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on April 18, 2013
First, let me tell you what this pedal can't do. It won't do long delays. So, if you're into the sound of The Edge from U2 or David Gilmour, look for something else. Expect to shell out over a hundred dollars for a delay pedal with lots of knobs and switches that are more versatile. But if you just need a slapback delay or just a touch of ambience, this pedal will not disappoint! Analog delay pedals are known to have a warm tonal characteristic. Users of MXR Carbon Copy swear by them. But for around $30, the Rogue pedal will get you close, minus the longer delay time. I've read in some guitar forums that these are the same as the Belcat and Modtone boxes. The pedal itself looks sturdy, made out of metal. Compared to my digital delay, the Rogue sounded warmer, although my other delay has a switch for "echo" that made it warmer too. This pedal sounded good and I have no complaints. I don't use a long delay time, in fact, I don't max it out. I only use about 75-80 percent. Before judging this pedal, please experiment on it's placement on your pedal board. The user manual advises you to put it before the distortion but unfortunately, it doesn't sound good on my rig. Placing after the distortion pedal sounded better. However, everytime I use the dirt channel of my Traynor YCV40, the tone gets muddy. Now it's in the effects loop just like my other delay. The sound has better definition. It might sound different on your amp but at least try placing it before the distortion, then after the distortion and finally, the effects loop in your amp. Ultimately, you and your gear will have the last say. Overall, a good deal for the price. I'm thinking of setting up a smaller board of 4 inexpensive pedals for that grab and go situation where my big board will be too cumbersome. And if anything goes wrong, I can easily replace the pedals (Joyo, Rogue, Mooer). Play on!
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on May 1, 2013
Let me start off by saying that these aren't actually analog. It's the Rogue branded version of the Belcat DLY-503 and ModTone MT-AD, which ModTone describes as "analog circuitry coupled with a PT-2399 processing chip." That chip is a super cheap digital chip, which makes sense considering that true analog delay pedals start around $120. But for the price, I figured I would pick one up just to fool around with multiple delays. My other one is an Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, which is true analog. To my surprise, I might actually prefer this one. It just sounds more ambient and natural to me. I certainly prefer the price tag.
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on May 3, 2014
I wanted a delay pedal but I'm not playing for big money so I had to watch the $$$ I spent. I read the reviews on the lower dollar pedals and decided on the Rogue. I haven't had much time to REALLY play with it, but trying it out has been fun and I expect it will do the job for me!
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on April 17, 2013
Other pedals in this category can be anywhere from 50-150 and more. I just wanted a decent simple pedal that could be used on occasion with my garage band buddies. This is perfect. I've only used a few times so I can't testify to the durabilty, but it sounds great. Does exactly what you want out of an analog delay pedal.
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on April 19, 2016
Simple, effective and affordable. My husband and I are both musicians and have one each on our pedal boards.
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on January 3, 2017
My nephew loved this gift.
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on May 2, 2013
If you want an analog delay pedal on the cheap, this is a fantastic deal. Boutique pedal design and looks. Feels pretty sturdy. Mine came with batteries in it--all ready to go! Not real long delay like the other reviewers said, but it's great just to add that little something.
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on April 28, 2013
For the money this pedal is the bomb I cannot imagine paying any more than 30 bucks for any analog delay. again for the money this one is the bomb they can do whatever you need to do given the limitations of an analog delay. it's a strong sturdy pedal and well worth the money!
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on December 21, 2012
I was wondering if I would ever get to play with this pedal, but it finally came in today!

First, this pedal is, and is nothing more than analog. The rate of this pedal gets to about 320 milliseconds (No 1200 ms here y'all) It's a good choice for some rockabilly, or even just thickening up your tone with a nice slap echo. Straight out of the box I turned the rate all the way up, set the level at unity, with maybe four repeats, and clicked on a fuzz pedal through a Marshall with my own custom built strat, and BAM! emulates an excellent E. Johnson tone :)

Second, it's true bypass, good enough for me!
Very transparent, does not color MY tone at all. Doesn't mean it won't color yours, so watch out for that. I've also looked at the circuit board and components, and they're decent parts. Really not bad for a Chinese product. Not to worried about breaking it, mainly because I don't step very hard on my pedals.

Thirdly, the box it comes in, is niiiice. Not that it matters, it just kind of surprised me...

Anyway, all in all it's actually a very wonderfully voiced analog delay for the price. Much better than anything Behringer, Joyo, or Danelectro, etc., has come out with. I recommend it for a backup, or a delay for your cheaper pedalboard setup. However, there's no doubt that this could be your main delay. You won't know until you try it!
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on July 5, 2013
ok ive had this delay for 3 months dont be fooled by the low price! this is a good delay pedal i play harmonica and i love not a pro player mostly open mic and blues jams once in a while ill will sit in with a real band on a gig.I run it trough a 1990 re-issue fender bassman and it sounds grate for harp! does all that its supposed to. all metal sturdy! knobs are ok,light is bright as all get out,the switch has a firm "CLICK!" when switched. i dident get the a.c. plug for me the battery last around 2 weeks or 15hrs or so playing at home or out at a jam. {i use batters from the $1 store im sure a good alkaline battery would last much longer} Im not a rich man so i cant be a "lone wolf" but i can be a Rogue!
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