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on July 26, 2016
If you've grown both indoors and out, you know there's nothing like the sun. Plants can become small trees outside. HPS lighting has been king indoors though, offering high luminosity and a wide spectrum. But HPS is inefficient, costly, and not practical for small grow areas. Traditional LED panels offer targeted spectrum (blue & red), but they've not been able to match HPS yields. Large diode COB LED solutions from Cree and others offer a natural spectrum and wide spectrum nice yields; but they're expensive, even from a DIY standpoint.

The Roleadro 2nd Gen LED light features 5w diodes all tuned to 3000K. The result is a wide spectrum light. Please see the attached spectrum analysis from Roleadro. Sparkling clean and well packed, the unit shows nicely. Build quality is impressive, solid but not unnecessarily heavy like Mars II. This 2nd gen light has a finned heatsink, quality fans and electrical connections, and most important, quality diodes and lenses. I've tested many LED units.. I've seen cloudy, horrible lenses, and lenses that burn or discolor within a few weeks use. I have several Roleadro UFO LEDS and can say I've never had issues; they look and perform perfectly. Roleadro uses quality lenses (please see pics). And because they use a mix of 90 and 120 degree lenses, the lighting footprint is spectacular.

These units are great size, power, and price to run multiple units. I'd consider actual wall power draw when determining how many units you can run. For example I can run 500w of lighting in a 3 x 3 tent and maintain 78F temps just fine. I can safely run two "600w" panels for awesome coverage. Two panels spaced appropriately offer better coverage.

I can't speak on results as of yet but I will update. From someone who won't settle for poor quality, I can say that I'm honestly impressed with these lights.

Edit: Another reviewer commented on working with the included hanging hardware. Included are four metal cables and clips, and one D-ring which serves as the single hanging point. I have 2 and 3 link chain pieces on hand that I use with yo-yo hangers, works like a charm. Home Depot sells bulk chain. Ask for four pieces of two links and use as pictured for stable two-point hanging. Adjust height quickly and keep light level.
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on September 20, 2015
I got the 180w UFO,

LOVE it, I purchased it because of the 9 bands spectrum thing.

I put my seeds straight in soil with good amount of water with the UFO running 24hrs and went out the city for couple of days, I was expecting to find dead seedlings and some dead leds lol. But when I came back home i found all of my seedlings so healthy, and the leds was fine.

1- high quality material, well made.
2- very quiet almost silent.
3- almost no heat.
4- super quick shipping, clean packaging.

1- Can't control the height of the UFO, but i'm gonna to use chains instead of the aluminium rope.

I wish they can add different lengths of ropes, or an adjustable aluminium rope.

I'm using leds and cfls at the same time in my tent but I didn't know that CFLs bulbs produce this amount of heat, so I'm gonna to take out the CFLs and order an additional 300w Galaxyhydro unit to solve my grow tent overheating issue.

I think im gonna get some really good fat denise flowers with 480w of leds in total.

Great product and customer service :)
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on July 23, 2015
These lights are amazing! We started our garden this year in February in the northeast, and you should see how great our plants are! It was so worth it to start them that early, and the kids loved having a grow station in the basement! We have never had healthier plants in our lives,and it is all because of the lights that let them grow properly from the start. We were able to transplant them into the garden at the right time of year, and they were the amazing start to life! We will continue using them every year!
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on September 13, 2016
This light kept two potted plants alive and flowering over the winter. When spring came, I brought the plants outdoors. Keeping a seasonal flowering plant alive over the winter, saves $$ in the Spring, as I don't have to buy a new plant every year.
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on December 11, 2017
This light is great. We have also used an indoor grow light of the same intensity, but with a very pink/purple appearance. This light fixture is more of a nice crisp white/yellow light and seems more appropriate for having on during the day. The pepper plants responded immediately to the light with lots of green growth and setting flowers. I'm impressed, and like the white color of light better than the purple light. :)
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on December 2, 2017
VERY high quality. VERY bright. Like all posts, wish it had a switch but timer I bought works fine. It hung with a slight tilt, blinding me to look at but I resolved that adding two small 'S' hooks on one side. Fan noise is noticeable in my tiny kitchen but not loud. It is somewhat of an overkill for my 18" x 36" plant area but my houseplant need emergency care thru the winter.
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on February 6, 2016
I am using this and a couple of other UFO-type LED lamps to supplement coverage in a fluorescent light growing area for ornamental plants. As noted elsewhere, one of these lamps won't cover much growing space, but they are useful for maintaining/growing large potted specimens located between fluorescent light stands. Based on my limited experience, I wouldn't use one of these as a stand-alone fixture for seedlings, but when combined with (for example) shoplight--type fluorescent fixtures, vegetative growth of seedling plants is good.

The (relatively) low price of these fixtures is a real plus, seeing that failures of pricey ones leave users with few options (just try replacing bulbs on your own in most of them). If one of these goes bad (something I haven't yet seen in a couple years of using the UFOs), you're not out a whole lot of dough.
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on December 28, 2015
Hii everyone so I was super sketched out when buying this light id always used t5s for veg and clones. But I decided to give this little ufo a chance and I'm happy I did. Many months of use no burnt out lights and it keeps my plants super short and bushy!! My only draw back is the hangers this light comes with make it hard to hang the light even. And it doesn't have a very big coverage area. I'd say 2.2 feet.but this light rocks otherwise. Worth the price :)
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on November 5, 2017
They are really excellent .Their out put is impressive and their spectrum is great for maintaining a deep green leaf on all of the plants that have spent the summer outside in direct sunlight
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on April 10, 2017
these run cool though in 3x3 grow tent 4 of them warm it nicely but not too hot 90 degrees unvented. my pepper and other garden veggie plants love these lights. not as yellow as the photo suggests. its a warm white light.
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