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on January 9, 2017
Very entertaining movie. It is an Australian horror movie and is done very well. A simple plot. The movie is very well shot using Australia's outback.
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on February 27, 2013
This is quite possibly one of the best real life monster movies I've ever seen. Imagine Jaws updated and wearing a leather jacket...this is the result. The director does a great job of not showing the "beast" until the final 15 to 25 minuets, and when you do see it the animitronics and CGI are very convincing.
This is an Australian production, no major American movie stars here. A slow but character building beginning starts us off, leading to a (fairly) realistic situation in which all of the actors end up on a small island with a killer croc waiting for the tide to rise and pick off his victims one by one.
A very convincing story, if you can, order the unrated version, as this gives you a behind the scenes documentary about the movie.
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on January 3, 2010
For the longest time I've been searching for an awesome, up-to-date, serious, animal-gone-amok, horror flick! Lately it seems like most 'killer animal' flicks that have been spit out left and right, have been too cheesy with the low-budget CGI or loaded with too much unfunny humor. Maybe that's why I don't own 'Lake Placid' because it has too much slap-stick humor in it. If you have a horror film dealing with croc(s), it needs to be serious, and that's what 'Rogue' achieves! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little humor, especially if its dark. 'Rogue' is strait-up serious and that's why I love it! The film seems very classic to me also! The gore is just enough to get the message across and every character in the film didn't seem uninteresting to me either. The croc is freaken awesome and looks very realistic! Truly menacing! I hate to say this but as far as killer croc flicks go, I think I like 'Rogue' better than the campy, cult classic 'Alligator' (1980). Even though a story about a giant, killer alligator crawling in the sewers of New York is awesome , I still have to go with 'Rogue' being better. 'Rogue' just has this raw, dark, sense of doom throughout the film, and again, a horror story dealing with such a beast needs to have that feel! The ending in 'Rogue' is freaken sweet!!! One of the best battles I've seen involving man verses beast ever!!! Check 'Rogue' out! I'm glad I bought it! It's from the same guy who brought us 'Wolf Creek'.
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on September 8, 2010
Like many of the other reviewers, I have suffered through crocodilian horror films such as Primeval and Alligator, so I have to say that I went into this movie with very low expectations. I was happily proven wrong after the two hour movie was over. The man vs. nature genre has been widely popular ever since Steven Spielberg's Jaws in 1975. The qualities, the monster, the special effects--were all bad; however, because of the time it was released, this movie has been embraced as a timeless classic. In spite of the growing technology we have today, few have been able to match Spielberg's efforts in creating a decent horror film and this is one of them. The plot line of Rogue is realistic. There are no crocodiles galloping across the African Plains in pursuit of the cameraman and no alligators living in Chicago being fed by dogs that have been injected with a growth hormone. There is a realistic cast of characters on a river boat in the Northern Territory of Australia including: the captain, an American travel writer, an Irish woman, an American couple, a British family, and two locals. As they cruise the river looking for crocodiles they have to veer off in response to a flare spotted a few miles upriver. As they are traveling, they are suddenly rammed by something and water pours into the boat. Panicked, they crash the boat onto a small island and step out. That is the plot. Soon they discover that they are in a large, rogue croc's territory and soon their island haven will be underwater. They have to act fast. The film features normal people using items that would always be found on a boat to try to escape (i.e. life jackets, anchor, first aid kit, rope.) That is, there is no rocket scientist creating a jet pack with a pair of pliers and the wet boat battery. The plans are realistic, as is the fatigue shown by the characters after they have been on the island for several hours. After night fall, their situation continues to deteriorate as they have lost all hope and no longer have a hold of their emotions. Without spoiling too many details, I will say that it is a realistic story line. Once it begins, the story moves quickly. One thing that I think adds to movie is the fact that the audience does not see the great animal until an hour into the film. In this movie, people are disappearing and the most the audience will see is a glimpse of its tail and a trace of blood. The mystery (for both audience and cast) is what makes this movie monster terrifying for the beginning of the movie. No one knows exactly how big the creature is. This is an area where most of these Animal Horror films fail because they immediately show you the animal (which is completely fake-looking) and the mystery is gone. In those instances, people spend most of their time making fun of the film--as opposed to really being `anxious' for the characters' well-being. Obviously, the crocodile in Rogue is an unrealistic size and has an unrealistic appetite, but moviegoers come to expect that in this popular genre. For the most part, the crocodile's behavior is accurate (except for the fact that crocodiles are cold-blooded so they need to be warmed by the sun and most of the film takes place in the evening hours). I worked at the Saint Augustine Alligator farm for several years and have observed the behaviors of Salt-water crocodiles for a long time. There is not a crocodile on this planet that is capable of swallowing an adult human being whole. A crocodile's teeth are used for tearing chunks of meat off by doing a death roll. While the Rogue crocodile's lair was completely fake, large crocodiles are known to store large kills under logs or up shallow creeks if they are unable to finish the kill. Crocodilians do watch potential prey items and learn their habits, as well. The live footage of real crocodiles helped the film because it gave people a realistic view of the animal's power and size before plunging the characters into a sci-fi nightmare. Compare and contrast, if you will. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie and am happy to have it in my collection. It is definitely worth it to watch this film--especially for those of you that have seen Primeval or Alligator. This movie will restore the hope that you have in this popular genre.
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THE STORY: Australian outback tour boat responding to a distress call suffers motor trouble and ends up grounded on a sandbar in a remote river channel deep in the heart of the remote wilderness. Surrounded by high cliff walls, her little two-way radio is unable to reach outside the valley to call for help. Very soon it becomes apparent that the feisty female captain & her group of hapless passengers are trapped in a swampy cul-de-sac that's home to a very large, very irritable and very hungry crocodile. As night begins to fall and the tide slowly rolls in, the tiny sandbar they're stranded on gets smaller and smaller and smaller. Will anybody make it out alive?

THOUGHTS: ROGUE was more or less what I expected, but at the same time wasn't. That's a GOOD thing! It is far superior to the vast majority of other giant animal on the rampage, direct-to-DVD (or SyFy channel) gunk filling video store shelves these days. Is the movie 100% perfect? Of course not, but it is both satisfying & genuinely scary. It pleasantly surprised me by not adhering to the cookie-cutter formula that most of these genre films follow. It's scary without being gratuitously bloody & gory and, here's a real shocker... there are no bimbo coeds yanking off their tops or bonehead jocks getting drunk and acting stupid just before getting eaten. Don't misunderstand me, because ROGUE is definitely NOT family-friendly viewing, but at least the filmmakers didn't stoop to ratcheting the violence up to the Nth degree just to cater to the torture porn crowd. ROGUE is well-directed & beautifully photographed, with minimal (but excellent) CGI creature effects. Top notch acting and, in another refreshing change, no dumbly-written characters who do completely unbelievable things and who you just know are going to die, which so many of these films have in spades. Kudos to the entire cast & crew of this terrific little horror-thriller.

THE DVD: Audio & video are very good on this DVD, which also includes a fair amount of bonus content. All-in-all ROGUE is well worth the money, and the time spent watching it. 5 STARS
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on April 25, 2017
Good movie!
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on April 26, 2017
Kinda boring and slow, not enuf chomping, gore and guts......
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on September 25, 2016
This is a standard monster movie. I saw it several years ago and purchased this DVD copy to play for visiting children. The relatives kids sit glued to the TV set in the back bedroom and watch it several times in a row. This allows the adults to have several hours of conversation.
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on May 28, 2016
Watch the region code with this movie but this version is O.K. in the USA. Very nice picture. This is a top notch creature feature. Very well done all around. Loved it!
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on June 26, 2016
For its genre, this movie is excellent pulse pounding escapist fare using one of my favourite metrics - how many times I looked at my phone. Not to be missed!
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