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on July 30, 2013
There were several chapters that repeated the same scene, but from a different character's perspective. It seemed odd to read a new chapter and I was expecting to move forward in the story's timeline, but no, I had to re-live the same scene over again. Same dialogue, same actions, but from a different character's head. Why not blend the characters' thoughts into one chapter? Each chapter had to be labeled with the name of the character so the reader wouldn't become confused.

I agree with the other reviewers' opinions regarding the infidelity aspect of Drake. SPOILERS!! It really bothered me that he had taken Lana's virginity and then the next night he had sex with another woman. I could almost forgive him for that transgression because he was too drunk to remember he had sex with Lana, although I'm a little baffled because if he was drunk how could he perform? But then I couldn't forgive Drake when he cheated a second time! He got back together with Lana, but then he was in bed with Gabrielle Moreitti. They both claimed that "nothing happened." That's not the point! The point was that he had taken another woman into his bed when he was supposed to be in love with Lana.

Shane even said it must have been difficult for Lana to see Gabrielle's naked butt pressed against Drake's groin. Emmie, however, disagreed and blamed Lana for Drake's infidelity. It was not Lana's fault that Drake cheated! If Drake really loved Lana, he would not have been in bed with another woman. His inebriation was not an excuse for cheating on Lana twice! I'm not sure why Lana forgave him and still wanted to have another baby with him.

I really liked Drake, too. I couldn't wait for his story. In the first two novels I felt sorry for him and was hoping he'd sober up and find his true love. He was a tortured character who deserved to find happiness. I liked Drake, I just didn't like how the author made him into a cheating jerk.

I'm not certain if I will be reading anymore of this series.
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on September 27, 2016
To say that I couldn't wait to start this book was an understatement! By the end of the last book, I was dying to read Drake & Lana's story.

It is very apparent from the last two books that Drake has a drinking problem and you finally get to find out exactly why in prologue. I found my heart breaking even more for Drake & Shane. When Drake meets Lana in the last book they have this instant connection and a budding friendship that obviously is a little taboo since she is 17 and he is over 30. Their story takes a turn pretty early in the book that had my jaw hitting the floor. How could Drake be so clueless and surprised when Lana runs away. This makes Drake rethink things and figure out how to get his soulmate back into his life. This story took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I think Drake might be my favorite & Lana is so perfect for Drake that I couldn't stop reading this book. I can't wait to start the next book!
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on October 22, 2015
This is the third book in the Rocker Series and this series doesn't slow down. In this book we explore more of Lana and Drake's story. We know that there is something between the two of them and in this book we find out the demons from Drake's childhood that causes him violent nightmares and the reason he goes to sleep with a bottle of Jack every night. Lana is a sweet and innocent driven student who has is on a the college track. Something about Drake pulls her to him. Can she truly be his Angel and save him or will their relationship destroy them both?

This book was amazing and I loved learning more about Drake and Lana. This book made me cry and want to throw my kindle across the room. Terri you have another hit on your hands with this book. I adore all the characters in this series and we get to see more in depth story of all of them. Terri has the knack to pull you into a story and you never want to leave. I know that I am loving being part of the Demon's Wings family.
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on December 22, 2013
What a disappointment. I was really looking forward to Drakes book. The way he was in Jesse's I thought for sure we were looking at a broken man who was going to find himself again though Lana. Instead we get a douchbag rock star who cheats on the women he supposedly loves. Of course he cannot remember the first night with Lana but remembers having sex with a groupy the following night in the adjoining hotel room to Lana and Lucy. Lana goes back to him and really he does it again waking up naked with another women but nothing happen seriously! As for Lana wow what can I say. If you are looking for a weak no self esteem leading lady you get one. Drake is not held responsible for any of his actions and she forgives him immediately. Such a shame I really thought Drake was going to be the most heart felt redemption of these bad boy rockers just turns out he is all he claims to hate a typical douchbag rocker.
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on October 7, 2013
Many will like the no cliffhanger value in these stories as things are pretty well wrapped up at the end. You will want to know what happens to the side characters but no heart dropping, mind stopping ending. Each character seems to have a book so no worries you'll get to read about each one. This story was Drake and his "Angel's" story. My only real complaint was how Emma always treated Lana with no real, "I'm sorry for being such a b****" coming for Emma to Lana and their were a few times especially towards the end that an "I'm sorry" was needed. You also find out who Lana's father is and I kind of wish you got to see more of their relationship because in a way I kind of felt sorry for him. All in all though this was a pretty good read and my attention was kept enough that I'll finish out the series.
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on March 6, 2017
Drake and Lana were an amazing story!! I loved how they were friend first. I loved that they had to deal with Drakes alcoholism and it wasn't just pushed aside in favor for the bright, shiny love story. I loved how they really felt like a couple you could meet, and that his love for her was almost palpable through the screen. I loved everything about this book, even the heart breaking moments.
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on July 5, 2013
Alright... waited with high expectations for this one. Eversince Lana came on the scene and had that instant connection with Drake in Savors Me, I've loved this couple. Getting this book a few days early was truly a treat. I was a bit let down by the substantial recap of how these 2 met and connected. Maybe it's rereading Savors Me a million times but I felt like I've already read and know those first few chapters and I was jonesing for how their story will develop. I wish the recap wasn't that detailed. However, once the story moved on, I really felt the connection and the love between Lana and Drake. Love all the other characters coming back and the new ones introduced. I must say Dallas intrigues me! I also like how there weren't too many details given for Shane and Harper. And that smack down scene! Long time coming! haha! I also love that not once did it enter my mind that Drake is so much older than Lana. They're perfect together! Great addition to a wonderful series! Please don't make us wait to long for Shane's story... and the babies!
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on March 18, 2016
This is the third book in the Rocker series. I was eagerly anticipating this book because I knew Drake's story would be interesting. It was interesting, but it was also heartbreaking and gutwrenching.

Drake and Lana (Lana is Layla's little sister) become best friends. Drake has not had an easy life and he chooses alcohol as a means to numb his feelings. Drake really takes the drinking to extreme because Lana is 18 years old and he starts developing feelings for her that are beyond friendship. He thinks that she needs to live a little before he would ever possibly try for there to be anything other than friendship between them. Drake makes a horrible mistake that breaks Lana's heart and he has no idea what happened because he was so drunk he does not remember. This forces Lana to decide that she has to get as far away from Drake as possible so she decides to go to college on the other side of the country in New York. Drake cannot for the life of him figure out why she would want to be so far away from him and she does not share her reasons with anyone. He was okay with trying not to be with her while she was in college if she was close to where they all live in California because it would mean that he could still see Lana, but if she is in New York he is not sure how he will survive. The road to Lana and Drake's HEA is really heartbreaking. but so worth it in the end. The move to New York allows us to meet a new group who will added to the fold of the Demon's Wings family in one way or another as the series progresses. I rooted for Drake to get his act together because I knew that he and Lana together would be wonderful if he were ever sober.

I loved this book as I have all of the books in the series. For those who love Rocker Romance then as I have previously stated in my other reviews this is a series that you must read. You will not be sorry that you did.
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on July 22, 2013
I love this series. The first one was short, too short. The second one was a good length with an involved storyline. So I had high hopes for this one, the third in the series.

There are a couple of big problems with this book.

The story line jumps between points of view, mostly Drake/Dray and Lana. Sometimes Emmie comes in too. That's fine. They are even identified. No problem there. However...

But when the pov shifts, the writer goes back to cover the exact same timeline and even the same scenes with the same dialogue, and in excriciating detail that was just covered by the other character's pov. Not just a paragraph or a summary, but the whole event we just read about from the other pov -- and it feels stilted. It's painful in places because it feels like even the writer doesn't want to be bothered to cover the whole thing again... and nothing new is added in most cases. So WHY? Move on already. If we just read 20 pages about a scene between the two main characters, we don't need another 10 pages covering the same scene with the same dialogue and NOTHING NEW but as told by the other character. A paragraph would have been fine. But even then, there was nothing new to show us.

And the second big problem is Drake's childhood traumas. They are twofold, first he was molested and second his mother's murder of his stepfather and her own suicide when she finds out. The murder/suicide is covered in therapy and there is a major breakthrough. But the fact this man was molested as a child isn't addressed in therapy or between the characters, at least not in any meaningful way. It comes across as not a big deal. If it were a big deal, it should have been handled... even a little bit. He has no problems with sex, lots of sex, no problems with anything physical, any particular act or position. Boys who are molested should have SOME reactions as adults when they have sex. Some memory of the event that changed their ability to trust or be touched. I don't think the authos has thought that one through. Maybe it will be covered more in Shane's story. But this felt like a terrible life-changing event was ignored or glossed over by the main characters. DEAL WITH IT. Otherwise, how can he be whole enough to move on to a meaningful relationship with Lana?

I like the characters. I like the storylines -- even if this is the second sister with a rocker dad she meets while dating a rocker after she swore she would never date a rocker... it's a good story. The author can really tell a tale. And except for the two problems above, I'm really enjoying the whole series.
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on July 17, 2015
When I first started this book I'll admit I was a little leery of the age difference for this couple. She is only 18 and he is 32. But their love story is so beautiful you just go with the flow. Lana is young and innocent and has nothing but love for the broken and suffering Drake. I think the author handled the age difference beautifully. When Drake broke Lana's heart, I wont' spoil how, She knows it's time to let him go. Watching them fight their way back to each other was a truly great story. Oh and for those following this series...Gabrielle gets a little payback!
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