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Format: Video Game|Change
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on February 2, 2013
I bought this to make myself start playing and learn the bass I bought over a year ago. On the first count of getting me playing, spectacular success. That alone warrants a high rating from me, since that's really the main thing I was getting it for. I briefly tried learning on my own using the internet, but it just didn't hold me. I play this every day now, as long as time or hand/finger fatigue allow. As for the instructional aspect, to be completely honest I was expecting a bit more. There are a few videos on technique, but for the most part it teaches through repetition. It is slightly shy of living up to the hype around it in my opinion, as far as instructional value goes. I feel like I will definitely need lessons to further my playing, but I did assume that was going to be the case anyway.

Also contributing to the one star off are some technical annoyances with the game. I find the menus and interface somewhat cumbersome. There are definite lag concerns with the game. You will need to spend some time setting up your system and tweaking to get it in shape. Apart from the standard HDTV video lag that most gamers will be familiar with, there is significant input lag from the time you play the note to when the game picks it up and you hear it from your speakers. Out of the box, I personally would call it unplayable. However, go to the Rocksmith website and do a bit of reading on how to tweak up your system and it becomes mostly unnoticeable without deliberately listening for it. It still gets a little hairy in complex or fast rhythm sections though. I haven't played the Xbox or PS3 versions to compare, but it might be worth it to test those out if possible to see how the lag compares to the PC version.
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on October 14, 2013
This game comes with the best budget cable that you can get, it's great to have a cable that its just plug and play, and you don't have to connect speakers to it, just use your pc plugged ones. I used to have Guitar Link and it sucked that I had to connect myspekaers to it (also it had a 1/4 jack, which is non standard for speakers). Let's be real you dont need that output, if you are pluggin this to your guitar amp you're doing wrong... it's just for practice and try stuff. Works great with GuitarRig (just install ASIO4ALL).

The game is pretty funny, I've no lag at all and I'd love to have this around when I started playing the guitar... Nowadays I'm not pro but after playing for some years it gets kind of boring to play the first levels... But anyway, I've dreamed of getting a game like this one for years!...

BTW, for those asking, this package includes the CABLES and the game. So don't buy a spare cable unless you wanna play with somebody else. I was a little afraid about not getting the cable (I live in ARgentina, so it'll be a mess to give it back) But now im happy with my cable.
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on March 10, 2013
If you want to make your guitar practices fun then I would buy this program. You won't learn to master the guitar with this game alone, but I find it a very useful tool.

I have been trying to play guitar for over 30 years now. The main thing that has been holding me back from being really good at it is lack of practice. Like a lot of people I'll have times when I'm very motivated, and tell myself that I'll practice everyday. The next thing I know I look at my guitar and there's a bunch of dust on it, and I'll realize that I haven't picked it up in a year.

That's were Rocksmith helps. It makes practicing fun. I have had Rocksmith for a couple of months now, and rarely a day goes buy that I don't play it for at least a little bit of time. Which helps build up the muscles needed to play the guitar very nicely. The technical challenges and mini games also help you to learn bends, slides, etc.

Granted there are a few things that you can't use the game to practice on. Scales being the major thing. There is a mini game in the program for practicing scales, but it is only in one position, which helps, but you really need to learn the scales in all the positions. The game also doesn't go into musical theory.

Though this game will not replace a teacher for learning guitar, it will help you learn, and make learning fun.
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on May 19, 2013
Initial impression - I ordered the computer cd from Amazon and it came with the USB cable. I had already installed steam and the install went good. At first it was saying it would take 90 minutes, but the actual install time was closer to 30. Everything worked great from start no issues at all.

The first few hours playing would have been better if I had inverted the string as suggested by Rocksmith during install. If you are used to playing tabs invert the strings (NOT left handed) and it will make it more intuitive, hence easier to play.

5 complaints-
Some of the songs are not to my liking, so playing them is worse than a tooth ache.
You constantly have to check the tuning on your guitar.
Have to return to the main menu to often.
Wish the riff repeater was easier to access.
Not enough time to play

5 praises-
It's fun!
I'm getting my calluses back.
I'm standing up while I play.
You play with a band.
There are a lot of songs I enjoy.

I don't know why I am here typing this lame review for Rocksmith when I should be playing it!
Buy the game and your guitar in a new way!!
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on October 30, 2013
This program helps so much with guitar playing. I love that you are playing with real music, not the tick of a metronome. Hearing the musicas you play and being able to play different parts teaches so much more about how music is put together and keeps things interesting. Being able to watch the videos over and over then practicing these techniques and getting exact feedback as many times as you want, whenever you want is something no instructor could ever do. The games help to keep you practicing while making it fun. The 2014 version seems to keep all the good parts and just make it so much better.

Now for the bad parts. First the PC version does need a powerful machine. Second it would be easy to change the display to a slightly modified tab display instead of the strange custom format they use. Third it would be nice to have even just a couple lessons on tab and standard music notation. You are going to need other help to learn to play, but this is a great help on top of being a fun game.
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on February 27, 2013
I've been playing bass for about 3-4 years. By no means am I an expert... but I'm no beginner either. I had my eye on this game for awhile, first noticed the free demo on steam, but didn't download because of the realtone cable. I was pleasantly suprised at the adaptability of the game to raise the difficulty automatically...very cool feature. In the beginning, the songs were so easy that it was a little boring... but the challenges came fairly quickly. There's some good songs that utilize a number of different techniques, which is cool. A lot of pre made bass tones and the possibility to make a lot more.

It's a very good tool to mess around with when you're tired of the same old practicing by yourself or you have no one to jam with. I have to say that this game inspired me to trade an old fretless bass I never play for a mexican made stratocaster, and I'm having a blast learning guitar too.

There is a little bit of lag that can be adjusted to almost nothing.. However I've read that if you run your realtone cable through a pedal or effects processor you can get rid of all lag... but I haven't tried yet to verify.
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on July 9, 2015
Rocksmith is a great product for anyone who wants to learn to play guitar, or just wants to learn songs and guitar playing methods/styles.

Don't expect to jump right in if you're new and be able to play immediately, the game starts you off slow and builds as you get better, making it easier to adapt to how to play notes and chords as you go. While at this point I have moved onto Rocksmith 2014, the first edition (which is nice regarding that it comes with the cable.) has not only charm, but functionality of it's own.

Both Rocksmith titles are fantastic and a total recommendations for guitar players.
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on November 18, 2014
Only reason I bought this was to get the USB adaptor so that I can use it on Rocksmith 2014 (the next version of this title). This product also requires Steam account, since it comes with the Steam code. There's no need to install the software that comes with the DVD. The Rocksmith game itself is great for learning to play lead electric guitar, but I found myself wanting to play Rocksmith 2014, with better game play and better user-interface. But I still enjoyed playing the original, and overall, It's a great way to learn to play guitar.
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on May 16, 2013
I have this for PC and PS3. The PC version has noticeably shorter load times if you have a gaming rig compared to the PS3. The load times do not kill the game but caused me to crank out a few more riffs or slow bends during the wait. I like how the game builds in additional items to play as it senses you can handle it. Have I had a time or two where my hands went up briefly? Yes, but I soon pushed through it to find it was not quite as bad as initially seen. There are many facets to the game which allow hours of intense practice. Less downtime digging through tablature to find a song I would like to play.
One of the things I really like is it challenges me to try another genre which I normally would steer clear. I feel it is rounding me as a player and allowing me to learn something while playing. It also has helped build my confidence in my skill and lifted me off of the plateau I have been on for the last ten years (seasoned player, 19 years). In addition to guitar it has helped me with bass. Bang, bang, bang, bang...bang, 5 Stars.
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on August 5, 2013
Surely one of my favourite games of all time. And helps me to practice my bass playing.
This is a really good software.

HOWEVER, I think it must be better for guitar players. Haven't tried it with a guitar yet, because I don't have one, but it clearly has some issues with basses - especially my Ibanez SR505, a pre-amped model. Rocksmith is always complaining that the sound level is too high, but, even with a high volume on the preamp, it misses some notes.
It works better with my passive cheap SX Jazz Bass. However, it seems to miss some notes. And the worst, to me, is that seems like the music keeps playing the original basslines - so, even if you play badly, the song sounds OK.

It would be good to have some kind of "difficulty level" in terms of "good playing", not only complexity of the arrangements. That way, I would be able to really see if I'm playing well enough for a real live gig.

But it's great anyway.
Can't wait to get Rocksmith 2!
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