Customer Reviews: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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on November 20, 2000
It's astounding! All corny RHPS references aside, this album is absolutely wonderful. If you're at all conflicted about which of the fifty cast recordings you should buy and you do not already own this one, buy it! It's like having the movie in handy CD form, and it's one of the only recordings that comes close to doing justice to the undeniable greatness of the film. One of the reasons I love this CD is because it's so timeless. Regretfully, I wasn't born until 9 years after the film debuted, but I'm still in love with the music. Chances are, if you love it now, you'll love if forever. And if you don't love it, you're probably just a tad too normal. It's a bit of a downer that a couple of really great songs from the movie were omitted from the album; namely "Sword of Damocles (Woe is Me)" and "Wise Up, Janet Weiss (Planet Schmanet Janet)". Still, they made up for it by including two extra remixes of "Time Warp". The first is just awesome, and includes some of the movie's best and most memorable dialogue with this funky-echo thing. The next is a karaoke version of the song, which, behind closed doors, we can all have fun with. My favorite song on the CD is "Rose Tint My World..." because it bears the entire essence of the movie. It's fast and catchy, then slow and melodic, painting an accurate picture of the characters the whole time. Basically, this album rocks. If music can live for 25 years and not suck, then it deserves a spot in my CD collection.
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on March 25, 2001
Conceived, written, scored, acted and directed by a hairdresser from Hamilton, New Zealand, the stunning thing about The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack was not how accurate it is as a send up of seventies pop culture (and it was), but how, despite that, it stands on its own as a damn good rock record - funny, sure, but also sexy, bombastic, funky, swaggering and even moving in places. For all its splendour, there isn't a great deal of rock music from the time (or for that matter since) which can match it.
What's more, the popular songs from the first half of the record (Dammit Janet, Sweet Transvestite, Time Warp etc) aren't even the good ones. As the film develops the music telecopes in its ambition; the corny fifties throwback feel of the first three tracks is enveloped by swaggering, operatic pomp of which Freddie Mercury would have been proud. Achieving this was no mean feat by Tim Curry - outside the Queen singer I can't think of anyone else who would have come close to pulling it off. By the time of the Floor Show medley and then the genuinely beautiful "I'm gong home" it's impossible to not to be swept away by it all.
In fact, it's hard to credit that a kiwi mop-chopper can have done all this by himself. Perhaps he did, but I can't help wondering if M. Loaf - or his mentor, Jim Steinman (both of whom had the motive and opportunity to be involved since Meatloaf played Eddie in the film) - didn't lend a wave of the magic wand to the proceedings. There is something undeniably Steinmanesque about the whole project, and Richard O'Brien never reprised his success; after a couple of horrible attempts to re-do the Rocky Horror, he was last heard of playing bit parts on Robin of Sherwood.
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on October 9, 2001
The human race - or at least those who saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show - is generally divided into two parts: those who loved it and those who hated it. It's just that kind of movie. You can't be indifferent. The main reason, of course, is that it's one of a kind, and entirely original - try to stick a certain genre label on it. It just doesn't work. Note that it's usually defined not as 'musical' or 'science-fiction' but as 'cult movie'. That's really basically what it is - it's more than a movie. Going to see 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' is not just going to a movie; it's a social event.
It goes without saying that this soundtrack is a must have for those die-hard fans who go to the movie every weekend wearing make-up and one strange costume or the other, know the entire thing by heart and shout all the in-between jokes at exactly the right moment. But even those who didn't really like the movie will find it hard to deny that it's got some GOOD MUSIC. Not many musical/rock-opera writers put as much thought into the music as Richard O'brien; Pete Townshend of The Who is the only one I can think of. The tunes on this soundtrack are extremely fun, terribly addictive and, in many cases, really, really good.
Like the movie, the music is hard to classify. It's frequently associated with punk, but I find it much more connected with the glam-rock phenomena, particularly David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character, and also the appearence of bands like Queen and Aerosmith. It also takes quite a lot from the first rock operas of the late 60s by The Who and The Kinks, though it's a lot farther-out than, for instance, The Who's 'Tommy'; and unlike those it was written specifically to be performed on stage. Ironically, the 'Tommy' movie, made several years after the album, almost looked like a rip-off of 'Rocky'. Anyway, it has a lot to do with Ziggy Stardust, including a lot of piano and sax. Like a good rock album, it's diverse, featuring hard rockers as well as heart-tearing ballads, and all with a lot of humor.
Of course everybody knows 'Time Warp', one of the catchiest tunes in history, but it's by far not the best track here. The best ones are mostly those performed by Tim Curry or by O'brien himself, most notably Curry's hard rocking 'Sweet Transvestite' and his soft, beautiful ballad 'I'm Going Home', and O'briens introduction to the soundtrack and the movie, the excellent 'Science Fiction/Double Feature'. Also excellent is O'brien's bit on the otherwise mediocre 'Over At The Frankenstein Place'. Meat Loaf's classic-rock style song 'Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)' is another great, catchy song, Jonathan Adams on 'Eddie' is great, and so is the unforgettable love song 'Damnit Janet'. Above all, the epic 'Rose Tint My World', featuring most of the cast. Two songs were left out, which is unfortunate ('Planet, Schmanet, Janet' really should have been here; it was a great song) but that's okay. Also, the 'Time Warp' remix is better avoided (as are most remixes). A great album all around, mostly for fans but not only. One of the best soundtracks around.
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on October 13, 2003
i am thrilled to report(memories like the 'cobwebs' of my mind), that i was in the audience for the official opening of "RHPS"in 1975...and i like everyone else became instantly intoxicated and obessesed with frank and his denizens. the power the film had over a generation, via its imagery, symbolism, characters and their talent could be likened to releasing invisible heroin into the atomosphere at regular intervals keeping us in a constant state of euphoric submission. i think its absolutely redundant to review this recording. it is however, etched into our cultures psyche and has opened doors for the depraved, the not so depraved,the gay, bi, lesbian, transed out, geeky, s&m'd, stifled, frigid, barren, openminded andclosed, worn in, worn out, fresh, nubile, old, young, smart, slow, you name it.... peoples, of every walk of life and much, much more;futher confirming the power the entertainment industries have to influence. i saw the stage production at the roxy only once, albeit after tim curry left. in his stead was the wonderful and extremely competent paul jabara who unfortunately died way too soon. he was also responsible for penning some very famous pop tunes including "last dance," and "enough is enough." the stage production and its soundtrack primed me for the forthcoming film. i remember the build up..the hype..which can often leave one disappointed. the film in this case was rare in that it FAR EXCEEDED everyones expectations. because the film is what i identify(ied) with so much, the soundtrack has a VERYsoft spot in my heart. i did have to adust to the slowing down of the songs, but only for a very brief period. they simply took what was great and made it greater...perfection! if you're reading this, chances are youre already a fan. if you're new to RHPS then please, do yourself the biggest favor and GET IT! you will join ranks and be a part of a massive cult following that believe it or not, continues to grow. rock on!
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on June 2, 2003
RHPS is awesome. It just seriously [upset me] to find that this didn't have "Sword of Damocles" or "Planet, Schmanet, Janet".
... Buy one of the OTHER albums. I took off two stars, because it is completely and totally unforgiveable to neglect two songs from the full version, yet put on "Superheroes". BUY ONE OF THE OTHER SOUNDTRACKS. They come with booklets, as well, unlike this one.
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on March 18, 2004
I first saw RHPS on December 12, 2002 when I bought it on VHS. I've been a huge fan since then. Not too long after, I bought the soundtrack, which I never seem to stop listening to.
Science Fiction/Double Feature-5 out of 5-A wonderful opening song. It seems to tell you right away what this movie is: a spoof on all of the past Science Fiction movies. Richard O'Brien is great singing this one. ;)
Dammit, Janet-5 out of 5-Great singing by Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon(B.B. and S.S. =P).
Over at the Frankenstein Place-5 out of 5-Great song. I really love singing back-up and Riff-Raff's verse in this song.
Time Warp-5 out of 5-I love Patricia Quinn as Magenta. I always sing her parts in this song. Also, the dance is so much fun to do.
Sweet Transvestite-5 out of 5-Noone could ever pull off the role of Frank N. Furter like Tim Curry. Tim has the look and the voice.
I Can Make You A Man-5 out of 5-Great song. Tim really sounds great here.
Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul-5 out of 5-One of my favorites from this album. Meatloaf, I believe was the best choice as Eddie.
I Can Make You A Man(reprise)-Great finish. I really like Mendelssohn's wedding march re-done with a rock sound.
Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me-5 out of 5-Susan Sarandon is great as Janet. This is a great song.
Eddie-5 out of 5-Jonathan Adams is great as Dr. Everett von Scott. This is a great 60's style rock song. Very fun to dance around and sing to.
The Floor Show-100 out of 5-The best song on the album! My favorite part to it is "Wild and Untamed Thing".
I'm Going Home-5 out of 5-The saddest song on the album. I always get sad during this song in the movie because I know Frank's murder is coming up. =(
Super Heroes-5 out of 5-It's sad because what Brad and Janet were singing about, summed up, is that they had a taste of a seedy life and it was abruptly taken away from them and they feel the repercussions of their actions.
Science Fiction/Double Feature-5 out of 5-A re-telling of the movie, in song form! =D
This movie isn't for everyone. You'd have to have a very open mind to be able to sit through it.
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on October 2, 2014
Bought this as a gift for my Rocky Horror loving boyfriend. He LOVES it! He said he once bought the "original motion picture soundtrack" on CD and was disappointed to find out it wasn't the original actors singing, so he had the same fear with this. He was THRILLED when he heard all the original cast. It hasn't left his turn table for weeks!
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on March 12, 2000
It was 1976;my brother just got a copy of RHPS off a friend.I took one listen to it . . .and I had to have more.To the everlasting ire of my sibling,I wore out his copy and had to buy my own. Then,I saw the film and I was a fan for life.Since then,I have heard every RHS Cast Album imaginable;but,nothing comes close to perfection as the RHPS soundtrack.with a top notch group of session men behind them,Curry and co transport you to the good Dr Frank'n'Furter's castle and paints a vivid picture of the events of that November evening.Tim Curry's numbers stand out,but the rest of the cast gives it their all and sounds like they're having fun doing it.Give yourself over to absolute pleasure with this soundtrack.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 1, 2001
This is truly timeless music because the songs are so good, dammit! You don't even need to have see the movie to enjoy this as a great pop-rock album, but I recommend you do. Every singly track has something going for it, and they are all memorable, with soaring melodies and stunning vocals. There's real old-time rock `n roll like Hot Patootie, Eddie ("When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy/You knew he was a no-good kid," Uptempo pop-rock like Dammit Janet, Sweet Transvestite, Touch-A Touch Me and poignant ballads like Science Fiction, Over At The Frankenstein Place, I'm Going Home and Super Heroes. It's a delight from beginning to end.
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on October 21, 2006
I just bought my soundtrack to one of my favorite cult musicals of all time; "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW"

All of the lyrics and music are all top-notch! If you haven't seen this movie or never listend to the music.. you must!!

This cd would be flawless but only one thing is missing... one of my favorite songs from the movie, where ROCKY sings("The Sword Of Damocles"), that song isn't on this cd. I was kinda disapointed because in the movie, I really love that song and since this is the movie soundtrack, I was hoping all of the songs would be here!

I give this cd 4 stars out of 5!
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