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on April 29, 2015
The controller was amazing during the time that it worked. It worked plug and play in my PC with no problems and then the other day I plug it in to play GRID 2 and it just flashes all player indication LEDs once and never responds. I plug it in now and it doesn't even register in Windows. I am very disappointed because I really loved this controller. The controller is in near perfect condition too. I am really sorry that it is no longer returnable.
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on August 23, 2014
I had a very bad experience. For the first time.one. I ordered three of there controler unfortunatly only one is working properly. One keeps flashing the light andwill not start up to play the other controler does not work propery.. the anolog botton does not work so I am unable to play the game. Wast of money I have been using these type of controler for a while. And thats why. I give one star. This is unacceptable. I would like my controlers to be replased
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on July 16, 2017
I got it ahead of schedule so it gets points for that. The wear on it is minimum so there's another point, and it works (for now at least) so there's another point. 2 things though: I'm concerned about the cord because it were mangled up pretty good in the plastic bag it was shipped in. (The box was well padded.) It all came without the connector to the Xbox. You know the part with the USB that connects you to the game. It was missing that part. Luckily for me, I didn't throw out the old controller yet so I could still use that part. (The red piece attached to the green in the attached picture.) I expect it to work as well as the other ones. These controllers usually last me a year to a year and a half if they're taken care of. I rarely find problems with them. Brand new ones may stick a little and the older ones may be too loose or wonky. I'm hoping this one still functions decently.
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on February 6, 2014
The control arms stick, the control pad doesn't react very quickly. The unit does not light up, as my kids thought it would. Returned it within 2 hours of opening and using. Spend your money somewhere else.
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on November 30, 2014
Rock Candy makes Xbox 360 knock-offs. If you've used a plain Xbox 360 controller, you've used one of these Rock Candy controllers.

They feel pretty good int he hand, though they're far, far lighter than the official 360 controllers. The see-through plastic is very reminiscent of old-school N64 controllers, which can be off-putting, but they make very good PC controllers-Unlike knockoff PS3/PS4 controllers they are supported on Windows the same as a 360 controller, so they'll work for pretty much any game you throw at it.

Build wise they last about as long as a twenty-dollar controller will. My first one crapped out on me after six months, not because of any busted sticks or buttons, but because the wire near the extender-clip at the end of the controller is damaged. The 'X' symbol on the guide button is also not an actual plastic button, but a stick-on-label that peeled off from constant use. The button underneath isn't sharp or anything though, and works exactly the same, so it's strange they even put the microsoft logo on.

The controller itself is sensitive but not too sensitive, and feels good in the hand. it vibrates pretty strongly. The cord is very long(just skirting the edge of too long if you're using a laptop/PC instead of sitting across the Tv from a couch.
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on February 9, 2016
- Plug and play, right out of the box.
- Feels almost the same in hand as a standard XB360 Controller. Slightly lighter.
- Performance is on par with a standard XB360 Controller
- Good value for the price, in my humble opinion.

- Probably less durable than standard XB360 Controller, though I haven't had any problems.

Note: I purchased this controller because playing Rogue Legacy on a keyboard was hindering my performance. This controller improved my performance and game progression significantly - though I suppose any controller could have done that. This was the cheapest (of all the well-reviewed controllers) that was available. I have yet to have a problem with it. I would definitely recommend this for any casual gamer.

If you are a hardcore gamer, I would recommend that you invest in something more durable, as I do not anticipate that this controller will hold up to heavy, long-term use. If you are known to be rough with your peripherals (ie, throw them around in a bout of rage), you can expect this controller not to last very long.

Final Verdict: Perfect for casual gamers on a budget, maybe not the best for hardcore gamers.
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on February 22, 2016
I was hesitant at first to purchase a controller brand that wasnt microsoft but im really glad I did for the money I savedswas worth it alone on top of that the controller seems very well constructed and has the feel and layout of other xbox brand controllers so I doesn't feel like your using a smaller one like other similar styles. But my only issue at first was that I was wired but after not having to buy batteries or wait for batteries to charge was a small perk that I also loved about my purchase
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on June 14, 2013
Wired controller saves you money on batteries and has a slightly faster response time than wireless controllers, The buttons feel solid; they don't shake around or stick. Same with the joysticks;solid, don't stick. The whole feel of the controller is nice and smooth and clean. The one thing I had to get used to was the two START buttons in the middle are slightly higher than the XBOX brand controllers. Also, the XBOX logo on the home button is a paper logo and not a 3D plastic piece like the XBOX brand controllers. If this is a problem for you then you're really picky :P

Had this controller for almost 9 months and it inexplicably stopped working. Started with the left bumper always registering as down but not psychically sticking, then the xbox just didn't register it at all. Said "reconnect controller" as though the batteries were dead. I guess for the price I should have expected as much. I really didn't put too much strain on it. I'm a casual gamer and I don't button mash :/
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on July 16, 2014
I bought this controller to use for PC use. After playing a lot of a couple WASD keyboard controlled games, I decided to get a controller for the controller based games I had bought during the Steam sale. The neon green color caught my attention immediately and the fact that it was seethrough made me reminiscent of my childhood. Growing up in the 80's and 90's I was one of the lucky girls who had the see through telephone that lit up when it rang. Remember those? I thought it was the coolest thing ever and so this controller reminded me of the good old days of landlines and 90's nostalgia.

*ahem* Okay, on to the controller. I only had one main worry about this controller before purchase: will the material be difficult to hold after long palm sweating gaming sessions? We've all been there. The 8 hour marathons of yelling and laughing with friends in a multiplayer game, or trying to get to the next level or checkpoint before bed ("One more checkpoint.... one more... okay one more...crap it's 5AM!") Well, after lots of frustration with a game for hours on end and lots of claminess on my palms this controller remained inside my palm and not thrown across the room after slipping out of my hands at a crucial moment.

The colors are eyecatching and unique compared to the generic black XBOX style controller. The reaction time and responsiveness are perfect. I really have no gripes with this product and think it was well worth the money. I made a great choice and hopefully you enjoy your controller as much as I do!
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on May 9, 2014
Overview: I bought this controller to play PC games with and as far as the physical aspects go, it's an excellent controller, seems to be well made, and my main issue is button mapping.

Pros: Good alternative vs name brand.
Solid controller
Looks cool

Cons: Joy sticks are a hard plastic and can be rough on your thumb in games like NHL
The PC button mapping is TERRIBLE.

A little bit more specific about the PC button mapping issue. Whenever you plug it in and the computer gets the driver for it, it maps certain buttons to numbers. Games that don't automatically detect it as an xbox controller will use those button mappings to determine which buttons controls This isn't a problem for the four face buttons which are the first four mapped. Then LB is 5, RB is 6, still not problems. Then select and start are mapped as 7 and 8. That is a problem because most games use button 7 and 8 and have them mapped. Another problem is that the joy sticks are mapped as a button that when you press down on them. This is an absolutely huge issue in one game I played (NHL 09) because accidentally clicking the joy stick button pulls your goalie off the ice. (For those of you who aren't hockey fans, that's a generally bad thing in the middle of a game that will cause huge amounts of rage.) I ended up getting around this by using software that takes controller movements and converts it to what the computer recognizes as keyboard buttons being pressed. It removes the game killing rage causing part, but it only gives me the same accuracy the keyboard has, which isn't great. My friend has a name brand xbox controller and doesn't have this problem. There is also no updated drivers or anything that fix this and no way to remap the actual buttons that I have found.

Summary: If this controller is only for xbox 360, I highly recommend it. If you are mainly planning on using this on newer PC games or don't care about issues like I said, this controller is excellent. I am happy with the controller and have used it on many games without issue, so from what I have seen it's not an issue that pops up a lot, but feel I have to mention it in my review. Based on the mapping issue and lack of drivers, I can't give it five stars based on the PC part of it.
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