40mins Q & A released just for this blu-ray release
this 2014 blu-ray release is worth buying just for the Q & A in my opinion.

so if your a fan of the UNRATED version and then get this blu-ray for sure, worth the money
and sell the old dvd release
but if you prefer the Theatrical version then just keep the special edition dvd version
cause it's not on this blu-ray, up to you.

this new 2014 blu-ray of Robocop is definitely worth 5 stars for sure
you get the UNRATED version only in a brand new HD remaster with boosted audio of 6.1
plus all the Documentaries and featurettes from the old special edition release
and a new 2012 Q & A with some of the cast and crew.
enough said.
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on August 14, 2017
robocop (1987). this film is genius, a violent and scathing critique of reagan-era domestic and foreign policy. peter weller is awesome, capturing murphy's profound trauma. nancy allen is also great, tough as nails, and the perfect partner. miguel ferrer deserves big props for playing the slimy bob morton. he's almost mesmerizingly despicable, though less so than ronny cox's dick jones. the gang is great, too, led by a very, very bada$$ kurtwood smith and also featuring a crazed ray wise. great visual effects, including awesome prosthetics from the brilliant rob bottin, and some really good stop-motion goodness courtesy of phil tippett. an almost perfect movie, i remember seeing it on opening night, and it's been a steady part of my life. the gas station scene was filmed on my buddy's dad's property in dallas texas; i have a power window console from a car they blew up!
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on June 8, 2017
Isn't this a great movie? If you haven't seen it, I'll rephrase: this is a great movie. It usually doesn't get mentioned in the same breath with many of the dystopian classics of its age (Blade Runner, for example), but that's probably because it makes no bones about its B-movie values. And it's a shame that this film flies under so many critical radars, because Robocop is a treat. The script is clever, the stop-motion animation is witty, and the performances are fantastic. All the elements of this film--conflation of business and government, desensitization to bloodshed and violence, the dumbing-down of American culture--are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago. In fact, Robocop is almost frighteningly prescient, if you let yourself think about it for too long.

If you've only caught this movie in bits and pieces, or if you only know the execrable sequels, take a couple of hours and check this out. Miguel Ferrer (Albert from Twin Peaks) is especially delicious.
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on May 1, 2015
This film ranks with "Manchurian Candidate" (Frankenheimer) in terms of its knowing satire of American values and political landscape, perfect casting, and riveting action. The action is portrayed in the not too distant future when overwhelmed cities like Detroit have outsourced law enforcement to huge, socially and morally indifferent military industrial complex corporations, with appropriately disastrous results. Peter Weller is killed in the line of duty, but resurrected as a fully functioning robot that is nearly impervious to conventional firepower or resistance, making for many intense and exciting shootouts and action scenes. Fellow officers are astounded when Weller, doing a convincing and excellent job of moving like a robot, shows up at the practice range with a fully automatic Beretta pistol to decimate a human paper target into confetti with deadly computerized accuracy. Robocop, the Frankenstein monster of the profit obsessed munitions manufacturers, becomes an instrument of power and destruction as misguided corporate leaders fight for control of Robocop and become victims of their own Detroit crime fighting strategy. Director Verhoeven portrays a morally compromised, overly commercialized society on the edge of disaster, with drug sellers and users more or less running the streets and greedy corporations ripping off the incompetent public sector, with little or no leadership in sight. Don't bother with the 2014 remake, which lacks the satirical surprise and keen political viewpoint of the original by trying to address the human aspects of Robocop. Verhoeven ascends comfortably to the notable directorial echelon of Frankenheimer with this excellent political science fantasy, which totally delivers the goods. Prepare for big hair, big glasses, and big eighties excitement and entertainment!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 30, 2014
In the near future dystopia of Detroit, in the wake of a crumbling society and an economic collapse, crime runs rampant and police officers are more disrespected than the cabbage patch in a STEP UP movie. A mega-corporation takes over law enforcement and ushers in the era of the mechanical constabulary. And, look, there's righteous cop Alex Murphy who, after getting shot up to bits by a cackling gang of goons, becomes the leading candidate in a groundbreaking experiment to build a peacekeeping cyber-entity that operates with perfect logic. The new Murphy: part man, part machine, all cop - aww yeahh.

I love the 1987 ROBOCOP movie so hard I'm probably doing a disservice to the 2014 remake by not having the disposition to see it. Who knows, maybe the 2014 ROBOCOP is good. But the original rocked so damn hard and is embedded in my brain - along with ALIENS, THE TERMINATOR, and PREDATOR - as one of the most kickass sci-fi films in the 1980's. It's Peter Weller's best movie. It's director Paul Verhoeven's best movie - or at least tied with TOTAL RECALL. ROBOCOP is very much a movie of its own time - the 1980s - and yet it's relevant to this present day. The social satire still burns. The sheer corporate fukcery that unfolds onscreen is still topical today. The movie deserves its hard R rating with its exuberant show of profane language and gratuitous violence. And in this modern age of rampant CGI, it's just nice to hearken back to when the visual effects crew did their thing with practical effects. ROBOCOP packs in the squibs and the amazing stop-motion animation. Robocop's design is pure-ass genius, a blend of metallic sleek and bulk. There's a weight to him. There's iconic flair to the reverberating thuds of his footsteps and the 90º precision of his measured movements. And Robocop's martial theme song? Goosebumps, yo.

Yes, Nancy Allen is resolute as Murphy's and, later, Robocop's partner and the only one to really have his back. Ronny Cox and Kurtwood Smith are at their most despicable (and that's a good thing). But Peter Weller anchors the hell out of this movie. It's astounding that he's able to convey emotional nuances despite that Robocop speaks in a monotone and that his mug is mostly obscured by a bulky head gear. But Weller makes Robocop readily sympathetic and his plight so arresting. The master stroke, of course, is that, come to find, vestiges of Murphy's humanity have survived his death. We note whiffs of it, manifested as random moments of intuition or spontaneity and, physically, as the occasional showing off with the cowboy pistol flourishes. And, last but not least, there's the film's dark, deranged sense of humor. ROBOCOP is a fount of awesome catch phrases. I bet there are folks out there who say "I'd buy that for a dollar" and have no inkling that they're quoting this movie. ROBOCOP as a movie is many things. It's a crime thriller and an over-the-top action blockbuster. It's a cautionary sci-fi dystopia. It's a superhero story for grown ups. It's a keen skewering of our society. It's a tragic and moving study of one man transcendence of death. Who would've thunk it that, when push comes to shove, Robocop turns out to be the most human of the lot? I'd buy that for a dollar.
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on July 31, 2017
One of the greatest films of all time. No question. It's magnificent mix of science fiction, darkly satirical commentary on corporate culture & the Reagan administration, beautifully choreographed action scenes, fantastic performances (Peter Weller, Nancy Allen & Kurtwood Smith in particular), religious iconography & most importantly, Paul Verhoeven's uncanny ability to translate his complete vision to the screen. It's an immensely satisfying film, that only gets better w each viewing.
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When I was considering buying ROBOCOP on Bluray the first time it came out, there were so many negative reviews here on Amazon that I couldn't believe it. How could a great film like this get such awful ratings when it finally came to a hi-def release?

The simple answer is that not only is the picture and sound of the original release deficient, it also doesn't have the full "unrated" cut that Criterion released way back when on DVD. So the producers of this release obviously went back to the drawing board and not only released the unrated cut, but fixed the sound and picture quality, as well as adding a LOT of really awesome bonus features, including a slew of retrospective interviews with Verhoeven, co-writer Ed Neumeier, stars Kurtwood Smith and Peter Weller, as well as other members of the cast and crew. And there's a new commentary track as well.

This is the Bluray release of ROBOCOP that fans have really been waiting for, and what's even better is the price. This is FAR cheaper than pretty much all of the earlier releases, particularly the Criterion edition.

Just stop reading these reviews and buy it.
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on April 13, 2017
So I missed the Criterion release of RoboCop, but I'm not beating myself up over it. This release is spectacular! Picture and Sound on this BRD are very strong. What really sold me though was the number of great supplements on this disc. The disc is packed with hours of material that is not simply PR filler. For any Sci-Fi, Action fan, this is an absolute must own, specifically this version of the release.
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