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on March 2, 2012
Owning and liking the Rogue Flashbender Small and the Flashbender Large, I did not hesitate to buy the Honeycomb Grid. I have experimented with it extensively to learn how it's light is projected onto a background. There is a lot of control. The high quality and security of how the Grid attaches to the flash is equal to the quality and security of the Flashbenders. I also tried the Grid in the Flashbender Small rolled up in a snoot as they said I could do and that also worked easily and securely. It provided yet a different circle of light.
Know that there are only two grids that make up the three choices of circle diameter. The picture on the box is wrong in that it shows a grid in the bezel and the two "real" grids in an exploded diagram. There are only a total two grids. That confused me at first because one of the grids comes inserted into the bezel and fits so supremely well that I didn't know it slid in and out with moderate and appropriate finger pressure. The three circle diameters come from using either one of the two different sized grids or using both grids together.
I will buy the colored gel set.
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on May 8, 2012
The Rogue 3-in-1 grid produces BEAUTIFUL round spots of light, thanks in part to the reflective inside of the hood, similar to what you see in the Rogue Flashbender. Being able to switch between degrees of spread quickly, and without needing to grab an entirely different piece of hardware is great, and something that people who have struggled with rectangular grids will appreciate. The 3-in-1 unit is handy, and produces exactly the kind of light you want, all in a simple package.

That said, I have two complaints. First off, the front unit, the bit of rubber/plastic that holds the grids and attaches to the front of the hood does not lock in place with any degree of certainty. It just kind of slides into place over the seam on the edge of the fabric and stays in place by pressure and friction. I'm not sure how this could be done better and more elegantly, but even with all four "tabs" going over the seam, I've had the end cap fall out on a few occasions. Maybe if it were a permanent part of the hood, sewn in place, it would be more reliable, although that might cut down on the ease of replacing the discs. I don't know, but it's kind of a problem. I'm also not really happy with the hood itself, as it tends to droop down when mounted as the instructions call for. I've taken to mounting it upside down, so that when it inevitably starts to droop, it at least doesn't cut off the light output.

Then there's the price. Rogue makes fantastic stuff, and obviously a lot of engineering went into this thing, but $50 is a lot to drop on a great concept with so-so implementation. It definitely gets the job done with beautiful results, but I'd feel a lot better if the hood were stiffer, and the end cap were attached by some sort of locking mechanism.
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on February 2, 2015
I LOVE this grid. I have also tried the Gary Fong snoot with grid, and the Opteka grids for speedlights. This is by far the best. Not only is the build quality and mounting system superior to the others, but the quality of the light output is in another league. The Gary Fong snoot was a joke. It was hard as hell to put on securely. It was way too heavy and wouldn't allow me to adjust the angle of the flash without it falling under the weight. And most importantly, the quality of light sucked. When using it on a background, you could clearly see the grid lines in the light. The Opteka's are a great value at less than $10, but they don't produce a nice round spot on the background like the Rogue. I often use the Opteka's for hairlight or kicker lights, and I use the Rogue if I need a round spot on the background or an even pool of light on my subject. So, if a perfect round spot is important to you, then the Rogue is the only solution I have found for speedlights. If it isn't, I say grab a few different sized Opteka's.
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on January 13, 2013
Very nice, simple snoot/grid with the following advantages:
- Provides with three sizes of spot (either grid or both)
- Small enough to fit in my bag all the time
- Comes with a small pouch very suitable for transportation

One caveat: the sleeve material being somewhat flexible, it may take some manipulation to get the light spot where you want it. This can come as an advantage as you can get it slightly off axis while still having your flash in the locked forward position.

One unforeseen usage for it: direct the remote ETTL control burst of a 580Ex-II to a Canon slave without triggering another dumb slave (e.g. Yongnuo 560Ex) synching on the TTL preflash plus flash. Just aim carefully the master to the Canon slave and not the Yongnuo.
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on May 16, 2013
I am a professional photographer of 33 years so I am have some sense of what products do their job and which do not. This item seemed fine as I bought the Expodisc from this company. However the elastic bands that hold the snoot in place are useless. The nub they wrap around is too short and rounded and they just fall off. I got so frustrated I just Crazy Glued the snoot part to the fabric casing it goes on - in the front. Problem solved but they should reworked their design.
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on November 16, 2013
I recently purchased (11/12/13) the latest revision on the Rogue Flash Grid, and its exceeded my expectations. I have a few other ExpoImaging Rogue products (Flashbender, Diffusion Panel, Gels) and like those, its well made, and works as expected. The Rogue Grid is great for isolating your subject, or making the background more interesting. The newest version has been redesigned and has elastic bands that hold the grid to the strap, so dont be concerned about the comments about the grid falling apart, its a non issue. I've used it to create a "spotlight", angled down on a flash, and it stayed together for the few hours it was on the flash raised to ceiling height. Easy to use, spot on with the revisions, and should get years of use out of it. I strongly recommend the Rogue Flash Grid, and consider getting a set of the circular gels at the same time, the results are amazing!
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on April 2, 2014
These things are awesome. I have used them on my strobes as well. I have some cheap little 160w strobes that I never used anymore, until I got these. Now I place a grid on and instantly have hair light! I wish I would have bought the gels with it. They send one free one in the package and it's awesome.
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on January 25, 2012
This grid works like an absolute charm, seems well made, attaches (and detaches) quickly and securely to the flash, and packs away in a small pouch. The step grid system lets you really get a narrow focus of light, when both grids are stacked together. The only thing that is a little fiddly is that, because it is cloth and therefore a bit flexible, you may need to fiddle with it a second to get it to aim exactly straight ahead when attached to a flash on your camera. But this is really splitting hairs. I've not had a moment of buyer's remorse. I will definitely consider other Rogue products in the future.
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on July 17, 2014
Cost aside (steep for what it is); the little elastic bands that hold on the grid on don't have a good spot to 'bite' into on the grid holder. Making it cumbersome to attach and leaves little confidence the grid won't wobble loose.

Update: I had this FLY OFF my flash into the middle of the dance floor during a first dance because I brought my camera up to my face too quickly. Get a MagMod.
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on August 25, 2012
I love grids and flash photography and if you are new to or use grids yourself... this is a recommended product... especially for it's mobility... If, you want to see what the images look like then take a look at my face B. account under kaisphotography and check out the "gel" images -- the one with red gel and you will see what this grid can do.
I do recommend this product and the gels I purchased with it... Yes, the gels are expensive but they seem to take the flash heat without burning a hole in them like cheaper gels...
If, you have any further questions about usage than feel free to contact me on my FB account and I will try to help you with the usage...
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