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on March 7, 2003
The classic Rocky series is on DVD, and as such has successfully achieved the immortality it deserves. However, for a 5-disc "Collector's Set," these DVDs are so bare-bones and devoid of features that they wouldn't be worth the purchase if they were by themselves unless you were an absolute hardcore Rocky fan. The only DVD with extras on it is Rocky I. There is no 'deleted footage' that I noticed integrated into the movie, nor is there any list of deleted scenes. There are a few short documentaries and that's about it. Disappointment aside, the transfer of the movies is great. I'll break down each movie for you:
Rocky I: A small-time bar-room brawler gets his shot at fame and glory when Undisputed World Champion Apollo Creed(Carl Weathers) decides to give a local underdog a 'big chance' when the #1 contender for the title suffers an injury. What follows is a moving and inspiring story about Rocky Balboa, a genuine nobody working as a "collector" for a loan-shark. When Rocky hears of Apollo's challenge, he turns to legend Mickey Goldmill(Burgess Meredith) to help, despite a falling out the two of them had previously. An exciting and inspiring training montage followed by one of the best boxing matches in fictional history tops off a classic that's been deemd 'An American Tradition.'
Rocky II: Every bit as good as Rocky I, if not better. Rocky goes the distance...15 rounds with Apollo Creed, something that the champ has never encountered. After receiving bad press and hate mail based on the decision in favor of Apollo, Creed takes it upon himself to instigate a now retired Rocky to come out and face him one more time. The confident champion thinks he'll beat Rocky in less than 2 rounds. But a much more determined and head-strong Rocky proves to be quite a match for Apollo. Now married to Adrian(Talia Shire) and having recently been gifted a newborn son, Rocky takes his training to the next level in yet another inspiring and energizing training montage, followed by a fight that nearly rivals the first!
Rocky III: Having defeated Apollo and gaining the World Heavyweight title, Rocky has a series of successful defenses for 3 straight years. However, fame and fortune goes to his head, and Rocky is completely unprepared for a fight with the most brutal and merciless opponent he had ever faced: Clubber Lang(MR. T in his debut movie role). Beaten within an inch of his life in a humiliating 2 round KO, Rocky experiences a terrible heartbreak as Mickey suffers from a heart attack and passes away. A much more cool-headed and respectable Apollo Creed is saddened to see Rocky, the man who retired him(and ultimately was created by him), lose heart and give up, and inspires him to rise up against Clubber Lang in a rematch. Apollo becomes his trainer and helps Rocky regain the 'Eye of the Tiger' to defeat Clubber Lang and recover his glory. Definitely the last great movie in the series (and fan favorite among many)
Rocky IV: Clubber Lang nearly ended Rocky's career, but an exhibition match with Soviet powerhouse Ivan Drago leaves Apollo Creed dead in the ring, and Rocky overwhelmed with grief. Rocky goes to Russia to train hard and fight quite possibly the deadliest boxer in the world. The serires goes downhill from here, as random silliness (such as Paulie's robotic maid)just bring the film's quality down. Like Sly's other franchise Rambo, Rocky IV is a very anti-soviet film, but it culminates with a patriotic and powerful message that the East and the West can live in peace.
Rocky V: The series hits its lowest point. Rocky suffers irreversible and possibly terminal brain damage from his fight with Drago. When he returns home, Rocky finds that Paulie entrusted the family riches to a crooked bookie who loses everything, forcing Rocky into life-long debt, selling everything he owns and moving back to the slums of Philadelphia. Forced to retire from the ring, a big time promoter in the vain of Don King tries to get him back in, but instead Rocky takes hotshot youth Tommy Gunn under his wing. Tommy is lured away by the promoter and insults and taunts Rocky, leading to a final street fight. The film sort of ruins Rocky's fame and glory, returning him to his roots. It wasn't necessary and could've been done quite differently.
So there you have it...all the DVD's are devoid of extras, other than theatrical trailers. Rocky I has a few extras but nothing particularly noteworthy. In any case, if youare even REMOTELY a Rocky fan, do NOT pass this up! Rocky is indeed an American Tradition and is an inspiring and poignant saga of a man who went from rags to riches in the name of glory and determination.
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on December 10, 2012
There is no way any series can match the Rocky Series and most people agree, here's my review on the series.

Rocky: The first in the series and the best. it started the story which is a classic, Rocky(Sylvester Stallone)is a small time boxer and a collector for a lone shark, but he has a good heart, he has a relationship with a pet store worker Adrian( Talia Shire) and his best friend is her brother Paulie(Bert Young). When the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weather) come to Philadelphia he fights rocky for the championship. Its sample enough to rap your head around it so you don't have to think so much. Its a great movie, one of my favorite movies of all time, and if you seen the movie then you know what i mean.

Rating: 10/10 Must see

Rocky II: My least favorite in the series. The movie starts where the last movie left off, Apollo is upset that Rocky did see well in the fight that he wants a rematch, but Rocky say no to him and to boxing and marries adrian, Rocky tries to get a normal job, he tries Commercial, an office job, even working at the meat shop paulie worked at the First movie, all which don't work out, so trying to get some money for his family, Rocky agree to fight Apollo again, which adrian doesn't like, but after she gives birth to their son she wants him to, so Rocky train for the big fight which is a little big some hit are clearly aren't making contact with the sound but a great fight. Rocky II is a great movie but not as good as the first, but still worth the watch.

Rating: 7/10, Okay

Rocky III: This movie change the way of the Rocky movies, from drama to action. the movie starts with a montage of Rocky going on a winning streak with the song "Eye of the tiger" later in the movie he planes to retire, but is challenge by Clubber Lang(Mr.T) Rocky agrees but loses the fight because Mickey, his trainer dies. But Apollo creed comes back to help him get into fight shape, one last thing to say is that this is the only movie that shows the whole fight which is awesome. Rocky III maybe my personal favorite Sequel, I just love but not as much as the first.

Rating: 10/10 Must see

Rocky IV: The corniest movie off all time but at the same time the most entertaining movie of all time. When a russian boxer, Ivan Drago comes to america, Apollo fights him and gets killed in the ring, Rocky blames himself for not stopping the fight so he wants to fight Drago himself, the one thing about this movie is the many montages in it, they're are like 5 ore 6 in the movie and that's just awesome. The fight seen is the most brutal and the best ass far ass entertaining goes, after rocky wins he gives a speech about world peace for some reason, i don't know I mean if I just beat the s*** out of someone I wouldn't say "No more fighting. Fighting is wrong" but that's just me. Rocky IV is wildly entertaining even with the weird moments.

Rating: 9.5/10, Go see

Rocky V: Most people don't like this movie, even Stallone, but i like it. It starts after Rocky IV with Rocky Learning that he has brain damage and needs to quit boxing for good, second he loses all his money thanks to Paulie, so they have to move out off their house and go back to the house where paulie and Adrian lived in the first movie, Rocky trains a young, powerful but ungrateful fighter Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison), when a boxing manager gets Tommy away from rocky, he goes from the title. When he wins he is still in the shadow of rocky balboa so he takes his anger out on him in a great street fight. This is the least best, but it doesn't mean its bad it's a really good movie but not as good ass the other movies some say that the reason it sucks is because rocky didn't fight in the ring, that may be true but that street fight is so awesome I didn't care.

Rating: 8/10: Good

Some That's the Rocky Movies, A great set of awesome stories and loveable characters, The box set itself is very good, the only extras are on the first movie disk, keep in mind I have the 2001 version and there are not subtitles for the Russians in Rocky IV so that can be a little Disappointing, but other then that the set is great, i love the side pictures that makes Rocky,

Rating for the set:9/10 Must get.
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on November 13, 2012
I wanted to introduce my kids to Rocky Balboa. They loved every minute of this box set. I told them before we watched Rocky 1, that it was as much a love story as a boxing story. They found time to watch all five DVD's in the first week we had the box set. I would recomend this set to anyone who has not seen all five movies (1-5). The last movie, Rocky Balboa, is the sixth movie in the Rocky saga and is not included in this set. No major problem though,I just ordered Rocky Balboa(the sixth movie) brand new for $2.98. So now my family will have all six Rocky movies. One other thing I would like to recommend is that I bought the Box Set "used" for $23.00 in "mint" condition from a seller named GOPEACHY. It came in "mint condition". It looked like it had never been played. Sooo...I got all six Rocky DVDs for under $26.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. Go Amazon.com!!!! You saved me about $100 bucks.

Soo...If you can find it used and in "like new / mint condition". Do it.
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on June 7, 2017
The only bad thing about this is that it contains Rocky 5, a movie that doesn't exist, IT DOESN'T EXIST!
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on July 29, 2017
Updated our collection from VHS to DVD. Watched all 5, good quality.
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on July 27, 2017
Love my dvd's of all the Rocky movies. From the 1st one up, a little grainy but each dvd gets better picture. I would buy another set.
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on May 17, 2017
Works great and no hiccups, would order again
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on June 2, 2016
Rocket 2 was horrible. Too many digital problems, during the time Rocky
got out of the hospital and the time he started fighting Apollo. No zoo, wedding,
nor Rocky training video. Damn it. I need a new Rockey 2!!!
Jean C
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on March 24, 2017
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on September 25, 2017
best series of its genre-#4 was only O.K.-Rocky Balboa and Creed were excellent also (not included in this set since they are newer).
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