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on August 8, 2014
Decided to get this as I would be home-bound recovering from surgery for several weeks. We purchased one of the early Roku's back in 2011, but lent it to our roommate and we have a Panasonic Viera smart TV, but that's in our living room & I wanted to be comfy in the den. We have very basic cable in the den, so I figured I'd get a ton of use out of the Roku while recovering.

Anyway,first off - my favorite feature of this Roku is the search ability. If I want to watch something, I don't have to check all my channels for it, I can just search from the home screen and Roku will show me every channel it's available on, even if I don't have that channel installed.

They already had the most popular channels added and it's easy to remove unwanted channels.

In the 2 weeks or so I've had this one, I've never had a connection error and shows stream with high quality. Same goes for our other unit. It can be affected by wifi signal, so just make sure you have a strong signal.

The remote, although equipped with more buttons than previous models, is simple and easy to use. A fabric tag hangs off the bottom which makes it easy to orient the remote correctly in the dark.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants a better option than a computer or tablet device to stream Netflix and other similar channels. Those not very tech savvy may need a little help getting it set up and figuring out how to change the TV to the correct input to access it,but once everything is set up, it's quite easy to navigate.

Some things to note for those not familiar with the Roku:
-It's a streaming media device, not a service, so you only pay for the Roku and don't need to pay monthly for it, but...
-Many channels do require paid subscriptions (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, etc;)
-Roku requires internet, so you will need to connect it to your wifi or directly to your router
-It has YouTube and if you have a Smart Phone, you can connect your phone & send videos to watch through Roku (personally, that's the only way I use YouTube on the Roku because it sure beats trying to type out searches!)
-There is a Roku remote app you can download (at least for Apple products)
-There's no power button, but they say it requires very little power so it shouldn't be a problem
-You're required to enter a pin (that you set up) before making purchases on it so you don't need to worry about unauthorized purchases and...
-You can view & manage your Roku accounts online & view all Roku purchases as well through
-It's easy to set up and just takes a couple minutes, but you will need to go to websites to register/link some accounts, so be prepared with a computer/tablet/smart phone during set up
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on October 31, 2014
The Roku box has been a key purchase in helping our family cut the cord and save over a 1000 dollars a year. The Roku box is easily set up. I was able to connect the cords to my TV ,connect to WIFI, and stream my favorite TV shows in minutes. The Roku box has apps where you can subscribe to a variety of streaming services including my favorites Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. The Roku box is small and can easily be attached with Velcro to the top of my TV. The Roku Remote is very basic, there is no keyboard on the remote so searching takes a little longer with the onscreen alphabet. I was easily able to find a free phone and tablet app to control my Roku. I can control my Roku using my android phone or Ipad tablet. I don't have to worry about the kids misplacing the remote.
The Roku box is reliable and always loads my favorite apps. The remote even has buttons for direct connection to MGO, Amazon, Netflix and Vudu. I have two additional smart TVs in my home, but I actually prefer the Roku box. My main TV occasionally has difficulties stalling and being unable to connect to Netflix or Amazon. I like the idea that with a cheaper non smart TV that I can easily buy a Roku or future streaming box with additional capabilities. My smart TV will always have the same format even years from now when technology has improved. I would urge buyers to save the money, skip buying a smart TV, and connect a TV to Roku or another streaming box variety. I bought additional Roku boxes for family members. A streaming box makes a great gift and allows family members to realize they don't need an expensive TV provider bill.
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on July 16, 2014
Great streaming device. It says refurbished, but is pretty much brand new. Even with plastic wrap around device. It just didnt come with the original Roku box. Other than that everything else was perfect. No scratches anywhere. No signs of use. Highly recommend!
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on October 17, 2016
Great deal. Bought this refurbished Roku 1 for an older TV in my parents' spare bedroom and installed the following channels for tons of FREE TV shows, movies, and music:
USTV Now (for local broadcast channels)
Vudu (free movies section called Movies On Us)
Tubi TV
Pluto TV
The CW & CW Seed
PBS & PBS Kids
Shout Factory TV
Smithsonian Channel
This Roku has brought new life into an old TV that was rarely used even by guests. My parents can even remove the old VCR/DVD Player that was used even LESS.
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on December 6, 2014
**Update: I have now had this device for a year & 3 months and I still believe it is one of the best purchases I've made yet. Even though it's irritating how the internet drops at times, therefore causing me to have to interrupt whatever I'm watching for 5-10 seconds (hit the home button on the remote, cursor down to "My Feed" until I see the "not connected" notice change back to the clock) to allow my WiFi to reconnect, it is still more than worth what I paid for this fantastic device. And, I know this glitch has nothing to do with the device being refurbished, as I now know this is a glitch with the Roku 1, new or refurbished. While I have now also purchased the Roku 3 for other rooms in the house (where the Internet dropping seems to have ceased & includes new features I haven't used yet), this little thing has & still gets more wear & tear, and its performance hasn't changed a bit. I consider this one of the smartest purchases I've made, as I've been able to convert 4 people from cable/satellite dish TV service by doing nothing but letting them visit & watch at my home. And, this is with this one little device with an Internet dropping glitch.

I bought this 3 months ago. I had no knowledge of this type of device prior to purchasing it. I was just searching for something my daughter could access Netflix with through her TV, as opposed to hooking up my iPad and happened upon Roku devices. The setup was astinishly easy! I say this because the "tech-savvy" gene is obviously and frustratingly practically non-existent in me. But, instead of waiting to ask for help as I normally do, I wanted to try to get this thing hooked up for my daughter. I was (and STILL am) completely blown away at how I managed to get this hooked up, networked and working in less than 5 minutes! Not only that, I was able to connect both my Netflix and Amazon Instant Video accounts directly from the remote! This may not sound like much to most people, but not knowing this kind of thing even existed to being able to set up and watch everything from this little box was a HUGE accomplishment and has become a Godsend! I was going to give it 4 stars because there have been issues loosing connectivity to my WiFi. At the same time, it's such an easy fix that I was even able to teach my 7 year old daughter how to reconnect the network when it disconnects. So, the slight nuisance isn't bad enough to even call it a "con." I've never had a "refurbished" item work so well. I just can't believe how easy it has been to figure out how to fix "technical issues" with this thing. I'm sure this little device has so much more to offer that I'm just not familiar with. I don't even know how the Roku 3 could be better. All I know is I am not a "review writer," and I'm not one to refer items to people. However, this little wonder has lived up to & surpassed every expectation to the point where I have now done both (the latter on numerous occasions)! Right now, I'm researching other Roku devices to see whether I want to purchase another one of these for my TV or another model. My research of ANYTHING is always irritatingly extensive and usually takes several days, but I have no desire to research items from other brands than Roku after my experience with this one item.
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on January 3, 2017
Very happy with the refurb. Don't know why I resisted this for so long. I am a gadget nut too, but having this for my analog non flat screen TV is great. My Amazon account prime movies and downloads look so much better on the TV than my smaller lap top. Plus I can multi task now. Being able to use YouTube is also a big plus. My Amazon Music account also works on this, though I typically only use that with my iPod touch.

You'll be directed to link certain accounts, you'll get a code to verify, everything was pretty easy. You'll need an account on roku, and you need to know your internet home password to link to your Wi Fi.

I purchased a bunch of TV videos like NYPD Blue from Amazon but rarely watched them because I am always working on my lap top and doing both is a hassle and slow down on the memory. With the Roku I can now enjoy my purchases more.
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on November 21, 2016
I'm glad I bought this! I had a cable package and wanted to save money. I got this roku because of the price and I do have a slightly older flat screen model. Hook up did take a little longer because I used the red/yellow/white cables and on my Emerson tv, the yellow cable goes into a green Video input! So if you have an emerson tv, look out for the Video input if you don't have a yellow one. I subscribed to Sling for cable and now my internet/cable bill is cut in half. It is a little tricky to get the picture settings the way you want them. It's worth taking some time to fiddle with them as the picture quality will not be the same when you switch to a roku. I have the slowest internet service possible so if you want the best results you may consider upgrading to a decent internet speed, because that does make things a tad slower but still easily watchable. I like that you can get free trials and was able to watch showtime for free for a week on my roku. I believe Hulu and hbo offer trials on roku, too. I think the only drawback is having to subscribe to so many services. The free channels on roku aren't that good. There are some so so movie channels that are free to watch. so be prepared to subscribe to a couple things if you like watching cable news and good, recent movies. Still it's much cheaper than cable so I'm happy with it. The remote control is great, too.
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on September 1, 2016
Good Product, Some little things bug me.
I bought this version because it is the ONLY version with composite video (red white yellow cables) so i can record with my dvr.

It was slightly disappointing in that this product passes macro protection, so some channels will not allow me to "dvr" them. Which stinks because I to not want to stay awake to live watch southpark and drunkhistory (thats right comedy central i am calling you out for being DVR UN-friendly).
My old cable box did NOT have this problem...

It does NOT let you simultaneously transmit via HDMI and if i want to watch roku i have to turn on my dvr.
Ohh and the HDMI connector is sunk in...with not much space around super thick HDMI connectors will not fit.

Bunch of free movie channels on roku: crackle and popcorn are the best in my opinion. i also am using it for my Sling $20/ subscription, it is fairly easy to use, again macro protection being a PIA on some live shows.

One other small pain in the but is that there is no off switch. Not sure I would save much electricity, but would like to be able to turn it off to ensure someone does not accidentally buy a movie.

I do worry a little that it is a refurb. I did not notice when I bought it. If i was to do it again... I would prefer to spend 5 bucks more for peace of mind.
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on November 9, 2016
If you want a roku for an older TV that doesn't have HDMI don't bother getting the Roku 1. Go to Walmart or Best Buy and get the "Roku Express + " for about the same price. I received Roku 1 and spend about an hour with Roku customer service trying to get it to connect with my wifi and it didn't work automatically or manually imputed. I was advised to return it and purchase the Roku express + which I did and it worked instantly. The Roku 1 is way too old and had incompatible software.
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I have a Roku in every room!! I needed a new one in the bedroom, this is the replacement. I love this model because it has all the channels I use most, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon and all the public channel apps. There are also a couple channels that let me play content I have on my computer, I love the MyMedia channel!
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