Customer Reviews: Rocko's Modern Life: The Complete Series
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on February 23, 2013
Joe Murray wasn't expecting a complete series to come out in one package - and I don't think Shout Factory or Nickelodeon planned it. What Joe said on his blog was that the single seasons sold so well that Shout and Nickelodeon decided to produce a complete series DVD. It looks like all of the discs are the same as the previous releases. The inside cover has new original Joe Murray artwork that has a collage of multiple characters. Visit Shout Factory for an image of that.

One downside is there is no episode list within this set and the DVD extras are sprinkled through the set (they are found on the same DVD as the previous individual season releases). Also, the episodes are still censored (like the previous released Seasons).

Season 1 contains no extras
Season 2 has the original Pilot "Trash-O-Madness" with the original YELLOW version of Rocko and "Behind the Characters" with Joe Murray (info about the characters while Joe shows you how to draw them - Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, Ed and Bev)
Season 3 has an original selected scene commentary by Joe Murray - it's a separate video not audio over a certain episode; the video has Joe discussing certain clips from Season 3.
Season 4 has a 51 minute excerpt of "Rocko Live" (referred to as "Wacky Delly" Live 2012 on the DVD). This was a live event in California in October 2012 which included Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko), Tom Kenny (Heffer), Mr. Lawrence (Filburt), Charlie Alder (Ed and Bev Bighead) with Joe Murray (creator of the series and voiced Ralph Bighead) and hosted by Rob Paulsen. They did a live read of the first act of Wacky Delly and they also discussed working on the show.

Shout said that they weren't sure if the Season 4 separate release would contain the Live event - but I bet it will. The season 4 discs could stand alone. Joe created another original cover for Season 4. At this point there isn't an official release date for Season 4 but it is definitely going to be released.

No Pain, No Gain / Who Gives a Buck?
Leap Frogs / Bedfellows
Jet Scream / Dirty Dog
Keeping Up With the Bigheads / Skid Marks
Power Trip / To Heck and Back
The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby / Trash-O-Madness
Spitballs/Popcorn Pandemonium
A Sucker For the Suck-O-Matic / Canned
Carnival Knowledge / Sand In Your Navel
Cabin Fever / Rinse and Spit
Rocko's Happy Sack / Flu-In-U-Enza
Who's For Dinner? / Love Spanked
Clean Lovin'/ Unbalanced Load

I Have No Son
Pipe Dreams / Tickled Pinky
The Lounge Singer / She's the Toad
Down the Hatch / Road Rash
Boob Tubed / Commute Sentence
Rocko's Modern Christmas: You Can't Squeeze Cheer From A Cheese Log
Hut Sut Raw / Kiss Me I'm Foreign
Born to Spawn / Uniform Behavior
Hair Licked / Gutter Balls
Junk Junkies / Day of the Flecko
Snowballs / Frog's Best Friend
Short Story / Eyes Capades
*Bonus Features (Season 2 DVD 2):
"Trash-O-Madness" original pilot version
"Behind the Characters with Joe Murray" - Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, The Bigheads

Bye Bye Birdy / Belch of Destiny
The Emperors New Joe / Schnitheads
Sugar Frosted Frights / Ed is Dead
Fish-n-Chumps / Camera Shy
Nothing to Sneeze At / Old Fogey Froggy
Manic Mechanic / Rocko's Happy Vermin
I See London, I See France / The Fatlands
Fortune Cookie / Dear John
Speaking Terms / Tooth and Nail
Wacky Delly
The Big Question / The Big Answer
An Elk for Heffer / Scrubbin Down Under
Zanzibar / Fatal Contraption
*Bonus Feature "Select Scene Commentary" by Creator Joe Murray (Season 3 DVD 2)

With Friends Like These / Sailing the Seven Zzz's
Pranksters / From Here to Maternity
Ed Good, Rocko Bad / Teed Off
Wimp on the Barbie / Yarnbenders
Mama's Boy / Feisty Geist
S.W.A.K. / Magic Meatball
Closet Clown / Seat to Stardom
The High Five of Doom / Fly Burgers
Heff in a Handbasket / Wallaby on Wheels
Dumbells / Rug Birds
Hypno-Puppy Luv / Driving Mrs. Wolfe
Put to Pasture / Future Schlock
Turkey Time / Floundering Fathers
*Bonus Feature - "Wacky Delly" Live 2012 (Season 4 DVD 2)
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on February 23, 2013
Rocko's Modern Life The Complete Series
If your a fan of the show, this is what you've been waiting for!
Prior to this set Rocko's Modern Life was getting individual season dvd's, which is fine, but it's much easier and more cost efficient to buy it all in one nicely packaged box set and here it is! One of the greatest Nicktoons of all time finally released in it's entirety with a few added bonuses as well.

All 52 episodes are present in order by air date spread across 8 discs, including the "Leap Frogs" episode where Bev Bighead tries to seduce Rocko. This episode was eventually taken off air during the shows original run because of it's adult theme.

-The cover art was drawn by the creator of the show Joe Murray!
-The DVD case is the size of two standard DVD cases put together.
-The case is firm and solid plastic(not an eco-case, thankfully).
-The inside of the case features a beautifully drawn scene of all the characters in front of Rocko's house.
-Overall a visually pleasing and high quality box set.

Bonus Features:
There are Four bonus features on this set.

-Behind the Characters with Joe Murray (Season 2 Disc 2)
This is a fun bonus feature, Joe Murray shows how to draw some of the main characters of the show and briefly explains the characters backgrounds and how they where created.
(This feature was previously released on the season 2 set)

-Trash-O-Madness pilot (Season 2 Disc 2)
This is the original 7 minute pilot episode that was never aired on television and produced in 1992. Half of the episode was animated by Joe Murray and it features a very yellow Rocko.
(This feature was also previously released on the season 2 set)

-Selected Scene commentary (Season 3 Disc 2)
Joe Murray speaks directly to the camera about some of his favorite episodes and gives great insight on creating the episodes.
(This feature was previously released on the season 3 set)

-Live Wacky Delly 2012 (Season 4 Disc 2)
A live reading of the famous "Wacky Delly" episode with Joe Murray and the original voices of Rocko(Carlos Alzaraqui), Heffer(Tom Kenny), The Bigheads(Charles Adler), and Filburt(Mr. Lawrence) hosted by Rob Paulsen. This is truly an amazing bonus feature, it's great to see the original cast together in the same room and that they can still voice their characters 20 years later! After the reading the actors go into some detail about their experience working on the show. This is the first time this feature has been on DVD, but if you bought the individual seasons 1-3 and are waiting for season 4 this will most likely be included, so don't worry.

There are three VERY brief cuts on this set due to censorship. This is a minor complaint and should not influence your purchase. The cuts are not the fault of the distributor(Shout Factory) and unfortunately Nickelodeon is to blame. The cuts where made during the shows original run for being too risque and Nickelodeon only presented Shout with the censored versions of the episodes.

-The Good, The Bad, The Wallaby (S1E6)
A scene where Heffer appears to be pleasured by a milking machine is omitted.

-Road Rash (S2E4)
Rocko and Heffer visit a road side motel called the "No-Tell Motel" and ask the clerk for a room for the night.

-Hut Sut Raw (S2E7)
A very quick scene where Rocko is picking berries from a bush and a bear pops out of the bush and runs off whimpering and holding his groin.

Who knows whats next for Rocko, maybe a blu-ray release? Maybe the show will get a reboot. I guess only RRBM's nipples of the future can tell!
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on September 19, 2013
a warning to all fans out there, these are NOT the rml you grew up watching. certain scenes have been taken out by nickelodeon to make it more p.c and kid-friendly despite the fact that the vast majority of its fanbase are well past adulthood by now. i'm disgusted that people are paying good money for a watered-down version of an otherwise magnificent show. do yourself a favor and find a torrent of the original episodes. this is one of many reasons why piracy is necessary to keep hollywood in check. what an absolute disgrace.
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on March 22, 2013
I received this in the mail recently, and I must say that right off the bat, I was impressed. All 8 DVDs presented in a neat flip-out format. No clunky boxes to peels through, no mini-flyers/coupons falling out of the box, no stickers sealing the case shut, and no snap shut tabs on the side (why are those even necessary, are people too dense to close a DVD box? I'm looking at you, Disney.)

No, what you get is a very simple DVD box with all 8 DVDs. The reverse of the cover features original art done by Joe Murray, which is awesome.

The DVDs are even better. No annoying advertisements, just the episodes you paid for, and every single episode is included (even the pilot where Rocko's painted yellow is here!) Sadly, a couple of scenes were removed (the berry scene from Hut Sut Raw and the milking machine scene are gone entirely), but it doesn't take away from the quality of the episodes.

For an old school Nicktoon enthusiast like me, this was a blessing, and I hope Shout Factory continues to churn these collections out, -exactly- like this. I recommend this to anybody who loved the show, and to those who are just now getting into Nickelodeon, you should get this, too, 'kay?

Perfect score, don't regret buying this one bit.
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on February 7, 2015
As a teenager I adored the tasteful mix of mild adult humor and juvenile humor exemplified in Rocko's Modern Life. For this very reason I am disgusted at the censoring of various scenes such as the bear scene from episode 20 of season 2, the milking machine scene from episode 6 of season 2, and the no tell motel scene of episode 4 of season 2. I understand that Nickelodeon would like to portray their programs as child friendly in our overprotective society, but the least they could do is add these scenes into the bonus features. If Nickelodeon didn't censor their media then this would certainly be a 5 star product, but the censorship of mildly adult scenes is disappointing.
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on December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas Eve, mates! (Which is when I typed this review.) Rocko's Modern Life defined the funny and wacky side of the Nicktoons of the 1990's and onward, similarly to Ren and Stimpy, and was a precursor to SpongeBob himself, since some of Rocko's creators went on to work on SpongeBob, including his creator Steven Hillenburg who recently came back to work on SpongeBob full-time, Carlos Alazraqui who got his start voicing Rocko the wallaby and his faithful pup Spunky, and Earl the science lab dog, in the original pilot episode Trash-O-Madness (and still does in the whole series) who was the original voice of Scooter the surf-dude fish on SpongeBob, Doug/Mr. Lawrence who got his voice-acting start with Rocko as Filburt the phobic turtle, and went on to be Larry the Lobster & Sheldon J. Plankton on SpongeBob, and especially Tom Kenny (SpongeBob's actor since the beginning) who had lots of minor roles here and his biggest major role for Rocko was Heffer Wolfe, the wacky & bottomless-stomached steer! All 52 shows of Rocko, as prints seen on Nick/Nicktoons/TeenNick and not always uncut, in their respective 4 season sets are all in this 8-disc set, with exclusive cover art inside and out of the thick case by Rocko's creator Joe Murray (as the front covers of seasons 2 to 4 by themselves were drawn by him, too); thick as in the first 6 seasons of Digimon, as well as a few other complete series sets of classic Nickelodeon series, like The Angry Beavers, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, both cases of Hey Arnold as a series set, Hey Dude, and a newer one Danny Phantom. Joe Murray had a big hit on his hands, and it became even bigger after the show ended by 1997, and bigger still with the DVD season sets and this very set! There's all sorts of wacky misadventures in this set, including several holiday episodes for Valentine's Day, April Fools' Day, Earth Day (Zanzibar), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Founder's Day (the last one concluded the whole series, with the Thanksgiving episode as its partner!). Rocko had a brand of humor that appealed to kids and adults alike, but in crazier ways and/or more serious ways than SpongeBob, that got many Rocko episodes edited or banned from Nick for a long time. Unlike Shout Factory's other Nicktoon series DVD sets, this one contains bonus features in association with Joe Murray himself! Season 1 has none as season 2 contains online clips of Joe drawing Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, and Ed & Bev Bighead for his fans and the original version of Trash-O-Madness, where Rocko is yellow instead of brownish; season 3 has a half-hour program of Joe giving his own commentary on several episodes he remembers; and the last season has a 52-minute program from an actors' convention in October 2012 starring Joe, Tom, Doug, Carlos, and Charlie Adler who voiced the Bigheads AND the Fatheads, reenacting the first half of the popular episode Wacky Delly, hosted by another toon legend Rob Paulsen! The season 4 DVDs became a season set of their own just 8 months after the complete series set, right down to "Wacky Delly Live 2012". If you have kids watching that program, be wary of occasional bad words or mentioning Jesus' name, as if He were "Pete", if you know what I mean. If you haven't already got Rocko's season sets, or the whole enchilada in this set, go ahead and get the whole enchilada and save some dough and shelf space! As Rocko might put it, shopping day is a very dangerous day... especially if you have no idea what you're looking for. Edited or not, you won't be sorry with most bygone Nicktoons of the 1990's, including this one! Crickey, what a set!
review image review image review image
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on July 4, 2013
I was waiting for this collection long time ago, it has all the episodes from this unforgettable cartoon from Nickelodeon...However, i noticed that some episodes has a censored version of them ( like "Hut sut Raw" ), among others. This series are not for children under has a lot of adult jokes and situations not suitable for under ages.
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on April 22, 2014
Censored (by Nickleodian, not Shout) and, if others are correct the missing parts were destroyed so there can never be a legitmate legal release of the actual complete show. No use to me. No point to it.
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on December 3, 2015
I see no point in censoring this show. Little kids aren't going to ask for Rocko's Modern Life on DVD as they have no idea what it is. Only adults will be buying this DVD and it should be the original episodes we watched as kids. Everyone is so afraid of offending someone now that no one is authentic anymore.
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on August 16, 2014
The packaging is great with original artwork by series creator Joe Murray. The case is clear and the size of two standard DVD cases (hate overly large or irregular series sets!) with large artwork on the inside showing through the case with practically every character that appeared on the show. My main gripe is no episode/bonus feature list on the have to put the disc in to see. Also a duplicate of the front artwork appears on the back.

The video is not stellar, but it's watchable and certainly better than broadcast quality, but there is some blurriness, noise (especially with reds), and colors can seem washed out. Some episodes have a Nickelodeon logo in the intro which is inconsistent with the rest which seems odd because they could have just edited the intro from another episode.

The menus are pretty basic, the main theme instrumental and character artwork with a text list of episodes and bonus features. It gets the job done. One gripe is if you directly select an episode, it will bring you back to the menu after that one episode plays, instead of going to the next. You have to hit "Play All" to watch them all.

This is the first and probably only time this show will be released on DVD which makes it a must buy. The show is a classic, and enjoyable for kids and adults allike. The DVDs themselves are the same exact discs from the individual season releases. Some people have mentioned that a few seconds here and there that were cut from broadcast decades ago are not present in this set. It would have been nice to have them, but I honestly don't think the scenes were so great that they detract by not being in this set.
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