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on September 15, 2011
I recently purchased this luggage set after researching several different brands. I loved the set as soon as I received it, but wondered how it would hold up while being shuffled from airport to airport. I'm happy to say it survived it's first flight without a scratch. The material is very sturdy and held up extremely well. The only complaint I had was the black marks left on it from the conveyor belts. However, I was able to wipe those off using a damp cloth and some spray cleaner. I would definitely recommend this luggage set. It was very affordable and includes four actual suitcases instead of the normal useless duffle and travel bags.
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on August 2, 2016
I have only used the 29" and the 22" pieces one time each, on different trips, and both are very hard to roll upon returning home. I contacted the seller and they asked for the proof of purchase and a picture of the defective part. I furnished the requested items and receive a email that said for me to oil the rollers, which are plastic, and if I was still unhappy I could return them but there is a $40 charge per piece to do so. If I returned 2 defective cases the $80 would be over half of what I paid for the set. It states they have a 3 year warranty but fails to mention anything about a charge to us it.
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on January 1, 2016
Bad quality bags. Stitch tore the first time we used. I thought Rockland was good and had a few good reviews and so thought of going for it, but my impression changed after I bought and used this once.

Attached images . Look for yourself.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 31, 2015
On the biggest suitcase, there was a tear in the stitching. What can we do about it? We already threw the package to send it back. Refund us some of the money.
review image
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on July 2, 2012
I purchased this set a few months (around March/April 2012) back for a trip to Disney, both a 6 day cruise and a jaunt at the park in Florida. When I received the luggage, I was very impressed. It felt nice, looked very nice and all the things that moved and opened did so with ease and fluid motion. I did; however, notice a very strong VOC odor in the suitcases.

I did see that all the other reviews regarding the listing of 1200d Nylon vs 1680d Nylon (I think those are the numbers) were correct. The listing STILL shows the incorrect number as 1680d and not the actual 1200d (SHAME ON YOU AMAZON FOR NOT FIXING THIS AFTER ALL THE MENTIONS OF IT).

I used the suitcases (all four in the set) for my trip (this was the first and only trip as of yet with these suitcases) from WV to Florida. The trip was arranged like this (I realize this is long and detailed, but I want you to see the extent of use).

1. House to car
2. Car to airport
3. Airport to connecting flight
4. Connecting flight to final airport
5. Final airport to van and van to hotel
6. Hotel to bus
7. Bus to cruise ship (Yahoo!)
8. Cruise ship to bus (Blah!)
9. Bus to resort
10. Resort to taxi
11. Taxi to airport
12. Airport to connecting flight
13. Connecting flight to airport
14. Airport to car
15. Car to home :-(

On step 8, I just about got my hand cut off. The handles of the suitcases are kind of like a fabric tube, with a flat piece of metal through the tube. Both ends tuck neatly into the the top of suitcase fabric, with the fabric being tucked in while the metal piece has holes in each end, secured to the suitcase with rivets. It appears that one of the rivets did not hit the hole in the metal strap and they came apart. When I grabbed it, the metal came out and just about sliced my hand open. I fought this from step 11 above to step 15 and was reminded yesterday (2 months later) when my mom about cut her hand moving the suitcase in our spare room and grabbed the metal strap.

I realize that warranty issues arise and sometimes mistakes are made in the manufacturing process; hence, the included warranty. My main reason for the 1 star is because I didn't keep the small papers/cardboard pieces attached to the suitcase. When I came home from the trip and was ready to try to get the warranty service, I could not find a website or any information on how to get to the warranty or contact the company. I may have overlooked it, but I simply get the feeling that they did not want someone to easily warranty the product. This was outside Amazon's return policy timeframe (two months after purchase), so that was not an option. At this point, it looks like like I will have to drill out the rivets and secure the strap myself before I, or one of my family members, loses a hand.

OK, so here it is in a nutshell.

The Good:
-The storage compartments in the suitcases are spacious and the suitcase allows for zippered expansion (very nice touch).
-The inside of each suitcase is very nice, with a nice look.
-The wheels roll very well and the spinners are GREAT.
-The handles extend and retract with ease and they all seem to have a good, solidly sounding click when engaged.
-The outside of each suitcase is very clean cut, with nice lines. They are very nice to look at and were easy to spot in the baggage return.

The Bad:
-Stink, stank, stunk.....The interiors of the suitcases had a definite VOC smell to them, more so than I felt comfortable with knowing that my 4 year old was using one. You need to let them air out before your trip and store them with a good spray of Febreeze and some air fresheners or laundry sheets.
-The handle broke and about de-handed me after only a few short days on the FIRST use.
-The warranty information and/or website was not readily found. (Still isn't found) Shame!

I hope this helps.

Good travels to all.
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on February 15, 2017
This luggage is cheap! As in you get what you pay for, but even less. My husband and I bought this set of luggage for our honeymoon and after just the one-time use it is already falling apart. The seams have come apart on both of the larger suitcases. We didn't over pack as we left room for souvenirs. I have purchased other luggage before from American Tourister and paid much less and it lasted me over 10 years. This luggage is junk! I ignored the negative reviews and now I am regretting my purchase. I wish I could just get my money back and buy something that is better quality. Also, it does have a awful plastic smell when you first get them. It slowly dissipates, but not completely. Do not buy this luggage!
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on April 27, 2017
Note: The pictures included are after 3 years of much use.

I've owned this luggage set for 3 years now, and it's held up through multiple flights to and from Europe, as well as many flights across the US. All pieces are still completely in tact (though I never use the tiniest one - it's SUPER small), and I plan to use this luggage when traveling to South America this year.

The handles sometimes stick, and the color is much lighter in person than pictured, which is a bit of a dissapointment. It's not as olive-y as I'd originally hoped. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. One of my favorite things about these uniquely green suitcases though is that I can always immediately spot my luggage on a carousel - there's never any doubt that it's mine.

Overall, I'd recommend. This is a decent set for an affordable price.
review image review image review image
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on January 15, 2014
My husband & I bought these a few months ago for our up coming trip. I travel for work a few times during the year and took the 2nd largest one on a "test run" soon after getting them. It really held up to the riggers of air travel, with the only damage being some staining on the tan parts. This has happened to every bag I've used, but planes are dirty and its luggage!

Pros: They all stack inside one another like russian dolls for easy storage. The outer nylon is thick and tough, seems to be a decent quality and holds up well to being tossed around. There are 2 zippered pockets inside the main compartment that run the length of the side for small items like belts or toiletries. Wheels spin 360, which made my husband really happy and the tow bar is nice, thick aluminum. I put my laptop bag on the tow bar and it easily takes additional weight and doesn't wiggle. They all have the expansion zipper, which is key for us. The main zipper is good quality and has nice, large pulls for easy zippering. There is a curve in the bottom plastic support that doubles as a handle when lifting the suitcases. It made it really easy to lift in and out of a car trunk or off the luggage belt. There are nylon handles sewn on the top and side that are supported by metal grommets. We packed the large one and was weighted in at 72lbs at check-in and the handles have no sign of strain.

Cons: The inside lining is kinda cheep and thin but has held up well so far. The internal zippers are also not the greatest but have held up too. In the largest bag, the zipper keeps separating in the lid mesh compartment and has to be zipped 2-3 times before it fully locks together. It works for the most part, just a pain to keep zipping it if you are in a rush. On the outside, all the big front pocket zippers stick. They close, but you really have to fight with them. No issue with the small top pocket, only the bottom one. Lastly, not really a con but just a personal thing, the tow bar on the largest bag doesn't extend as far as the smaller bags. It's most likely a height/weight thing, but i can't fit my laptop bag on the tow bar with the biggest bag.
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on September 2, 2014
A great set of luggage. Have used it on many business trips with the USA and to/from Canada and so far no issues. All wheels are still fully functional and not broken, which was my concern at first when I got it, but they seem to be build tough enough.

Update December 2016: 2+ years later, and those are still holding strong! It has survived many international and domestic flights to Europe, Canada,and many states in the US. Everything is still working strong and smooth. So far the best set I have owned and would buy again if I had to.
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on January 9, 2016
Update 01/25/17:
FOUND A WAY TO REPLACE THE WHEELS (changed to 3 stars)

Take a hacksaw and saw the axle in half. Be careful not to overheat the metal because it will melt the plastic yoke. I learned this the hard way using a power tool. Another way would be to drill the rivet flare off, but it can be hard to keep the axle from spinning. Then Knock out the axle. I found replacement wheels that will work good right here on amazon:
Get the 50mm x 18mm wheels.
This set comes with two axles. One 35mm and one 30mm. I found the 30mm to be closest. I use a grinding wheel to remove about 3/16 from the end and the wire wheel to clean it up. This may not be necessary. But the axle will stick out of the yoke.
Put the washers between the wheel and the plastic yoke. One on each side. This is a little tricky. I used scotch tape to lower the washers into place while working the axle through the washer, the wheel, and the other washer.
Screw the cap onto the axle and you are done. The little black axle caps will not go back on as the new axle has bigger heads. I think it looks fine. There are several youtube videos that also show the process. The important thing I share is the link to the replacement wheels. Good luck!

Update 12/16/16 - The wheels are completely shot now. We have to carry our luggage. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Update 11/28/2016. I can no longer recommend this set. It soils to quickly and the wheels are crap. The wheels are only designed to roll on four. If you tip the bag back to pull, the wheels turn sideways and drag until they wear off. Really poor design.

I purchased this Luggage set because I wanted 4 different sizes that match. This way my Wife and I can choose a size depending on how long we are staying. Weekend trips, I take the small one she takes the next size up. We like the flexibility of a set of four.

All in all, this is a nice looking luggage set. We can always spot our bags easily when on the luggage turnstile. They roll surprising smooth on two wheels, and work great on all four as well. After about 4 trips, the airlines have put a small, almost unnoticeable pox on the front of one, and have soiled the cream fabric on all. But at this price, I guess I will consider them as throwaways, rather than a life time purchase.

I have thought that the zippered expansion could be bigger. It will expand about an inch, and I think it should be more. But really I have not needed to use it yet, so I may be wrong about this.

Seem durable
Two and Four wheel functionality
Set of Four (bonus)
Will nest for Storage
Zippers seem to function well
External storage pockets
Pull handles function smoothly (so far)
Carrying handles seem rugged (airlines have not yanked one loose yet, hehe)

Cons: None (see the update below)

I would recommend this luggage. I may change my rating to 5 stars after it has proven itself longer. But we are very happy with them so far,
Seriously, this is a really nice set for the money.

I hope his helps with your decision.
I do watch for feed back so I can make adjustments to my reviews. So please share your thoughts.


01/23/16 Update

I just took off one star and now it it 3 stars.

We just got back from another trip where I noticed I was getting out of breath pulling one of these bags. On Investigation, I found that when leaned back, the little wheels (about 1.25 ") do not function and were dragging. The back two wheels go kind of pigeon toed so they are about at a 45 degree angle to the pavement. and 45 degrees to the direction of the pull. I guess this is because of the swivels. This does not let the bag role freely, and they are causing wear on the wheels because they drag while they half rolling. These bags simply can't be tipped back and pulled. They must roll on all four wheels. This is fine on smooth polished concrete floors line in the airport. But this is not optimum when on sidewalks or in a parking lot. For long hauls, you will want bags that will tip back and roll.

OMG, how could they have overlooked this? I'm going to take off another star leaving my review at two stars. And now I can not recommend these bags. What a pity.
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