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Men's Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Minoxidil Foam, Three Month Supply
Size: 3 Month Supply|Style Name: Minoxidil Foam only|Change
Price:$37.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 13, 2015
I'm 43 and had always had really thick hair. About 5-7 years ago it started thinning and I went to a doctor who told me I was worrying about nothing, some thinning was natural and with hair as thick as mine I had nothing to worry about. Two more years pass and I'm really starting to see it in my hairline, and worse, it's uneven -- the left side is starting to thin and recede noticeably, the right side not so much. Instead of the Jude Law -- the classic widow's peak -- I look more like a prank victim with one side shaved. So I switch the side I'm parting it on, cut it shorter and do the spiky, cover it up thing. I also went to another doctor who prescribed Propecia, which I've been taking ever since.

The Propecia was good for stopping / reversing loss on the rest of my head, but the hairline continued to get slowly worse. I'd checked out Rogaine but found very conflicting claims as to whether or not it would work on the frontal hairline. Last year -- actually 14 months ago -- I decided what the heck, it's only $40 or something, might was well try it. From other reviews on here I expected it would take a while to see results so I decided I would give it one year. Now that I'm just past the year I figured I'd come on here and share my experience.

For me, it's been great. It took quite a while to see anything significant. Early on I saw some wispy hairs growing in but for probably six months the changes were minimal. I stuck with it very religiously, applying each morning and night without fail. I'd guess that in a year I probably skipped applying it no more than a dozen times. I took pix along the way so I could track for myself whether or not it was working and I put one from the start and one from an hour ago below. They're both shot at the same angle, showing the side where the loss was greatest. What you can't really see from it is that the entire hair line thickened quite a bit.

I haven't regrown my teenage hairline and didn't expect to. But for the minimal cost and inconvenience of rubbing the stuff in, I'm thrilled with the results. A few things I've found are:

1) Since I'm only applying it on the front it lasts me way longer than stated. I just placed my third order so basically I'm getting six months out of a pack.

2) It would last longer than that but when you get to around 1/4 - 1/3 of the can it starts to get thick and greasy. For the first 2/3 of a can it comes out very light and goes in without feeling sticky or making your hair seem damp. That last third of the bottle looks like you're applying vaseline. At first I figured I'd save the ends for the night time application when nobody but my wife is seeing it, then I figured for the cost of a cup of Starbucks forget it. So I chuck the last third of each can. Don't know if another brand would prove better in that regard.

3) Don't understand any complaints about smell. If it has one my wife and I can't detect it.

Bottom line for me is that I was really unhappy that the awkward hair line I had developed had totally limited how I could style my hair and I didn't like the way I looked in pictures. 14 months in I'm quite pleased with the results so far. With all the research going into hair loss there will probably be something in 5 or 10 years that works much better and when that day comes I won't have done something drastic and irreversible -- like a hair transplant. I've had friends with worse hair loss comment on how lucky I am that I haven't lost mine and I always tell them what I'm doing and recommend they give it a shot. If you're reading this then you're considering it and I'd give the same advice. It might not work for you, but for minimal cost and effort what's to lose?
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Frankly this review is slightly embarrassing to write, nobody wants to admit that they're going bald, especially to everyone on the internet. But I really think it's important to share my finding about Rogaine because there seems to be a lot of negativity directed towards this product. First and foremost, Rogaine works for only a very small percentage of people, but it does work. Secondly, it's not the end-all, be-all product for hair-loss.

Hair loss is caused by a number of factors, including the loss of testosterone and the increase in DHT. Rogaine does not go after these factors as a cause of hair loss, which is why it is only effective less than 50% of the time. What Rogaine does is focus on opening channels in your cell membrane to promote hair regrowth. While the mechanism isn't 100% understood it basically is trying to increase oxygen and blood flow to the part of your scalp that needs it to produce more hair. I've actually had very little success with Rogaine, until I started using this hair regrowth product AS WELL as Rogaine. Both products alone simply did not work for me.

I'm still unsure as to why each product wouldn't simply add the other's ingredients, but perhaps it's an efficacy problem and combining both would water-down the other. What I usually end up doing sounds more like a ritual than anything because it takes over 30 minutes to apply both products to my scalp, but I have to say it's well worth it after (finally) seeing some significant hair regrowth.

Rogaine itself is a foam, you must apply this FIRST before applying the Infinite Growth hair serum. You must apply this to a 100% clean head, no hair products are anything on it. You don't want to block the transmission of any of the chemicals in the products that are helping you regrow your hair! That said, I also must tell you NOT to blow dry you hair. This is going to demolish your existing healthy hair and burn your cells around the follicles. Just gently towel dry your hair, and then apply the rogaine foam. Let the foam go deep into your pores, and let it air dry. Make sure to wash your fingers after you do it, you don't need hair there! (jk)

After you let the foam completely absorb, within 15 min you MUST apply the Infinite Growth. This product is a spray, and I recommended that you actually spraying it on your hands if you only have a small section of hair that needs to be regrown. After it's on your hands, then massage it onto the problem areas of your scalp. However, if your whole head is missing hair, then the spray is actually easier than trying to apply it to your fingers then your hair. After you let this product dry on your scalp, do NOT by any means wear a hat!!! I was doing this for over a month because I was ashamed of my balding head, and it really does counter the affects of using these products.

Lastly, I can say that after 4 months of using this technique, I'm actually now starting to see results. I've used Rogaine by itself for over a year, but that alone wasn't doing the trick. I hope this review helps.
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on June 21, 2013
Rogaine Foam for Men One Month SupplyROGAINE FOAM 3 MONTH SUPPLY MENS HAIR GROWTHROGAINE FOAM 3 MONTH SUPPLY MENS HAIR GROWTHRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce, 3 Month Supply (Packaging May Vary)Rogaine Hair Regrowth For Men 5% Foam 4pkROGAINE FOAM 3 MONTH SUPPLY MENS HAIR GROWTHRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce, 3 Month Supply (Packaging May Vary)Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce, 3 Month Supply (Packaging May Vary)Rogaine Mens Regrowth X-Strength 5% Unscented 3 MonthRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, Extra Strength Original Unscented, Set of 3, 2-Ounce BottlesRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce, 3 Month Supply (Packaging May Vary)Rogaine Mens Regrowth X-Strength 5% Unscented 3 MonthRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, Extra Strength Original Unscented, Set of 3, 2-Ounce Bottles

On April 1, 2013, I started using Men's Rogaine Foam.

I am a 33 year old female, with female hereditary hair loss.

Last fall, I went to Dr. Michael Zufelt in Salt Lake City to consult with him over a hair transplant. He recommended that I use Rogaine Foam, since I decided to put off a transplant surgery for the time being. I started using 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of foam once a day (in the mornings, after the shower when my hair was still wet).

1. I immediately noticed that my hair was more dry in it's texture. I also noticed that the foam had a thickening effect on my hair, which I surely did not mind since my hair is thin and fine. The first 2 months went well.
2. In June (this month), I noticed that I was getting dizzy, nauseated, and my fingers and toes were tingling. I truly did not think it was from the Rogaine since I had been using it for more than 60 days at this point. I just decided to ignore it. So I kept using it.
3. Also in June, I noticed a difference in my facial hair. I usually have fine, light hair on my upper lip and chin ---- which I wax every 2 weeks, and have waxed every 2 weeks since age 20... well, this was coming in faster, so I had to wax every 1 week instead of every 2 weeks. It did not come in darker or longer, it just came in faster. And I thought if that was the worst side effect, I can live with it.
4. But every day, the dizziness continued... and I think it's just from more blood circulating in your scalp (which the doctor said would happen with Rogaine - that's why you would have to stop using Rogaine about 10 days prior to any hair transplant since it would cause an increase in bleeding from your head).... but the tingling in my fingers and in my toes wouldn't stop. AND I would feel just CRAPPY for the first 8 hours after I applied the Rogaine to my scalp. This crappy feeling got worse, so I lessened how much I was using. But the side effects didn't stop. So then I switched to applying at night before bed. This helped, however, the feeling of ill-ease and tingly fingers have continued.
5. But also in June - I have noticed my hair getting thicker finally! I felt like this stuff was actually working!!

So here I was, needing to make a decision - do I have dizziness, nausea, tingly digits and THICKER HAIR ON MY HEAD?


Do I have feelings of health and vigor.....yet THINNING HAIR?!


The other problem with this stupid Rogaine is if you EVER stop using it, within 7 days, your hair loses any and all progress it made. It goes right back to what you had before. So you could use this stuff for DECADES and the moment you stop using it, it's back to its previous state ---all that dedication would be futile.

After all my sobbing over my hair, I have decided that I will stop using Rogaine immediately....

***If you click on my name (C'est Moi), you can view the other hair loss products I've tried...

I've created an email for this specifically. You can contact me at womenhairloss@outlook.com

****Update 1/19/2013*************

I have received several emails from Amazon customers, and I thought I would share my recommendations that I've emailed recently. (you can email me at womenhairloss@outlook.com - I usually check it once a week)

Hair is very crucial to a woman's self esteem. Especially if she's young.

The one thing that I have to remind myself with any and all hair products is that results take time. It's a very long, drawn out process to start seeing results.

I'm the type of person that would love to never have to take a pill for anything EVER.

So this is what I have found:

#1: Determine if there might be some type of chemical inbalance. (In my case it wasn't... just plain ol' female pattern hair loss.) I would go to a hair loss doctor, usually the initial appointment is free to just consult... but the doctor I went to ordered a blood test to rule out thyroid and everything else. So I would do this first.

#2: Get some biotin and saw palmetto. You can google these. I have to take the biotin with a multivitamin because if there is too much B vitamin in your system, it flushes out (resulting in diahrea). So I take 1000 mcg of biotin with a multivitamin every day and 160 mg of saw palmetto once every 2 days. Saw palmetto constipates you and enlarges your breasts, so I don't take it every day. If you can handle more than 1000 mcg of biotin per day, then do it! You will notice STRENGTH in your hair and fingernails. Saw palmetto removes DHT from follicles, but also there is a dandruff shampoo called "Nizoral" it's right by Head-and-Shoulders at the store, that is supposed to remove DHT from hair follicles too. So try that too.

#3: I've considered getting what are called "top pieces". After several google searches, I have found this: [...] This is the only place I'd buy anything from. They do skype consultations.

#4: I have naturally thin/fine hair anyway, so as it is thinning, it's super difficult. I have been using a lot of amplifying hair products that just make me look like I have more hair. That is a great way to start.

Here are the products I use (I kind of rotate which ones I use each day):

-Samy Fat Hair "0" Calories Amplifying Mousse

-John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray

-Bed Head Small Talk

-Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day

-L'Oreal Everstyle volume root lifting spray

#5: This is the one thing I do EVERY DAY that makes me feel INSTANTLY BETTER: I grab my eyeshadow (which is a brown, since I have light brown hair: Maybelline Stylish Smokes 225S "Made for Mocha") and I use my eyebrow brush and I dab my eyeshadow onto my head at my part and IT COVERS IT UP!! I instantly look like I have more hair.

#6: I have researched hair transplants... I still have not ruled this out, but I have read that women's hair thins all over their head (called "diffuse thinning") so using the back of the head hair to replace the top of the head hair is not ideal because the back of the head thins on women, whereas the back of the head does not thin for men. So overall, even if I did get a transplant, it would only be to fill in the top, it will not give more body to my hair.

#7: There is an online forum at [...] that I would love for you to read through. It's super valuable information. (I do not contribute to that website, but I do check it often).

Good luck to all you hair loss sufferers! We're in this together!

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on January 25, 2014
I have to say I see too many 1 star reviews from people who only gave the product a try for a month or two, because they saw some hair loss. They seem quite angry too. I would say these people did not do their research and expected this to be a miracle cure. If you are going to consider buying this product, please do some research. It will save you some frustration. You really should know what you are getting into.

First of all, as they mention on their site, remember that you didn't lose your hair overnight and the same same is true for regrowing your hair. It may take at least FOUR months to begin to see visible hair regrowth. FOUR MONTHS, not 1 or 2 or even 3. You "might" see results sooner, but you may not.

Secondly, it clearly states you may lose hair, or rather see increased thinning the first few weeks. You should go into this knowing you WILL LOSE hair at first. It is the thin weak hair that needs to be replaced. Again, YOU WILL LOSE hair for at least a month. Could be a little longer. If you quit using Rogaine after a month or so because you see increased thinning you either did not educate yourself before using it or you were really NOT ready to face that possibility.

Third, they also make it clear that around 20% of people DO NOT have success using Rogaine.

So what does that possibly mean? You COULD be one of the 20% and will not see hair regrowth. To make matters more disappointing this will not be evident until after you also experienced the initial shedding of hair. SO, YOU COULD END UP USING THIS AND SIMPLY HAVE THINNER HAIR AT THE END OF THE DAY. Is that something you are willing to accept or chance? Is it worth it for you to try this, knowing that result is possible? If not, I would suggest YOU DO NOT BUY Rogaine.

I gave it two stars because it did not work for me, not because anything happened that I was not aware of before I started. I was willing to take the chance. PLEASE think about the possible end results before you buy this. If you think there is some guarantee you will regrow hair or this is some miracle cures for hair loss you are a fool. If you use Rogaine and get angry over seeing hair loss initially and stop using it, you are also a fool. You have no one to blame but yourself for whatever results you experience.

It is YOUR CHOICE to use this product, so I encourage anyone who is considering it to DO RESEARCH before just leaping in head first. I am disappointed it did not work for me, but I knew what I was getting into and do not blame Rogaine or try to suggest they make false claims. It clearly works for some, and does not for others. The only way to know is to push through the desire to quit using it when you see the initial thinning and keep using it as recommended. You just may find it works, or you may be like me and be bummed it did not work.

You can see from the pics at these links what happened to me. I used Rogaine for almost 6 months with no apparent results, other than the expected initial thinning.

This picture shows the balding spot on the top back of my head. The circle indicates where the thinning was visible BEFORE I started using Rogaine. After 5-6 months of using it I now have a larger balding\thinning spot. You can see the area outside of the circle is where the hair became thinner after using Rogaine. [...]
That did not bother me as much as the next picture. This picture is from the front of my head closer to my bangs. Rogaine caused major thinning down the center of my head. There was definitely some thinning there before using Rogaine, which is why I also used it there and not just the larger bald spot on the back top of my head. HOWEVER, you could NEVER EVER see my scalp like you can now. If my hair gets messed up or the blown out of place by the wind you can see scalp like you can in this picture. [...]

Also, when my hair is wet it is now VERY apparent that the top of my head lost some major hair and the thinning is now extending from that bald spot down the center of my head all the way to the front. That really is a bummer.

SO, I would certainly recommend going into this with realistic outlook on ALL possible end results. I would also suggest, from my experience I just described, that you DO NOT USE Rogaine on areas of your scalp that are just showing a small sign of thinning. Don't get greedy. If you do and the product does not work, you will be sorry to see you will have increased thinning to the extent you may not have seen for some time down the road. Use it ONLY WHERE IT IS OBVIOUS YOU NEED IT. Then if it works for you, try it in other thinning areas to head off any worsening loss in those areas. I wish I would have only used it on the bald spot on the back top of my head. The thinning down the middle and up front I now see probably would not have happened for a while. That is truly disappointing, but all of this was MY CHOICE and cannot blame Rogaine. If you do your research and do not just jump in with a leap of faith hoping for a miracle, you will be much better off in the end. Trust me.
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on April 7, 2015
6 months ago I purchased rogaine as my hair had started thinning a few years back when I hit my late 20s. I kept using rogaine religiously, but still lost hair no matter what. This story is the same for many of you on here, I am quite sure. The problem is, for many people rogaine simply doesnt work and will make you lose more hair, which is what happened to me.

My quest to regrow my hair didnt end here, however. A lot of research through published scientific journals gave me new insight to how hair loss works, and what you can do to stop/reverse it. New treatments are coming online, specifically Biochanin-a. From journals I read on the ncbi pubmed, biochanin-a is reducing DHT on the scalp, which is what is inhibiting hair growth. I purchased a product that contains biochanin right here on amazon, . So far after 8 weeks of use, im noticing much thicker hair, and my wife thinks its just amazing.

If your one of the lucky people that rogaine works for, then good for you, but a huge percentage of us will NOT have any luck with rogaine, and you will be left hairless and penniless from buying it.
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on December 29, 2010
This works. I am a woman with long curly hair that was dropping out by the lockfuls. It was quite thin by the time I bought Rogaine. I've been using this since September, combined with Nioxin products. The hair loss eased a LOT in a week. I haven't noticed much regrowth, but I guess that's too soon. I wish I had started this sooner as all those big piles of fallen hair would still be on my head!
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on June 27, 2013
I started using this as an 18 year old who noticed thinning in the crown area. It wasn't to the point of being highly noticeable by anyone--just slightly thin if I ran my hand through it. Still, I thought Rogaine would be a good option to reverse my thinning and preempt further loss.
So I applied it religiously for four months. What made me stop? After months 3 or 4 I practically had a reverse yamakah! I'd say the crown area had 30 to 40% of the hair a full, healthy head would have. Now, I know that supposedly there is an initial shedding phase with Rogaine and then hair grows back, but I had already reached the 4 month mark where regrowth should be apparent, yet it wasn't. How much longer was I going to apply this chemical concoction to my hair hoping its effects do a complete about-face and actually start regrowing my hair? So I stopped. Now a year later, my crown is still just as thin as when I threw out the Rogaine.

Lesson learned: think before you gamble on things like this.
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on January 11, 2011
I am still in the process of using this product (1 month) and am not giving it a low review due to its hair growth potential. What I am giving it a low score for is due to the fact that most of the product goes to your hair. If you have a bald spot, then this product will be useful, but for thinning hair, then it is a waste of $$. The reason being; most of the product goes to the hair due to the expanding foam and only a small, very small amount actually makes it to the scalp. I do massage and follow all recommendations but at the end of the application process, I feel like a teenager that spiked up his hair getting ready to go with his friends to the mall. Again, if you have bald spot(s), then I am sure this is a good product. But if you are using this for thinning hair, then I would recommend using the liquid form of this product and not the foam.
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on March 21, 2017
I've been using Rogaine for a little over 2 and a half months now, and I guess I'm pretty lucky. I've had rather advanced regrowth in my hair in a short period of time. Attached are my before and after pictures. Before treatment you can see aggressive hair loss that began about 4 to 5 years ago just after turning 20 years old. Lots of hair was shedding in the shower, and on my hands while styling. You can actually see the shine from my scalp reflecting from the overhead light.

After just 11 weeks of twice a day use though, there has been regrowth, and it's not an insignificant amount. After about 4-5 weeks I noticed I was shedding less. 6-8 weeks in my shower floor was looking much cleaner, with less scalp showing. Then shortly after that, thinning areas began to gradually fill in. I believe if I continue use for another couple of months, I may regrow even more hair and show very little signs of thinning! I've also been using Pura'Dor hair loss prevention shampoo with Rogaine (expensive, but worth it if you care about maximizing results). Please don't use this product, then damage your hair with a cheap, harsh, and damaging shampoo. Give your head everything it needs to be healthy.

Only side effect I've noticed is some random pains in my chest, so I may reduce dosage somewhat. Remember that this medication was originally designed for blood pressure issues, so only use as much as you think you need. More is not better, that's how you end up with side effects. Aside from that, I haven't had any itching or dryness that others complain about.

All in all, I wasn't sure if Rogaine actually worked or if it just slowed down hair loss. But I truly believe it looks like I have more overall hair than I used to just a few months ago, and I'm excited to see what my hair will look like after 4 or even 5 months of use. Just hoping the recent start of discomfort in my chest goes away.

Hope this gives you guys hope. Don't quit if you don't see results within a few months! I recommend buying a 6 month supply, taking detailed pics before, then use it twice a day for at least 4 months. Be disciplined and don't skip doses! Some guys take longer than others to respond. Monitor how much hair you're seeing shed in the shower, but try not to think about it or over analyze the regrowth too early. Just let it do it's thing, then check yourself after you've finished 3-4 cans. Good luck!
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on May 2, 2017

Do it. Don't hesitate. Don't second guess. Do it. You will be so happy you did! Just keep in mind, Rogaine only works for men who have thinning hair or are bald at the crown of their head. If you're losing hair from the front/forehead area, unfortunately it will not work. There packaging mentions it multiple times to clarify before you buy. Sorry guys.

LONG VERSION (for those who like details):

I'm a 30-something dad, testicular cancer survivor, with hair that was quickly disappearing from the crown of my head. Suffice it to say, I was not happy with the changes going on with my body, most of which I had no control over. And my youth seemed to be slipping right past me while I grappled with the realization that I will never look the way I did in my 20s (which feels like it was just yesterday).

I needed a boost to my self-esteem that wasn't wildly expensive and it didn't involve surgery. I've seen enough surgeons for a lifetime! Rogaine provided exactly what I needed. I've been using the foam for 90 days now, twice a day, and usually very consistently. As the instructions explain, consistency is key. What I see in the mirror is amazing. Yes, it's entirely superficial, but it's a victory. I feel like a small part of me is back to the way it used to be and sometimes you really need that.

After about 30 days, I saw some small improvement. It was very gradual until one day I looked in the mirror and said, "Oh hey, there's more hair back there." I never experienced itching or dryness, or anything negative. It felt like nothing had changed at all. The only side effect, and this is very strange, but maybe 20 mins after I put it on, I felt one small throb on the crown of my head and it passed in seconds. I don't know what that was about. It wasn't unbearable or anything and that stopped happening after about a week.

60 days is when I really noticed a change. I used to be very particular about styling my hair in a way that hid the spot. It wasn't a comb-over, but it did have to sit just the right way. If it brushed up against something or a strong wind blew it, there would be an embarrassing bare spot.

So at 60 days, I was doing business in San Francisco on a particularly windy and rainy day. In the past, I would have panicked. The rain and wind would have revealed my bare spot and really messed with my self esteem. But on that day, I realized when I checked the back of my head that it was completely fine. There wasn't a bare spot anymore. When I went out to lunch with other associates, I felt happy and confident, completely unafraid that the wind was going to make me look strange. It was a very rewarding day to have that confidence back.

Now it's like nothing at all. I put the Rogaine on in the morning and the evening. It's that simple. Every now and then, I've skipped a treatment in the morning. Usually on a Saturday when I had some yard work to do and I just threw on a cap right after breakfast. Don't worry if you miss one treatment. You won't lose all your hair. Just go back to your routine that evening and you'll be fine. The instructions explain that your hair only falls out if you stop treatment for several months. So don't beat yourself up if you miss one. I would just suggest being very consistent during the first 30-60 days. That's what I think matters the most.

The daily requirement is the only real downside of Rogaine. You have to use it for life. But I don't mind. It's one small thing about my appearance that I really feel like I have control over, and I love the new confidence. If I have to rub a little foam through it twice a day to achieve that, I can deal with it.

The instructions mention it can take up to 4 months to really see results. I must have been fortunate to have seen results sooner. If you look at the photo, you'll see there is still a bit of thinness in the center. I've only been using it 90 days, so I figure that will fill in during the next month. Even if it doesn't, and this is as good as it gets, I'm still satisfied!
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