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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on November 23, 2016
What a joy to own! One of the best and classy dive watches available. Got many compliments on it. The simple and elegant design stands out every time. I have other Rolex and Omega watches, but this one is my favorite. If I could own only one watch then this is the one that I would keep.
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on September 19, 2015
I am entirely pleased with this watch. I knew what I was getting (I have had Rolexes [Rolices?] for 50 years, and still have two besides this one) and was glad to get it at a fair price. It was shipped promptly and arrived in good order.
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on March 14, 2017
Wow..... 1-day shipping! Fantastic watch. Excellent weight! Just what I was looking for and I don't have to worry about setting a date that I never use anyway! This seller is awesome! I will buy from again!!!
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on February 5, 2017
One of the most iconic watches
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on May 2, 2016
I bought this watch just before I joined the US Navy in 1968. I'm still wearing it and it's still keeping excellent time 48 years later. Not many watches will last half a century. Great watch!
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on November 15, 2016
I ordered this watch on a Wednesday. I got some mysterious calls on my mobile phone that night that I ignored. The next day the same number was calling me again so I answered. It turned out that it was from an Amazon call center making sure I had placed the order. Once that call was over I got notice of shipping almost immediately and the following Monday it arrived. It came in a "large" Fedex box and two corners of the box were obviously squished/smashed pretty good. The box was weighted towards the opposite end of the damage. Don't get me wrong it was looking a bit squished but not crushed in. I opened the box on the heavy end and took out a plastic-bubble wrap envelope that had been sealed around the watch box itself.

Now, at this point I'm thinking that the shipping practices of this company, Gold Watch Company, are substandard. I would have been much more reassured if the packaging had shown some sensibility to the fact that a $7000+ watch was inside!

OK. I opened the bubble wrap and took out the Rolex box. It looked pristine. No dents on the corners and very clean. Excellent!

Now, my biggest concern in purchasing this watch (not my first Rolex by the way, but the first in over twenty years) was counterfeiting. From what I read on the subject, Rolex is one of the most counterfeited products in the world and the Submariner leads the list. So I did as much research as I could on this subject; how to tell you go ripped off with a fake. I'll fold my points on what features/items I checked to determine whether it is or is not a fake into the rest of this note.

The watch has a quite heavy/solid feel in your hand; it is substantial. I weighed it: 152 grams. On Yahoo I was told that weight itself wasn't any way to tell a fake or not as good fakes simply incorporate enough heft to pass. I also searched for what a Rolex Submariner should weigh. Unfortunately, this varies by model. As I understand it the internals and size have changed over the years.

Over all appearance is as perfect as I could wish. I have examined the entire watch very, very closely with my naked eye.I didn't see any scratches or dents anywhere except there is some slight wear marks on the satin finish in the center of the back. I guess it may be impossible to be absolutely perfect. Now, speaking of perfect and also supposedly another thing to look at for counterfeiting is the watch dial face. The dial face is perfectly smooth and I don't see any difference in the "blackness" across the dial face. The black color (or the lack of color) seems to be neither shiny or obviously matte finish. Look great. OK, another supposed counterfeiting clue is the crispness and clarity of the letters and whether or not the "A" in Submariner is squared off on top or not. The real one's should have a squared off top. On my watch the letters are super crisp; almost inhumanly so, they look perfect. It's obvious that the letters are somehow deposited on the dial face; if they are printed in some fashion it's an amazing job; they are also raised in height above the dial face. The hour markers (triangle at 12, rectangular at 3, 6 and 9 and round for the rest) are outlined in silver and filled with luminescent stuff. I don't care what the stuff is. The hour markers are precisely placed and look great; they are raised above the dial face quite a bit more than the text.

OK, on to the hands. I don't think I need to describe them other than to say they look exactly like the picture and are perfectly sharp in appearance between the luminescence and the silver parts. The big thing supposedly in determining whether it's a fake is whether or not the second hand moves smoothly or clicks/jumps from second to second. On this point here are some interesting facts: first, if you look at the second hand there are three parts I'm looking at: the silver "ball" opposite the "second pointer" end, the rear if you would, the sharp pointer that is close to the second markers on the dial face and the luminescent "ball" between the pointer and the center of the watch. Now, if I look at the two "balls" the second hand seems to move entire smoothly, no jumping or clicking from one position to the next. However, if I look at the tip of the pointer I can see it jumping in about 1/4 second or 1/3 second increments. Now that isn't perfectly smooth sweeping action, but it's not "one second increment" jumping either. To my mind, a mechanical watch like this one uses gears to move the hands (I believe) and I'm not sure that they could get it to move completely smoothly.

UPDATE: On the movement of the second hand. I went in to an authorized Rolex dealer today and expressed interest in a new Submariner with no date. They let me handle it, wind it and put it on. I looked closely at the movement of the second hand and it moved identically to the one I bought here on Amazon.com.

Another source for counterfeit "tells" said that the bezel should turn in 1/2 second increments; it does. The same source said that there should be no audible click as the bezel moves. Well I can easily year a click when I turn mine but I really wonder if this means it's a fake; I don't think so at this point.

Well, it's on my wrist, looks great, feels great. It's ticking away. As of right now I think that I am very satisfied with this purchase. It isn't for everyone and certainly at over $7K it's not in everyone reach, but if you are looking for a watch of the highest quality this is a good bet in my mind. It's new, it's covered by an Amazon warrantee for two years.

I'm thinking of turning it in to an authorized Rolex dealer for a "cleaning" and refurbishing and see if they tell me it's a fake.

As I mentioned above, I have several Rolex's besides this one. I think I'll have one of them refurbished/cleaned and get a relationship going and after several months I'll have them take a look at this one.

UPDATE: 11/16/2016
I returned this watch yesterday. Why? Not for any problem or doubt about this product. The watch I received was genuine Rolex and was to be a gift for my son. Because of the cost of the item I discussed it with him and he decided he wanted something else instead for the financial outlay.
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on January 10, 2015
Like most all timepieces, there are great buys and poor buys. If one never intends to sell or trade a timepiece, then a lot of factors don't matter. The Rolex Submariner is arguably the most iconic watch in the world. This is the newest Rolex Submariner model with the ceramic bezel that likely will not fade or scratch. This is also the Submariner and not the Submariner Date. In my opinion, this model is the best because it does not have the date cyclops. Unless the trend changes, the Rolex Submariner will likely continue to appreciate in value over time. For a daily-wear watch it's amazing! I swim with it, shower with it and have never had a problem. It's also a COSC chronometer, so it keeps excellent time. If I was only going to own one Rolex, it would definitely be this Rolex model. The bracelet on this Submariner 114060 is very comfortable and durable too. I have zero complaints.
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on June 24, 2015
I wear this watch with a Tuxedo, I wear it with a swimsuit, I wear it to work. I even workout in it to make sure it doesn't get stolen at the gym. The versatility is what really makes this timepiece hit home for me. The quality is superb, which is great for daily wear because you won't feel like you're going to scratch it up all the time. If you can afford it, I highly recommend you at least try on this watch at a jewelry shop.

Be sure to get the model with the ceramic bezel, makes a huge difference in durability.

I had always thought of Rolex as too main stream and boring until I tried on the Submariner.

I get compliments on my watch weekly and I can't help but wear it all the time! Especially at the pool or the beach, since it's a diver... haha.

I bought this watch in a store that is an official dealer. I highly recommend doing extensive research if you buy this watch online to ensure the seller is legitimate.

The only way to loose your Rolex is to not wear it... Unless you're in Mexico and they wack it off.
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on July 31, 2015
Rolex submariner (both date and non-date) is my favorite watch. I've own a number of high end watches (omega, breguet, Maurice L etc), but I've always worn my submariner and the rest stayed inside the safe box.

I was first introduced to submariner back in 1987 when I was a young navy officer in west coast. One of the officer that I served with suggested that I order one from the exchange catalogue which I did as a present to myself. Not knowing much about the watch at the time I ordered one without the date and acrylic glass for $900 because the date version was about $500 more. It wasn't chronometer rated but back then I didn't know the difference.

That watch stayed with me through my entire navy tour and was with me during the first Persian Gulf war and other world events. I took really good care of it and it was my favorite.

After I left the service, one day I visited Tourneau watch store and the sales manager offered to give $2000 towards a new submariner date which at the time costed $3200. This was around year 2000. I thought it was a good deal so I took it. What I didn't know at the time was that my submariner with acrylic glass and smaller diameter bezel was a collectors item. Immediately I missed the watch and went back next day to get the watch back but it was already sold and gone. That was one of my biggest regret and I learned hard way that newer is not necessary better.

The new submariner didn't feel right so I purchased another newer version of non-date model with sapphire glass. It didn't feel right also, so I sold that one quickly. I kept the submariner date for next 16 years or so and it served me well. Until one day I sold it to support my eldest daughter's college cost. (It was an excellent condition and I sold for $5500)

But I missed my submariner very much. I felt empty without it and want to have it back. Then last week, my wife present me with this current non-date 114060 model. ( I prefer non-date model now) I love this model and I see that Rolex has come a long way and improved the watch much. The new clasp is perfect. New case is outstanding. Ceramic bezel is great. The sapphire glass is now flushed with bezel. But there still one thing Rolex overlooked that I would like to see it changed. That is the glass is way too reflective. It seems there's no none reflective coating as other fine watches out there. It visually impairs observation on a quick glance. But that only my opinion. One more is that markers now have blue illumination but on bright day light I can tell that it still have bluish tint to it if you look carefully. That not big deal as the reflective glass but I've noticed.

Overall, I believe you can't find a better watch than Rolex submariner for everyday wear. It remains classic and it's the watch of my choice. I believe it's better to have one great watch you wear everyday than a collection of many lessor watches. If you can afford one do get it and make it enjoyment out of rest of your life as I did with my submariners.
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on February 9, 2016
I bought a COSC non date submariner in january of 1970...that's 46 years ago....i just sent it in for an overhaul...the second time in all those years...it has been there thru the birth of my daughters, countless scuba dives, sky diving, biking, you name it....it's like everyone says, the most Rolex of all the Rolexes...still get compliments on it...in the beginning it looked extremely huge and now it looks a little small, compared to some of the behemoths on the market now...but always will remain a classic..i have other watches, but always gravitate back to this beauty...oh, i paid $195 back in 1970...my friends thought i was nuts...they had never even heard of Rolex....now they say, i shoulda bought some more....who'da thunk?
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