Customer Reviews: Roku 3100AB 1080p 2 XS Angry Birds Limited Edition Streaming Player - Red
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on December 11, 2011
I recently got a WD TV Live and i love it because it plays literally all the media files i have saved on my external hard drive. I decided to try the Roku 2 XS because i needed an extra media player for my living room, as i was using WD for my bedroom. I think the Roku XS is a great device for streaming media from channels (NBC, Netflix, CNET, etc). But don't think you are going to get every episode of everything for free. Content from free channels are limited. The Roku is NOT flawless, it does have some pluses and minuses. I think the user interface on the Roku is slightly better than the WD because it is a bit more fluid, doesn't have that extra one second lag when performing easy functions like typing and searching. It also has more channels than the WD. However, WD has YouTube and Roku doesn't, but then again Roku has Amazon Prime streaming, and WD doesn't. So each device has its own perks. These two devices would be perfect if i could smash them into one ultimate media player. What one has, the other lacks.

Setup for the most part was fairly easy, but immediately after setting up wi-fi, Roku must do a software update and for some reason, it wouldnt download it so i kept fiddling with this thing for over an hour. I plugged in my ethernet plug and then it FINALLY downloaded, only when wired. Yes, this does require the buyer to disclose their credit card information. It doesn't charge the customer, but they save it on file for future use when customers want to buy certain channels, etc. I was a bit annoyed because a lot of the channels included required a log in name and password. After awhile, it just got plain annoying. Even using the Roku requires one to sign up and create a Roku account. Also remember that with the Roku player, having a solid wi-fi connection is a must. If not, just get the high-end XS model and plug in the ethernet plug to avoid buffering issues. I really wanted something simple to plug and play. The Roku doesn't play movie files that are just ripped from a DVD. The movie must be formatted and will play in MP4 format (all my movie files are in MP4 format). Overall, i am pleased, but i think if i were to get another streaming media player i'd go with WD.

Semi-easy setup
Nice user interface
Some nice free channels (CNET TV, Anime, etc)
Small and compact size
Angry Birds
Plays MP4 movie files
Pandora, Amazon Prime, HBO
Fast Fowarding on movie files is a breeze
Plays movies from USB memory sticks
Plays movies from external 2TB hard drive (2TB max, can't do 3TB)

Doesn't play AVI movies files
Can't play Windows Media Player movie files
Only 1 USB slot
Media folders from external HD are not in A-Z order
Menu customization is a bit limited
Advertisies 300 plus channels, but i don't see that many
Doesn't have YouTube
Doesn't have VEVO
Doesn't have progressive scan (when you go back to a movie you were in the middle of, it will start from the very beggining as oppose 2 where one left off)
**Keep in mind a solid wi-fi connection is a must or one will encounter many buffering issues and streaming movies not playing at all. I don't know if this is a Roku thing, or if people have cheap wi-fi routers (i am pretty sure it is a Roku thing), but i encountered many issues and the only way to avoid this is by connecting an ethernet plug into the device. I encountered no issues when the device was wired.**
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on January 6, 2012
I have to say I was skeptical when I ordered my first Roku Player last year but I have been very pleased with it. I have since purchased one for my Mother and my Father-in-law and they both love them also. My Father-in-law even got a couple to give as gifts. Not everything is free on Roku but there is a lot that is including G - XXX rated material.
If you get one you need to look on the web for all the Roku channels, there are many and a huge variety of programming. I find it easy to use and the picture quality is very good. I use it for Netflix and Amazon streaming videos all the time. I do not have a Hulu Plus account but I would think that would make it even better.
I received an Apple TV for Christmas and I have to say I did not like as much as the Roku so I returned it and I am getting another Roku instead.
Easy to set up
Easy to use
Lots of channels to watch
Lots of services to enjoy
Low cost
You can't watch everything you could with cable or satellite TV
Some channels do cost
Not publicly traded (because I want to invest!)
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on January 17, 2012
We recently got the Roku2 Angry Bird Edition as a gift. We were pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to setup. There are so many channels to select from. The content is amazingly well-constructed. The Netflix player functionality is quick with no lag. The kids have lots of fun playing Angry Birds. More importantly is that the portability is awesome!!! We took it on a family trip and hooked it up to the hotel's TV. It worked out well for the kids. Roku rocks!!!
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on January 19, 2012
I also own an apple tv that sold for the same price. I much prefer the roku to to apple. There seems to be many more channels available for free. Picture quality is excellent. Sign up for the Amazon prime at $79 a year, it is well worth it.
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on January 11, 2012
Bought three of these angry birds edition ROKU boxes for my kids. I have other editions of the ROKU, but this was my first with the games.

As always, easy setup right out of the box. Within minutes, had it all connected and set up.

Games worked well. I bought PACMAN in addition to the free angry birds game. If you buy it once, you can play the game on all your ROKUs - so that was a great bonus.
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on December 18, 2012
Roku 3100AB 1080p 2 XS Angry Birds Limited Edition Streaming Player - Red

Bought 1st Roku LT, loved it so...ordered 2nd Roku LT as gift, he loved it so...ordered 3rd Roku HD as gift, he loved it so...ordered 4th Roku 2 XD as gift, he loved it so...ordered 5th Roku 2 XS Angry Birds Edition red.

Over yrs. have 5 Rokus, share home network signal on old Linksys wireless N 150 (not dual band) with 2 laptops, have lowest high speed internet cable signal available, home is 3 floors, Rokus ea level & opposite ends of house, router on middle floor. Roku by streaming to televisions freed our laptops for independent use!

Am 57 yr. mom & grandmother, set up all alone & because remotes are basic/uncomplicated was able to teach both mentally challenged adults I adopted yrs. ago to use. During setup I had viewed all Roku channels available 500+!! but only installed the few that would be used most often and to easily find/change/watch with quick click. I additionally created extensive watch list of Amazon Prime instant videos (& already have Amazon video library) and created a maximum watch list in Netflix (500+ movies & television series), one television series which includes yrs./seasons of episodes counts only as 1 item in the watch list!

Roku remotes function with other models, helps when remote is misplaced but for $10 ordered an extra remote for convenience until misplaced 1 found. The remotes have few buttons easily remembered, so easy to use in dark room or without reading glasses.

Most Rokus have output for HDMI, component & composite televisions (the component & composite cables are included in the box). Roku used with pre-HDMI televisions will remain resolution quality of that tv was capable of. Some Roku models including newest access both wired & wireless internet. Roku's settings for resolution, screen size/fit, audio, wired or wireless network access are easy to adjust.

Your older televisions with Roku connected to them can be enjoyed in garage, basement, laundry room, attic, workshop, outside depending on strength of your router's home network signal. It's a motivator to enjoyably get your chores and projects done.

TRAVEL WITH ROKU! tiny, easy to disconnect & reconnect to other location at home or bring to friend/family/elsewhere if internet access available. Readjust Roku settings for tv just connected to which apply:
network connection wired/wireless, password if needed for network access, resolution, screen size/fit, audio..

Decades of restored movies & television series are generations of history that can be enjoyed with grandchildren, company. Tears of memories when tvs became entertainment in home (B&W later color!) Bonanza, I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Munsters, Adams Family, Mission Impossible, Dragnet & thousands more available from pilots, then sequential episodes or click to missed & favorite episodes, all with descriptions & duration without TV guide.

Initial install with credit/debit card is only for future purchases of paid & video on demand channels i.e. international stations, specific sports, etc. If you don't have credit card, you can buy temporary or reloadable one online or in person at Walmart, CVS, others for setup. Roku indeed is loaded with free channels Crackle, Retro television with few seconds commercials & usually a laugh without louder volume! Great gift for children, elderly, bedridden... After initial set up for them, simple remote is easy to teach.

If your shared signal is split with several, occasional signal drop occurs but is restored by reconnecting to your network with Roku remote in settings. If becomes a problem, consider upgrading to a higher speed internet connection and/or newer wireless router easily found & cheaper on Amazon.
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on September 13, 2012
I love this thing! I don't change channels endlessly on cable anymore. In a few short minutes I have what I feel like watching at that particular moment. I won't spend another dime on 500 channels of junk I don't watch anyway.
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on June 24, 2016
Can you live with your TV on 24 hours a day?? Sadly, I can say "yes." The good news is that Roku is a trooper.
Many times it acts up and literally freezes (which deserves to have a star removed) --- but then again... it maybe wasn't meant to run 24 hours a day (so I replaced the star because of my excessive wear-n-tear. I loved it so much I bought another unit from the other room. (that one is the Roku stick - with no box.) But I'm an addict for the color red - so I bought this strictly for the color -- not the game that comes pre-loaded on it.
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on March 29, 2012
I first purchased. The Roku XD on sale for $50. Not only was it a great deal but we love the Roku content. The XD comes with a remote for regular surfing and is only 720P but the picture is still great.

We then purchased the XS which is full 1080P and the picture was incredible! We spent a little extra to get the special edition Angry Birds Roku but it came with a game remote and angry birds already installed. It also couldn't be simpler to set up and can easily be packed for travel.

The free content is quite good but with Amazon Instant Video included in your Prime membership you can just about forget about cable/satellite.

BUY ONE and you won't regret it!
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on July 31, 2013
I would give this device 5 stars, but unfortunately the unit I received is defective. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot my home theater, believing that I had something configured incorrectly. I even went through the hassle of factory resetting my Roku and configuring all of the channels again. The problem mine experienced is garbled audio. For those who have ever used a record player (yes, the old vinyl records) and toyed around with the speeds, you know what I'm referring to when I say that it sounded like a 78 RPM record being played a 33 RPM (or maybe slower if that is possible). Thankfully, this happened 7 days after I received the player so Amazon is graciously accepting my return. I've already ordered another, so we'll see how that pans out. If I don't have issues, I will try to remember to add the missing star. After all, when it is working, it is a great device.

The video quality is every bit as clear as my PS3 when streaming movies. While watching the same movie streamed through my TV's included 'Smart App' player and through my PS3, I can easily see a difference in picture clarity. The PS3 does a superb job of cleaning up the artifacts and washed out colors that I can see when playing the movie through the TV app. The Roku appears to be on par with the PS3 as far as image quality. This is just my own personal observations and, admittedly, only over a couple of days use. Time will be the real test. Again, I'll try to remember to update my review with any further impressions.

24Jan2014 addition - filling in that lonely blank star to make it a 5-star product. I will note that I occasionally have issues with the device if it has been on for an extended period. Judging only from my limited observations, it would appear as though it has some internal cache memory which gets corrupted or filled, requiring the device to be restarted. Sometimes the Roku will just restart itself and resolve the issue, while other times I must pull the power for a second and allow it to 'boot' back up. Once it is back at the menu, all is well and, thankfully, a couple of button presses later and I'm back where I left off in whatever I was watching. I typically use Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon media services (in that order of most to least used) so getting back to what I was viewing is almost effortless. I can't speak for other 'channels' as I don't use them often enough to have had trouble while using them.

It is a relatively minor inconvenience and likely one which will be corrected in a firmware update, so I don't stress over it. If I was more attentive to powering the Roku off when I wasn't watching anything, the problem would likely disappear entirely. My Roku stays plugged in and often my TV will stay on as well. This keeps the Roku somewhat active, displaying whichever screen 'saver' happens to be active based on the current channel.
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